Devcoin Culture: Inviting The Right People Into The Equation

Devcoin and its offshoot projects has the roots of an intentional culture. It wants to be the coin for facilitating creativity. It wants to be generous and ethical. It is the coin of collaboration.

This author encourages all devtome writers to share and spread ideas about how we want our culture to grow. Intentional culture is infinitely more powerful than a random, chaotic culture. The following is a grassroots suggestion on how to present Devcoin to your favorite authors, developers, podcasters, or other creative people that you want to initiate into the Devcoin world.

Believe it or not, a link to the wiki or the main website just won't do. If you need reminding, you are working on a alternative cryptocurrency project which aims to create a fully funded, open source and anonymous wiki. It also aims to become the currency of collaboration amongst all citizens no matter their nationality, the internet's first currency which actually fuels human creative capacity. This is revolutionary.

Identify The Best Fit

Don't get me wrong. You can invite everyone and their brother to Devtome. But that is not what this author suggests is the most optimal to do.

This article is making a couple assumptions. One is that you are at least open to counter culture and alternative types of thinking, considering you are using Devcoin in the first place. The second is that you have people you know, whether personally or through their work, who also think with an open mind. These are the creators, the developers, the DIYers and the makers we want initiated into Devcoin. This is the obvious population that will sustain Devcoin in the long run.

An Example Communication

Think about whose work you enjoy and who would fit this currency and it's MO. You are going to appeal to your knowledge of their work as a logical step into Devcoin. A model introduction could look something like this:


I have followed your work on <insert topic here> and it has had a profound impact on me as a person. Now I am more motivated and empowered to search out answers to our 21st century problems by thinking outside the box, thanks to you.

In my travels of thinking outside the box I have come across a project that you might really like and I wish to share it with you. There is a digital currency modeled off of Bitcoin, but it has a very different energy and aim. Bitcoin is designed to make all of the financial aspects of facilitating trade better than credit cards and it does this splendidly. This other coin, Devcoin, intends to be a coin that facilitates creative action. You can use Devcoin for all the purposes of Bitcoin, but its goal is to create a currency and a culture around creating useful mental products for humanity.

You could start by becoming a writer on their mostly anonymous, open source, and uncensored wiki. You have such valuable talks on podcasts and youtube that I would be willing to bet you could put a number of cogent thoughts on the wiki that would be beneficial to humanity. Plus, you get paid for it! The money isn't enough to quit your day job, but if you are like me and work odd hours to make room for your creative passions, Devcoin can give you enough so you don't have to work long hours anymore.

I won't write any further until you show interest, but I wanted to let you know about this because most creative types struggle to receive compensation for their creation. Devcoin can change that.

The above is clearly for someone who you don't know face to face but you are very familiar with their work. Conversations with someone you know personally would go down in a different way, but I will leave it up to you on how to approach the subject based on what you knwo about your target person.

The Ultimate Goal

What is the goal in all of this? Devtome probably has hundreds of writers currently. Each one of us knows intelligent, creative types who are published, who are influential, and who are eager to make a change in this world. By inviting someone of this caliber that you know into the Devcoin fold, you are doing two key things.

One, the quality of devtome will increase. As more published, influential, and creative writers come to devtome as per this cultural plan, more and more will see devtome as a hub for creative writers. The writing content will increase and so will the quality. An increased quality of devtome means this wiki could begin to draw attention away from “objective” encyclopedias and wikipedia. Once this happens, Devcoin is off to the races.

Two, the invitation of this already proven, influential creative type garners more attention onto devtome. For instance, let us say you know a researcher in petroleum eating fungi. This researcher is passionate about changing the world for the better, as one can tell by her job description. Perhaps there are only so many scientists studying oil eating fungus and she has a blog following, not to mention connections to other creative people. If you initiate them into Devcoin and they like it…now we have a great addition to the team who doubles as advertising. It's not just any advertising either; it's proud, suportive advertising to the very kinds of people we want interested in Devcoin. So by contacting your star developers, researchers, and creative go getters, you extend the chance for Devcoin to become a vehicle for change by the change agents themselves.


I've had similar thoughts, actually. Thanks for putting them into words. I like this idea and think it has a lot of potential on many levels. -wiser

Elsevier and other Journals that charge the public to download research articles are doing serious damage to the legitimacy of academic research. In that sense, devtome is indeed a considerably more ethical place to publish. -nafindix


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