Alleged Reincarnations of Jesus

It's a fact that around the world many people believe in Jesus and that's why I'll talk about his in the most respectful manner as possible, only pointing the different people claiming be him in the modern times.
Most Christians expect the return of their savior and many people being insane or wanting easy money abuse the believers fate, even creating unexpected new religions.
If you truly believe anyone in this list is a true reincarnation of Jesus, then he's the exception and I apologize to put him/her here.

The most famous modern Christs are:

William W. Davies (1833-1906)

Inside the Mormon church, a movement has risen by the hand of Joseph Morris and Davies, he went to Montana and got a divine insight that lead him to establish the heavenly kingdom; in 1866 he created a community. Davies claimed be Adan and the patriarch Abraham. In 1866 he got a son named Arthur, and he affirmed that Arthur was the reincarnation of Jesus, named “Jesus Walla Walla”. A time after, he claimed be Christ and God father. At the end, his two sons died and he lost his followers. Finally, he died in San Francisco, California.

Haile Selassie (1892-1975)

The last emperor of Ethiopia ruled the nation between 1931 and 1974, when he was defeated by a socialist revolution, Hailed claimed be descendant of the mythical king David and queen Saba, that's why he founded the Rastafarian movement, even in our times his followers consider him as a “black Messiah” and the true reincarnation of Jesus. The Rastafarian movement arrived to Jamaica, where his followers established the Coptic Christian Church of Jamaica (Involved in the Marijuana distribution in USA).

Ernest Norman (1904-1971)

In 1954 Ernest and his wife Ruth founded the academy of science Unarius, a place where the clairvoyance was practiced. Norman read the past and the future of his customers, he claimed be the reincarnation of Jesus and many other leaders, he made astral travels to Mars and Venus where a new science was revealed: “The inter dimensional physic.” He managed to obtain up to 100 followers in California. When he died, his wife kept the leadership and prophesied the coming of a new extraterrestrial government with a new era of peace, reason and love.

Krishna Venta (1911-1958)

Francis Herman Pencovic founded in Simi Valley, California, the cult “Fountain of the World”, the members of the cult made good actions to the society. In April 1948, he openly declared: “I'm the new Messiah, I'm Jesus”. He claimed he was leaded an entire convoy of spaceships from Neophrates, an extinct planet. He died by a bomb detonation placed by old followers because they believed Krishna used the earnings collected in a bad way and having sex with their women.

Jim Jones (1931-1978)

Born in Indiana, in the 50's he founded the cult: “People's Temple”, making some adepts in California. Jones punished and stoled the members, according him, he made healings because he was the Jesus reincarnation. The authorities spotted him and he moved his activity to Guyana, where the believers dedicated themselves to the agriculture in Jonestown. In 1978 due to the worldwide pressure, Jones organized a massive suicide involving over 900 people.

Marina Tsvigun (1960)

Born in Ukraine, a former journalist. In the 90's she went to the Yuri Krivonogov's conferences (Founder of the cult “White Fraternity”), he saw in her the new Messiah and named her “Maria Devi Christos”, she predicted the final judgment and the coming of the Holy Spirit in November 10, 1993. At this date, her followers tried to take the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev to make a massive suicide. She was arrested for 4 years. Today she rules the Isis Mystic College.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908)

Born in India, he founded the Ahmadi movement, a variant of the Islam that announced the end of times. He claimed be the Mahdi waited by the Muslims and the reincarnation of Jesus (Named Isa by the Muslims), He traveled in his country preaching a salvation doctrine. He gained a lot of detractors: Catholics, Muslims and Hinduisms too. Finally, he opted to a more pacific version of the Islam and he rejected the Jihad or Holy War. He got hundreds of followers, sadly they was persecuted. Mirza died in 1908 by dysentery.

Laszlo Tooth (1940)

Born in Hungary with Australian citizenship, in May 21, 1972 in the Basilica of San Pedro he reached “The Piety” of Michaelangelo with a hammer and hit the sculpture 15 times shouting “I'm Jesus, and I have risen from the dead”. The figure of the virgin suffered several damage, and one arm was broken. Laszlo was arrested and interned in a psychiatric hospital. In 1975 he was deported to Australia where he stays today.

Shoko Asahara (1955)

Former architecture student in Japan, Asahara studied Yoga and various types of religious believes in the search of the Buddhist illumination . In 1987 he founded the group “Aum Shinrikyo” (Supreme truth) after a short time the movement turned into a cult with hundreds of followers. Five years after, he named himself “the new reincarnation of Jesus”.
In March 20, 1995 his followers made a terrorist attack with Sarin gas in the subway, 13 people died and 6000 was intoxicated, by that event Shoko was condemned to death, but the sentence never took place and he stays in jail.

David Koresh (1959-1993)

Founder and leader of the Davidians Cult, in Texas, he told to his followers he was the Messiah and he came back to announce the end of times. To avoid the evilness the group bought weapons and sought refuge in Waco, Texas. The authorities were concerned about the fact and a lot of accusations of child abuse. In 1993 the authorities broke in the place, the followers burned the place provoking the death of 54 adults and 21 children.

Leonardo Alcala Leos (1889-1964)

Leonardo born in Jalisco, Mexico. At age of 3, he saw Jesus in the church of Tepatitlan when his godfather Refugio Alcala was lifting him, at that moment, he believed Jesus told him: “I'm your brother and in the incoming time, we'll comply an Universal mission”. Because his family was poor, he couldn't complete the school. At age of 13, he went to Guadalajara and lived in Tlaquepaque until 1910, then he went to Atzcapotzalco in Mexico City.
At the age of 23, he received the “Universal force” and he began to heal people praying (At least, that's what he believed). In 1937, he believed god told him: “This is the place of my kingdom, you'll made a hut”, and he build it with his own hands using trash. In 1940, the Virgin Mary told him: “I entrust you the child Jesus” and he begun to claim himself to be the spiritual reincarnation of Jesus and announced the begin of the third age.
It's a fact that he always rejected money and he lived in poverty all his life, serving as spiritual guide to his followers. The religion he created are considered an official one in Mexico.

Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda (1946-2013)

Born in Puerto Rico and died in Miami, was the leader of the cult “Creciendo en Gracia” (Growing in Grace).
Jose Luis claimed be the reincarnation on Jesus, but at difference of the others self-proclaimed Jesus, he believed he was the anti-Christ too. In his personal view of the interpretation of the bible, he said the sins and demons doesn't exist, and all the actions the people made, can't offend God.
His followers attacked a lot of churches in Latin America and Miami destroying the crucifixes and the images.
The press and various experts believed he could abuse of his power and make some horrible actions like David Koresh or Jim Jones.

Sun Myung Moon (1920-2012)

Born in North Korea, but he lived almost all his life in South Korea, he and his family was converted to Christianity and was an inspiration to Sun Myung Moon to take the teachings and mixing them with precepts of Buddhism and many other religions to create the “Unification Church”.
Moon tried to mix his new age religion with the mainstream Protestant Churches, but his religion was considered heretic and was rejected to name it as a Protestant.
Moon was a spiritual leader, but he was a great businessman who supported capitalism at all cost, he influenced with his money even the United States of America (But he was sentenced in the same country for a small time for filing false federal income tax, and he payed a small fine of only $15,000).
Moon wasn't called himself a Jesus reincarnation, but he claimed be even a far superior than him, and his mission was to free the mankind physically instead of spiritual like the real Jesus. his Unification Church also did some brainwashing to their disciples to support the church, even the love marriage was practically forbidden, Moon was famous to make mass weddings, mixing people of different races and nationalities, most of times the couple met themselves in the same day of the wedding.

Alvaro Inri Cristo Thais (1948)

Inri Cristo born in Brasil in March 22, 1948. He's a religious leader who claims be the reincarnation of Jesus, in short time he became a mediatic phenomenon with a lot of radio and TV appearances discussing about of religious topics with well known personalities.
Inri Cristo as a self proclaimed Jesus founded the Cult “Suprema Ordem Universal da Santíssima Trindade” (Supreme Universal Order of the Holy Trinity) in Curitiba, Brasil.
Inri Cristo began to call himself Jesus in 1979, when he got a revelation of his true divine identity, before that, he was knew as Yuri de Nostradamus, because he claimed being a mystical seer.
To attract more people to his sect, he sponsors alternative versions of the famous clips of various singers like Justin Bieber, Britney Spears and many others. Of course all of them includes religious messages.

Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop "Vissarion" (1961)

Sergey born in Krasnodar, Russia. All began when Visarion in 1990 has a revelation of him being the reincarnation of Jesus having in consequence the creation of the “Church of the last Testament” or “Community of Unified Faith”, being the leader of his own cult, he made it with his own vision of rightfulness including believes of many other religions and movements, like reincarnation, veganism and aliens.
Actually, Vissarion is the main leader of 10,000 people around the world, and 4,000 followers lives with him in Krasnoyarsk, called Vissarionites, all of them living in the Vissarion's way and following strict rules.
Vissarion was the target of many television documentaries, it showed the peaceful life the habitants of his village have and the strict rules to fulfill the Vissarion's objetives, he's considered a harmless religious leader at this moment, and we hope he stills in the same way.
Another interesting fact is Vissarion thinks the Virgin Mary is his own mother, just like the real Jesus, instead of Nadyezhda, his real mother.


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