Agents of Change: How Conspiracy theory can become conspiracy fact Part 1

Conspiracy in fact and reality

Conspiracy is defined as a group of two or more people coordinating action secretly for their benefit and to the detriment of others, usually the coordinated effort being a crime punishable by law. Conspiracy theory is a postulation of a crime committed by two or more people that haven't been accepted as true but is in the process of being evaluated. The modern use of the term is more pejorative. A conspiracy theorist is one who is crazy and worthy of ignoring. A free society such as the United States (since we hear it so god damn much) should appreciate a concerned citizen bringing evidence to the public stage that a small group of citizens committed a conspiracy to defraud the rest of the citizens. However, we in the West have had an education that instills first and foremost that authority knows best, and authority hates it when conspiracy theories are pointed their way. Not only do we trust the government thanks to our education, we cannot even think for ourselves because we were taught to repeat important thoughts, not cultivate our own brain power. The United States and the West might be a free-ish society, but when a conspiracy is afoot the citizenry is enept at communicating logically the fact of the conspiracy. Which explains partly why the status quo has the opinion it does of conspiracy theorists. Let's be honest; when that guy runs around like a chicken with his head cut off screaming about aliens, you didn't hesitate to think he had a screw or two loose. Unfortunately, this has become the image of the conspiracy theorist. It does not have to be this way.

The sad reality is that we have an economic system that dictates to most people that money is the ultimate goal for living. These people will committ conspiracies against their fellow men to make money. They could be government employees or private sector, it matters not. Indeed, as anyone raised in the internet generation knows, there are dozens of conspiracies that are almost completely disregarded by a corporate media who likes the status quo. The theories exist solely by the virtue of the free internet and the decentralized media formats of podcasting and blogging. It is quite amazing to realize that the media acts like our subconscious mind. Our brains accept tons of sensory signals and thankfully, the subconscious is there to filter out much of the noise and allow the real signals into the conscious mind. The media has performed the same function for conspiracy theories, identifying them as noise, and discarding them just as quickly. The public follows along without much realization of what is happening.

One Conspiracy Too Far

What is there to find in the conspiracies floating around the net? There are the myriad theories of what REALLY happened on September 11th; the JFK assassination; 7/7 bombing and the likely government hand helping them; the moon landing hoax (?); putting fluoride into the drinking water; ancient aliens built the pyramids; an elite plan to foment global government; the gold is missing from the Fort Knox vault and nobody knows; the plan to subvert the American education system; vaccines; the pharmaceutical industry; Monsanto wanting to take over the world by food…and on and on…

The list is of course much longer than this. Indeed, the super long list is part of the problem. An American public who was trained from school age to trust the history books and put the “correct” answer on the test even though they suspect it to be BS does not want to hear that everything they learned was a lie. Can you pick a group of people who would be able to listen to someone and change everything they believe about the world based on simply a conversation? I cannot either and this is the reason why the conspiracy movement as a whole has stagnated. There was significant pushes in 2005 (for 911) and 2008-2010 (for Federal Reserve/financial conspiracies) but the overall conversion of people from believing the history their government tells them to independent thinkers has waned, especially when you consider the amount of in-your-face consipracy happening right now (LIBOR, anyone? 1) ). A quick look as to the reasons of this stagnating current will help understand the movement as a whole in a new light and possibly gain the change they want to see.

Part one: What you are communicating makes no sense, but not in that way

Yes, you have gotten to the ends of the internet to read about the lives of each 911 supposed hijacker. You have read countless hours about some of their dubious history in Florida with drug runners and government spooks (see Daniel Hopsicker's work 2). Or you have read others in the field; Michael Ruppert, David Griffin, and many others. What we see happening when you explain an obtuse fact to someone who hasn't reviewed the evidence is MASSIVE inferential distance. Inferential distance is the distance between to minds and their thought as it relates to one subject. One example would be a lifelong natural musician speaking to a non musically oriented person. There is so much the musician wants to reference from experience that is so foreign to the non musician he would only confuse him. The same is true for your conspiracy conversation with your friends on the back porch.

Inferential distance is helpful to keep in mind for future conversations. Always pay attention to how much they care to talk about the subject and how much they can handle at once before bombarding them with facts. You must realize that you gained your freedom of mind by doing the hard work of looking into all events for yourself. By dictating to your friends the newest conspiracy theory, you are robbing them of the chance to free their mind as well.

Part 2: Separating the emotion of the discovery with its communication

Consider for a moment an amateur scientist who believes she has discovered a distant brown dwarf orbiting the sun that no one has seen before. It suggests our solar system is binary in nature as opposed to singly focused on the sun. The discovery, should it be true, would change astronomy forever and land her name in the history books. Hold that thought, though, and lets play out a few scenarios to see what actually happens in reality.

1) She makes a blog webcam the moment she has the discovery. It's a two hour, unscripted emotional roller coaster of facts, shrieks of excitement, condemnation of previous astronomers who missed this, and suggests of research based on this new discovery 2) She waits a few days to gather her thoughts and tells her boss the discovery. 3) She diligently begins accumulating facts to verify her discovery. Since it is astronomy, there should be proof available and possible tests to be run for other scientists to verify the discovery. She considers the first thing people might say to the suggestion that we have a binary star system, i.e. it's not possible, and begins a calm narrative of facts to show how we could have had a binary system without noticing for so long.

In these scenarios, #1 will be mostly laughed at and leave the scientist unprepared for the unslaught of non serious, semi serious, and serious responses to her discovery. It probably becomes a conspiracy theory as her first attempt showed no knowledge of inferential distance or the ability to communicate complex things in a simple manner. Her later attempst continue to show her inability to communicate and further obfuscates the manner. Jeff Rense invited her onto a radio show multiple times. Some people now believe the dwarf star to be a Reptilian Death Star.

In scenario #2, her boss is a biologist and not a astronomer. He tells her to formally publish her work. Who knows in this scenario…but again, it all depends on how much she is willing to buckle down on communicating the novel idea.

In scenario #3 we see a person who experienced the same thing as the other two. The experienced the excitement of a world changing discovery. But this one realized it all hinged on whether she could communicate effectively. Scenario #3, while in no way is guaranteed to work, has the best chance of communicating the truth of the matter.

This is the Achilles Heel of the conspiracy theorist. They have pretty much exclusively chosen secnario 1 with a few notable exceptions. The core conspiracy theorist rarely EVER believes in only one conspiracy. If you follow the logic of a corrupt pharmaceutical industry who takes profit over actual health, one can follow the same logic for the fluoride conspiracy or the Monsanto conspiracy. With multiple theories bubbling at the surface of consversation, it makes it even MORE difficult to communicate the truth of a matter as the topic of conspiracy shifts between subjects. Merlin's Beard, what is a conspiracy theorist to do?

Learn from your mistakes, adjust accordingly

This article suggests a conspiracy person take into account that history is happening right now and their participation as conspiracy theorists is being recorded as that history. They are being recorded as the scenario #1 described above, an unware person screaming at the rooftops for people to be more aware of things. Even the whitewashed history books of our classrooms full of characters with obvious irony built into them. This is how it happens, by people not being aware of their own participation in the story of history.

Everyone has the right to define themselves

Now that you know you are particiating in history, you must know the axiom “history is written by the winners”. History has been written by the elite class since the dawn of language but the internet paradigm changes that. Everyone can be a winner if they show good communication, integrity, and a strong enough Will to make a difference. This time around, you can describe your personal character on your own terms. Go ahead. Think of a different name for yourself. A conspiracy theorist? C'mon, that's obviously the other guys calling you that. What do you call yourself, in the most postive light? Words are the linguistic equivalent to the act of creation. Muse upon that for a moment and consider two keys things, 1) what are you trying to accompish and 2) what is the most accurate way to describe that action?

Not a conspiracy theorist but an Agent of (integral) Change

This author, being a conspiracy theorist, has already undergone this exercise and sees a new way to look at being a conspiracy theorist. The new phrase is Agent of Change. We were born, raised, and took part in a corrupt system. A few of us who began to recognize the parts of the system that lacked integrity decided to stand for what is right and did not let that action continue unchallenged. The focus on conspiracy or not defeats the purpose now because the meme has been set; conspiracies are for lunatics. Agents of Change (abr. AC), in my humble opinion, more aptly describe what it is we as conspiracy people are attempting to accomplish. Notice also the end goal of ACs are not really different from conspiracy theorists; we want to see those committing crimes against humanity held accountable. If the systems induce people to commit crimes against humanity, those systems are lacking integrity and need to be adjusted for the better.

The new terminology takes into account the fact that change takes place slowly. It is a dream that never will be realized, the conspiracy theorist who, if he/she could only get the entire world to listen to them, the wrongs would be righted and everything would be okay. This will not happen. The change you bring is within your sphere of influence. Conspiracies are toppled by a network of forces, not just one man or woman.

Agents of change do not look at their relatively small circle of influence as bad, or sad, or not good enough. It takes a simple, positive approach: There is something wrong, so we must take steps to address the wrong. Do not worry if everyone comes along. Just do what you must do and let it be.

How is this different?

The focus of an agent of change is fundamentally tweaked from a conspiracy theorist. The name conspiracy theorists implies a tiny person who can only postulate theories of criminal action. The very moniker suggests its impotence in bringing about any justice. The view is pessimistic and not considerate of the personal creative capacity to change that incorrect situation, but only to spout theories and suggestions of what may be done. An Agent of change, as the name implies, is not focused on flimsy theories. If there is a structure within our society that is integral to our function and it has been corrupted, we must fix it. A person willingly announces themselves in service to humanity as an agent. An agent of what? Bringing about important change to areas that are lacking, broken, or otherwise no longer serving us but hurting us all.

I'm open to other names and considerations. But until someone trumps an agent of change, I will continue to use it.

Here is fresh perspective on where we are and where we should go now that we have this finely pressed suit called an Agent of Integral Change on our bodies now. As noted previously, conspiracies abound in this digital age and we as ACs struggle to convince other minds of these many conspiracies. We struggle because of our own imperfect techniques of communication and emotional control. Most of all, we who live the conspiracy life to the fullest struggle to communicate only one topic at a time. There are so many to tell you about and their all interconnected, don't you see! (No, actually, they don't).

Since our bullhorn voices have only caught the attention of a few truthseekers, here is the appropriate strategy shift to adjust to our audience. They are telling us two things. 1) They cannot handle the whole truth and 2) They cannot handle it all at once. Number two is particularly inciteful when you consider that recent whistleblower Edward Snowden REFUSED to work with journalists Glenn Greenwald and others unless the unalaterally agreed to release the NSA documents in stages taking well over a year 3). Mr. Snowden has watched and learned how people react to new, startling information and learned well.

Two key factors

Therefore, ACs shall focus their attention on the most pressing conspiracies to the public at large. By most pressing, I mean 1) to what degree does the unveiling of this conspiracy affect them directly and 2) how much actual proof and legal case do you have for this partiular conspiracy?

Should Agents of Integral Change recognize the most proveable theories to date, they can rally around the facts and distribute the most potent communicative force to pierce the public's perception bubble. Currently there is a push for all conspiracies in all directions. The overall effect is noticeable but not efficient. To see a noticeable trend in favor of truth and integrity, it would be wise to rally most of the efforts around two, maybe three of the conspiracies that have the most evidence, and therefore the best chance of breaking through into the public forum.

The biggest bonus of all is a hidden advantage within this strategy; bust the biggest conspiracy and the others can more readily be investigated. With the goal of pushing millions of ACs to communicate factual, simple evidence of only the most important conspiracies, those few conspiracies get put under the microscope. Should the public see what they didn't before, a perspective change will take place. The fact that this one conspiracy they lambasted for so long actually had merit to it will change their perspective on conspiracies. Once a conspiracy gets busted and everyone knows about it, all of that dirty laundry that connects to other conspiracies will be aired out for everyone to sniff. Now you have a much more organic self education situation taking place, wherein a person freshly interestd in conspiracy theories can go on their own journey of factual discovery by following the trails left behind.

Some people reading this are shaking their head at the proposal that conspriacy theorists, of all people, get together and decide on which conspiracy is the most vital to expose. While consensus is certainly out of the question, the consideration that it be something that directly effects common people the most will help sift through much of the muck.

Please read part 2 to find what this author believes to be the most important conspiracies for AICs to put their foremost energies on in the near future.

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