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Adventure Time

I love AdventureTime. It's teaching kids such awesome stuff. It's like Samurai Jack was for the 90's and early 2000's.

They need to make more philosophically educational TV shows for kids. I love that they are teaching children the spirit of adventure and even deeper shit, in a world that has no room for adventure.

And the best part. They don't even know they are learning. By watching these situations go down, and being to young to experience them, it is giving them real world advice before they even get there.

And the kids are almost FORCED to relate to the single most main character, because he is the ONLY human in the entire land of Ooo.

I just watched an episode that taught kids about being in a band for music or a “band” of friends. And the different situations that will occur, and it ended by teaching kids to not lie, and be “Real”.

How cool is that.



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