Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia, Australia. The city is a very popular tourist destination, and is known for its parks, beaches, churches and laid back, quiet lifestyle. Adelaide is also renowned for its festivals, with the festival season being in March. This article will give readers a brief background on the city and also other information that you may require when visiting.


Adelaide, Australia

Geography and Climate

Adelaide is located in south central Australia, and is approximately 750 kilometres west of Melbourne. It has a population of approximately 1.26 million, making it the fifth largest city in Australia 1). It is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, which faces the Gulf of St Vincent.

The climate of Adelaide is classified as Mediterranean, with warm to hot summers and mild winters. It has an average yearly temperature of 22.3 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit) with February being the warmest month at an average of 29.4 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit) and the coolest being July with an average of 15.3 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). The majority of the rainfall occurs in June with an average rainfall of 80mm (3.1 inches) and the lowest rainfall being in February with 13.5mm (½ inch) 2).


The original inhabitants of the greater Adelaide area were the local aboriginal Kaurna tribe, inhabiting the area for almost 40,000 years. The first known white settlement actually occurred on Kangaroo Island, which is located just off the tip of the peninsula. These were seal hunters. Colonel William Light firstly declared the site where he wanted the city built in 1836, and shortly after the first plots were allotted and the city was born. As time went by many satellite small towns were founded outside of the city, and these were then integrated as suburbs as the city got larger. It wasn't however until 1919 that Adelaide was officially declared a city and Lord Mayor appointed. Adelaide has continued to grow as a city and continues to expand today 3).


There is a vast range of accommodation options in Adelaide, with the best options in the city centre, at the beach side suburbs or in the Adelaide Hills. You can find accommodation for any type of budget, ranging from caravan parks to 5 star hotels and resorts.

Transport Options

Adelaide has a vast network of public transport options, with trains, trams and buses going to all suburbs and around the city. The city has been extremely well planned and it is very easy to get around by car should you choose to hire a vehicle. For information on driving in South Australia please see this site


Like most of Australia, Adelaide is a multi cultural city. With a visit to Rundle Street you will find a great range of restaurants, cafes and pubs. There are also some great restaurants around the city, at the Chinatown which is located on Grote Street, or at beach side suburbs such as Glenelg, Henley Beach and Semaphore.

Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens in Adelaide is must see for any visitor. It is a large parkland area which contains many different type of flowers, trees, shrubs and lush green lawn areas. It covers 125 acres and has plants and flowers from 5 different climates with the use of specialised glass houses. These gardens are accessible via a short walk from the city.

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide is located approximately 15 kilometres north west of the city and is the main shipping port of Adelaide. It is steeped in history, and here you can visit many historical buildings and also the maritime museum. There is a network of coffee shops and restaurants on the waterfront to cater for many tastes.


Port Adelaide 4)


Glenelg is the most iconic beach side suburb of Adelaide. It is renowned for its beautiful beach, and also the many activities that can be enjoyed by locals and visitors. It is a popular location for tourists and there is a large choice of accommodation by the beach. Glenelg is a great location for dining, with many speciality restaurants and cafes, and also has a large range of bars and night clubs.


Glenelg 5)


Hahndorf is an idyllic town in the Adelaide Hills, approximately 25 kilometres to the south east. This town was founded and inhabited by German settlers, and the town is renowned for its German style architecture. Here you can visit one of the many German themed pubs and enjoy food and drink, or go on a wine and cheese tasting tour


Hahndorf 6)

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is a world famous wine growing region. It is located approximately 75 kilometres north of the city. Here you can sample some of the best wines in the world, and also visit many historic buildings or just take in the breathtaking views across the valley. There are a number of operators who run wine and cheese tasting tours so you don't need to worry about drinking and driving.


Barossa Valley 7)

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is located just off the tip of the peninsula and is approximately 200 kilometres south west of Adelaide. You can access the island by driving to Jarvis Bay and taking a short ferry ride. The island is a popular destination for both locals and international tourists. It is renowned for its wildlife, and is home to many seal and penguin colonies, along with native marsupials such as kangaroos and wallabies. You can also hand feed pelicans, or go bird watching for some of the rarest breeds on earth. Fishing is also popular, with many land based options or fishing charters available. Kangaroo Island also has various types of accommodation available, from 5 star resorts to secluded cabins.


Kangaroo Island 8)

Other Attractions

__Central Market__

Adelaide Central Market is a great destination to do some shopping or enjoy a bite to eat. The market has a vast range of local and imported fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood. Step into the market and you will feel you have been transported to an Italian marketplace.

__Adelaide Zoo__

Adelaide Zoo is a great location for a day trip, especially for those with children. There is a great range of both native animals and animals from around the world. The zoo is a short walk from the city or you can take a cruise along the Torrens River and get dropped at its entrance.

__St Kilda__

St Kilda is an adventure park located approximately 20 kilometres north west of the city. Here you can go on one of the many swings and slides, make your way through the maze or have a ride on the flying fox. There is also a railway museum, and a mangrove walk. The great thing about this location is that it is free.

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