I will be creating a new article dealing with the subject of acne including information about effective treatments for this condition.

How acne develops

Acne starts to develop when your body produces oil which is released through the sebacious glands in your skin. The excess oil builds up in the skin and Bacteria feeds on this oil creating an infection. The skin around the infection becomes inflammed and white blood cells attack the bacteria. Unfortuantely many of these white blood cells die creating pus.

Pantothenic acid

Vitamin B5 is very useful for reducing the build up of oil below the pores in your skin. I would recommend taking B5 and L-carnotine to target acne from within the skin and a honey facial to target acne outside the skin.

Honey, Resveratrol and almond oil facial

Get a bowl. Put one Teaspoon of organic untreated honey into the bowl. Add one teaspoon of almond oil. Add about 150mg of resveratrol powder. Mix the ingredients thoroughly to make an even consistency. The resveratrol helps the mixture to stay together and it also very effective against acne. If you don't have any resveratrol that is okay as well as honey on its own is very anti-bacterial.

It should look something like the following:


Now using your fingers spread the mixture over your face in all areas that have or are prone to acne. Leave it for about an hour. Expect it to drip a bit and there will be mess on your shirt or top. You may wish to do this shirtless or with an old shirt.

The facial should look like the following


Both resveratrol and organic honey are very affective against acne. You will find that a nightly facial of this mixture will make a very big improvement in your skin within a few weeks.

You can also rub the mixture into your hair to help kill bacteria on the hair follicle and reduce inflammation of the scalp.

You can add a little water and this helps the mixture work as the water helps release hydrogen peroxide from the honey. Try to massage the mixture right into the scalp. You may notice your hair lightens a little after one or more uses. Honey -

Acne and gum disease

As everything in the body is connected you will find that the health of your gums is closely related to the health of your skin. Treating gum disease will stop bacteria from migrating from you gums to your face. For more information about gum disease in general please see gingiva. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Bleeding-mouth-gums-acne-t202012.html&pid=2333784

Acne and colon health

How to Clear Acne Through Colon Cleansing

Doesn't seem to give much solid information but is something to start with.


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