Project WWIII

WARNING - Beyond this point is Level 6 classified information. Any personnel reading this with a security class level of less than 6 will be ejected. Your discretion is must be exercised upon reading any of the material related to the project.

This dossier includes vital information not made public yet, even if this was the most recent and public war, the actions, events, technology and personnel involved in the war are still highly classified. Any attempt to replicate, expose or in anyway reveal such information will result in the subject(s) being detained and punishable by law.

What is WWIII?

- WWIII (WW3, World War 3, or The Future War), is the third global war. Starting around from 2018 to 2025, it was considered the closest the human race ever gotten to mass destruction and annihilation of major nations. Although, even if the nation that started the war only consisted of themselves with no other ally, it’s still considered a World War for the collective collaboration of the United Nations versus Armadine (Opposing Nation).

How did WWIII Started?

- WWIII started with the threat of a new nation (or pro terrorist organization) towards the U.S. and then later towards other major countries. Such countries include The United States of America, The Russian Federation, The United Kingdom, The French Republic, The People's Republic of China, The Federal Republic of Germany and etc. Various threats depicted takedown of the governments tied to that specific nation along with ‘rebranding’ to their own ways. Eventually, the pro terroristic organization (Armadine) managed to:

  • Have units traverse on official soil of that Nation
  • Force governments to step down and force to disclose treaties/acts
  • Takedown of the normal civilian life
  • Recreate civilization in their own system

Okay, Okay. What is this really?

- Project WWIII is a fictional series based around what would happen if a third World War took place in a scientifically advanced world. Combining military attributes, modern science the understanding of future science as well as relations to the current world, I am able to create a simulated Science Fiction series based based on the event if a World War Three were to happen. And yes, the above is all completely a joke. Yes, you should take into consideration of feeling that this is true, to add a little more ‘immersion’ into the story to speak.

Book One:


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