Why a new paradigm in politics is necessary

Let us do a thought experiment, shall we? Einstein use to do these all the time while we was working at the post office before he made his way full speed into the academic world. It adds some fresh nueron connections in the brain, and thanks to inspirational internet memes, we all know Einstein said that imagination is more important than book learning. (By “know” I mean no one has looked it up but it sounds true.) 1)


(If you didn't see this one, you defintely saw one of its meme cousins on your brother's Facebook page.)

Politics have become so mentally suffocating that we need a direct infusion of imagination into the process. Otherwise the Left is going to kill the Right or vice versa. To do this, we shall start with an imagination experiment. As you follow along the logic and reasoning of the Third Way 2), this process of letting go and allowing your imagination to play with facts will become more and more natural.

The Setting

The setting for this experiment is a subject that you know extremely well. It needs to be a subject that has two obvious polarities (yin and yang) and a middle ground. You need to be familiar with the arguments of each side in the sense that you actually believed that side's arguments at one point in time. Perhaps you were raised Christian, spent your youth in atheistic evolutionary beliefs, and then found a peace middle ground in the adult years. Or maybe you were born and raised a liberal democrat, inched your way into centrism, and now find yourself fully into conservatism. These would be great examples.

The subject does not have to be political, either. Perhaps you were born in Brooklyn and loved the Yanks from the day 1, as evidenced by your (?) choice of a pinstripes onesie on leaving the hospital from where you were born. Then you had a few Mets fans as friends in high school and they didn't seem terrible so you cooled off your Joe Torre love. Then comes adulthood, work, family, and the realization that a billion dollar pocketbook was half the reason why you liked the Yanks in the first place. Enter several years of Mets fanhood and/or Anti-Yankee fanhood. Even something as mundane as baseball can be used for this thought experiment, so long as you occupied significant space in believing with your heart and mind the tenets of each of the three positions for extended periods of time.

Find that polarity and get ready to muse on it following the instructions below.

The Experiment

Here is the thought experiment. Go back in time with a visualization to the heyday of each of these three spots on the spectrum as they were experienced in your life. Your visualization should be as much as possible based on your memories of what happened. I doubt you can remember all the great experiences perfectly, so fill in the non important details with colorful background imagery as though it were a movie. Make the visualization pleasant to experience but focus on the actual memories to the best of your ability. If you find the flowery, fake imagery distracting from actual memories, let the imagery be only what you can remember. The goal is to keep the visualization going for more than just a moment. Remember the good old days and the fireside chats (and gchats too) amongst the true believers of a particular polarity in question. Muse on this for some time. Perhaps 30 minutes, perhaps a day, maybe until the next time you see a funny Third Way meme. The time isn't important so long as you do the visualization.

1) Take those beautiful moments of comaderie and sharing in the loveliness of what particular polarity you happened to be in, and ask yourself this: was anyone who was firmly entrenched in a particular polarity of a subject able to objectively look at reality in relation to that subject? (for example republican/democrat is a polarity. So is wet/dry, religous/agnostic, etc) If so, to what degree were they able to objectively observe reality?

2) Visualize the good times, the bad times, and the debate times with the other side. Knowing what you know now, the wisdom of all three positions and probably more, how often were those firmly entrenched people able to give each and every bit of evidence (the micro arguments) a fair chance? a micro agrument can be seen defined here 3)

3) In all of your visualizations, what was the general attitude of the one polarity group towards the other polarity group? Since you knew all of the sides in this example, consider both poles (and the third position if it can be applied).

Part 2 of this series will include the results from my thought experiment and the insights that arose from its analysis.

Happy dreaming :)


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