A Return To Life – Part 2

The doctors saw that I was awake, and they told me I might have to have a hysterectomy. I said NO, I did not want one. “But you're bleeding so badly,” they told me. I said that the bleeding was not from the uterus but it was only a wound behind the stitches from the episiotomy. Sure enough, there was a vaginal laceration from which the blood was pouring. The doctors found this and re-did the stitches to include this wound.

At the same time, my blood pressure was only 60 over 40 at that point. I was told by one of the doctors that if I did not calm down or cooperate, they would not be able to find a vein into which they would transfuse blood and dextrose. I told them to wait and they would find a vein. They'd almost given up hope, when I went to level and willed my body to yield a vein or two into which they would be able to stick the needles for blood and dextrose. This happened within a matter of a minute or two, and the doctors proceeded with fixing up the stitches

Will-Power, Says Doc, Say I

The next day, the doctor visited me and remarked on how strong my will-power was. While I did not explain in detail to her what I had done, I silently breathed a prayer of thanks to God for saving me, and for the mind technique method which became the tool for me to use to pull back from death to life.

Also, I might mention, our baby, Joanna, uses the Three-Fingers technique to remember things and to calm herself. I observed this whenever she would look fixedly at something for a long time. I could see she was trying to lock in her knowledge about the thing she was looking at, and she would pull her three fingers together after a time. Also, when she cries and I pick her up, she would pull three fingers together and calm herself. Amazing! Finally, the “Pastoral” Symphony and, I might add, “Kanon” by Pachelbel have become trigger mechanisms for: the first, to remind me that life is wonderful, that there is much to be thankful to God for; and the second, to exalt the Creator and thank Him and His Blessed Mother, His angels and saints for watching over all of us and keeping us safe in his love. I hope to get BETTER AND BETTER! Tess M. Suplico

Counselors Help In Tuition Need

Ms. Judy Qua always stresses that some of our programmings don't materialize due to our negative thoughts accumulated in the past. In the monthly forum, again, we are reminded of mental house cleaning.

I remember my programming which started last year and yet up to now hasn't manifested. Every now and then, I think of taking Journey Through Time (JTT) so I can mentally cleanse and program more effectively. So, I went to my level one evening and asked my male counselor about that. He gave me an answer – “Take it” I was wondering - where I was going to get the money for the tuition as I have already reserved on amount for the Advance Course.

My niece called me up and desperately asked me to help her sell some jewelries. I immediately called on my friends but to no avail.

Then I decided to program the next sales prospects. I went to my level and while there, I visualized presenting the beautiful gems, seeing them vividly very happy, smiling and hearing them say – “Wow, ang ganda, “, “Gusto ko ito, gusto ko ito!”, “Bagay ba?” and “Magkano?” I answered them - “mura lang! isukat nyo”. I held the pictures in my mind, locked my 3F, set. shot the picture like a camera and Presto! the flash of light served as the white light. I have 2 finished photo copies. The result - I sold a total of 4 sets. My niece even gave me the commission in advance - the exact amount I needed for JTT. I took the workshop, and after that, I felt “newly washed” I am still floating on Cloud 9. Always keep in touch with our Counselors, they are always there to guide and give us help. Ambi Gauna

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