A Return To Life – Part 1

As I promised in the survey for the “Graduates’ Seminar”, I'm writing to you about my experience using a mind technique method to PULL BACK FROM A NEARDEATH EXPERIENCE. This happened two months ago, after I gave birth to a baby girl. (This surprised us, by the way, because we all thought it was a baby boy!)

I gave birth normally to Joanna on July 11, and the doctor allowed me to go home by July 14, three days after I'd stayed in the hospital. They were pretty much surprised that I was strong because I was able to walk around the day after I gave birth.

The first bleeding episode occurred on the morning of July 16. We did not think much about this, but when it got really bad and I began to feel dizzy because of the loss of blood, my husband called the ambulance, and I was wheeled off to Makati Medical Center.

At the hospital, a quick check revealed that there had been an abnormal placement of the placenta and there were some remnants of it that were not expelled, during the delivery. I was given two units of blood and pronounced okay; then they sent me home.

However, some three days later, I bled again and this time, I was able to go to hospital in a taxi with a companion. I was confined and a D and C was performed; the diagnosis for this bleeding episode was endometriocis. Again, I was confined and given dextrose along with Methergin to promote contraction of the uterus.

I thought everything would be fine until the early morning (about 1 a.m.) of July 23rd, when I had my third bleeding episode. I became angry and threw a tantrum (not alright, you must admit), because I could not understand why the doctors could not trace the source of the bleeding. One of the nurses who came into the room (she later turned out to be the cousin of my husband, Rolex) asked me to please calm down because I might bleed more. I finally calmed myself, but the blood continued to flow like a river. At that point in time, I did not realize how serious this bleeding matter was.

This Is An Emergency!

I was wheeled out of my room to the elevator; it was while waiting for the elevator that I suddenly felt as if I were pushed into the sea in the black of night. Something cold seemed to rush over my body and envelope me in darkness. I could remember telling the doctor and her aides, “I'm sinking! I'm sinking fast - help me! I could hear her panicking and telling everyone to clear the area. I opened my eyes just in time to see her bodily push out everyone in the elevator, at the same time shouting, “Out everyone! Emergency ito! Please, everybody out!” Fortunately, they cooperated, but I could hear the doctor saying “Oh my God, please no! To the elevator operator, she said, “Emergency ito; tachycardic pa naman kaya we have to hurry!” At that time, I had already heard about tachycardia from my younger sister, but I did not know how bad the situation could have been if my tachycardia became worse at that point.

Meanwhile, I could feel myself slipping deeper into this dark sea of sorts. I heard voices in a babble and I recognized them as the voices of people who I loved. I saw their faces very quickly pass before me, as I slipped through the dark tunnel, and the last people I saw were my husband and my baby. Then I slipped through the tunnel and heard a strong roaring wind.

At the end of the tunnel was a yellow light; when I landed in this light, I saw a coffin. It was closed, but it was in a funeral parlor, with a crucifix behind it, and with lights and flowers laid out as if somebody were already lying in state. I recognized this as a sign that I would die if I did not fight back.

Rush To Alpha Level

I began to pray and I told God: “Is this all that there will be to the vow I made to love Rolex 'till death do us part'? But his can't be! I have to go back Lord; I would leave behind so many problems, so many loved ones! What about my husband? What about my BABY?! I have to go back!” I said this last statement to myself over and over, and I began to pray to all the saints I knew. I asked them to help me pull back, and I specifically asked two of them, Saint Philomena and Saint Anthony of Padua to help me, because they were my Alpha counselors in the mental laboratory. At the same time, I went to level fast (there was no time to count 10 to 1 and and 3 to 1, so I went there fast; I was not aware that I had done this at the time).

As I pulled back, it felt like swimming backstroke on a river that was going in the opposite direction. I persisted, and as I passed the dark tunnel again, I saw first my baby, then my husband, then the same faces and voices of loved ones that I saw and heard previously. Then all of a sudden, I heard music, and I thought that I might be back in the delivery room already. I could not forget the music because it was one of my favorites, the “Pastoral” Symphony by Beethoven. I immersed myself in the music and suddenly woke up to find myself in the D.R.

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