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A Mind Boggling Five Dollar Online Psychic Reading

Talk about a bargain!

Not all that long ago, I got a five dollar psychic reading that blew my mind, vanquished my depression and changed how I went through my day to day life in dramatic fashion.

Even though I have gone out of my way to study the paranormal for multiple decades now, I have never been one of those people who are always seeking psychic counsel, jumping from one person to another who claims to be sensitive to the subtle energies.

I have had three gifted psychics in my life, but only one of them was intentional. I wasn't even looking to get a psychic reading. I was wishing to develop my own intuitive abilities, so I signed up for a psychic development class, that was taught, fittingly enough, by a person whom I would go on to have first hand evidence of her psychic abilities.

However she isn't the psychic I'm referring to in this post. Neither are the other two, one of whom was a co-worker of mine, at my brother's limousine company in the '90s. The third one, that I talk about in this post, actually was a customer of my brother's limo company, “coincidentally” enough.

Even though there was a time that I had the opportunity to ask for readings and psychic counsel virtually daily, in the case of the second and third psychically gifted people mentioned above, I almost never asked them, because I respected them and their gifts.

When you are lucky enough to be in the midst of people with uncanny paranormal acumen, it's not something you should take lightly. It's not a parlor game. You also need to be respectful and never take advantage of your relationship with such special individuals.

The one I wrote about (linked above) would physically suffer if she tuned in to others for too long. She had a rich friend who loved to throw parties. Her friend would always invite her and show her off. My psychic friend would, invariably, inspire reactions of delight, shock, dismay, amazement, and generally blow the mind of every person at the party, but by the time she got home, she would be thoroughly drained of energy.

It was not uncommon for her to be sick for days after those parties. I would get so mad at her friend for using her like that.

I lost touch with her, sadly, and years later found out she had died. I don't know how, but I wouldn't be surprised if it stemmed from a health condition brought on by giving of herself to people either seeking help, or just to be entertained.

Anyway, I had not had a psychic reading for well over a decade, and I was really depressed and needed someone to turn to. I had a writing partner that had died a long time before, and my life went off course, I felt, as a direct result.

We wrote so well together, and had such plans and dreams. He was outgoing, which I just knew was going to make it easier for me to do all the meeting and greeting that is needed to help become a success.

I started drinking and other drugging heavily and didn't turn back. I squandered the opportunity I had made after hustling to become a sit com writer. I missed my friend tremendously and felt that I didn't have a chance without him.

Interestingly, he showed up quite a bit in the most realistic dreams I've ever had. Each time, it was the same. He had not died after all; it just seemed like he had, but he was, indeed, alive and well.

Each time, he would scold me for not remembering that he was alive. After all of the previous visitations he had made, he would be dumbfounded that I kept forgetting, and would always be so surprised every time he showed up.

When he wasn't showing up in my dreams, I would fairly regularly speak to him. Usually it was to complain. I'd say, “Why… Why… Why did you have to go and die on me? It would have been so great. We'd of been successful and had so much fun.”

So, now cut to about two years ago, decades after his death. It seems like as the years went by, I increasingly had that conversation with him. At this point, it was more intense and more regular and more dramatic than it had ever been.

Most of the time, in the past, I would not actually vocalize the words, but now I was not only saying them out loud, I was saying them loudly, multiple times, on a daily basis. I was lost. I needed help.

So I did what anyone else would do. I went to a website called, Fiverr and booked a five dollar psychic reading.

What? Not everyone would do that?

I stand corrected, but yeah, that's what I did.

I zoned in on a vendor name Delia who offered a past life reading. I had read so many books on past lives that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that reincarnation is for real. While there are some positive aspects to it, I have to say, I would much prefer it if those feeble minded, childish, wish fulfillment atheists1) were right, and the end of life meant the end of existence, hence the end of problems. Unfortunately, I've seen way too much evidence against that to be able to believe it, but that's a subject for another conversation.

Delia's Fiverr page said to provide a name, place of birth, date of birth and place I live now. I know what you may be thinking. That is so she could do research to get information about her customers.

No doubt, a lot of that goes on in the psychic reading business. The level of frauds to real deals might be ten thousand to one. I have no idea, but I'm just saying, I get it. I wasn't really expecting anything, but for five bucks, I didn't have much to lose.

A few days later, I got the email saying that she had completed the reading. I logged into the website and downloaded the text file. For the next several minutes as I read what Delia had for me, I had tears streaming down my cheeks, goose pimples on my arms, shivers around my shoulders and a profound sense of understanding.

There are two things to keep in mind here: Delia's Fiverr page had said she had the ability to see past lives, and she could even pull up a particular past life which has a lesson for you in this life that you may still be dealing with. Also, the only data I gave her was my name, birth date and place, and current place of residence.

In my reading, she told told the story of a man (me), whose father was rich. He had an affair with my mother and died shortly after my birth. I grew up poor, realizing that my father was this well know rich man who had a rich family. I felt like I shouldn't be poor, since I was his son.

I went to his family to ask to be taken in, but they wanted nothing to do with me. I felt cheated out of my birthright. I went through life lamenting that he had died and left me poor when it didn't have to be that way. If only he had lived, my life would be completely different. I was so close to happiness and fulfillment, and yet so far away.

Delia told me that in some way, to some degree, I'm repeating the pattern. She said she didn't know if it had specifically to do with feeling cheated by the death of someone, but that I was stuck on something that had happened a long time ago.

She said, “But then you wake up one day and it's 30 years later and nothing has changed in your life as a result of being fixated on this one event that didn't go the way you wanted.”


It was indeed 33 years later, and I sure the hell was fixated.

From the point of reading that, to this day, probably two years later, I have never once asked my former writing partner why he had to die on me and ruin our plans. I still think of him, virtually daily, but it's always in a spirit of gratitude.

That five dollar reading, ended my depression and changed my day to day outlook on life.

As Delia told me, as long as I was stuck in, “If only this or that had not happened…” I would never be able to create what I want to happen. Yet, by getting rid of that attitude, I make space for creating my desires.

I was pleasantly amazed at how easy it was to let go of that attitude. It was instantaneous, and complete.

I've definitely made progress since that time in terms of goals, but the single greatest and immediate benefit I got from Delia's reading is no longer being stuck; no longer being depressed and no longer feeling like a victim of something outside of my control.

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This reference is merely pay back for all the atheists who have called me such names. It's an inside joke… Well, sort of.

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