Boldly going to where nomoney has gone before

By S i n g u l a r N e w m a n

I shall try to make this the conclusion to my previous article but if it will, it may be necessary to lengthen it a bit in the tooth and finally end with part 3 in the next article. But I hope I can finish my thoughts on this subject in these following paragraphs.

What is money then, as I kept asking the reader, I eventually answered the question because that’s the rules I play by, in the science of writing, the writer asks the question and answers it as well. I know, not quite the democratic process but that’s what chat boards are for and comments, and let me tell you, posting comments on an article is by far the most freedom the writing world saw, this side of 1776.

I ended the previous article, Money 2.0 PART 1, also available here, with the conclusion to the question of what money is in my opinion. I brought forth the idea that money is a figment of our mass consciousness and imagination. A currency which we choose to buy and sell happiness with, as happiness and joy are quite important and in my opinion, are really what we’re trying to gather in this life, accumulate, store, buy and sometimes sell.

This currency may have many different faces, values, physical consistencies and even policies, rules of engagement, and quite different ideals, norms and standards attached to it. It may be green, blue, red, yellow, gold, silver, rocks, flowers, spices or even time itself, as the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake 1)so elegantly portrayed. As such, we start to realize the nature of money in our present reality but not quite its substance or essence.

Starting in the 1900's, the issuance of standard monetary units by which the majority of society transacts its day to day trade, has been centralized and monopolized and polarized, confined and accumulated and legislated into the few hands which have a hand in it, or more accurately have their hands on it. In simple terms, money as we modernly call it dollars, has been polarized and monopolized so such an extent that its become painfully obvious that it will eventually collapse and transform into actual Monopoly money. In this case, the most you’ll be able to purchase with it is a few little red plastic cube models pretending to be houses on a cardboard boardwalk. If however your imagination and whit suits you, you’ll be able to buy little white plastic hotels as well.

My point is that the dollar bill will soon collapse 2). It is vastly overspent and diluted. If I may offer a conspiratory view here, our current monetary system is bankrupt, not the economy, but the actual money.3) It’s an interesting notion that the economy didn't go bankrupt, the country didn't go bankrupt and the people playing the game called life didn't go bankrupt, yet the very tool used to buy and sell wealth and prosperity in our modern world, the currency we use to move trains and fly planes, build skyscrapers and bridges and hopes and dreams, sail ships and fuel tankers, that very greenback dollar paper note, has given its last. Well not quite yet as people always hope for miracles.

Not to go apocalypto on you or anything, but the US dollar is circling the drain as we speak. The Fed is running the presses overtime while the administration is spending as fast as it can on everything it wants and nothing it needs, but that's a future paper altogether. For reasons to many and too revolutionary to go into here, the currency of the world, the world standard, the United States dollar is dying. There is no reason for CPR or even TLC, no need to hyper-inflate and hyperventilate it. It should be allowed a not so graceful retirement. It's had a good hundred year run.

Fortunately the ready set go replacement for the US dollar, the economic life blood of the planet is already here! Enter the newly devised digital currency, a new healthy vitamin boost for a digital world. This currency is pure unadulterated mathematical desert, as in Tiramitsu cake made with organic eggs and chocolate, yumm! Algorithmically a nightmare for hackers, encrypted to Mars and back, this new currency can, and will save the world! A world that is in desperate need for something to replace the old decrepit notion, that the power movers, elite industrialists and bankers, the money makers that thought fiat money up. Your grandpa's paper money is out, digital money is in.

As much as I hate to say it, VISA and Master Card started with the right idea in digital transactions. However, crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Devcoin, IXcoin, Litecoin and Namecoin make much more sense, especially once you factor in the much lower interest, service and transaction fees associated with the cryptocurrency infrastructure. Digital currency holds the allure of wealth and the purity of mathematical absolution, its pure money, at light speed. As romantic as that Wells Fargo horse and buggy are, I’d much rather pick up a smart phone, press a few keys and make a payment from the safety of my fully encrypted DEVcoin or BITcoin wallet. I don’t even need a chain to keep my wallet safe anymore because I have enterprise strength encryption holding my many digital moneys safe and sound.

This rise of the digital moneys allows people freedom of movement, freedom from the central banks, freedom from theft, and freedom of transaction, and if I may go farther, it really is almost free, as you can mine for it with a PC and a free mining program. You can obtain it for the small price of a few kilowatts of electricity. I don’t need to take my money with me wherever I go, all I need is a simple phrase and a wallet address and my money is with me wherever a terminal is connected to the world wide web.

I don’t need to convince anyone of the extreme proliferation of inter connected computers, the modern world of the internet, composed of wide area networks and local area networks. The world wide web as it’s known, is a twisted web of connections, of cellular, wireless, satellite, phone and fiber optic cables spanning each and every square mile of God's green earth, with almost redundant frequency. The network is here to stay and so is digital encryption. It should make sense to switch to invisible money, money only you know is there. It’s a numbered account, a Swiss bankers dream scenario. It’s safe, it’s reliable, and it’s completely, 100% yours for the taking!

Unlike current fiat paper currency, digicoins aren't regulated and infiltrated by greedy slimy bankers stuffing their pockets. It’s rates of exchange are purely controlled by supply, demand and a clever algorithm that stimulates the money supply exactly when mathematically needed. It accomplishes this much more accurately and reliably, because the system knows exactly how much money is available currently. This much better, much more accurate than inflation and deflation cycles of real fiat money, (yes that’s an oxymoron but people accept debt notes as real dollars and it’s a hard point to argue with most, definitely not the space and time for monetary history, Federal Reserve etc here, but you can study on your own here 4) ).

Another strong point made by digital currencies is that, as I explained in my first article, DVC’s or BTC’s DEVcoins or BIT coins, are highly personalized. I've seen a few dozen different designs for Bit coins already and the sky is the limit, nothing stops anyone from minting their own head on a coin and calling it John Smith dollars. The said Mr. John Smith could very well create his own face value so to speak. All that is needed is for Smith to make sure he prints a small alphanumeric phrase on the coin and voila, the coin has value! The coolest part is that once people figure out that what gives value to an inanimate object is a simple printed or inscribed alphanumeric phrase, the actual coin doesn't have to be a coin anymore, therefore this money is invisible.

Finally, Money, this figment of the people’s imagination has come full spectrum back to where it belongs. In the realm of the invisible power of the mind, well the computer mind, different but similar as it is dark and mysterious and basically made up of tiny electric signals, just like the human brain. Money is now truly a figment, inside a computer somewhere made up of magical little zeroes and ones, pushed by micro electric pulses traveling at the speed of light. Rather fitting for a new world I would say.



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