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By S i n g u l a r N e w m a n

What exactly is money, dollar bills, cash, green backs, coins, dough, cashola and so on and so forth? Everyone thinks they know, you ask anybody and they know they want it, they need it, they know what it does, they know the power it holds, they know it's easy to spend and hard to make, they all wish they had more, never met a person that told me they had too much of it, everyone I know is always working for it, always talks about it, and somehow everyone dream of the special day when they will have lots and lots of it, but do they really know what money is, how it's made, where it comes from and why and how and all that other stuff?

The truth is they don't. I've met very few people in my life that really understand money. So pay close attention, because I am one of those people and we've just been introduced! Money money money, must be plenty, in a rich man's world” goes the classic ABBA tune, but what exactly is a rich man's world and do rich men have plenty of money? Reality will show a different picture, it appears even rich man's world needs money, more money, and all the time, so much for the song. We've been around for a few good, and some not so good five or six thousand years or so.

So what's the problem here, we've figured out how to make fire, how to fly to the moon and through the clouds, cool and comfortable at 30,000 feet. We've built pyramids and skyscrapers and made microscopes to find microscopic microbes. We've seemingly conquered the tallest mountain peak and the sandiest deserts.

However, when it comes to money, revolution after revolution and monetary collapse, human beings keep getting it wrong. Historically speaking, we've used lots of things as money. At one point in history, not so long ago, a few good tulip bulbs would buy you a fancy town home in Denmark, the Romans used to pay their soldiers in salt, therefore the saying, “he ain't worth his salt”. A can of cinnamon could buy you a thousand acres in the Medieval kingdom of France and throw in some vanilla and you might get a date with the King's daughter! On the island of Yap, located in Micronesia, Rai stones,1) large circular carved rocks were used as currency, some weighing in at 4 metric tons. Imagine trying to make change with a Rai stone. In the penitentiary system, inmates use cigarettes as legal tender.

In the western world, the idea of money and wealth and power and fame was finally locked in when the Romans started printing the Dinarius bearing Caesar's head and shoulders on one side and his tail on the other. Who then does the coin, the money, the gold belong to? In Mark 12:16-17 the famous exchange takes place: “And they brought it. And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? And they said unto him, Caesar's. 17 And Jesus said unto them, Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's”.2) Therefore the coin did really belong to the Roman Emperor who at the time was its political, religious and military head, Caesar Augustus.

Throughout history, people have used various things, and assigned various values to anyone object deemed by the mass consciousness as worthy of value. Especially when a monetary unit is supported by military might and political strength. It's exact value has always fluctuated based on supply and demand, also based somewhat on the people's faith in the size of the Roman treasury, as one does not fight a war by paying its soldiers in promises of glorious victories but rather in pure silver and gold coins stamped with the emperors own authoritative bust.

Money is power, or rather it's the people's imaginary ability that empowers money, since mirrors and blankets were worth their weight in gold to the Incas when Cortez arrived to the new world in his Spanish galleons. The ancient Hebrew Torah tells us that during King Solomon's reign, gold had become as common as silver. Imagine buying an ounce of gold for 30$ today! Fortunately for the inhabitants of the kingdom at the time, gold had been mined in abundance and brought in and dumped on the market to where it reached saturation levels and begun to be devalued. So therefore, what is the essence of money?

Money is simply a figment of our public consciousness and imagination. Point I am driving at is that we've reached the pinnacle of societal development when we've come to realize as a society that money is simply a tool for trade, truly worth something only when put into circulation, commerce and has reached the majority of market capitalization. It also must mean that it has been accepted by the vast majority as a suitable exchange unit. This whole acceptance is based on the power of belief.

In my opinion, transacting in actual precious metal coin, or Dollars, or Euros, fiat paper debt notes, doesn't quite cut it anymore in today's world wide economy. An economy largely financed and transacted by electronic means. Just imagine backing our current printed paper by actual metal. Simply not possible as Gold silver and platinum are very limited metals by quantity compared to the world’s population and their current capitalization needs. Having said that, we should note that the US dollar has gone off the gold standard since the Nixon 3)era and since then has made its way off the deep end where it is now 98% under water, setting new lows daily. At this point practically everyone knows that out currency is backed by nothing but faith in the good ole US of A. Which isn't a bad thing as 350 million peoples working their butts off are a lot more of a tangible asset, then a few metric tons of yellow metal stored underground in a mythical vault at Fort Knox, guarded night and day by 40,000 US troops4).

Be that as it may, I am going to go out on a limb here and pronounce this current society as the most selfish and self-centered society that has ever existed in the written history of man. It is generation me. Actually it's generation i because it sounds much cooler. Fortunately we have arrived at a point in time when you can really tickle your own ego. You can take your own pictures, something that used to be reserved for monarchs, you can even write your own book, make your own personalized t-shirt at the mall, you can even film yourself, immortalizing yourself for all foreseeable future assuming your great grandchildren are around to care to watch your cool self, discovering the joy of an iPad circa 2009. Heck, you can even print a 3D bust of yourself, like Caesar!

Allrighty then, what am I getting at here? What I'm saying is that for all that individuality we have been able to achieve, we still pay for it, support it and maintain it with a coin with a dead famous guy on it. I'm saying it's time for a cool change that's what I'm saying. Our destination has been reached, the era of personalized currency is here! Are you ready for this? I'm talking about your own money! That's right, you no longer have to be the King of Zamunda 5)sporting a dead leopard on your back to own your own currency, you really can have your own money!

I'm talking about the rise of digital currencies, krypto currencies, things so new that my own cool and hip iPhone doesn't know how to spell, granted I still haven't upgraded to 6.1, call me old fashion or nostalgic but I think having glitches and software hang-ups while running out of battery twice a day can be romantic, makes me think of my first cell phone, a Qualcomm brick style mammoth of a phone that could be used as a defensive weapon if needed, paper weight and motorcycle battery starter. I'm not stuck in the past I'll have you know as I'm writing this piece on an iPhone, but I digress no farther.

Yes my friends, my fellow Americans, the time has come for the rise of Money 2.0 or Soft Money, personalized money, call it iMoney if you wish, and I believe the Egoconomy will make it all possible, not to mention the much lower transaction fees and speed of transfer. That's correct I just invented a new word, Egoconomy, an economy based on the egoistical nature of humanity. Explain to me why it takes me three days to clear a check when the computer clears it immediately? Perhaps there is a little guy working in the little safe in the back printing and engraving my money as we speak?

Finally a monetary system that has evolved and adapted to fit the i generation. The rise of the digital currency, that which is nothing less than a series of numbers and letters owned by everyone trhough peer to peer computers, and nobody at the same time, a currency produced by the electronic signals relayed between computers.

With names like DEVcoin, IXcoin, and BITcoin the most famous so far, these digital currencies are starting to infiltrate the world at a geometric rate. Unheard of 5 years ago, a BITcoin is now valued at somewhere around 120 US dollars! This currency is the wave of the future, and it is here to stay. It provides a medium of freedom of movement and transaction bliss that literally moves at light speed. The only other thing that needs to happen is for the people to wake up from their current sleep cycle and realize that papers with dead presidents on them aren't worth the ink that is printed on them, speaking of which, the United States dollar has lost somewhere around 97% of its value since its introduction as legal tender. However, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for my conclusion in the next article, until next time, please try to buy as many as these crypto coins as you can. Arumxchange and Virvurex are pretty solid websites for the accumulation of whats bound to be the biggest evolution/revolution in money, this planet has ever experienced.



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