A Couple Of Ideas Regarding Devcoin Culture And Acceptance Into The Creative Space

After considering what Devcoin is and whom it serves, I have realized that we should look to engage the creative cultures in this world for acceptance and usage of the coin. Nobody really likes to have to pay someone 150 bucks for helping them with a project they can't complete because they lack the skills or resources. But having a currency that could make someone feel GOOD about that transaction could change the momentum of creative action in this world. People would hold Devcoin because it helps them make projects bigger than themselves. Who hasn't had a game changing idea that couldn't be accomplished because they lacked the know how? With Devcoin, there is a possibility it could make that fantastic idea that cannot come into reality something attainable with the help of other developers. The following will elucidate on this concept and how Devcoiners could make this vision a reality.

Devcoin Culture: How Devcoin Can Facilitate Creative Projects Without The US Dollar

Bitcoin breaks all the records in terms of investment value. While Devcoin may explode in popularity (and thus value) like Bitcoin, it's value in not felt in dollars. It's value is in how it can make facillitating collaboration work, and that might be a value people decide to hold onto. People will trade devcoins to engage with other creative people on joint ventures. Lacking the currency that facilitates that kind of awesome, amped up creative punch will not be a goal of hacker, maker, and DIY types of people. They will hold Devcoins because they have value outside of the US dollar.

Firstly, we have to recognize that this is not reality yet, but the potential is there. Devcoin needs a strong culture to carry it towards the heights of Bitcoin, and the framing of that unknown culture is already dictated by the nature of Devcoin. Devcoin is earned by submitting creative projects (usually writing but other forms are allowed) and therefore the obvious culture to intentionally grow is the culture of creative people.

Secondly, let us look at Bitcoin for compare and contrast sake. Understanding how we are different from Bitcoin helps us determine the diretion we want our culture to go towards. Bitcoin has a market capitalization (value of the coin on the market X total number of coins) that has been stabilizing between 5 and 10 billion dollars. Because of Bitcoin and the many alternative crypto currency successes, people are seeing more room for growth as the non computer savvy population are able to use crypto currencies at an increasing rate. Cheap Air is allowing people to buy plane tickets around the world with bitcoin. Overstock.com, which houses a plethora of house and home goods it could be likened to an online Walmart, is also accepting bitcoin for regular purchases. The exciting thing is that because many people got wealthy holding bitcoin during its meteoric rise, they are happy to buy anything useful with their newfound wealth. This means these aforementioned businesses and others who accept bitcoin are seeing a spike in consumer purchases because of their willingness to use bitcoin as an actual currency. So we can safely see a global market becoming more and more willing to embrace digital currencies. Not only is there an increase in purchases, but with the cost of electronic transactions, whether it be a credit card or something like PayPal, carrying a 2-4% cost each transaction, we can expect the move towards crypto currencies to become a stampede in short order. Devcoin's market capitalization is between 2-10 million dollars. If Devcoin had a culture that was distinctly different from bitcoin, it could gain considerable market share and be a beacon within the alternative crypto currency movement. What will that culture be? Considering the seeds have been sown for developers, writers, and anyone with creative talent, this is the obvious place to begin.

One can project and see the future of bitcoin in a number of ways. A few people see today and in the future that bitcoin is basically a better version of a Federal Reserve Note (AKA US dollar). Dollars as a currency are meant to facilitate the trade of goods and services, and bitcoin does this better. Some see it as a necessary seed for a future project to trump bitcoin in all its so called faults, a bitcoin 2.0, and then the US dollar and other goverment currencies will basically admit defeat or adapt accordingly. In general, most visions of bitcoin's future basically view it as the new dollar, the new standard for transactions where the limitations of the dollar are substituted for a better system. Devcoin is very different in this respect. Devcoin is not a replacement of the dollar, and in fact it embodies ideals that sidestep the many deeply ingrained beliefs people have about money in a way that makes our lives better. Devcoin is used by people who want to work creatively with others, but they usually lack the US dollars to make it happen. Just imagine if holding and using Devcoins actually make creative projects occur with more frequency and success.

Money Is Viewed As Dirty

Its a physical fact that money is one of the dirtiest things we come in contact with everyday. Because it is fulfilling most of its function to facilitate trade and goods, everyone is passing around with their germy hands the same paper that never gets washed. But most currencies are viewed as something that dirties the process of transactions in a more emotional and mental way as well.

When you own a business, you charge an amount to your customers for your services or goods that pays you for your living and for your cost of operations. When your best friend or mother-in-law comes in for the same goods or services, more often then not the function of a dollar no longer is as useful. You are so familiar with this person that the act of charging them seems inappropriate. Family, whether blood related or self described, usually are willing to do tons of things for their closest of kin that could be valued at thousands of dollars in the long run. But to put a monetary value on it makes the transaction feel colder, less personal. If I am a chiropractic doctor and my brother comes in, I will probably just serve him for free. I know him so well that my goodwill towards the non cost of this service will encourage him to provide goods and services to me for likewise. We more or less trust that when I need something in the future, if my brother can help he will do it for no cost. Currency, specifically US dollars and other government debt notes, is more for transactions with someone with whom you do not know as well and cannot trust they will provide for you when you need it. Another simple example is friends eating breakfast at your house. To ask each friend 3.49 for the eggs, potatoes, and bacon cost is callous and cold. Who would do such a thing? Our bond as friends facilitates the transaction way better than a US dollar could. Here is where Devcoin comes into play.

Devcoin Is Clean

Devcoin is short (more or less) for developer coin. It is a coin sometimes dubbed the ethical currency because it devotes 90% of its mining operation to paying writers and other creators of mental goods. People who are interested in holding the coin for investment value see the greed that exists within the pump and dump culture of most alt coins. They hold the coin because it contains very little to none of the stereotypes of US dollars.

We could project a culture of altruism, which asks that some portion of your Devcoin earnings are saved in a “Creative Container”. Any time you want to embark on a creative project but lack the resources or skills to complete it, go to your creative container and use your Devcoins to create a “play offering” to someone who has that skill or resource. In other words, a Devtome craigslist.org crossed with ebay.com.

The spirit behind this is to give Devcoin a platform, a culture, to INCREASE the net creative output in the population. If Devcoin is able to prove to the outsider that it actually facilitates creative, useful, beautiful action, then Devcoin is jumping to a billion dollar market share.

The Maker and DIY Crowd Are A Perfect Fit

As a coin for developers, or people who have a passion for producing things for others benefit (with devcoin usually in the mental sense), it is ideal for the maker, hacker, and DIY communities. These groups of people are thoroughly into the process of producing for themselves and society. What if they could be united behind a currency to facilitate their creative actions? There are millions of “makers” out there, but many of them do not collaborate because of the above mentioned problems. Money has a dirty feel to it and it can be hard to come by. You don't feel so good paying another maker to collaborate on your project. Other makers, while being interested in making cool things for the benefit of themselves and mankind, are rarely close friends or family. Thus, while their value added to your project should you collaborate would be hugely beneficial, most people do not trust doing work for someone without SOME currency exchange unless they are basically kin. Devcoin can change that.

Devcoin: What It Is and What It Could Represent

The main way to earn Devcoins is by writing for the wiki. The wiki is different from wikipedia in that there is no censorship at all; grammar and obvious mistakes can be adjusted at will by interested users but the deletion of someone's work for another reason is not allowed. Consider how this is different in regards to wikipedia, which is now a standard for people checking objective information. As much as possible, wikipedia does not pick sides and tries to represent reality objectively. This is ironic because the default position is to accept the status quo as a realistic measure of reality when, of course, that is akin to holding a subjective position. Devtome's wiki allows complete freedom for each author to express truth as they see it. Those reading it are expected to have developed some form of truth detection methods and they should NOT just accept something as true because it was on devtome.

Clay Shirky, a DWR (distinguished writer in residence) at NYU, has assembled this mind blowing statistic: if you consider what wikipedia had created from its inception to 2009, it is quite probably the best source of general information the world has known. According to Shirky, the mental hours needed to create wikipedia up until then was 100 million hours. If you compare that to the 200 billion hours of television that is watched in the world, we see just what 1/2000th of the brain energy can actually accomplish. If 100 million hours could create 2009's wikipedia, which it had already received cult status as the go-to encyclopedia of the free internet, imagine what an uncensored wiki with 100 million hours could produce. Or 500 million. Or even 1 billion hours, a mere 1/200 of the amount of television we watch annually. Our minds cannot fathom a world where these numbers are flipped so the creative endeavor occupies 200 billion hours of thought energy, while passive consumption of video media is a paltry 100 million. A strong Devcoin culture could begin the shift in that direction, however, if creative people see value in holding Devcoin. Not US dollar value, but value in being able to facilitate the experience of awesome, fun creative projects with other people.

The potential for an uncensored wiki to rival its objective counterpart is significant. We can also expect the value of devcoin to increase as the number of developer and writers begin writing and using the coin. I suggest that Devcoin writers and supporters to hold some Devcoin without converting to US dollars unless you need US dollars at the moment. Devcoin is not dirty and it can work as a currency should, which is to facilitate the movement of goods and services. Our goods and services tend to almost feel like free play at recess, because whomever is being contracted to do something with Devcoin is doing it because they like to work (play?) in that field that is being asked for. Our goods and services trade better without the US Dollar. They trust better with Devcoin.

Developers, makers, and the DIY crowd could begin to use Devcoin to facilitate massively multiperson creative projects. In the past, paying 10-200 bucks for someone's help was rather significant because not everyone has that spare cash to use towards creative projects. Devcoin could be a currency for anyone who creates mental goods (articles, videos, art, etc) and people would just rather have a stash of their government currency and a stash of Devcoin.

The result of a Devcoin culture where the writers are passing around Devcoin for other collaborative projects creates a system wherein Devcoin is valuable, more so than government currency. Let's say a blogger would like to animate a few of their writings. If they are a writer for devcoin, they have earned a currency and more easily facilitates collaborative projects because they have Devcoin coming in almost every month. They can set up a “bounty” for their project and look for an computer graphics artist or a pencil artist to help create their project. The artist who adds drawings to their blog can now use those devcoins to possibly find a voice over actor to add vocals to a cartoon they have assembled. And so on and so forth.

Is it possible to create culture in an open source system? If the culture is simple to explain, easy to endorse, and beneficial for everyone, then the answer is yes. All that is needed is a method of communicating the culture to everyone to showcase its benefits. (I do not know that method.) Devcoin could become the currency for facilitating collaborations between completely different fields. The entire practice of science has found it incredibly beneficial to take specialized scientists and pair them in a project with someone of a different specialty. Google offices are known to have mini kitchens throughout the inside of their buildings and they encourage people from different sections to interact and connect. Google employees also report having up to 20% of their paid work time to be collaborating on projects with people outside the scope of their job description. They see the benefit of teaming up and have created a culture around collaboration.

Devcoin Bounty Website

If you take nothing else from this article, remember the idea of a website that hosts “bounties” for creative projects that people have and they need someone with a specialty for help. One could scan only for your specialties and once someone posted something, you could read about their project and decide if you want participate by pitching in your needed skill or resource. I know that I would frequent the site with requests and searches for helping others. It would be extremely gratifying to step in and offer my skills to help make someone else's dream a reality. I would get on this bounty website and scan every day for bounties because it would be fun. Look at me, getting all worked up. Do you feel it, too?

Hopefully, profiles would be openly visible (including the all important transaction history reviews) to see if you pay your bounties when they come through. This idea, especially with the potential for people wanting to hold Devcoin and not US dollar, would be the main idea to take out of this discussion and toss it around other Devcoin minds to see what they think.

A bounty website might become more visible than the wiki because of its usefulness. Once the culture is started, people will start to eagerly pay and work for bounties in the name of creative collaboration. People will want to buy the coin because of its unique usefulness. No one really wants to convert their earned devcoin because it works better than the US dollar for facilitating this kind of teamwork. They may cash out when they absolutely need to, but it would be great if Devcoin could become valuable to the creative crowd without the need to convert to government currency. Then we will see a powerful ethical crypto currency.

Opening The Door To The Creative World

A bounty website would be a good start towards attracting Makers, DIYers, artists and writers towards the currency. They are, in my humble opinion, the future core of the currency because they will hold Devcoin not for investment value but for making creative projects with other creators. How will we attract them to the currency? First we need to show that the currency can be used in this fashion. I leave it up to other Devcoiners to hear my words and support the bounty project as a viable system for artistic collaboration. I cannot make this kind of a website. (It's a tad ironic because I WOULD be able to facilitate this project is there were a bounty website I could go to…)

There could be a future out there where millions of people trade devcoins as they fashion a new world to live in with their creative endeavors. I hope to bring about that future and I look forward to collaborating with you, perhaps with a devcoin or two trading hands, as we march towards an intentional culture.

EDITED TO ADD: The bounty system is already utilized by the admins 1). This is great and I encourage people to follow the previous link to be aware of what devtome specifically is asking help for. This is right along the lines I was thinking, except I wish to export the concept of bounties beyond the scope of just devtome projects.

I was also informed that there IS a bounty website already in existence, although it is still growing. Check that out here 2). Perhaps this idea was already coming before I got here!

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