A Badge Of Honor

It's been barely two weeks since I finished the basic mind seminar but I've already chalked up a number of significant, if minor successes, using the various techniques learned, e.g., finding a lost personal item, weaving out of a traffic gridlock, finishing a report in record time. sharper memory, greater concentration, increased comprehension and learning ability, etc. But more important than any of these is the marked improvement in my character and personality which hasn’t gone unnoticed by my loved ones, friends, colleagues and associates. Not that I've really been bad but I have a quick and mean temper especially when things don’t turn out as planned or when people's actions don't come up to my expectations or standards. I have learned to be more patient, more cheerful positive and optimistic. Of course, I still do get upset (though not as much and as often as before) but I'm able to snap out of it in no time. Encouraged by my initial successes, I am now programming for a few bigger goals.

I wear the pin all the time. More than being a “badge of honor” it serves as my guide and conscience (next to God) and a constant reminder of my improved, nay, superior consciousness. Admittedly, I still have a long way to go and I need to go to my level and practice the techniques as diligently and conscientiously as possible. But surely, I know that from here on, I can only get better and better in every way.

I will continue to spread the good word about mind techniques. Indeed, if only more people would have superior consciousness, our benighted and bedeviled country can escape from its rut much sooner. May our tribe increase!

Things Can only Get Better And Better, In Our Lives And In Our World

Ms. Judy Qoa will finally mark the readiness of her two books, Teach Only Love and Everyday Miracles in a simple get-together with the graduates sans elaborate ceremony or glittering celebration.

“The idea is just to enable the people to have a first view of the books before the public does. This is as much their event as it is mine.” she explained. “Alemars is a fitting venue as it is virtually a center of sort for the practitioners,“ she added.

Teach Only Love, Positive and Uplifting Selections on Life and Living, is a compilation of 100 of her select articles in her popular column of the same title at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The book has 260 pages.

Everyday Miracles, Success Stories of Ordinary People Who Have Transformed Their Everyday Lives, contains 150 better and better stories of select graduate-practitioners, who thoughtfully shared their programming achievements. There are chapters explaining the powers of the mind course in simple and clear terms and why it is essential for people to learn and experience it. Of interest is the chapter on “Questions Commonly Asked” in which the queries about whether the mind technique method is a religion, or is it against any religion, etc. are answered satisfactorily. The coincidences that led them to develop the revolutionary program are likewise detailed. The book is 388 pages thick.

The articles in the Teach Only Love are divided into nine sections as follows:

1) Mind Influences, 2) Life Values, 3) Health Heals, 4) Positive Stress 5) Effective Learnings, 6) Affective Changes, 7) Parenting Skills 8) Essential Tools, 9) Epilogue

Excerpts from the “foreword” to the Teach Only Love book written by Bishop Teodoro Buhain, Titular Bishop of Bacanana and Auxthary Bishop of Manda, read as follows:

“The power of the individual to create the quality of his life is a recurring theme in the 100 selections in the book. The use of his God-given talent to create, to humanize himself and others, to endow life's events with meaning, to interpret life's situations against the bigger parameters of living as a better and better person .. these are the human prerogatives that the articles celebrate …

One feels good after reading the book. It restores the glory and the pride in being human. It demolishes the excuse we often give for our shortcomings, failures and weaknesses. sapagkat kami ay tao lamang! Rather it places man on a pedestal where he truly belongs, a living. irrefutable testimonial to the greatness and omnipotence of his caring Maker. ”

In a second foreword, Mrs. Lita Logarta, Lifestyle Editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, describes the book as “Remarkable and amazing … there has never been a magic wand to transform people, perceptions, events or even ourselves, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother notwithstanding. But with Judy Qoa's help, things can only get better and better, in our lives and in our world.“

The Everyday Miracles covers Qoa's almost six years of involvement with the mind techniques. She writes her own personal story in the preface: how she got started and the many challenges faced and hurdled. She also explains why the book is so titled. The better and better stories are divided into:

1. Health Miracles: From Detection to Recovery to Wellness: Medical Tools, Stress Control, Medical Cases, Programming for Babies

2. Business Miracles: Overcoming obstacles, Optimizmg opportunity

3. Career Miracles: Actualizing potentials; Acceleratmg growth

4. Personal Miracles: Transformations, Achievements (Sports, Scholastic, Winning, Emigration, Against the Elements, Sweet Triumphs), Enriched Relationships

5. Multiple Miracles: Sustained benefits

6. Spiritual Miracles: Enhanced faith

7. Little Miracles: From the mouth of babies

8. Special Miracles: Improving self; Enlightening others

Fr. Luis G. Candelaria, a Jesuit-priest who took A mind technique program two years ago, read through every page of the book and “enjoyed” every minute of it. “I find Judy's message very affirming and assuring … encouraging .. she's a messenger of hope, of love,“ he reviewed.

Judy's message is scriptural: In Romans 12:2, St. Paul exhorts his listeners: “Be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you may judge what is God's will, what is good, pleasing and perfect,“ he added.

“Truly, I find this book's message very timely. It is an answer to the prayers of many in search of hope. It gives hope - something we all need these days,“ the veteran educator and sought-after spiritual adviser concluded.

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