7 Tips to Create Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook ads give way to a lot of traffic and also lead to sales but only if they are carried out properly. So, when you are charting out your Facebook ad campaigns keep these tips in mind.

Define your target audience

As an advertiser you need to know the intended audience to whom your product may interest the most. Facebook ads offer a lot of targeting options like location, age, sex, relationship status, connections, etc. to create a custom audience of people.

Pick an appropriate color

Depending on the type of product you want to advertise, choose a color that would make a positive impact on your potential customer. It has long been accepted that the correct use of colors in advertisements is extremely important. For instance, red is the color for passion and excitement. It works well for fashion/make-up brands, food, etc.

Create effective images

The images you choose for your ads should convey your message effectively to the audience. For instance, if your product is about food, the image should encourage the user to act on their desire to enjoy good food.

Use keywords

Think of your Facebook ad campaigns like you would your SEO campaigns. While creating your ad, you can copy and paste a list of keywords in the 'Precise Interests' section so as to target people who have shown interest in those specific keywords.

Language should be convincing, strong and simple

Use simple short sentences that can have an instant impact. Don't depend on overused clichés like 'Prices too low to advertise!' or 'Making your dreams a reality'.

Keep making changes

Don't keep running the same campaign for eons. Facebook users get bored very easily. Keep making changes to the images or the ad copy.

Remember, Facebook is not an e-commerce site

Facebook users login to connect with their friends and not to go on a shopping spree. The main intention of Facebook ads are to catch the attention of the users who may either go and search for your product later or click on your ad itself.

Use these tips and create an engaging ad campaign for your audience.

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