5 Reasons your website should be your primary focus

Small business owners are bombarded daily with unlimited social media options. With constant offline and online articles stating which ones you should be using daily, they often fail to mention the key component that gets it all started. Your website.

As a small business owner myself I have used nearly every social media platform known to man. Often with little or mixed results. Social media success depends on your type of business and an enormous amount of dedicated time. Contest offer short-term growth and recognition and seem to be a constant need to reach any kind of audience in short amount of time. Let’s put contest into perspective for a moment.

Say you own the hottest new hamburger joint in town. You hand out free burgers for the first 2 days you are open. You get tons of traffic, everyone loves a free burger. Some return, most don’t. They wanted the hand out. Same with your social media contest. Hey let’s give away $25 gift cards every 100 likes until we hit 5k followers. Great you hit your 5k in record time and gave out $1250 worth of gift cards. Your ready to rock! You send out your latest 50% off special to your 5k followers and get zero response! Your social media campaign just reached an average of maybe 1-2% of your 5k followers. Your followers drop, a new social media platform takes the world by storm and you sank all of your eggs in a basket you had ZERO control over.

Reason N0. 1

You own your website. Nobody else. You have 100% control over your site and your site’s content. No one can take it away from you. It’s digital real estate and a priceless asset to your business.

Reason No. 2

That $1250.00 you spent giving away gift cards, could have been spent on generating traffic to your site and building up your email list.

Reason No. 3

The email list. If you have 5k sign up to receive emails. Guess what. All 5k SEE your offers. 100% of your 5k followers see what you have to offer. Not just 1-2%. You have 100% control over that email list that nobody can ever suspend you for, raise your fees, or take away from you.

Reason No. 4

Don’t waste you or your customer’s time. If you site isn’t built to be mobile friendly, retina ready, and 100% responsive to today’s growing mobile demands, you might as well close the doors to your business RIGHT NOW! Non mobile-friendly visitors leave the first 2 seconds when they see that a site isn’t mobile-friendly. Plus, they just look plain ugly on mobile devices.

Reason No. 5

Peace of Mind. Your site should have a blog. Put anything you were going to put on social media in your blog first. Then share that post across all the platforms you use. Use programs like Hootsuite to post to all platforms at once. It will drive traffic to your site, rid your brain of social media overload, and give you peace of mind to grow your business and do that things that you enjoy.

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