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Episode Recap

the-sopranos-s01.jpg The episode begins with Tony Soprano’s crew watching an interview on television regarding the state of the Italian mafia, and why the mob is in such dire straights. One of the men interviewed asserts the mob’s primary problem is lack of communication and obedience between the middle management and the lowest tier of members.

Christopher and Brendan, a new character who is a friend of Christopher’s, steal some DVD players that belong to Tony’s uncle. Uncle Junior, Tony’s uncle, discovers the theft and demands restitution, which takes form in a payment of $15,000. The decision is made by Jackie, who is acting boss of New York City. Tony determines Christopher and Brendan must deliver, since they are responsible for the theft.

Meanwhile, Big Pussy and Paulie are tasked with tracking down a car that belongs to little Anthony’s science teacher. They discover the hijackers are a gay couple, and both men work for a local coffee chain. Paulie is disturbed by the coffee chain’s appropriation of Italian culture. The pair eventually track down the thieves, but the teacher’s car is a loss. Paulie and Pussy force the thieves to boost a new car and use Pussy’s body shop to paint the car the correct color and make minor alterations.

Livia continues to have problems. She nearly burns down her kitchen while cooking mushrooms. Afterward, she accidentally runs over one of her friends while driving. Tony employs an agency to help Livia during the afternoon. Perrilyn, who works for the agency, eventually quits after Livia harasses her into leaving. Tony discovers Perrilyn may have left due to racial tensions.

Brendan approaches Christopher with and offer to steal more merchandise. Christopher agrees initially, but later refuses to help Brendan when he realizes stealing from Uncle Junior will only cause greater division, and that kind of behavior will only hurt Tony. Brendan opts to carry out the job without Christopher.

During a session, Dr. Melfi advises Tony to take Livia to live in a retirement community. Dr. Melfi believes Livia will receive more than adequate care, and that a change of scenery will help Livia adjust to being elderly. Tony approaches Livia about the retirement community, but Livia refuses and attempts to weigh down Tony’s guilty conscience. Livia’s ploy does not work immediately, and Tony manages to get legal permission to take Livia to the retirement community.

While Tony is delivering Livia and signing paperwork, Brendan and two flunkies stop Uncle Junior’s supply truck. One of the flunky’s guns goes off after it is dropped and the bullet kills the driver in a freak accident. Unsure of what to do, Brendan calls Christopher and delivers the truck to one of Tony’s safe locations. When Tony returns home, Christopher reaches him with a telephone call and the two agree to meet Brendan at the safe house.

Tony forces Brendan to return the suits to Uncle Junior, and reprimands Christopher for not alerting him to Brendan’s plans. Before the suits are loaded, however, Tony, Pussy, Paulie, and Silvio choose suits off the racks. 46 Long, the episode’s title, probably refers to the suit measurements for one of the men.

In a followup visit with Dr. Melfi, Tony learns that some parents are not fit, able, or sometimes capable of raising children. Dr. Melfi suggests Livia is one of those people, and she challenges Tony to produce a single warm childhood memory of his mother. When Tony fails to do so, Dr. Melfi explains Tony’s guilty conscious is a result of his mother’s years of abuse. Tony becomes enraged and leaves.

Special Occurrences

Anthony DeSando joins the cast as Brendan Filone, a meth dealer and hustler who is a friend of Christopher’s. Brendan creates a divide between Tony and Christopher, and represents an overall dissent in organized crime. Adriana, played by Drea de Matteo, plays a slightly larger role in 46 Long as Christopher’s girlfriend. Michael Rispoli also joins the cast as Jackie, the interim head of all Italian crime families in New York City. Jackie’s father is the real boss, but he is serving time in prison. Jackie, meanwhile, is dying of cancer. Jackie’s presence eases the tension between Uncle Junior and Tony, both of whom are candidates to become boss should something happen to Jackie, while simultaneously increasing the tension later in the series as his health wanes.


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