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or 2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenethylamine

2c-I is a research chemical that was developed by Alexander 'Shasha' Shulgin. He created a number of chemicals in the Tryptamine and Phenelthylamine families that has benefited our modern knowledge in these areas immensely, but still leaves a large gap for us to study, hence the term Research Chemical.


2c-I is a member of the Phenelthylamine Family and is has effects similar to that of ecstasy and mushrooms mixed together.

*Visuals (Wavy & Geometric)
*Colors (Shifting & More Vibrant)
*Body Bliss (Like Ecstasy and mushrooms everything just feels good)
*Laughing (You will laugh at other people's serious ideas, and when you star laughing you can't stop)
*NO CRACK OUT (No heavy depressing-angry, drained face comedown like on ecstasy) 


It is now illegal in the United States of America, but was once legal here.


  • Small: 5-10mg
  • Medium: 10-20mg
  • Heavy: 20-30+mg


I started reading about research chemicals when I was 14 years old. I was REALLY into Shamanism, MAOI's, Mushrooms, Salvia and learning about ANY plant that was considered an “entheogen”. Then when I tried ecstasy for my third time, I did a search to see what chemise were in a snoopie head, and it turned out it was a BZP cocktail mixed with other things. And that was around the same time when I found Erowid, so I looked up the chemies. As a child, it was the most amazing source of information on plants and chemicals that I had ever found. So I started reading experience reports about anything and everything. And that's when I discovered MORE RCs. I started searching for them online, and the one I REALLY wanted to (and still do) do try was “Bromo-Dragonfly”. I searched everywhere for it, but the only compounds I could find were the JWH series, the 2c series and some random pip's like BZP and TFPP.

The first one I ever got was 2c-I from Canada. It came in 2 half gs like 2 weeks apart. I put it in some water because I didn't have a mg scale, but I had a ml measuring cup. Everyone freaked out when they saw me pour it in water, because they thought I ruined it.

So we got a dropper with measured lines, and each took what should have measured out to 20mg. About an hour into it, we all felt like “Shit, this stuff isn't going to work.” (By the way, it is semi-important to know that this was like 4 days before Christmas, so everyone had lights up). We were sitting in the backyard smoking weed. And I started to feel weird. I wasn't sure if it was just a marijuana high or if there was something else too (once you feel like this, it's about to hit). Slowly, things that weren't funny became funny, and it came in waves like a roller coaster. You would feel like you peaked, amazing, like everything is moving 50 miles an hour even though you are sitting completely still. Then it'll drop, and you'll almost feel like your coming down for a second, then it come back and the next peak is stronger, then it drops down, then it peaks up stronger again, etc etc. Until you hit an ACTUAL peak and are trippin NUTS.

I've actually been in a room with multiple people tripping and for 45 minutes 2 of them were like “I'm peaking” then 5 minutes late, “No, NOW I'm peaking” then 5 minutes late “No NOWWW I'm peaking” etc.

The first time I did it I was with like 5 people, we were all smoking in the backyard, and one person was sober to be DD. She decided we should go look at Christmas lights, and we knew of the PERFECT house. TONS of lights, and they light up and turn off with a stereo they have playing Christmas music. So we got there, and it was actually a lot more disappointing than you'd think. We got there, and it was like… “Oh, a yard”. Then slowly, we started looking at their decorations. Penguins and Polar bear blow p dolls, with Santa and a sleigh, and all kinds of shit. And we started laughing. After about 5 minutes, the whole car was laughing HISTERIACALLY at nothing. Then someone said “We probably look crazy sitting outside this house laughing like this”, so the driver decided to leave.

We drove around for a little while after that, and someone got out and made two deer made out of Christmas lights hump each other. Then we went home and smoked in the backyard for a while, then everyone decided to go home, but I was already home so I just went inside and upstairs.

When I got to the living room I turned on the TV, and I was instantly amazed. Scooby Doo the movie (with real people) was on, and the shades on their face made from different angles of lighting was shifting. Like each shade of their face was constantly changing places with the others. Then I had an AMAZING realization that there were OTHER things on TV. So I changed the channel to Adult Swim and watched Venture Brothers which is AWESOME while tripping.

After a while I went to sleep. Some VERY Good things about 2c-I: You can sleep while it's in your system (You could probably even take a little RIGHT before bed for better dreams) AND it doesn't make you feel “Cracked Out” in the morning like ecstasy does.

I have had like 5+ experiences with 2c-I, so I'll share them here randomly. Next story will be about the day AFTER the story I just told.

The next day I took more with a few friends, 2 of us had taken it before 2 of us had not.

I for some reason felt like there was NO way it was going to work again. I felt like “I got this on the internet, and there is NO reason it should make me trip THAT hard.” So I took some, and eventually took more because I felt like it wasn't working.

This was when the two people kept thinking they were peaking (as stated in the last story). At first we weren't sure anything was happening, so we went in the bathroom to smoke a few bowls (I lived with my parents still the first few times I tried this stuff). After about an hour and a half of smoking and talking (smoking in the bathroom, then went to another room to go chill and talk and wait for it to kick in), it started to kick in. I, and my friend who had also taken it the night before, knew (since it was my second time) that we hadn't peaked yet, but they two kids that had never taken it before thought the first signs of tripping were their peak. So they were like “Dude I'm tripping so hard” And I was like, “No… Just wait, it gets better.” Then five minutes later they were like “I think I'm peaking!” And I was like, “No, no. Really, it gets better” Then like five minutes later they're like “I'm peaking!!” and I'm like, “Give it like thirty more minutes to an hour” and they kept being like “No, I'm peaking now!!” Then like “Oh shit, no, NOW I'm peaking!!!” It was hilarious.

We went to Game Stop, and driving was a HORRIBLE idea. I don't think anyone should EVER drive on this stuff. I let my friend drive my car, and I had no idea (until I tried to drive) how bad he must have been tripping while he was driving.

We walked around that night instead of driving, but we went to the same Christmas light house, and even though it was kind of chilly, the 2c-I kinda killed the cold because we were moving around so much. I forgot to tell you guys what the “effects” are like. I'll explain now:

It's like ecstasy and mushrooms mixed together (except it's not an ecstasy tablet pressed with meth crystals inside… Yeah, break open the next tab you take, 2c-I is CLEAN, X is random dirty scary shit). So you have energy and music is crazy and everything feels amazing, but at the same time it's like mushrooms because you laugh about nothing, feel extremely happy (unless something bad happens) and colors and shapes and shades shift and move. If you stare at anything, it has like waves going through it almost. And it feels like everything is moving 100 miles an hour, even if you are sitting still.

After it got late, everyone went home and I called my girlfriend who said she was grounded that whole week, so I hadn't seen her in days. She had previously disappeared to smoke meth with her cousin, which I begged her to stop doing, so it made sense to me that she was grounded. Until I talked to her with the insight of 2c-I.

The phone call started off fine, it was just like I told her I got 2c-I in the mail and she was like “What's it like?” and “I want to try it with you.” but then we started talking about what we were doing and I was like “I'm just about to go to bed soon” and she was like “I'm watching a movie with my mom, but I went to the bathroom to talk to you.” And I was like “You're in a bathroom right now?” then I thought about it, and I was like “You're not at home are you?” and she was all lie “What are you talking about?” Then everything just hit me, and I realized she was probably with her cousin again. I told her I knew she was lying and that she wasn't with her mom. She told me I needed to calm down and stop saying things like that, and that she had to go. So she hung up and I went to bed. But then the next day I talked to her little sister and she told me she hadn't seen her in days.

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