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-= 2013 Bowman Platinum Card Experience = 
-I grew up collecting sports cards mainly baseball cards. ​ I found this to be an enjoyable hobby. ​ I collected my favorite players and the top rookies at the time.  This is a hobby, which I never let go and it has carried over into adulthood. ​ I still purchase cards from time to time hoping for a special find.  On this particular day I decided to go by Target and went to the sports card section of the store. When I arrived, there were some rack packs of 2013 Bowman Platinum Baseball that caught my eye.  A 2013 Bowman Platinum Baseball rack pack contains 3 - 4 card retail packs of cards and one – 3 card Purple refractor Pack of cards. ​ I would receive 15 total cards. I decided to purchase rack pack and will describe my find below; ​ 
-*Pack #1:  I opened the pack and found the following cards; Bubba Starling, Cole Hamels, Jered Weaver and a Die-Cut Danny Hultzen. ​ The cards are glossy and look nice.  I got a nice looking Die-Cut card of a top Seattle mariner prospect. 
-*Pack#2: I opened the pack and found the following cards; Darin Ruf rookie, Robert Stephenson chrome refractor, Joey Votto and Gavin Cecchini. ​ I grew up a Cincinnati Reds fan, so it was good to get two Reds in the same pack.  My smile grew. 
-*Pack#3: I opened the pack and the following cards: Tyrone Taylor, Hanley Ramirez Die-Cut, Miguel Cabrera and Jake Marisnick. I got another Die cut Card, which is a good thing. 
-*Purple Refractor Pack:  I opened the pack and the following cards: Christian Yelich, Travis D'​arnaud and 
-Byron Buxton. ​ Byron Buxton is the 2014 top prospect in baseball according to Baseball America so that’s a good find. 
-Overall I am quite pleased with the look of the 2013 Bowman Platinum retail baseball cards. ​ It would have been nice to get an autographed card, but the two Die-Cut cards, the purple Byron Buxton card and the Reds cards made me smile. ​  I plan to go and get a blaster of 2013 Bowman Platinum Baseball. ​ Hopefully the find will be even greater. 

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