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 +=2013-2014 Flawless Basketball Review=
 +I’ve been a collector of basketball cards for many years. Over the years I’ve been able to collect cards of some of the NBA’s top players. I target rookie cards mainly of the most hyped players. I also collect rookies of those players that are considered diamonds in the rough. From time to time I purchase cards hoping for a special find. On this particular day I had an urge to purchase what I consider to be premium basketball cards. ​ The cards are called Flawless. ​ The cards are sold at my local hobby store. ​  The price for the cards was over $1,​700. ​ I had some extra money thanks to a project that I recently completed. ​ I went to the store and purchased one box.  I decided to open the box at home.  The store had a special promotion going on so they gave me my choice of 2014 NFL autographed rookie cards. ​ I chose the Kelvin Benjamin card since he is doing well so.  I left the store with a smile hoping that I struck pay dirt with my purchase. When I arrived home I sat down and opened the box.  The cards come in a black briefcase. According to the store owner, each briefcase contains 10 cards. ​ I would receive 6 Autograph cards, 2 Jumbo Prime Memorabilia Cards and 2 Diamond, Emerald or Ruby Cards. ​ I opened the briefcase and pulled out the ten cards. I cards look really nice, but was it worth $1,700? Below are the cards that I pulled out of the briefcase
 +*Dwayne Wade Dual patch auto out of 5 cards
 +*Trey Burke Sapphire base RC numbered 3 of 10 cards. This happened to be his jersey number.
 +*Goran Dragic diamond base card out of 10 cards
 +*Anthony Davis auto out of 25 cards
 +*Jason Kidd auto out of 20 cards
 +*Goran Dragic auto out of 15 cards. This is my second Dragic card in the box.
 +*Zydrunas Ilgauskas auto out of 10 cards
 +*Ricky Rubio Jumbo Patch out of 10 cards
 +*Fred Brown Jumbo Patch auto out of 25 cards
 +*Cody Zeller Jumbo Patch numbered 15/15
 +The cards are low numbered meaning they are rare giving them a better chance to grow in value long term.  I got one rookie card in Trey Burke who could be solid player for years to come.  I like the autographs that I pulled. I especially liked the Anthony Davis, Dwayne Wade Jason Kidd auto.  The Wade auto was numbered to just 5 putting a real smile on my face.  Overall I was pleased with my find. I would give the product a B grade. ​ I didn’t pull a card of one of the premium stars like LeBron or Durant, but I did pull good cards overall and I received the Kelvin Benjamin autographed rookie card as a bonus. ​ I won’t purchase another box of the 2013-2014 edition of Flawless Basketball. ​ I do plan to save up some money so that I can purchase the 2014-2015 edition of Flawless Basketball next year when it will feature cards from the hyped 2014 NBA rookie class.

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