11 Google Chrome Extensions to Enhance Your Productivity

Google Chrome is an amazing browser with a lot of flexibility. With all the numerous extensions available for it out there, you can customize it to be exactly how you want it. Here are 11 great Google Chrome extensions to enhance your productivity.

1. StayFocusd: Anyone who works online has always experienced the temptation to indulge in time-wasting websites like Google and Facebook in the middle of work. StayFocusd allows you to set a daily time limit for browsing such websites. Once the time limit is up for the day, it will block the specified websites by redirecting it to a page that says “Back to work!”.

2. Any.DO or Wunderlist: These are two of the most popular to-do applications for mobile devices, and their Google Chrome extensions tie in neatly with the browser. Needless to say, it's super-handy to have a to-do list tied in directly into your browser so you can get things done.

3. Feedly: After Google Reader was closed down, Feedly has been one of the best RSS readers out there to replace it. The Feedly extension lets you quickly get to Feedly right inside Chrome for quick access. It's not required any more but it's still pretty handy.

4. Minimalist For Everything: The web is a big place filled with a lot of cluttered content. Minimalist For Everything removes all the unnecessary stuff and makes everything look neater. For example, it can get rid of Google's navigation bar and makes Gmail less cluttered.

5. Gmail Offline: Gmail Offline is Gmail without an internet connection. All emails that come to your inbox are downloaded locally when you're online. If you compose an email and click the send button while you're offline, then this extension will send the email as soon as you come back online.

6. Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail: This is a very handy extension that not only notifies you of new email, but lets you do various operations like delete, archive, mark as spam and open email in a new tab directly in the notification window.

7. Evernote Clearly and Evernote Web Clipper: Nothing spoils reading an article more than all the stuff that surrounds it. By clicking the Clearly button, the extension de-clutters the web page and focuses on the article. It also allows you to save the page to Evernote, which is quite handy. Another extension, the Evernote Web Clipper, lets you save notes from a web page or part of it to Evernote along with the URL.

8. Lazarus: If you fill out a lot of forms online or write in the browser, then Lazarus can be a lifesaver. It saves all your form content while you're writing them. So in case of a browser crash or a computer shut-down, you can still get back everything you wrote.

9. LastPass: Having to remember a lot of passwords for different websites can be tiresome. With LastPass, you'll never have to remember a password again. It stores your passwords securely online and syncs them across all of your devices. You'll only have to remember your LastPass password.

10. Adblock: This is one of the most popular Google Chrome extensions. It blocks nearly every ad on the internet for a clutter-free internet experience. This is great because ads can really distract you when you're trying to work. It's amazing to go through the whole internet with nary an ad to be found!

11. The Great Suspender: In Google Chrome, each tab is a separate process on the computer and they can use up computer resources even when you're not using them. The Great Suspender automatically suspends tabs that you're not using, making the browser significantly faster.

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