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As soon as the numbers for “previous cumulative payout” came up as 111 I knew I had to do something special. Something commemorating all of the Devtome adventures to date. Something with some unique color splashed over it. Something about numerology too because: 111.

First a review of all Caprigonian work up to 111 will take place. After that, some of the Devtome articles read by the author between 0 and 111 will be reviewed as well. There will be bunch of nonsense regarding feelings and sentimentality which should be skipped and then the article will conclude with a little bit on the numerology of 111.

0 to 111 Synopses with Introductions and After-Action Reviews

Thusly, a summary of articles up to this point may in in order; a catalog of available Caprigon reading experiences. No longer will articles up to 111 have only titles for readers to judge whether they might be interesting or not. Assuming 111, for numerological reasons, happens to get anyone’s attention who may be seriously browsing for reading material, a handy guide will allow for a more savory word shopping experience….


When alphabetizing, numbers come before letters. Why is it not the other way around? How was this decision made? Is there some sort of logic inherent to it I have yet to fathom? Maybe it is a conspiracy running deeper than a subterranean river.

2013 Cracked Article About Alex Jones – A Critique

For decades, Cracked has been gloriously irreverent and not to be taken seriously. However, when I came across this article I could not resist discussing the pros and cons of this work. Most of it seemed not the least bit funny but I conceded on one amusing roast approach. My opinion: a worth reading article review.


This is the letter “A.” It is not the title of a Caprigon article but it should be! The letter is significant in ways one may never fully understand. It is humbling to think of the majesty that is the letter A; almost as humbling to think of what the combined power bills of all the Bitcoin miners in the world would look like.

Alex jones Bashes Flavor Flav Shortly After Having Professor Griff On Show

Having the first article beginning with “A” be an article about a few passing Alex Jones remarks could possibly indicate a lack of what one could call a life on the part of the author; it is true. However, because this article explores an aspect of the Alex Jones show typically not seen it may be worth a scan-through. Why did Alex Jones say negative things about Public Enemy color Flavor Flav after MC Professor Griff had recently been on the program?

Anger Love – A Poem

This is a terrible poem whose meter is based loosely on a Rammstein song. My poetry is aweful. Never read it. There are unconfirmed reports of human beings losing their lives after hearing my poetry recited out-loud. This poem is certainly among the worst so most dangerous.

Anti-war Activism on Social Media – Afghan Regret – AVTM

Perhaps one has to be stoned on the strongest and most brain-warping government-bred GMO cannabis in order to fully appreciate Adam Kokesh. Perhaps this is why I have not, as of yet, covered is work much. Though flawed with his own weaknesses as anyone, Adam Kokesh has a thought process about the world which seems sensible in many ways. In this article, I cover an episode of Adam Vs. The Man. In the episode, Adam Kokesh reads correspondence from another war veteran illustrating the horrors ofcombat. Anti-war activism is at the core of Kokesh’s professional thrust and is emotionally wrenching for those of us who have been known to have a few feelings. Definitely worth checking out… even if one has not consumed mood altering substances recently.

Awesome Essay Strategies 1 – Cohesion

This article is cute because it is titled in such a way that one should expect more volumes. I have yet to begin work on any sequels. I do not know for sure there ever will be any. To be honest, I do not know what I am doing exactly, so an article of this nature may seem dubious. However, it must be known that nobody ever really knows what they are doing. We are all just faking and doing the best we can. This article should prove entertaining and may even be useful if only in some small way.

Caprigon’s Favorite Devtome Writers So Far – May 2014

This article is what it claims to be but, in truth, there are not many authors reviewed in the article because I cannot even seem to make the time to do the dishes let alone read much. That having been said, titles by my favorite Devtome writers have been known to get my attention. All Devtome members discussed have a great deal to offer by my estimation.

Chemtrails – A Rant – June 2014

If it seems crazy that may be because it is. Unfortunately, there really does seem to be something to this. As wild as it sounds, there is a real concern here. Geoengineering conspiracies are a helpful reminder that, just because you are paranoid, does not mean they are not out to get you.

Clutter on Life’s Beach – A Poem

As I recall, this one is pretty good. Cannot say for sure because I do not read my own poetry; I would like to stay sane or at least continue to nurture the delusion that I am. Some clutter on life’s beach cannot be cleared away.

Devtome – When Speed is What You Need

The premise of this is rather disgraceful and, as far as I know, review scores may affect pay out; this should be kept in mind. Good advice can be found here even if my technical expertise may be found wanting at times. Speed of composition can be a liberating experience.

Devcoin Will Prevail – Believe It

And so it shall! Devcoin will do well long-term because I say it will because I believe that, with so many writers, there may be a propaganda (marketing) generation system built right into the Devtome wiki that has yet to be fully realized. That Devcoin will prevail is not certain but I am telling to believe it because believing it is fun.

Devcrunch Time – June 2014

This may be an attempt, by me, to be funny when in a hurry because of procrastination issues. Sometimes, perhaps, humor cannot be rushed. It may also be, perhaps, that I have not got any humor to be rushed. Tips in this article may not completely suck.

Down Syndrome and Eugenics

Some articles are actually useful. Sometimes useful articles are inspired by other useful articles but are still worthwhile to read in their own right because I am Caprigon and I say so. Do not forget to tip me. I am worth it.

Email Helping Friends Get Started

Have you ever wanted a handy email template to use to help your friend get started writing for Devtome? If so then this article may be for you. It is somewhat irreverent so please read it before you send it to someone. Keep in mind that these open source works can be copied and edited for use by anyone.

Eugenics – A Thought Experiment

From the title, one may judge that this could be an interesting article. It is an interesting article but that is about it. It was written as a thought experiment for facebook so has very little merit other than illustrating the illogic of humans believing theyunderstand the consequences of selectively breeding humans due to the unpredictable organic nature of carbon-based life.

Fight the Power with Permaculture

With luck, this article will inspire some to research further into the topic of permaculture. The mind-set behind permaculture could be exactly what we need to weather the storm of civilizations decline; maybe it will even soften the landing. Links have been provided to get the reader started researching other material on the subject.

Financial Tyranny in the Bible

This is an edited version of an email I had originally composed for a family member. It was not well received. In this form and on this platform perhaps it will be less intensely disliked. What is illustrated by this work is that the financial games played to control the masses are not new but have only changed form over the thousands of years since the book of Genesis was first penned. Mythology is often based on some truth.

Free Spirit as a Euphemism - One Man’s Perspective – May 2014

There is nothing like a disturbed and bitter little man who has recently gone through a break-up to lift one’s spirits. As you read this article, and you will, you can feel better about yourself realizing how much bitterness is written between the lines. Taste my savory tears of despair as I feast on sour grapes.

Greater Good Vs. Personal Liberty – April 2014

This has been called a good article. It may have some writing errors. Reading this may help one get a new perspective on sociology in the context of history. There are also some clues on how to create and maintain a free and open society.

Getting Started With Devtome - Nostalgia - December 2013

I am unsure whether I wrote this, originally for, because I fancied myself an administrator before even becoming a member, or if I was simply quite bored and had nothing else to post. One thing is for certain, though, this article adapted from the post is still useful for interested parties though some of the information is likely out of date.

How To Be Creative When Writing

This article is not the only resource on the web for assisting people to be more creative but it certainly is one of them. Suggestions on how to relax into controlled but creative state can make a conspicuous difference. If these techniques are applied by the reader for their own writing projects, they may become more creative than Caprigon himself… It is unlikely but stranger things have happened.

How to Buy Devcoin – May 2014

I do not know why I do not see more articles of this kind. This material can be used for marketing purposes. It would be advantageous to us, as Devtome writers, to have people buy more devcoin; it is essentially how we get paid for our work. If we can encourage projects that can make it easier and more desirable to adopt DVC, we should probably do that as well.

How to say NO to Vaccines

This article does not get into depth on WHY one may consider not getting vaccines for themselves and their families but rather how to say NO if that is one’s provocative. The strategies discussed may be used in some form to combat other aspects of Nanny State tyranny.

How to Write Really Bad Poetry

This article was never truly completed as the word “foot” is not even mentioned. This was brought to a certain level of completion, done enough to resemble a complete work, and then I walked away from it. The great thing about this article is that, even in its current form, gives the basics on how to write bad poetry… or even good poetry if you are “into” that sort of thing. Remember: even writing bad poetry can get you the ladies!

In Regard to Coping with Heartbreak

Sometimes reaching out to others is the best way one can help one’s own self. This article is no exception. During composition, I felt a brief reprieve from the incredible emotional pain tearing at my very core. Bob Marley is said to have once remarked, “all women will hurt you. The trick is finding one who is worth suffering for.” That is what he said, or something close to it. He may have been onto something.

Interplanetary Cavemen – Annunaki, Pre-flood Civilization, and the Saturnian Cult

This is an introduction to some of the wildest “conspiracy theories” on the web particularly dealing with the origins of man and that of civilization. It is complete with links to assist the reader begin their research into the odd information and speculations which can be found. Warning: some people say aliens had sex with monkeys and that is where we come from. Maybe we are a pig-monkey-alien hybrid. How can we know for sure?

Juice Media Vs Hitler and the 12 Steps to Liberty

Attempting to make sense of the world through rhythm and rhyme, Juice Media is the best thing to come along since sex. In a world of confusion, a like-minded entertainer can be a balm to the soul. Do not take my word for it. Read this article and follow the links. This article also frames our criminal complicity to tyranny as an addiction which can be battled using similar methods as those employed by other sorts of addicts. Enjoy!

Ken Ham Vs. Bill Nye Vs. Kab Balah

This is a very lengthy review with satire composed of several parts. It may have some gems of brilliance laying around in it but it would be folly to go into it expecting the overall work to make sense. In my own defense, writing this incredibly large article made me temporarily insane.

Letter to Sulu

It may seem sad holding onto the hope that an amusing celebrity with less than traditional values would reconsider endorsing an establishment tyrant but perhaps it might be sadder if attempts to solicit their aid were not made at all. Unfortunately, celebrities are regarded almost as gods so people will often listen to what they have to say even if they are not experts on geo-politics. Is it wrong to try to get some to become experts on geo-politics.

Money for Trekkies

Star Trek is wonderful. Little else needs be said except that this series of articles attempts to tie the cryptocurrency phenomenon to the vision of Gene Rodenberry. These are worth reading because they make Star Trek references and anything that makes references to Star Trek is automatically worth reading by proxy.

Mystery of the "Why Organic Without Local Is Problematic" Article

If found a great article but I think the member may have made a mistake in the way it was published. I certainly could not figure out how to track down who wrote it. I do not know how serious the mistake is but that did not stop me from pretending to be an expert on the topic and writing about it anyway.

Mystic Brain Flatulence -- Fear and Shadow

I say the damndest things on the internet sometimes. Perhaps uttering incomprehensible mystical jargon is my way of trying to own my own shadow or perhaps, who knows? There may be wisdom in these words.

Mystic Brain Flatulence -- Fear and Shadow

Yes. I have said too much. Take from this what you will. Take it as seriously as you will. Another option would be to ignore the article because it is silly. Maybe it should be read because it is silly

Mystic Brain Flatulence – Service to Others as Service to Self

I am obviously an expert on everything but if following my advice causes harm to come to you or your loved ones it is your fault not my own. If this happens you are misinterpreting my words. When in doubt, assume sarcasm.

Naomi Wolf – Renegade Journalist

This is a rather irreverent but positive take on champion of tyranny exposure Naomi Wolf. The word vagina is mentioned several times but patterns of societal enslavement are also discussed. If you did not like Wolf before, you may after reading this article but you may get sick of reading the word “vagina.”

Not My Friend – A Poem

Poetry does not get worse than when written by a groggy half-baked essayist with a headache. Laugh with this poem or laugh at it; it makes no difference. Someone out there that feels the same way about morning sometimes will be delighted to read this garbage.

Ow! – A Poem

It is pathetic; it really is. If you are pathetic, or you are feeling pathetic, read this. Misery loves company and you are surely every bit as miserable as this crappy poem. Is there any other kind?

Pregnancy – Is Amniocentesis Worth the Risks

An invasive and often unnecessary procedure is looked at. It is found that it often carries with it risks that are not worth the supposed benefits. This is recommended reading for anyone having baby. It may just save your babies’ life.

Self Promotion Example

This is a terrible way to self-promote. Use social networking sites, for sure, but do not do it this way. I, quite proudly, admit that I am an ass. Promote yourself, promote your favorite writers, promote Devtome, and, for heaven’s sakes, please promote devcoin; I like to get paid for making you giggle.

Or maybe they are not. The information in this article is somewhat dated but it is unlikely that histories least popular legislating body has become appreciated since the article was written. It is unlikely because it is the same people doing the same corrupt things. Little has changed so feelings about Congress amongst the masses have likely not changed much either; certainly not for the better.

The War On You -- March 2014

Sometimes people just need “a fire lit under their ass.” Nothing lights the fire like ranting about the most hideous plans being carried out by a cold and diabolical ruling class. If you are not angry at what is going on in the world, it could be that you have not been paying attention.

Thought Criminals – A Facebook Page

There is a Facebook page called Thought Criminals. I happen to have control over it. It needs work, though. Help me to make the Facebook page worthy of its name; it has a fantastic name.

Why Benefits/Assistance Programs Cannot Work – What Just Might – June 2014

The title is a bit misleading as this article focuses specifically of the aspect of such programs which involve training people to better compete against one another in the job market. Sadly, the perceptions in this article are not unique because of the truth they are based around. Read it because you see it to or read it because you have no idea and really need to know.

Why Wont Doge Die

This is an article about the cryptocurrency phenomenon known as dogecoin. Since the article was written, dogecoin has suffered severe price drops but continues to receive quite a bit of publicity compared to other “altcoins.” The history of the meme itself is reviewed and speculations about the future of the coin are included.

Advice for Friends of Parents with a Down Syndrome Child – Collated

To date, this is the first article I have written of its kind. Because it is very different from the rest of the articles it is being mentioned here instead of the beginning of the article. It is based on one article, paraphrased heavily, and reordered in a logical manner.

Favorite Bomac Articles

Bomac, an avid Alex Jones listener with a mixed liberal and conservative background, pushes the liberty envelope on a regular basis. Though he often covers material already addressed by Infowars, he always adds his own perspective to great effect. I find myself reading bomac articles often so I bellow are all of them up to date are listed and briefly reviewed.

Do Pro Choicers Believe That Abortion Is Okay Any Minute Before Childbirth

Bomac likes to suggest a soft approach to pro-life activism where a genuine effort is given to “reach across the aisle,” so to speak. This article, which I just got done reading, continues this agenda. Bomac points out that there is a lot of “extremism” on the issue of abortion. In this article he focuses on pro-life extremism. He expands on this by going into some detail about the true nature of the founding of Planned Parenthood.

Internet Myths Vs The Reality Of TV Network News And Snopes And Wikipedia

In this article Bomac addresses the issue of letting media sources define one’s reality. He talks about the bias-based paradigmatic view that if a certain information source, like Snopes for example, says something then it must be true. He also provides suggestions on how to overcome this tendency by using multiple sources, including those outside the “main stream,” by using multiple sources while employing critical thinking skills.

Globalist Puppet Obama Attacks US By Forcing Border Control To Stand Down

This somewhat jaded article, which begins with a poop analogy, explains the dictatorial nature of the Obama regime. If this sounds like Republican rhetoric, one must understand that Bomac is a liberal by disposition. He doesn’t describe the administration as dictatorial because he favors the Republican party; he describes it that way because that’s what it is and becoming increasingly more so. If this sounds wild the article should be read. There are several other important sub-topics covered by the essay even though the title gives little indication of this.

Does The Amazing Randi Possess And Display Extremely Powerful Psychic Abilities

This incredibly ambitious article defines, explains, and explores all sorts of phenomenon usually referred to as “supernatural.” Bomac displays discernment not fully buying into debunker claims while acknowledging that paranormal researchers do display a willingness to be fooled. Speculating that the Amazing Randi has a psychic ability to block other’s mental powers seems stretching things a bit but it proves to be a delightful decoration on a delicious literary cake.

The Only Exercise You Need To Do

Bomac glorifies the mini-trampoline with this article. Benefits of rebounding are disseminated.

The Utter Inappropriateness In Undue Emotional Or Time Investment In Spectator Sporting Events

I find some of my own thoughts echoed in this piece. Sports can be a lot of fun but the obsession surrounding them can be ridiculous and nonsensical. The premise of this article is to demonstrate that there are in fact much more important things to invest one’s time and energy into.

Is There A Viable Alternative To Defensive Architecture Against The Homeless

When I first laid eyes on the title, I couldn’t help but think, “is there a substitute for rape, murder, and fraud?” Bomac addresses concerns regarding the treatment of the homeless. There is important information to be found in this hard-hitting work.

The Boston Marathon Bombing Was As Phony As A Three Dollar Federal Reserve Note

Even though we would all probably like to take the reports of this event at face value, many aspects of the tragedy don’t seem to “add up.” Bomac takes on this sensitive topic by looking at the parts that bomac finds suspicious. The subject is framed within the greater context of present-day police-state tyranny.

Conspiracy Theorists Suggest Foul Play In 2014 NBA Finals AC Fiasco

In this article the author demonstrates he does have an interest in sports if not an obsession as he has ridiculed in a previously mentioned title. The intent of this article seems to be to alert the basketball fan to the conspiratorial nature of some humans. Decent read.

It's Increasingly Looking Like The Snowden Drama Might Be A Limited Hangout PsyOp

Bomac tackles the possibility there may be a sinister undercurrent to the Edward Snowden document releases. Though Snowden has been taken as a genuine liberty-loving concerned whistle blower, there are those who have speculated there is a larger context to this which may be less than nobel. The angle the author takes is theorizing that there may be a sort of long-con by the establishment he calls a “limited hangout psyop.”

Should The United States Execute Death Row Inmates Via Televised Decapitations

Clearly unafraid of controversy, bomac looks at current day public execution. The supposed benefit of creating an environment that deters the behaviors which led to the conviction is talked about. Whatever your opinions on this topic, it is a fascinating read.

When Will Israel Stop Torturing And Killing Palestinian Children

The efficacy of the propaganda casting the state of Israel as a victim is incredible. Here bomac tackles the reality of the situation. The author graciously warns us that the article changes from a serious to a more satirical delivery.

How To Make Grocery Money To Feed Your Entire Family While Learning To Speak A New Language

The suggestion made here seems like a Great Depression strategy. For that very reason, it may be worth checking out.

Four Solid Reasons You Should Be Playing Backgammon

The subject of this article, backgammon, has to do with that side of the board that sometimes comes with combination checkers/backgammon game sets that looks odd and you’re not sure what to do with it. We are encouraged to try it out, presumably so bomac has someone to play with for a change (j/k).

A Mind Boggling Five Dollar Online Psychic Reading

The author shares with us his own personal experience with an online service that changed his life. This raw disclosure proves quite compelling.

It's Always Interesting When Former Atheists Change Their Minds

Atheists, very much unlike most Agnostics, can be remarkably activist about their beliefs. In fact, the only thing an Atheist seems to like more than bashing people who don’t agree with their point of view is their insistence that they don’t have a belief system despite the assumptions they make in framing their world-view. Sometimes, however, an Atheist, or former Atheist, adopts a different way of looking at things. This article broaches the topic with some depth.

Why Are Government Officials Bad Mouthing Veterans

The title of this article doesn’t seem adequately sensational. There is a lot more than bad-mouthing going on as the body of this work indicates. If you are reading this wondering what I’m alluding to, this article may be a good start to your adventure in truth-seeking.

The Importance Of Oxygenating Your Cells

Neither riches, virtue, or even love matters unless you have your health. Bomac recommends we take steps to enhance our health by making sure our cells are well infused with oxygen. Helpful suggestions are to be found here.

I Heard You Want To Make Money Online

We’ve all heard of how so and so found a way to make money online. We all know that there are plenty of scams out there but that many people have found a way to profit from online activity. Common “pitfalls” are discussed, some potential opportunies are revealed, and a general strategy is recommended in this article.

Medical Doctors Eye Doctors And Dentists Are Some Of The Biggest Pyramid Scammers Ever

Here bomac goes in different directions but still manages to produce a cohesive piece. As the title suggests, the medical industry’s place within the greater context of tyrannical power and control is explored. There is even a little something for secret society conspiracy theory buffs to chew on.

Correct Your Eyesight With Pinhole Glasses

I vaguely remember hearing about these things prior but the information didn’t stick until I read this article. I found out that I can buy a pair of these for twenty dollars from Mike Adam’s Natural News online store. The kind of prescription glasses I want start at about five hundred dollars altogether. I concede that this is something worth trying.

The Natural Superiority Of Homeopathy And The Conspiracy Against You Finding Out

With several links in lieu of text-book style citations (because that’s what we do here because it’s quicker and more direct), this is an excellent resource for those open to information and ways of thinking they have yet to experience. For those already in agreement with the line of thinking involved here this can provide additional external validation.

Can Pro Life And Pro Choice Individuals Or Tribes Ever Find Any Common Ground

Another, presumably earlier (because it’s lower on the non-alphabetized list) article attempting to insight pro-life and pro-choice groups to find common ground. Obviously this is an admirable and adult approach to the issue but I can’t help but think it might be more entertaining to inspire both sides to indulge in fist fights and mud wrestling.

The Supplement That Has Me Looking And Feeling Younger In Two Weeks

An amusing endorsement of a little known nutritional supplement is worth reading regardless of whether you are interested in trying the extract.

Never Be Sick Again Book Review

Bomac reviews a book that suggest that, perhaps, toxic chemical cocktails aren’t the best way to promote good health and longevity. Much information like that found in the book is disseminated. Pharmaceuticals are cast in the appropriate light.

The Easing Of Total Gun Ban In Mexico Confirms That More Guns Equals Less Crime

Never is the absurd fraud of an illegitimate government as naked as when drug cartels have all but completely compromised the illusion of authority the State attempts to maintain. My understanding is that the “ease” on the gun-ban was made after the civilians refused to comply anyway. It’s kinda like telling someone, “Leave right now!” but they refuse so instead you say, “Stay right there. That’s an order.” It’s comical to realize just how powerless and ineffectual supposed authorities really are where the rubber meets the road.

In this article bomac explains the two main reasons for the lawlessness currently being experienced in Mexico. The author also places the greater context of organized criminal conspiracies to control and suppress. The historical reality that tyrants demonstrate a need to disarm their victims is illustrated.

Introduction To Cryptocurrencies Vs Fiat Money Plus A Warning About Being Stupid

This valuable article is a must-read for anyone thinking about getting into cryptocurrency for the first time. Send a link to this to your friends so you don’t have to waste time explaining the pitfalls to them yourself! My thoughts on this topic include the attitude that learning about cryptocurrency is easier for an adult than it is for children to learn about fiat currency. Fiat currency denominations and whatnot might seem intuitive now but if you have children or can remember your own childhood clearly, you may realize that this “intuitive” understanding of how to use fiat developed over time until it became “second nature.”

Wow! Any Blogger Calling Lorde A Racist Is Just Plain Whacked

Somehow, with a title including the word “wacked,” I just can’t seem to bring myself to read this one.

Why Are The Police Killing So Many Homeless People In The United States

There is a systemic problem of police violence nation-wide. This article explores the topic with acumen. If the formatting of the work seems awkward, that’s because I added the formatting to bomac’s work after the fact. I felt it would be more pleasing to the eye. I was right. Fortunately, bomacs most recent work includes additional formatting unlike these older essays. It was well written before; now it looks pretty too!

Will The NBA Clean Up Its Act Now That Commissioner Stern Has Retired

Sadly, I must admit that, as much as I like Basketball itself, the politics and business aspect of it tends to lull me to sleep. However, this article does cover a popular topic injecting a fresh and non-establishment take on the issue. My opinion is that Stern suffered a PR disaster which he is going to have to take the flak for so that the NBA can continue its corrupt practices… like existing. (lol)

Is Cliven Bundy Really A Racist Deadbeat Domestic Terrorist

We’ve all seen the corporate owned media treatment of the situation, directly or indirectly. What about the reality of the situation. Bomac looks at facts and provides a different perspective than that provided by establishment media outlets.

Here’s Why This Longtime Liberal Totally Flipped On Gun Control

In this article, the author tells us how he felt out of place within his own family because their conservative Republican mind-set puzzled him. He found that he seemed more open to liberal ways of thinking. It is not overly surprising these things happen in light of new studies that indicate that certain people relate more to one way of viewing the world or the other based on biological factors so could be expected to “pop up” within families where the majority of members have the opposite emotional tendencies.

Bomac found himself gravitating toward establishment liberal ideas in the absence of true liberal influences. This is all too common and describes the author of this review as well. Eventually bomac found alternative sources of information, such as Inforwars, which started him down the path of liberty promoting truth seeking ambitions.

The article focuses primarily on the author’s transition from being essentially pro-gun control to being pro-gun rights oriented.

Tennessee Cop Chokes Out Peaceful Student In Handcuffs

Sometimes it is great entertainment to read about the absurd things people will do when they find themselves in a position of authority and responsibility that they clearly cannot handle appropriately. It’s horrifying but also quite amusing. Brief article; light read.

Donald Sterling Proves That Racism Isn't Logical

The controversy took the nation by storm. This article focuses on the irrationality of racism in the context of the Sterling debacle. A phrase in the article “keeping it real” made me cringe. Doesn’t bomac understand that only I am allowed to shamelessly throw around gutter-slang and pop culture colloquialisms?

Conspiracists Vs True Believers - What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

Like George Carlin noticed, and promptly exploited for profit, we are a people who have owners even as we don’t realize we are being owned. He let us know that we were being intentionally dumbed down as critical thinking skills are discouraged by the establishment at the behest of those in the “Big Club” that you’re not in. This article confronts the underlying issues by trying to get across basic concepts of human thought in the context of grand conspiracies which, though to wild to be believed, actually exist.

Ever the peace-maker, bomac attempts to find common ground.

Why Do So Many People Believe In Conspiracy Theories

Oh, I dunno, maybe because so many of them turn out to be real? For anyone wrestling to understand the mind-set behind the growing number of “conspiracists,” this can be an immensely beneficial read. The article includes thirty-six links to outside sources, youtube videos, and the like so it can provide hours of enlightening entertainment particularly for the interested but “uninitiated,” so to speak.

Is It Really A Travesty For Able-Bodied Actors To Play Roles Of Disabled Characters

Challenging the philosophy behind attempting to pressure the film industry to provide preferential treatment toward disabled actors, this article provides “food for thought” when we are tired of thinking about the mass-death and torture planned for us by a delusional and out-of-touch ruling class. Still an important topic because it invokes thought but much less disturbing that some more globally impacting concerns.

Evil Agenda 21 United Nations Directive Forcing Citizens Off Land Is Behind The Feds Disgusting Cattle Land Grab Attempt In Nevada

As sensational as the word “evil” may seem, it is an apt term once the harsh reality of tyranny is fully understood. Here bomac discusses Agenda 21 in the context of the Cliven Bundy ranch stand-off. This is not a perspective you will likely get watching BSMSM.1)

This Alternative Medical Technique Could Lead To Massive Transformation In The World Of Medicine

Within what could be thought of as the “truth seeking” community, one reoccurring themes is that of “emancipation” from establishment medicine. This article covers a new diagnostic technology which, though integral with “traditional” medicine, can limit exposure to potentially dangerous tests and treatments. The article concludes with a charming Charlie Brown analogy; no fair skipping to the end!

Decriminalizing Drugs Does Way Too Many Good Things To Fit Into An Article Title

Not just a clever title, this work provides information on the benefits of ending prohibition of drugs.

Get Ready For Surprise Raids On Your Home By SWAT Style Code Enforcement Officers

Yes, the western world really is getting this bizarre. Sometimes tyranny starts in your local community or even your HOA. The greater metropolitan area of New York City is increasingly becoming a place to avoid for any liberty and freedom loving American. A town on Long Island demonstrates this reality handily.

Why Would A SWAT Cop Savagely Knock Down A Petite Female Student Minding Her Own Business

Have you ever seen someone act-out in a way that stuns you and leaves you wondering, “why the heck did he do that?” Bomac attempts to explain one such event in this article. If you are struggling for an answer to this question as well, the article may help you find answers.

Why Don't Fundamentalist Christians Believe In Executing Homosexuals Like The Bible Calls For

Pointing out absurdities of some beliefs supposedly based on the Bible, some might find this quite controversial. The thought process of the article is well developed. However, it might be important to note that there is one slightly inaccurate statement early in the piece; the Bible never once condemns woman on woman sexual activity. It doesn’t condone such behavior either; it is simply not mentioned in the New Testament or Old. Aside from that last point, the article does effectively back up most of its claims with direct Bible quotes with links.

Alex Jones Predicted 911 Is Concerned About A Nuclear False Flag Operation In The US

One strategy truth-seekers and liberty-lovers employ in the effort to prevent massive false-flag events is to predict them before they happen. This works well because, if the conspirators go through with the plan anyway, it lends additional credibility to those making the prediction. Oftentimes though, exposure before the fact will instigate a stand-down preventing the attack. Either way, the person or organization reporting a false-flag event will achieve a victory.

In this article, bomac tells us about Alex Jones’ concerns about a possible nuclear false-flag attach, reminding us that Alex Jones predicted a plot to attack the World Trade Center beforehand. The Bohemian Grove, which Jones is well-known to have infiltrated, is briefly illustrated. Bohemian Grove is worthy of a lengthy article all on of its own.

Why Do So Many Otherwise Intelligent People Shut Down Their Brains When It Comes To 911

An in-depth exploration of the psychology of 9/11 denial, this article seems to cover all of the essential bases (as if this were a game of baseball) that need to be covered when attempting to clearly impress upon someone, not only the facts of the specific even which disprove the official conspiracy theory, but also the mental and emotional content involved in dismissing evidence in favor of a comfortable paradigmatic world-view. Was that sentence long enough? If not I can go back and try again :-D

School Safety Investigator Ex Cop Threatened With Arrest For Seeking Answers To Sandy Hook Mysteries

These earlier articles sometimes seem, on the face of them, to be redundant repetition of coverage already provided by Infowars. However, when one takes the time to read them, it becomes amply clear that the author always has valuable perspective to add to the discussion. Even if you are aquinted with the topic, in this case an investigator being persecuted for asking perfectly lawful but uncomfortable questions, it is still worth checking out.

How To Use Orgone Energy To Make Street Lights Turn Off While Protecting Your Health By Decreasing The Effects Of Electronic Smog

In this article, bomac talks about something called orgone which is something naturally produced by the human body which can suppress electrical devices and can be enhanced with the use of orgonite. I admit that I’m quite skeptical of the claims made here but I have experienced some very strange things that would be difficult to believe so I cannot completely discount what is said here.

What’s interesting to me is that apparently this “orgonite” gifting phenomenon is something I’ve never heard of before. I would think that if people were going so far as to air-drop this stuff I would have heard about it. However, I didn’t here about attachment science until shortly after I experienced a catestophic relationship failure so clearly there is vital information floating around that gets lost in the sea of misinformation and petty nonsense. Perhaps this knowledge represents one of those rare gems; I’m uncertain.

Obamacare Its Worse Than You Think

It really is at that. Having worked in the health insurance industry myself, and having read several disturbing parts of this law, I can attest to this fact. The amount of power and control over people’s medical access is incredibly concerning particularly when one becomes aware of the incredible dangers that too much centralized power and control represents.

In this work, bomac lets us know that this isn’t acceptable and something needs to be done about it. He even goes so far as to insist that we need to get behind some pretty conservative liberty organizations even though he tends to view the world with a more liberal lense. This is yet another example of how people can, once exposed to adequate information, realize that the battle has never been between traditionalist and revolutionaries but between the liberty-minded and the control freaks.

Why Not Having Health Insurance Is A Blessing In Disguise 95 Percent Of The Time

There is nothing better than a controversial title to peak one’s interest! I agree with what is said in this article, and it is well written, but that’s only because I’ve already seen the evidence. I would recommend links, citations, and other references be added. I may add them myself when I feel I have the time. Without any supporting evidence the things said here will sound only like so much wild conspiracy theory to the uninitiated.

That having been said, even if you don’t take government conspiracy seriously, this is an entertaining read which could help inspire post-apocalyptic dystopia novels.

Kai Newkirk And 99Rise Make Supreme Court History With Illegal Patriotic Action

This is the sort of title that makes one go, “WAT?” if you will pardon the internet meme reference. When I see a title like this I am tempted to check it out just to clear the cobwebs out of my brain and figure out what it’s all about. In this article the issue of money in politics is addressed behind the backdrop of the actions of an activist group known as 99Rise. You will note here that bomac gives the benefit of the doubt to the 99Risers who seem to be trying to do the right thing. Many Conservatives (particularly neocons) would likely dismiss the group as Democratic Party operatives simply because the name seems to insinuate class-warfare, which it just might. I’m pointing this out in the hopes that one, even just one, person who is currently caught up in the fake left/right paradigm will realize that there are those of us who see through the nonsense on both sides of the isles and would like to splash some cool refreshing truth all over their faces.

How To Manifest Coincidences To Illuminate, Enrich And Change Your Life

I just noticed this article and am going to put aside some time to study this one very carefully. It might seem like so much hooky voodoo nonsense to some but I’ve seen and experienced too much seemingly miraculous things to dismiss this. To change yourself or to change the world, it seems it must be done internally with prayer, meditation, and what some call ritual “magick.” I don’t like the word magic because of the connection with some unfavorable historical elements.

In this article, bomac, uses the magic word “manifestation” which is how things are brought into being, essentially. I am reminded of the book, “The Celestine Prophecy,” where “coincidences” become far too coincidental to just be coincidences. Sometimes one experiences what they call “synchronicity” where people and events seem to all link together in a chain of meaningful occurrences which seem to lead to an important resolution. In the Prophecy synchronicity is likened to living one’s life like a movie.

Reading through the article I’m struck with the complete lack of references to the Celestine Prophecy. It may very well be that the author hasn’t even heard of it. Yet the information which can be gleaned here is very similar and so are the suggestions. Instead the article makes references to Carl Jung, of the called the father of modern society who gave us such notions as the collective subconscious, archetypes, and owning one’s own shadow.

Pigs Spotted Flying As Rachel Maddow Questions Aspects Of Boston Bombing

Here bomac addresses a topic which I find interesting, not because I’m surprised that a corporate-owned media outlet would occasionally cover real news as rare as that may be, but because it never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for the paradigmatic to overlook information which should, in all rights, get them to change their view of certain things. Maddow likes to attack any form of conspiracist thinking when making sense of the world. Here there was an important clue that there was something untoward and probably conspiratorial going on but don’t expect her to all of the sudden start admitting on air that the globalists are trying to depopulate the planet and install a world-wide oppressive government because she might actually be in on it.

How To Stop A Toothache And Naturally Heal Your Teeth

As expensive as good dental care can cost, looking for alternatives only makes sense. The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t work. Nothing ventured nothing gained but with such minimal risk there is no reason not to put on step forward in that direction.

You CAN Handle The Truth

Actually we need you to handle the truth. It can be scary compromising ones paradigmatic view of the world. It’s not comforting to be confronted with the possibility that you are being deceived. This sort of knowledge can be both frightening and liberating but either way it is information that is dangerous to ignore.

The author tackles some of the flawed thinking which pervades paradigmatic world-views that tend to spread like a disease allowing people to maintain their dependencies on a warped perspective of the world around them. He then goes on to discuss exactly what sort of things people are in denial of. Again, links, citations, and references would make this piece more effective. Warning: some of what you read in this article can be emotionally upsetting. Remember anger is only one step up from denial. Don’t stop at anger; go all the way to acceptance so we can all work to make a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Jesus Would Vote Yes On A Gay Marriage Initiative

Nothing if not provocative, we see clearly the liberal lens through which bomac sees the world. If you only read his political conspiracy articles you might have him pegged as an extreme conservative particularly when he calls on us to support the Tea Party who has as part of their platform a shameless anti-gay marriage agenda; he’s not. If you are truly open to new and more accurate information than the garbage that’s regularly doled out to you through the corporate media and friends or friends of friends that are infected with the propaganda, you will find that the establishment brands of conservatism and liberalism are a farce and both used to manipulate the masses into a dumb-down state of being where they can be controlled.

I would like to point out that in the article bomac demonstrates that he does NOT support the notion of government, particularly federal government, forcing churches and states to marry homosexuals. What he is promoting is the abolishment of laws preventing homosexuals to wed. What I think we all need to ask ourselves is why we allow governments and corporations to be involved in our civil unions at all; something to think about while you read this work.

How To Tell If You Are A Partisan Tool

This hard-hitting article explains how divide and conquer strategies are used to keep us fighting amongst each other instead of addressing problems related to massive centralization of power and control. If there is any doubt in your mind whether or not you are being used to fuel this diabolical technique of oppression you might want to check this one out. You have nothing to lose save a brief amount of time in which you will at least be entertained.

The Incredibly Compelling Case For Reincarnation

Complete with a sarcastic non-apology to Atheist disguised as a disclaimer, this article delves into the realm of documented cases which support the belief in reincarnation. Some of us don’t need convincing because we have seen some odd things in our lives but it’s still fun to read about some of these cases. What I’m unclear on is how it works. I submit that nobody I know of actually knows for sure; they just seem sure.

Welcome To The Hoax Called Global Warming

I, for one, get really tired of having to even discuss this. To me this is a great big fat giant red herring distracting us from real issues. Unfortunately, there are those, even in the “alternative” media that keep promoting this while completely ignoring real issues like leaking nuclear reactors and the like. Frankly, it is difficult to get people to realize it’s a fraud because there are so many prominent over-educated figures insisting that carbon dioxide, the stuff plants breathe, is going to eradicate our entire species. Because of this, we have to wonder, exactly how many decades is it going to take before people realize they are being scammed into investing time and energy into a non-issue when there are so many real issues out there that need attention.

This is the first bomac article I ever read and, if I understand how he organizes his articles, probably the first one ever posted to Devtome. It is also has incredible potential for both pro-life and pro-choice groups to find common ground. Specifically, this one encourages pro-life advocates to take a different approach.

Fheenix – Overview of a Writer

This is an author whose work I feel I haven’t read nearly enough of. An effective writer, fheenix covers topics primarily having to do with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. “Alternative” sources of energy and “alternative” lifestyles are also covered. A few articles that caught my eye are listed below but practically every single piece is on my “to read” list.

Alternative Living: Yurts and Kit Homes

This one drew my attention because I have become annoyed with the raw illogic of most home designs. Most home designs are energy inefficient, require excessive maintenance, cost exorbitant amounts of money, don’t provide adequate protection against extreme weather patterns common in a particular area. This article covers a couple alternatives including the yurt and a type of kit house.

The Yurt idea seems to have some merit because it is a practical dwelling which can be easily moved. It can be broken down and put up with relative ease. It seems to me that multiple modified Yurts could provide a practical alternative to families who want a sensible alternative to a traditional western home without sacrificing the space requirements westerners, particularly Americans, have grown accustom.

Though the Yurt does not appear to be particularly resistant to flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes, because it can be put up and taken down fairly quickly and easily this deficiency can be compensated for without too much difficulty provided that there is adequate fore-knowledge of an impending disaster. One of the things I like the most about this concept is how old technology and new technology form a synthesis of the best of both time periods. Tribal ways of living are often much more practical than “modern” ways but integrating newer technology can add advantages not enjoyed by older tribal ways.

Small kit homes are covered by this article and images provide an example. The current housing market in the United States is, when medium income is taken into account, unfavorable financially for the typical American. These sorts of homes can be quickly erected on a property which will prove to be considerably more cost-effective than houses already on the market.

I am reminded of the “Trend Home” by Jacque Fresco which could be constructed from pre-fabricated aluminum components in less than eight hours. However, most kit home designs, including the Trend Home, are not as energy efficient as they should be nor do they take advantage of the particular climate features of a given area. I submit that more clever designs should be considered.

This is a great article with plenty of visuals. The only criticism I have is that some of the paragraphs are too darn long. The truth is, choosing where to end one paragraph and start another can be rather subjective. A paragraph can be thought of as a complete group of related thoughts relevant to one another which will include a transition to another concise group of thoughts.

There are actually plenty of places a paragraph can be broken into smaller paragraphs and often the main thing to keep in mind is visual aesthetics. The appearance of an article determines how inviting it is to read. Paragraphs that are too large can seem intimidating and undesirable to undertake.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is another great example of how old, in this case incredibly ancient, technologies and ways of life can be adopted and integrated to fit this post-post-modern era. Originating in India, this form of medicine belongs to some of the oldest, if not the oldest, civilized cultures on Earth. An overview and advantages are explored in this article.


I had to check this article out because the water fluoridation controversy is a hot topic right now especially since multiple Harvard studies have concluded that the practice tends to result in significantly lower IQs. This article asks the question, “Fluoride added to the water is good for you, isn’t it?”

Fheenix makes the case that it depends on the type of fluoride. We are informed that certain kinds of fluoridation are the result of reactive industrial waste products. The author maintains that naturally occurring forms of fluoride may actually be good for human health. We are also treated to suggestions on how to remove fluoride from tap water to make it safe to drink.

Though rather brief, this may be one of fheenix’s most important works in regard to physical and mental well-being. That having been said, I suspect that, even in natural form, sodium fluoride can be harmful and that calcium fluoride is only helpful as a trace mineral and that excessive quantities of this type of fluoride should also be avoided. These suspicions aren’t a huge departure from the case made by the article but it may be worth consideration.

Generational Economic Change

I was a bit surprised to find this article because it is somewhat of a departure from most of fheenix’s work. The hazards of central power and control are mentioned. This is a very terse illustration of economic cycles and suggestions are made with the intent of helping people make decisions that can help them build wealth in this current economic environment. This is a brief article so I would recommend anyone reading this take a few minutes to check it out. It might just give you ideas which can change your future for the better.


I read this a while back and found it to be an insightful read. Unlike some who may promote or demonize globalization, fheenix chooses to take a somewhat more neutral approach citing both positive and negative aspects. The term globalization itself is defined, an history is provided, and realities of globalization are shown.

It seems to me that globalization is neither good nor bad. What could make the difference is the degree of centralized power and control. Global society is all about interconnectedness and does not necessarily entail world-wide centralized power and control. It’s up to us to determine what the future of globalism will look like.

This is definitely a worth-while read.

Holistic Living

This one could also be titled, “How to not hate yourself, hate your life, and die prematurely from a stress related illness” but that would be a bit too long to be aesthetically appealing. We are given suggestions on how to live a lifestyle which will tend to promote happiness, health, and general well-being.

The term holistic has to do with taking a “big picture” and multifaceted approach to health and well-being. This is somewhat of a departure from deconstructionist ways of thinking but can incorporate knowledge attained through deconstructionism as well as ancient knowledge proven to be meritorious over hundreds and even thousands of years. Any article that promotes this line of thought is worth checking out in my opinion.

Other Fheenix Articles

Definitely one of my favorite contributors, fheenix has compiled a pretty impressive body of work on Devtome. Looking through the list I’m finding there quite a few politically oriented articles so problems are exposed. For every problem mentioned the author seems to put forth a dozen solutions. To his merit, the solutions put forth emphasize managing anxiety, fear, disease, and stress which is key to overcoming problems.


This author puts forth excellent articles about cryptocurrencies and the like but also features controversial topics like that of ritual magic. Political topics are covered as well, not to mention articles about writing for Devtome, but perhaps the most significant coverage has to do with permaculture and open-source both subjects which may be invaluable as we move forward as a species on this giant rock we call planet Earth.

Qabalah for the 'Spiritual but not Religious'

Though I was a bit put-off by some of Profits work related to Aliester Crowley, who in turn is associate with the Church of Satan through his association to Anton Levey, when I saw this title I had to check it out. Being a fan of Kabbalah (there are at least three ways of spelling it in English) myself, this is not an article I could overlook. As the article mentions, there are many in this day and age who identify as spiritual though they do not subscribe to any organized religion because of the political nature of such institutions.

Profit suggests that Qabalah, spelled with a “Q,” is the hermetic interpretation of Kabbalah. If you find yourself reading about this for the first time, you have stumbled across a topic so expansive that even those who have devoted their whole lives to the subject to will never know everything there is to know about it and all of its different aspects and forms. The good news is that, at its core, Kabbalah is actually quite simple an straight-forward so don’t get discouraged.

I found this to be an interesting take on Kabbalah. I personally prefer the spelling with a “K” so I tend to miss information listed under the alternative spellings beginning with a “C” or a “Q.” I’m getting the impression that the “Q” stuff might be some of the weirder stuff.

Open Source Ecology

I’ve discussed this article before and linked to it in one of my own articles. In my opinion, the topic covered here is of utmost significance because it hints that open-source has ground-shaking potential yet to be realized. This concept could go a long way in developing self-sustaining inter-dependent communities not dependent on excessive centralization of power and control.

All about the Open Source Ecology (OSE) project, this article is a must read.


I’m bringing this up because it is a fun, fascinating, and effective form of permaculture threatening to take the world by storm. All about creating artificial ecosystems who take advantage of naturally occurring systems, aquaponics, along with other forms of permaculture, is a sensible approach which needs be promoted in this a non-sensible world. These projects can be fun and rewarding for the entire family and, once established, are actually easier to maintain that traditional gardens allowing seniors to continue gardening into their venerable years.

Overview of the Profitofthegods Body of Work

If you would like information on cryptocurrencies, Profit’s userpage can be a great resource. Even more valuable is the work pertaining to open-source, philosophy and metaphysics. Profit also provides us valuable tips helpful when writing for Devtome. Nothing if not controversial, information about “ritual magick” is available as well.


During the time between 0 and 111, I had not taken the time to expand my list of favorite authors beyond the two I’ve mentioned but occasionally an article from other writers grabs my attention enough to get me to click over and check it out. The following poem is one such instance. This one made a significant impression on me.

One Coin, Two Coin, Bitcoin, Devcoin

We can all write articles, stories, and poetry which are clever and have inspired elements but there is a huge separation from that and a truly inspired work. I certainly hope that my work contains its share of little “gems” but I don’t think I’ve yet to bring anything to the table quite as entertaining as this poem. Clever and entertaining, this Dr. Suess/Cryptocurrency inspired piece delights but encapsulating the cryptocurrency experience in a way that will touch a nerve with crypto enthusiasts and tickle it.

This is a poem even for those who don’t like poetry. If you don’t take the time to read this, you may be missing out on quite a treat. The apology offered to the late Dr. Seuss at the beginning of the piece hardly seems necessary.

No Time Like the Present

Naturally, it is usually imperative that we try to live in the moment to experience the now because that is all we really have when it comes down to it. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will never be because when it comes it will be today. However, sometimes it is necessary to review where you’ve been so you can know where you are heading.

Looking back on my time spent contributing to Devtome these past several months; I am struck with the incredible changes which have rocked the foundation of my existence behind the scenes. Because I sometimes write from personal experience, revealing little tid-bits of my life, a few clues might have leaked out but essentially nobody reading my work has any real notion of what was going on underneath the electric veneer that is Devtome.

It has been an interesting adventure so far. There have been at least two devcoin bubbles since I began and varying degrees of competition and collaboration. I’ve seen Devtome grow in my short time here and I’ve seen the criteria for membership require longer and longer samples of work. I’ve also seen an increase in the number of administrators handling new membership requests.

Yes, the time I’ve spent here at Devtome so far has allowed me to witness an ongoing ever changing evolution. Where this is all heading, we can only attempt to steer but can ultimately never know. There is hope and cynicism to be found but mostly there is wonder. What is to come we won’t know until it’s here.

Numerology of 111

Call it witchcraft or call it mathematics; it makes little difference. One need not attribute occult powers to numbers for them to embody indivisible and unchangeable geometric laws underlying the nature of the universe itself. Though many preoccupy themselves with 11:11, 111 is no less significant. Here’s why:

Any time you take a number consisting of a series of 1s and multiply it by itself a curious thing happens. Go ahead and multiply 11 by 11. What do you get? 121, that’s right! Now try multiplying 111 by 111. You probably got 12321 unless your calculator is broken. Let’s try it with the ever popular “Illuminati” 11:11 or 1111. If you’ve already identified the pattern you didn’t need a calculator this time. Naturally, and the use of the word natural isn’t arbitrary, we get the number 1234321.

This is 2D geometry. Go ahead and map it out on a graph paper. Color in a number of boxes per column representing the numbers in sequence across the row. If you just did that then you’re currently looking at a triangle which is, of course, the profile of a pyramid.

Now if you would like to attribute some mystical spiritual mumbo jumbo to this number 111, we will look at this excerpt from a numerology website 2) I found about just 10 minutes ago:

111 – A sign that what you are considering represents a new phase or cycle in your life. The change/intention you are considering is in alignment with your highest path and purpose. Assert your will.

It seems convenient, doesn’t it, that this number represents something very much like what was intended by this article but here’s the thing: I actually had no idea this meaning was attributed to 111 prior to beginning the article. I didn’t even know 20 minutes ago; I just happened to see the number listed on the Devtome countdown clock by blisteringdevelopers and just happened to notice someone else had written a retrospective and I knew about the pyramid generating nature of sequences of 111s so I knew it must have some numerological value but was unaware of what specifically.

If this doesn’t fascinate you, you may have yet to go down the rabbit hole. Until you venture down the hole you will have no idea how far down it goes. When you do you may conclude that there is no bottom but only a question of just how deep you want to explore.


Bull [Excrement] Main Stream Media

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