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 += Ten Unknown Myths about Insurance Policies =
 +Insurance policies play a very important role in our daily lives. As potential owners of several homes, cars and valuables, patrons must encompass of efficient insurance policies that would promise them a better tomorrow.
 +Rich or poor, insurance policies are framed to help individuals. Conversely, the sensational topic is governed by several myths! These myths will definitely support you with an amazing insurance-experience!
 +== Myth 1 – What are the risks involved in Insurance Policies? ==
 +Insurance policies are special schemes framed to help individuals during catastrophic disasters. Most insurance policies, work in accordance with a thumb rule: People are ought to pay insurance premiums if they wish to save themselves from huge losses. Conversely, patrons who decide on huge coverage plans will be expected to pay a bigger premium. Sometimes, the act of paying a very big premium is considered as a massive risk. 
 +== Myth 2 – True facts about Life Insurance Policies == 
 +Secondly, patrons regarded “Life insurance” polices as a scheme for life! Generally, life insurance schemes are designed to protect the dependants of a caretaker. If the bread winner of a family falls sick or dies, the life insurance policy will give a hand of support to his/her family. Individuals without any dependants will not require a superfluous life insurance plan. However, you should remember that the “Life insurance” policy is a must have for all family members!
 +== Myth 3 – Being easy on your Child Care expenditure ==
 +In today’s growing era, parents are expected to spend several thousand dollars on child care. Apart from education, bread winners are expected to focus on housekeeping,​ home accounts, transportation and food! The foremost list will be exceptionally endless in families with new born babies! This is when a perfect insurance plan, which en covers over the household budget becomes essential. The demand for insurance policies that take care of basic household amenities is increasing every day. Conversely, the life insurance policy is an essential coverage scheme that takes care of household expenses, even during the absence of the family’s key earner!
 +== Myth 4 – What does the term life insurance represent? ==
 +Moving on, many people invest on term life insurance policies. These are special plans that let the investor enjoy a prominent money back option. The termed life insurance plan would remain active for a predestined duration. The policy can be maintained across a time span between 10 to 40 years. As you complete the annual premiums, you will get a prominent amount of money into your account. The foremost income will definitely help you whilst retirement! Consequently,​ patrons who work in private organization rely on the money devoured by “Term Life Insurance” policies.
 +==Myth 5 – The essential flood coverage plan! ==
 +Likewise, people who live near risky regions must get hold of a “Flood insurance plan”. The essential coverage program will definitely provide you with a huge myriad of benefits. Crucial features of a flood insurance program would include the following:
 +The flood insurance coverage will help you re-habilitate into a safer place.
 +The carefully designed program will certainly take care of your renovation and repair charges.
 +Flood insurance plans can be claimed within few short hours.
 +Unlike many other insurance policies, the flood insurance coverage scheme encompasses of a very small premium. The premium can be paid at personalized durations.
 +==Myth 6 – Unknown facts about Auto Insurance Plans ==
 +Potential car owners tend to neglect various auto insurance policy benefits. Auto insurance plans encompass of many features. For instance, you can use the auto insurance policy to en cover over the business that makes use of your vehicle. Many patrons are unaware of the foremost option! If you don’t understand your insurance plan’s intrinsic features, remember to approach a professional. Agents and brokers who specialize in offering insurance policies will definitely help you! They will help you identify an auto insurance plan, which would cover over all your needs and demands.
 +== Myth 7 – benefits of disability insurance plans ==
 +If you become disabled due to an unforeseen incident, remember that disability insurance policies will help you out. The insurance plan will confer you with socials security against your disability! However, remember that the insurance plan is governed by various terms and conditions. You should check if your disability falls within the policy’s rules and regulations. Similarly, prospective benefiters of the policy will have to wait several months before they acquire its benefits! Even if the insurance policy’s benefits don’t match with your present income, remember that it will help you battle through a tight financial and physical storm! ​
 +==Myth 8 – Governmental Medi-Care plans ==
 +In well developed countries, the government is ready to take care of its elderly citizens. This attributes to the presence of various Medi-Care Supplemental Insurance plans. The special medical insurance policy will help you pay huge hospital bills! Though the Medi-Care insurance plan pays only half the actual cost, it is regarded as a “great hand of help” by many! Conversely, a special division of the insurance plan would be the “Long Term Care Policy”. The foremost plan is apt for patrons who wish to focus on healthy living at an early stage of life. The Long term care insurance has several premium plans. Thus, patrons can finalize on a scheme that synchronizes with their income, need and health!
 +==Myth 9 – A pinch of protection ==
 +Gone are the days when umbrella insurance plans were for the rich! Today, umbrella insurance plans are used by middle classed people with vehicles, homes and businesses. The insurance plan is customized to add a pinch of protection above many other coverage options. With the help of umbrella insurance coverage, you can save your hard earned money in an effortless and hassle free manner.
 +==Myth 10 – A decisive factor! ==
 +Finally, remember that the number of insurance policies sold, has a prominent effect on the premiums paid! For instance, as the number of health insurance policies availed by a nation decreases, the annual premiums would increase. This would trigger the government to reduce the amount of support they give to the healthcare system. Hence, the insurance plan you buy, will have a prominent impact on the lives of many. 
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