10 Reasons why you need to be using Pinterest now

Pinterest is amazing and fun to use.


Here are 10 reasons for you to use Pinterest.

  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • You can share your passions and interests.
  • It’s so easy to use.
  • It is growing like crazy.
  • It is well connected.
  • It is very social.
  • You can friendsurf.
  • It’s fun!
  • Commerce on Pinterest.
  • More ways to send traffic to your website.

Drive traffic to your website.

You can pin images on your own website or blog to Pinterest and drive traffic back there. You can even put prices on your images if prints or the item pictured is for sale! Pinterest is driving a competitive percentage of traffic versus other social media sites today.

You can share your passions and interests.

Use Pinterest to share what you are in to. If you love birds, or cars, or beautiful sunsets, make a pin board for that. Pretty much you can create a board for whatever your heart desires. I have set up many pin boards for my interests. Some of mine are these Pinterest boards: Men’s Fashion, Social Media, Shoes, San Francisco, Travel, and Illustration.

It’s so easy to use.

The highly graphical layout of Pinterest makes it simple to use. The images are so beautiful to look at I can stare at them for hours. All you need to do I click “Like” or “Repin” on the images you choose. If you choose “Repin”, you will be asked to add to one of your existing pin boards or you can even create a brand new one. Use the Pin It bookmarklet in your browser to pin images or videos from other websites including your own.

It is growing like crazy.

There is a great inforgraphic in this Mashable article about retailers online and Pinterest.: http://mashable.com/2012/01/29/pinterest-retail-infographic/ Estimated unique visitors up 429% from September to December 2011.

Some very interesting demographics: http://www.ignitesocialmedia.com/social-networks/pinterest-demographic-data/ http://www.quora.com/Pinterest/Whats-the-demographic-of-Pinterest-users-and-how-did-it-get-that-way As of late Jan 2012: • 80% female • 55% of users are within the 25-44 age range • Pinterest has over 4 million users and growing • 1.5 million visitors daily • 14+ minutes per visit

Pinterest has a highly engaged audience of over 4 million users. 80% are women and 20% are men. 1.5 million unique visits per day and they spend a huge 14+ minutes average visit. Unique visits have increased 429% since Summer 2011. Pinterest has become a top referrer ahead of Google+ on top retailers sites.

It is well connected.

Take it on the road with the Pinterest app for your iPhone. Their is no official Pinterest iPad app version yet, but the iPhone app will work. You just need to use the 2x zoom to fill the screen.

It is very social.

There is an RSS FEED link from each profile.

You can tweet your pins and repins if you link your Twitter account. You can post to Facebook. Or you can add a pin you like to your own blog.

You can friendsurf.

Friend surfing was originally mentioned by Chris Brogan. It is a way to see and follow your friends of your friends. What a great way to find and follow other people who likely share at least some of your interests.

From your profile page look in the upper left corner for your “following” link http://pinterest.com/petertrapasso/following/ and click on it. Choose any of the people you are following and click on their name. Now look in the upper left hand corner of their page and click on their followers or following links and choose which people to follow. You will follow all of their boards by clicking on their red Follow button. To just follow specific boards, click on their name and click the white follow button under each board you wish to follow.

From your profile page look in the upper left corner for your “followers” link http://pinterest.com/petertrapasso/following/ and click on it. You can follow your followers people as well.

It's fun!

Pinterest is an enjoyable break during your work day. Is is a great stress reliever or just a big time sink? Either way it is really fun.

Commerce on Pinterest.

A wopping 41 percent of eCommerce traffic now flows through Pinterest. And 90 percent of all specialty retailers are using it. Are you? So far 25 percent of the global Fortune 100 are using Pinterest today.

More ways to send traffic to your website.

Add a link to your content in the description field when posting to Pinterest. Also use hashtags #pinterest to make your pins more searchable.

My wish list

  • Please make a link or button available to return to the Home page after you click on a photo to view it.
  • Pinterest metrics? Missing analytics tools to measure and track key Pinterest metrics over time.


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