$100k Oil and Gas Jobs are Real and Plentiful

My 27 year old cousin began a job in the oil fields of Midland, TX one year ago. I recently had a chance to visit with him. He told me about his job and the great pay that he receives. I was blown away by what he told me. My cousin only has a high school diploma so I asked him how he came across this opportunity. My cousin went on to explain how this career opportunity came to him.

My cousin finished high school and realized that college wasn’t for him, but that he wanted to make lots of money. For several years he would do small odd jobs just making enough to get by. He then saw a story on the news about the many high paying oil jobs located in North Dakota. This intrigued him and he conducted some research. He realized that this opportunity was for him and he could be trained and employed in less than one year. My cousin found a local community college that provided this specialized training at a cost of $3,400. The training lasts eight weeks and at the end of the course students that successfully complete the program receive a nationally recognized certification. On top of that 94% of graduates receive job offers. My cousin utilized savings and money from his brother to pay for the program. My cousin started the course and successfully completed it. He received multiple job offers from several oil companies in different locations. He ultimately accepted a job with a base pay of $70,000 a year plus benefits located in Midland, TX. My cousin worked all of the overtime that he could get and made $117,000 last year. His schedule is unique. He works 3 straight weeks and is off 3 straight weeks. In the last year he has taken a cruise with his girlfriend, sent his parents on a cruise and purchased his brother a brand new motorcycle.

My cousin’s official job title is a Roughneck. The work my cousin does is physically demanding. He wоrkѕ оn a drіllіng rig аnd is rеѕроnѕіblе for several tаѕkѕ оn the rig that involve heavy lifting. These tasks include inserting pipes into the ground and assisting with the drilling of the wellbores. He plans to take some training to become a welder so that he can become even more versatile in his career as a Roughneck. Based on the research he conducted, thеrе іѕ рlеntу of оіl аnd gаѕ іn thе United States that has yet to be drilled. It is estimated there is enough to last decades. My cousin plans to make a career out of being a Roughneck and now sees himself as a future millionaire. My cousins says that jobs are not only plentiful, but the opportunity to make $100K within your first two years is very realistic if you’re willing to work hard. My cousin is already recruiting some of his childhood friends to join him in this fulfilling career. After this recent visit I’m now a believer that $100K jobs are very possible for the average person without a degree. The key is the willingness and the desire to work hard and to go where the opportunities are located.


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