Witnessing Report

Part ONE – What were the circumstances surrounding your conversation with the unbelieving person when you presented the gospel to him/her?

This encounter was at the Campus Serve event on Saturday November 2, 2013. This encounter was between me and a young child named Michael. He was an intelligent young man with a passion for football and general horse play. I got the opportunity to try to chase him around the area with handfuls of leaves. When I finally caught up to him and got him to somewhat calm down, we began to have a very fulfilling conversation about Jesus and how one gets to Heaven.

Part TWO – What was the reaction (questions/comments/statements) of the unbeliever?

Michael was a very inquisitive young man. He wanted to know what seemed like everything. He wanted to know how Jesus could have lived again if He was dead. He wanted to know how simply accepting Jesus was good enough for someone as big and all seeing as God to get into Heaven. He wanted to know how Jesus had performed all these miracles and how if He was truly so amazing and wonderful, why would people want to kill Him.

Part THREE – What did you do/say to the person in light of the person’s reaction to your presentation of the Gospel?

I was able to shed light on some of his questions. There were a few that I could not explain and had another student help explain it to him. I was able to show him just how amazing Jesus is and how He is the greatest superhero that ever lived. This was a world shattering experience for me as I had never shared my faith like this before.


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