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-==AndLTC-Wallet== +I'​m ​Simran
-=== Description === +
-AndLTC-Wallet is an Open Source Android wallet app created by Simran. Using http://​wallet.coinpool.net,​ the wallet can be accessed on the mobile device and online. No need to download the blockchain. This application is testing alpha stages! +
- +
-===Download=== +
-v1, Alpha http://​litecoinforums.org/​android/​apps/​com.simran.andltcwallet.apk +
-===How to=== +
-When you first open the app, make sure to write down you Vault Key! It's on the bottom right corner! This can be used to access your wallet online at http://​wallet.coinpool.net/​vault?​key=<​Vault Key> and if it prompts you for a password on the website, just press enter(No password).\\ +
-\\ +
-If you reinstall the app, it will create a new wallet, so to recover it with your Vault Key, go to /​data/​data/​com.simran.andltcwallet/​files/​Settings.ini and where it says "​VAULTKEY=something"​ replace whatever is there with "​VAULTKEY=YourOldKey",​ and reopen the wallet(A function to do this within the app will be added on next release!).\\ +
-\\  +
-Don't let anyone see your Vault Key! This is basically the identifier/​password for your wallet!\\ +
-\\ +
-When sending or receiving transactions,​ please click the refresh button. (It's either at the top, or click menu button).\\ +
-\\ +
-(Not sure when "​upgrading"​ the app if the Vault Key is saved)\\ +
- +
-===To do=== +
-Refresh to check transactions every '​x'​ seconds\\ +
-Refresh when sending a transaction\\ +
-Adding Vault Key from app\\ +
-Having multiple wallets?​\\ +
-Vault Key Passwords\\ +
- +
-===Fee=== +
-By default, http://​wallet.coinpool.net/​ software reserves 0.1 LTC for the transaction fee. +
- +
-===Disclaimer=== +
-There are bugs, this isn't the actual release. If you lose anything, LTC, Vault Key, not my fault. +
- +
-==Tip== +
-LTC: LRgbgTa3XNQSEUhnwC6Ye2vjiCV2CNRpib\\ +
-BTC: 1AGP6xPTRvsAVhsRsBX13NUH6p6LJjyeiA\\ +
-DVC: 13DxE3nuLUKM6CcdWdnfjkCXvjdgyQygJF\\+

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