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 ==Original== ==Original==
-*[[:​Norwegian Rorschach History]]: ''​From Hermann to Hartmann: A Norwegian Rorschach history''​ - Source: Ported to Devtome from http://​rorschach.no 
 *[[:​Personality Defined]]: ''​Personality Defined''​ - Source: Original text *[[:​Personality Defined]]: ''​Personality Defined''​ - Source: Original text
-*[[:The Rorschach Controversy]]:​ ''​The Rorschach Method 1996-2004 Controversy:​ An Overview of Publications and Meta-Analyses''​ - Source: Previously unpublished,​ part of doctoral dissertation (Grønnerød,​ 2004) 
 ==Tip== ==Tip==
-Coin Address: ​19uozD2yGHSGGCg8EjmfM4ix2YbyQizLkN+Coin Address: ​19Qgkh4Q9LaZYUDzqUum1LS2XP4UoSNFre

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