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 +Hi Maitotoxin,
 +I'm unthinkingbit,​ who handles devtome payments. Please message me through the forum, then delete this message.
 ==Collated== ==Collated==
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 *[[:​Psychedelic Drug]] - Source: Original *[[:​Psychedelic Drug]] - Source: Original
 *[[:​Psychotic Experience]] - Source: Original *[[:​Psychotic Experience]] - Source: Original
-*[[:Maitotoxins ​Supplement Guide]] - Source: Original+*[[:Maitotoxin'​s ​Supplement Guide]] - Source: Original
 ==Tip== ==Tip==
 Coin Address: 1EZpys8PMP8bZxs2tFTY5T7cimmVMZAxuw Coin Address: 1EZpys8PMP8bZxs2tFTY5T7cimmVMZAxuw

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