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 ==Original== ==Original==
- *[[Notes From My "​Commonplace Book"​]] - Source: http://​www.unfinishedman.com/​notes-from-my-commonplace-book/ ​+* [[:How to Get "​Things"​ in Life]] - Source: First published on [[ http://​www.unfinishedman.com | Unfinished Man ]]  
 +* [[:Notes From My "​Commonplace Book"​]] - Source: ​First published on [[ http://​www.unfinishedman.com ​| Unfinished Man ]] 
 ==Tip== ==Tip==
 Coin Address: 13dETxjFeTEa6PHRW6YJwXsQHoXyjv6ajR Coin Address: 13dETxjFeTEa6PHRW6YJwXsQHoXyjv6ajR

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