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- What the F*&! is so Great About Calasanz? 
-Here is Calasanz showing one of his best exercises based on Physical Arts under his self-titled '​Calasanz System'​. ​ Physical Arts is Martial Arts, but Martial meaning in a general balanced term. 
-The Calasanz System - What is it? 
-Calasanz has spent a lifetime studying various martial arts and fitness trends. Over the years, he has dissected the best parts of each and combined them into what has become known as THE CALASANZ SYSTEM – a unique and effective style that has wide range appeal. THE CALASANZ SYSTEM includes a physical conditioning program that improves your overall strength, flexibility and endurance. This conditioning program builds a more functionally fit body than traditional weight lifting programs or other fitness routines. ​   
-Calasanz has spent the last 30 years here in the U.S. developing and perfecting his system of martial arts and fitness training. ​ His unique teaching methods have helped countless men, women and children of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels enjoy the martial arts while getting fit.  His professional expertise and unique approach are why people like you have made Calasanz their number one destination for superior martial arts and fitness training. 
-We're Unique, - What Makes Us Different? ​ 
-Many martial arts clubs have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Calasanz tailors an individual program specifically for each single person that walks through the door.  Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist looking to improve your skills or a beginner looking for a great way to get fit, Calasanz and his team will work with you in creating a program that meets your fitness and Martial Art goals. In this system a natural athlete can be passed on to more challenging feats while extra attention can be spent on developing the abilities that will help advance those at the dawn of their athletic experience. Our One-on-One training is the most superior method of enhancing your body and your skills. 
-[[Category:​Calasanz]] [[Category:​Martial Arts]] ​ [[Category: Calasanz History]] 

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