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-In this short discourse I will outline why it is that some people do not accept Calasanz as the most well-rounded Master of Martial Arts that he is. 
-There is a certain mystery that surrounds Calasanz; as one of his close students I can personally attest to that. As with anything that we do not understand, there comes a natural fear of it and immediately a barrier is raised up against that which is misunderstood,​ or simply not comprehended at all. This is not uncommon, and again it is in fact 100% natural. We as humans fear what we don't understand. We as humans fear what we don't comprehend. And the logical progression from there is to attack that which we fear, to eradicate it, that we might remain comfortable in our present reality without interference from the ground-breaking “unknown”. A great example of this can be seen in the history of the Catholic Church'​s condemnation of Copernicus and other notable Mathematicians and scientists of the same era. 
-People such as these were (as we say today) “ahead of their time”. In reality they were right on time, but brought something to light that the world was not yet ready for. 
-As people attack and question his background (which is extensive ex: he was taught Gojo Ryu by Gameyoshi Sakamoto, and Wing Chun by Moyat) they seem to forget the skill and ability they are seeing right before their very eyes. Also take heed that Martial Arts is what he does, it is the only thing he does. For him it is not a hobby or past time. It is his life's dedication. He has spent his entire life practicing, teaching, and redefining the world of Martial Arts. 
-Those who badmouth or talk as if they know better have not spent the hours, days, weeks, months, years that Calasanz has spent honing, refining, and developing. Most of these people have had one teacher and as such are single minded due to their lack of experience. They have not yet opened their minds to the Universe that is Martial Arts and are scared of taking in new perspectives. This is not to say that there is anything wrong, it is a simple lack of development. 
-As Descartes said, first you must admit you know nothing, only then can knowledge come forth and only then can true learning begin. ​ Instead, bring now what you have in your cup and let it become more full.  Close your eyes and take a fresh look at Calasanz. ​ 
-Written by Alan Wedell ​ 
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