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My little brother died a few months ago, and I had thoughts about the afterlife previously, but now my 10 year old brother is having them, so I would like to start some in depth research.

When I was little, no doubt in my mind, we all had invisible selves who floated into the sky to live on clouds with god. That is what I thought.

Then, I got older. We went through confirmation class (my brother went through this class about a month before he died, and he was asking questions about god and heaven, and I always answered like a Christian ex: I told him even murderers go to heaven if they repent) and as we went through confirmation and asked questions, and visited different kinds of churches, I really started to wonder “Are we right?”. So I started looking into “Wicca”, since I was like 14 and it was the first “religion” someone introduced me to (outside church and confirmation). Some kid at school claimed that he practiced white magic and could make rain stop and stuff, so I started looking into “The Grey School” or “The Gray School” I can't remember. I only looked into that for about 3 weeks before I got arrested for having weed at school (unrelated), then I went to Red River Academy (a lockdown facility) for 8 months, and had no access to much anything.

There were some books at Red River though, so at this time I read the ENTIRE Bible, and if you read it, it is FUCKED up. Passages like “Then god told them to storm the city, kill any males (any age), rape the virgins, and (I can't remember the exact words) smash any infants heads on the stones”. I also read some books about educational stuff, where I learned about some Egyptian themes, as well as about stuff like Fugu (blowfish) whose poison can stop your heart and lungs to knock you out for three days (at which point you will be declared dead), then you wake back up (not everyone, but it was common enough for them to start leaving people unburried for 3 days in some fishing villages). We also watched a lot of New Age stuff, so I learned a little about Buddhism, Hindu, Atlantis and some other things.

So at this point I basically came to the conclusion, “We die. We are digested by worms, or fungus. We are then fertilizer for plants. Who are then eaten by animals. At which point our energy is used again.” I thought this summed up the “reincarnation” belief of Hinduism, which I would later learn was wrong.

Got out of the lockdown facility, started smoking salvia since I was on probation. Became Gnostic for a short period. Then Muslim for a short period. Then I studied Shamanism for a while, etc etc etc. I basically went through every faith that the English language has to offer.

In the end, I learned that they are all wrong.

Now, fast forward. I am no longer 15, I am 21 now. I've done a lot more research, as well as a lot more personal pondering (and some of it in jail, so I want to explain something). I first got arrested at 14, and got sent away for 8 months, then when I came back I finished our probation, then got arrested about every 4 months after that for a year. And jail isn't what most people think. If you get arrested as a kid, and you aren't annoying the guards the whole time, jail is like a monks vow of silence. You have no communication to the outside world apart from letters and like 3 visitors (less when you are in juvy). So, basically you ARE in the middle of a forced vow of silence. So when you get out, it's like, you don't use your words meaninglessly anymore. Like, I don't sit around and talk about what movie I want to see, or what I ate for breakfast, or what outfit I want to buy. I think about dying. I think about living. I think about the past and I think about the future.

So now. The conclusion I have come to about death is this.

1. The beginning is basically the same. Die, fertilize, energize. But there is more.

2. You live on in your words. Your writing. Your ideas. Like he says in V for Vendetta after the other guys put like 40 bullets in him, “Ideas are bulletproof”.

3. This one is one I can't prove (unless I die), but I can explain it very well. Ok… So, You are a 3 Dimensional object, you cast a 2 Dimensional shadow. Now, if I were to take a piece of paper and hold it even with the sun, the paper would be a 2 Dimensional object, but it's shadow would be just a line, a 1 Dimensional object…

So now. If the 1st Dimension is a shadow of the 2nd dimension, is a shadow of the 3rd dimension… Wouldn't it make sense, that we are but a shadow of the 4th dimension? We are to death, what our shadow is to us… Make sense?

The Question of "Time" as the 4th Dimension

Time doesn't exist. I'm sorry, but the way time is viewed is a complete flaw. There is only ONE moment, and that is NOW. Your cells clone themselves, and deteriorate, giving the appearance of age. The Earth moves around the sun, giving the appearance of years, and spins on its axis giving the appearance of days.

But none of it is before or after the other in any sequence that can be reversed or followed. Time is not effected by gravity (Time being bent by gravity is a theory that has been proven, by scientists whose eyes are light based receptacles, Einstein if I am not mistaken).

And we have no idea what the 4th dimension is (or if it even exists), I just know (based on the other dimensions) that we are a shadow of it. And DMT (The alkaloid that is released into your brain when you die, or dream, and can be extracted from plants and smoke) is the best representation of “The 4th Dimension” a human can ever experience. So I think our bodies are Shadows, and our mental workings are more real than anything, as they are simply flowing through this reality, and possibly many realities at once.

Further, when Einstein proved that “Time was bent by gravity” he did it by watching light bend around the moon, during an eclipse. The light “curved” and went around the moon, so that they could actually see stars during this time that were behind the sun (if I am not mistaken).

Now, Einstein said “Time is affected by gravity” because of what he saw. But I don't think that is TRULY what he meant. I think what he ACTUALLY meant, is: The rate at which light moves is effected by gravity…

So, on Earth. Light moves slow, and is even stored into energy by plants.

In space, light moves rapidly and without slowing down, but on Earth it takes the form of Calories(packets formed by plants within the gravity).

So I think that it is really just OUR misunderstanding of Einstein's words, not necessarily a mistake he made.

The Book of the Dead

I am getting a translation of the book of the dead, once I write my own version I will share at least a paragraph about my philosophy about it here

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