Unthinkable Incompetence Or Nefarious Agenda Brings Ebola To The United States

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


Subtitle: Ebola, Martial Law, Vaccinations, Population Reduction, One World Government And President Obola

There are two big concerns regarding the unprecedented Ebola outbreaks going on at this time.

1) There is the Ebola itself, which has no known actual treatments, let alone cures, and which historically has killed, in fairly short and rather gruesome fashion, the large majority of its victims.

2) The government's reaction to Ebola, which could prove to be even worse, no matter how bad the Ebola outbreak itself turns out to be.

Just as government response to terror is worse than anything terrorists have dished out (and has created more terrorism), and just as governmental response to drug abuse is far worse than the scourge of drugs (and is responsible for increasing drug abuse), the government's efforts to deal with Ebola could not only be used to take away more freedoms and move us that much closer to a dictatorial world government, but it could actually make the Ebola outbreak itself, far worse than it would otherwise be.


Governments – or more accurately stated, the pseudo hidden global government – utilizes a technique that is known as, problem, reaction, solution. It either creates a problem, helps to create a problem, allows a problem to happen, or at the very least welcomes a problem as an opportunity. Then the public reacts to the problem, asking for something to be done, at which point the government offers the solution, which is not a solution at all. It's actually a bigger problem, by far.

The events that have led up to the first Ebola case within the US borders have either been the result of incompetence of unimaginable proportions, or another deliberate act of treason by the political powers that be. There is no good option between the two, but, arguably, incompetence is a smidgen less outrageous than the chance that it was planned, (so that some nightmarish, alleged solution will have a pretense to be rolled out in the coming weeks and months.)

If I were to be forced to place a wager, I'd have to go with the latter, the more outrageous option. I just don't see how any government could be that incompetent. Allowing Ebola to become a potential national and international crises, threatening the lives of many millions of people, is very much in keeping with the writings of globalists who publicly disseminate their dark agenda.

Population Reduction

thatsalotofgraniteandb.s..jpg Pictured above are the six monolithic granite slabs known as Georgia Guidestones, (aka the American Stonehenge), erected in the middle of nowhere in Georgia, some anonymous globalists gave us their 10 commandments. Number 1 says, MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE. They are 19 feet in height and approximately 20 tons, each, in weight. With earth having more than 7 billion people, if the stated goal of half a billion is reached, more than 90% will have to go.

Many globalists have been calling for the global population to be reduced by 90%. You don't have to be a nuclear engineer who is also a brain surgeon whose first PHD was in rocket science, to understand that the only way to achieve such a goal is with global calamities.

Individuals who are not aware of the population reduction agenda, typically respond to this kind of conversation with their steadfast belief that the powers that be would never engage in such activity, because Ebola would attack the people who planned the outbreak, along with the rest of us.

There's a major flaw with that kind of thinking. First of all, individuals who comprise the elite cabal that plays God with the lives of the earthly masses, are stark raving mad. Projecting logic on them is a mistake. Despite the best laid schemes of mice and men, some of the hair-brained visions these looney tunes have conjured, could very well come back to haunt them if they go through with them – but that, in no way, means they won't go through with them.

The other problem is they have all kinds of preparations, programs and plans in place to help them survive the various plagues and mega disasters they have on the drawing board for the masses. People in the know have been talking about ubiquitous underground bases that are like cities, for decades now. Quite the opposite of science fiction movies of post apocalyptic worlds where the unwashed masses live in underground hell holes, the elite plan to live underground. They won't be in hell holes, however.


They have luxurious subterranean accommodations set up for themselves. Their plan is to wait out any pandemic, including the effects of nuclear war. In the book and DVD called, Strategic Relocation, Joel Skousen tells how the criminal globalists who are running the US government have plans for the United States to be attacked in nuclear warfare.

This may explain why the United States seems intent on pushing Russia into war, even as they use the media to pretend like Russia is being the aggressive one. Putin recently spoke publicly, reminding the world of Russia's nuclear arsenal. That's because the United States and NATO are working with subversive forces and surrounding countries to try to push Russia into a corner. Like a raccoon helping herself to your cat's food in your garage, if you back it into a corner, don't be surprised when it attacks you.

Many people who are watching what the United States is doing can't understand why they would do that. Skousen says these kinds of things make perfect sense, once you realize that these people plan on having the United State attacked in nuclear war.

When you understand the ways these elites think, it becomes easy to see that the people in power would not have a problem unleashing Ebola in a big way to help attain their goal of a drastically reduced planetary population under their total control. In the past the belief was that they would want to have quite a few of us, “useless eaters,” around to serve them, but there are now plans, well underway, to replace human slaves with robot slaves, so the past notions of retaining 10% of the population may be overly generous. Perhaps they'll only want about 1% of us.

How Did We Get Here?


So, how did we get to the point where Ebola has now reared its ugly head in the US of A? And what evidence is there that the government actually got us to this point, on purpose? It will be up to you to come up with a conclusion as to whether it's on purpose or a case of mind boggling incompetence, but it is undeniable that it is either one or the other.

Below, you will find some of the facts that prove that the government is either consciously or unconsciously bending over backwards to make it easy for Ebola to make itself at home in the former land of the free and questionable home of the brave. In either case, it's virtually unforgivable.

  • President Obola and the Center For Disease Control (CDC) have been assuring everyone for months that there is almost no chance of Ebola coming to America, and even if it did, we are equipped and ready to contain it, when the truth has now come out that not only was the chance extremely high it would get here, but now some members of the CDC are claiming that they are unprepared, understaffed and underfunded to be able to deal with it.

- Despite the admissions of inadequacy by some CDC personnel, the news media and the government are working in concert to reassure everyone that everything is under control and there is no cause for concern, even though the evidence is screaming quite the opposite. Preparations and training seem to be sorely lacking. - The first Ebola patient in the USA is a native of Liberia. He went into a Dallas hospital complaining of a fever, one of the symptoms of the deadly disease. At first, it appeared that nobody knew he came from Liberia, because they didn't ask him of his recent whereabouts. That is part of the protocol all hospitals are supposed to be trained in.

- Now, we are getting information that although they didn't ask him about his travel history, he says he actually told hospital staff that he didn't have a social security number because he is from Liberia, and he went on to volunteer the fact that he recently had gotten back from attending a funeral in Liberia. This changes the narrative from how the administrative staff asked the right questions but somehow the information was not passed on, to a situation where they didn't ask the right questions, but were given the information anyway, and then did not pass the information on. However, these questions are not the sole responsibility of the people who do the initial paper work. Doctors are supposed to ask about travel history whenever there is an Ebola outbreak in any part of the world.

– The patient was given antibiotics and sent him on his way.1)

  • The government, for the first time ever, for any government, is insanely flying Ebola victims INTO the country. This is not merely a reversal of US policy. It was unprecedented anywhere in the world, however now, at least France has followed suit, and they are paying the price.

Since the dawn of the Ebola outbreaks, first documented in the 1970s, policy and protocol had always been to keep the Ebola patients where they are. Moving them to other countries where there is no outbreak has the potential to spread the disease to countries that are not being affected. Some observers are calling this break in protocol an exercise in insanity.


- In stunning announcement, Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made it official policy to recommend that nations do not cut off flights. Reminiscent of President Obola saying that raising the debt ceiling does not raise the debt but tells Congress they have to bill their bills,3) Frieden actually said, “All isolation will do is enable the disease to spread more widely.”4)

- In saying that, he created a straw man argument. Leadership around the world, including Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, is calling for flights to be cut off from Ebola outbreak countries.5) Frieden responds to those calls for common sense, by saying that those West African nations need outside help, and if you cut off all flights, the virus will spread in Africa in such numbers, it would lead to an eventual bigger outbreak outside of Africa, including in the United States.


- He acts like if you cut outbound flights, you would have to cut all inbound flights, including flights bringing in supplies and heroic relief workers. Memo to Tom Frieden: Obviously, it's possible to stop people from flying out, while allowing for outside help to come in. It's not one of the other, sir. The simple, logistical fact of the matter is, if everyone is made to stay in those countries, Ebola would not spread from anybody in those countries to anyone outside of them.6)

- After all, the patient in Dallas came from Liberia, and he has put a lot of people in jeopardy. A nurse in Spain has recently become the first known person in history to become infected with Ebola outside of Africa. She got it from a priest being taken care of in the hospital she worked at. He was infected in Africa, and then he insisted on traveling back home. Dozens of health care workers in Spain are now in danger of being infected as a result of him traveling out of the region. This is not rocket science.

- It's certainly understandable for anyone getting infected with this deadly disease to want to travel to a first world country to be treated. It's even more understandable when they just want to get to the country they reside in, as in the case of the priest. That does not mean they should be allowed to do so, though.

- We are hearing references to a so-called, “right of return,” as if it's some kind of established intergalactic protocol recognized everywhere in this dimension and space/time continuum. The fact is, even on this one planet, earth, there has never been any such right when dealing with such a killer disease. Liberal media is basically insinuating that anyone who would deny this alleged right of return, would have to be a hate-filled racist, when, in fact, they are simply using common sense.7)


- If relief workers travel to outbreak countries, they should not be allowed to fly back and be among the general population when they come back. Their heroism, amazing and admirable as it is, does not give them a pass to potentially infect a single person. There needs to be a 21 day quarantine for them, due to the fact that the incubation period can be as long as three weeks. From the signals we've seen from officials, the current modus operandi (if there is one) would be to tell returning relief workers to take their temperature daily and if they have a fever or feel sick to report it.

- That is not good enough. Everybody needs to be quarantined. Furthermore, it needs to be secure; in other words, not like house arrest, with an ankle bracelet. No, there should be accommodations made for them in a central location, or possibly a number of hubs in the USA. They should be guarded, under lock and key.

- TV reporters and crew members are reporting that nobody is asking them about where they have been when they returned to the US from international flights. The same common sense rules should apply to TV crew members as well. They need to know there will be in a 21 day quarantine, away from home, when they get back. Customs officials should be expecting them. Their escorts should be waiting for them, as well.

- The attitude that is completely missing from USA and international leaders is that there is no room for error with this virus. All error needs to be on the side of caution. There is a surreal and pervasive lackadaisical attitude on display, with a totally false sense that there is nothing to worry about and we have everything under control, when the facts are 180 degrees opposed.

- BusinessInsider.com recently parroted the nonsense from CDC about how not allowing people to leave Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea would actually make Ebola jump borders and continents even more so – including the straw man argument that relief workers and supplies are needed to go into those countries (as if we couldn't do both.)

- But over at Business Insider, they took the “logic” even further. They said that preventing people from flying into those countries would cripple their economies and make matters even worse, preventing them from having any hope of getting things under control. I'm not sure how long they have been smoking crack and snorting ice (AKA crystal meth) over there at Business Insider, but I'm quite certain that people are not lining up, buying flight passes and hotel accommodations in those countries right about now. Does the brain trust over at Business Insider really think that there is anything anyone can do, more than Ebola has already done, to keep people from wanting to visit those countries? (And again, no one is saying don't let anyone in those countries. Voices of sanity are saying, however, that anyone who goes in there, has to be quarantined 21 days, under guard, away from home, upon their return.)


  • Dr. Gil Mobley was alarmed when he arrived from overseas at the Atlanta airport and customs did not ask him about his recent traveling.8) The only questions they had for him pertained to the possibility of if he had any alcohol or tobacco to declare. Even though his flight was not from any of the countries where Ebola is present, it is foolish to assume that he had not been there. So he came back a couple days later in a hazmat (hazardous material) type of suit, complete with face mask and eye goggles, to make a video announcing his protest against the fact that basic protocols are not in play. He wrote, “CDC Is Lying,” on the back of his suit. He was referring to a number of misleading statements he says the Center For Disease Control recently put out, including their belief that the possibility of Ebola coming to America is, “infinitesimal.” (Ironically, that day the CDC put that statement out, was the same day the Dallas hospital allowed the Ebola patient to go home.

- He is not the only one to report this, and it's not limited to Atlanta's airport. Elizabeth Cohen who is the senior medical correspondent for CNN,9) reported that when she and two of her colleagues returned from Liberia, they were shocked that the customs agents did not seem to indicate they had much awareness of the Ebola outbreak, or reason for concern, at all. All 3 of them had to voluntarily tell their screeners they were in an Ebola outbreak country. They also said that it was their job to report on Ebola, indicating they were in hospitals where patients with the disease were suffering and dying.


- Each person got a different response and none of them were anywhere near adequate. One of her colleagues said his screener simply replied, “Welcome back,” after being informed of his Ebola related work, while the other colleague had his boots inspected as a result of providing the screener with his Ebola related information. Cohen says her screener first said, Welcome back, but then he said to wait a minute, because he thought he might have received an email about Ebola. He went over to some other Customs employees and after conferring with them for a few minutes he came back and gave her the following little pearl of wisdom: “Be on the lookout for symptoms.” When she asked what symptoms to watch out for, he admitted he had no idea.10)

- Every time you hear or read a story where a government official assures the public that everyone is trained and everything is under control, make sure you balance what they are saying with these stories we are hearing from people like CNN's Cohen or Dr. Mobley. As Cohen put it, “I expected that they were going to take my temperature… ask me lots of questions, but they didn't” (And remember, returning travelers shouldn't simply be asked questions. They should be quarantined for 3 full weeks.)11)

  • For more than a week the family where the Texas Ebola patient has been staying in their quarantined home that has not been cleaned or decontaminated. Not only did the CDC not send anyone in to decontaminate the place, they didn't give any instructions to anyone in the home as to how they should clean up the place, themselves. The victim had been in the home, while he was contagious, sweating in bed, with a case a diarrhea, and throwing up.
  • One reason that was given for at least part of the delay was that the proper permit that would allow the cleaning crew to drive on Texas roads, hauling hazardous materials, was being withheld. One might think a company with this type of experience and specialty would have such a license, but they did not, so the family has been forced to spend more time with hazardous material, including the bed sheets and blankets, still in the house.
  • The step daughter of “patient zero,” the Ebola patient in Dallas, has been given the A-OK to return to her job as a health care worker, dealing with significant numbers of patients every day.12) She was not only in the home with him while he was vomiting and sweating for days, she was also in the ambulance with him as he was vomiting, and then she stayed in the house for several days afterwards, while no one was sent over to decontaminate the place, but what the heck. It's all good, you know. Get that woman back to work, ASAP. How's that for American ingenuity?


- The explanation authorities are giving for such a boneheaded decision is that people are only contagious when they are showing signs of the illness, a belief which multiple researchers are saying there is no data to be able to back up, with utmost certainty. Again, no one seems to understand the concept of erring on the side of caution. She could start feeling somewhat ill, but without wanting to accept that she has Ebola, she may continue to work and infect other people. She needs to be stay the hell quarantined for the full 21 days. It's utter insanity to allow her to go back to work.13)

  • The CDC is outright lying about how the Ebola virus is contracted. It's not just Dr. Mobley who is saying that.14)

- The CDC also denies that touching contaminated surfaces could spread Ebola. Further more, hundreds of health workers have come down with Ebola, even though they are taking utmost precautions not to touch anyone with their bare hands. There is an attitude that poor native Africans are too backward to practice standard protocol to protect themselves, even if they are educated health workers. For anyone with that attitude, we hate to break your bubble, but15)16) (This is referred to as, human asymptomatic Ebola infection.) This flies in the face of everything official sources have been telling us. It's reminiscent of the Bush administration officials, in the aftermath of 911, telling us over and over that nobody ever conceived that planes could be flown used as missiles, even though there is a paper trail going back many years dealing exactly with that scenario, and even though we later learned that drills simulating terrorists hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, were “coincidentally” going on at the exact same time as the 911 events.17)


- They say that sneezing, vomiting and coughing will cause aerosolization of Ebola in an infected person's bodily fluid, and spread it to people in close proximity to the patient. They also say the same thing happens when a toilet an infected person just used, is flushed. If you are not in the habit of closing the toilet lid when you flush, you are getting thousands of tiny aerosolized droplets of your stinky stuff all over your hair, face, arms and clothes, as well as the walls, mirrors and floor. When you have an Ebola infected person using the toilet, she needs to close the lid before flushing.

  • Leadership from the US nursing community are saying that nurses are not properly trained or prepared to deal with Ebola, despite everything officials are telling the media to the contrary. In a recent survey of nurses, 85% said they have never had a day of formal education regarding treating Ebola patients. Furthermore, screening procedures are incredibly lax and easily fooled.19)
  • The FDA is clamping down on suppliers of products proven to boost the immune system, who are suggesting that improving your immune system is one of the best defenses for protecting yourself from coming down with infectious diseases of all types. The powers that be should be promoting that idea, but instead they are threatening colloidal silver and essential oil companies who are trying to help people stay healthy by getting their immune system to function optimally. So far, they have threatened three companies with criminal prosecution, while absolutely refusing the requests from all of these companies to test their products on and around Ebola patients. Incredibly, one company is saying the FDA is actually blocking their shipments of colloidal silver to Africa, even though it is not harmful and it's 100% legal. Mike Adams of Natural News says it makes the FDA look like that they are afraid that colloidal silver would work. 20)
  • The government continues to reinforce its defacto policy of discouraging self reliance and emergency preparations. "Preppers" are people who are preparing their families for all kinds of potential emergencies where food and water and power will be not be available for some time.21) The unofficial policy of the government is to invalidate preppers at best, and at worst, it expresses concern that peppers are somehow dangerous, when, in fact, the exact opposite is the true.

- Many people who prepared ahead of time are willing to help out their neighbors. People who have learned skill sets like ways to purify water and grow the best kinds of food for quick harvests and the most nutrition, are in a position to teach their neighbors. If Ebola clusters break out, there will likely be the need for entire neighborhoods to stay quarantined within their homes. Preppers are able to do that without wondering where their next meal is coming from. Clearly, the government needs to encourage everyone to become a prepper, as opposed to their current unspoken policies of discouraging and disparaging it. ebolapatent.jpg

  • Since 2010 the United States government has been the proud owner of the intellectual property rights to Ebola. That's right, the US government has a patent on the Ebola virus.22) What's up with that? Patents are granted to give patent owners exclusive rights to their creations, aka inventions. It goes against logic for anyone to own rights to a disease. What is the motivation? What are the ramifications? It seems like the government may have an interest in Ebola as a biological terrorist type of weapon and they might hope that holding the patent would discourage other parties to do the same.

- It's hard to fathom how the patent office could have given anyone a patent on a disease. There are rules not only on not being able to patent anything in nature, but also, you can't get a patent on any discovery of something that has been in existence, regardless of the fact that you were the first to discover it.((http://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/what-cant-be-patented.html)) Besides, Ebola was not discovered in the United States, to begin with.

- Of course, these types of patents are nothing new, even if they are actually against the rules, illegal, and against all semblance of morality and logic. Thousands of patents have been granted for genes. Yes, genes in your body have been given to various corporations who discovered their existence. The Supreme Court ostensibly struck them down in 2013, but there may have been some wording that companies could use to try to get back in the game, to some extent, if they can do some Frankenstein experiments and come up with genetic replicas that differ from natural genes.23)

  • The 3 person team from Dallas Fire Rescue who transported the Ebola patient to the hospital on Sunday, were not checked on, or told they were exposed to Ebola, until Tuesday night. Instead of reporting of such a screw up of waiting 48 hours to check on the crew, the authorities and the mainstream media are presenting it like everything went according to plan.24)

- Perhaps as bad, or worse, the ambulance itself was not pulled from service to go through any kind of decontamination process for 72 hours. 10 different paramedic team members were exposed to Ebola as a result, as well as everybody they transported in that 3 day period. One of the drivers in the period, took to Facebook to announce that nobody had tested any of those 10 paramedics, and that he was calling in, demanding to be tested.25)

- Any remnants of bodily fluids that may have been in the ambulance would likely have the ability to spread the virus to anyone who came in contact with it. For three days, while official were bragging about how prepared they are to deal with the crises, no one thought to have the ambulance decontaminated.

  • President Obola recently signed an executive order allowing the government to quarantine people with ANY respiratory ailment, for as long as officials sees fit. His predecessor, GW Bush had signed an order that was for one very specific respiratory ailment. Obola renewed it, but gave sweeping powers in terms of any respiratory ailment. So now, your child with asthma can be taken from you with the full weight of the governmental authority and be held forever, if they so deem. This Ebola outbreak might be used as a drill to acclimate the people for being taken from their homes on government orders.
  • The United States stood by for months, when it could have been putting plans in place, educating medical personnel and getting supplies and hospital room environments ready. Instead, the emphasis seemed to be placed on denying that it would ever reach the shores of the United States.

- Keep in mind that up until the current outbreak started in West Africa, there had been less than 2,000 cases of Ebola ever confirmed throughout history.26) So when 200 cases were confirmed in the month of April, 2014, that was extremely significant; equal to more than 10% of all previously known Ebola cases since the first outbreak in 1976. That was something that should have been very much on the radar of the United States medical infrastructure.

- By the end of May there were more than 400 cases. It went up to around 800 by the end of June. Surely, the medical establishment of every country in the world should have been paying attention. In 3 months time, the outbreak had affected almost half as many people as all previous outbreaks. This was exponential growth that could get out of hand if it continued.

- At the end of August, 2000 people had gotten the Ebola virus, more than all the previous cases that had come before. Roughly half of them had already died. At this point, France, Britain and United Arab Emirates were awake enough to ban flights from Western Africa.

- Think about the equation you've probably heard that deals with the fact that if you take a penny on the first day of the month and double it every day, by the end of the month you'll be a multimillionaire, many times over. If Ebola continues to double every month, the cases will be in the multiple millions in the first part of 2015.

- This leads a number of people to believe the United States wants it to come here, to be able to enact the various martial law plans that are on the books, codified in legislation as well as presidential executive orders. Others commentators say they believe this is being done to get the masses to take a vaccine that will be rolled out. In the past, the government has taken part in and pushed pandemic fears that never came to fruition that had the effect of making billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry. For example, when the vaccine for the H1N1 came out, there was so much fear, millions of people needlessly got the shots, despite the fact that experts were telling whoever would listen to them that there was no pandemic.

  • There is evidence that the government has started preparing behind the scenes for Ebola of causalities, but their public stance continues to be that everything is under control and there is nothing to be concerned about.27) It's true that governments know that panic can cause huge problems, but if a storm is coming, are they really supposed to deny it, in order to prevent panic? Is that how they should deal with hurricanes and other inclement weather? Nobody gets warned because we don't want to panic the people?28)
  • President Obala, in an open act of treason, opened the borders at about the same time that Ebola was starting it's historic outbreaks in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. What sense does it make to let anyone and everyone come in, especially the poorest of the poor who have had no health care, and not even screen them for diseases, right when the worst outbreak of Ebola in history, is going on? There was also the matter of the Al Qaeda rebranded group, ISIS, that has been promising to come into the US and chop people's heads off. Again, what sense does it make to bring the border down, at any time, but especially when we are worried about Al Qaeda/ISIS attacks on American soil? It can't be incompetence. It has to be a planned effort to hurt the USA. Right?29)

- The president recently assured us that Ebola reaching the shores of our once great nation was, “highly unlikely.” If that was ever true, he must take a lot of personal pride and doing his very significant part in overcoming the odds.

- He broke federal laws and the Constitution by taking down the southern border in the name of compassion, allowing unfortunate, disease ridden people to wantonly come into the country, with no medical screening, to be given bus vouchers, allowing them to go anywhere they want to in the lower contiguous states.

- They were first required to be packed like sardines in open rooms for a period of time. Government officials tell us their motivation is compassion, when clearly they are weaponizing these “undocumented immigrants,” (more accurately called, illegal aliens.) Any virologist, epidemiologist or doctor can tell you that packing poor people from third world nations together is the perfect incubatory breeding ground to better spread among all of them, any of the contagious diseases that individuals in the group may have brought in. This alleged compassion puts even the healthy among them at risk. That also, of course, makes it all the more easy to effectively spread all kinds of diseases throughout the nation.

- The first lucky citizens to have the opportunity to pick up on this love gift from President Obola were, of course, the folks who are on the buses taking the illegal immigrants to wherever their hearts desired. Buses are, after all, very small areas with people packed shoulder to shoulder, without any open windows allowing fresh air to come in. Everyone ends up breathing the same air that gets continuously recirculated. - The first official Ebola case publicly announced in the United States was not contracted on one of these buses, but it's only logical to understand that many citizens have gotten sick as a result of the insane, illegal, treasonous, defacto open immigration policy, and they have, in turn, spread those diseases to their families, and into their communities.

- The illegal alien immigrants aren't just from Latin American nations. People from all around the world are illegally entering Mexico,30) and then illegally coming into the US via the southern border. As long as the Ebola crises continues in west African countries, it's only a matter of time before Ebola comes in through the Mexican border, if it hasn't already. A Breitbart Report article from August (2014) said that scores of individuals from the 3 nations in the current African Ebola outbreak have been documented.31) However, an Infowars report put that number of people who from those 3 nations (Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea) who were caught trying to get in last year, at almost 500. It's not the full count, by any stretch of the imagination. Those are just the ones who were count. Plus this year, the border patrol is letting everyone come in. It the perfect recipe for a disesaser.32)

- It is only due to the power of mind control and the mindset of partisan politics in general, and political correctness in particular, that President Obola still has a 37% approval rating. No other president could have gotten away with single-handedly taking down the border without being impeached. That statement is increased by a factor of at least one thousand, when one considers the fact that a terror group like ISIS (Al Qaeda, rebranded) is responsible for chopping the heads of hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern Christians and non radical Islamists, while promising to bring their jihadist campaign to the United States.

- How is it possible that millions of people are not marching on Washington on a daily basis for allowing the border to be wide open while ISIS threatens to strike the USA and while the worst Ebola outbreak the world has ever seen is going on? Ultimately, the blame has to be put on the shoulders of the citizens of the United States (this writer, among them), who are allowing it to happen.


Pictured Above: Infowars.com reporter, USMC retired staff sergeant, Joe Biggs, dresses in Al Qaeda/ISIS black with terrorist flag, a sword and a, “severed head,” crossing the Rio Grande river from Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, into El Paso, Texas, USA, completely unmolested. Keep in mind, this is not some remote part of the border (which would be bad enough.) It is the border between a major Mexican city and a major United States city. Border patrol agents are being diverted to helping illegal aliens come into the country, and get their needs met. Sorry, there's just no room in the budget for stopping actual terrorists, but there is unlimited money for taking naked pictures of your family and peeking into your baby's diapers and having strangers touch your private package when you want to fly the family out to visit grandma.

What would have happened if Biggs had chosen to stage this at an official border crossing – which is now where illegal aliens go to demand food and services and to be let into the United States? We would hope that they would have not just allowed him to go in with all the other potential terrorists. Actually, we presume that if there had been any border patrol agents who had seen Biggs that day, they would have drawn their weapons and had him prone, very quickly. (At least we'd hope so, but then again, the argument can be made, (in the words of Hitlery Clinton), “What difference does it make, at this point?”

The point of Biggs' big stunt was to show that no border patrol coverage is anywhere to be found. It effectively proves that when you go to the airport and get your privates groped, and your family's privates get groped, or photographed with naked body scanners that shoot radiation into everyone – and you have to answer personal questions about why you are choosing to travel – all that has absolutely zero to do with stopping terrorism. If the government really was concerned with terror, they wouldn't let people walk across the border carrying jihad flags, holding severed heads and 3 foot swords.

About One Out Of Two Are Currently Dying

In the past, Ebola took the lives of most of it's victims. This time, even though it's killing more people, since the infection rate is much higher, only about half the people who have contracted it have succumbed (at least, at the time this piece was written.) The bottom line, though, is that it is well within the realm of possibility that Ebola has already come in through Mexico and people have died. If you think the government is capable of knowing everybody who been stricken by Ebola, you couldn't possibly be more wrong if you tried. The same apples to those who believe the government feels a need to report accurately regarding how many people they even know about, who have been infected.

Dire Warning From One Of The People Who Discovered Ebola

The Guardian recently did an interview with Peter Piot,33) one of the team members who is credited with discovering the virus in 1976, from their work investigating the illness of a nun in Zaire,34) The Guardian title for this piece is, 'In 1976 I discovered Ebola - now I fear an unimaginable tragedy.' Huffington Post also published a piece on Piot that is worth reading.35)


This outbreak started in April. Piot, who is currently the Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,36) said that by the time June rolled around, he was genuinely worried, because this time, it was much different.

Piot said that in the past, Ebola, which is named after the Ebola river, by the way37) paled in comparison to AIDS and malaria, due to the fact that Ebola outbreaks were brief and local, but now that the local barrier has been broken, this could become a human catastrophe.

Interestingly, he suggests – not in so many words – that if medical science comes up with a way to delay death in Ebola patients who are going to die anyway, it could increase the problem, many times over. What he does say is that the fact that it kills so quickly means that it can not spread nearly as much as it could if it took even just a couple extra weeks longer for people to succumb to it.38)

Piot is worried about Nigeria and India, but at this point, at least, he doesn't feel a need for concern about things getting out of hand in the United States. He believes that people in the US know what to do to contain any outbreaks, and he has faith they will take the right actions. Perhaps he is not aware of the incompetence, negligence, or possible sabotage that officials have been a part of in the States, (some of which is documented above.)

He said it's clear that the virus is mutating, but he doesn't believe it is likely to mutate to the point of becoming airborne. His main concern is if it took longer to kill the hosts, since that would give those who are sick and dying, that much more opportunity to spread it. He may be unaware of the 2012 Canadian study in which Ebola infected pigs were placed in a pen next to non infected monkeys. There was only a mesh wire fence that separated the species.


Pictured Above: Gratuitous image of a monkey riding a pig, totally unrelated to this story

Guess What?

The monkeys got infected. Up until a few days ago, the Canadian government web page that documented this study concluded that airborne transmission was, “strongly suspected.” A recent edit took out the, strongly suspected, reference, and replaced it with a reference to having yet to be proven.

It's quite telling how a change of a few words like that can affect the conclusions that readers draw from an article. There can be almost no question that the edit was politically motivated. That is to say, in virtually all likelihood, some government official, had the change made. It's highly doubtful the writer of that article always meant to make that edit, and had just never gotten around to it.

Even though both statements may have been true, airborne transmission of Ebola was strongly suspected, but yet to be proven, it changes the conclusions most people come to when you switch out those two phrases. The act of taking out the fact that the researchers felt that some form of airborne transmission was strongly suspected, can only be considered as an act of politically (and possibly nefariously) motivated deceit.

History Is Being Made

A female nurse in Spain recently made history as the first known case of becoming infected with Ebola outside of the African continent. The male patient in the United States was infected in Liberia and flew into the USA, but his place in history is also confirmed as the first known Ebola victim to be treated in the US.

Perfect Examples

Here are perfect examples of why flying Ebola patients into other countries is totally insane in the membrane. A priest who lived in Spain was infected in West Africa. He wanted to fly home to ensure that he received world class medical care. In the past, Ebola patients were never allowed to leave the country where they contracted the virus, but that has changed, starting with the recent actions of the United States, then followed by, at least, Spain.

Presumably, there are other nations willing to follow this foolish plan of action. It's understandable that people would want to go to a country with better medical care. This writer would be among them. It is also understandable that laws and policies would be enacted preventing that from happening, even in cases like the priest, where they wish to go home.

This is coming from a civil libertarian when I say that there are some emergencies that really do trump certain freedoms. The nurse worked on the priest's case as a, “sanitary technician.” The situation almost begs one to write that she evidently wasn't as sanitary as she should have been, but the truth is, there is a lot that is perplexing in this outbreak, regarding the number of trained medical team members who have been infected, purportedly including a number of whom wore full hazmat gear.39)

This Spanish nurse only had two contacts with the patient. One was presumably longer than the other, since it was to treat him. The second was merely to gather his belongings. Yet, those two exposures did the trick. Unless she was as negligent as a number of her American counterparts, she surely had to be wearing rubber gloves, which should have protected her from touching him or his belongings. Add one more mystery to the ever growing list, associated with the great Ebola outbreak of 2014.


2014: Year Of The Ebola Virus

A Word Of Explanation

The reference you have come across in the article regarding what appears to be massive bouts of incompetence among some health workers government officials in the USA are not intended to be disparaging to the people who live in the United States, as a whole. Lest someone think I'm American bashing for the sake of it, let it be know that this writer is American. So I'm not speaking unfavorably about the way things have been handled here, out of some need to put down other nationalities. 40) I was simply referring to a number of epic fails that were committed by officials and health workers in Dallas, the site of the first Ebola patient in the USA.

May I remind the reader that he went to the hospital, saying that he had been in Liberia, and yet was allowed to go on his merry way. Then two days later when he returned after throwing up in violent fits, nobody got anyone over to his home to decontaminate it (or even to deliver supplies and instructions on how to do it themselves), even though several people were not only living there, but were legally required to stay inside there. Moreover, several days later, a crew that was sent to clean down the area outside, where the victim had thrown up before getting into the ambulance, were not in hazmat suits, and they didn't use disinfectant; rather they, shockingly, aerosolized the dried up vomit with the use of a power washer, hence possibly breathing in Ebola virus particles themselves, or putting people in the area at risk of doing the same thing.

Several sheriff's deputies were ordered to go inside the house, but they were not given hazmat gear. The ambulance the patient was rushed to the hospital in was allowed to be used for days without disinfecting it, potentially exposing the crew and anybody who was transported in it. Crew members who drove the ambulance in the 3 subsequent days had to insist that they be checked and monitored. Consider these facts when Texas governor Rick Perry or any Dallas city official, or any member of the hospital or representative from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention assures everyone of the impeccable training and execution of said training that everyone has had.

Not All Experts Agree With The CDC & Government Officials


The corporate owned (and more or less state run) media continue to repeat the mantra that everything is under control and that we know all about Ebola, including how it is contracted and how to avoid contracting it, but there are a number of experts who disagree. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times highlighted some of the experts and their disagreements with what we are being told.41)

One point the writer made is something that the talk show hosts over at InfoWars.com have been saying for more than a week now. 42) Even though officials state that since everyone taking a flight out of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea are screened, including having their temperatures taken, there is supposed to be, “zero chance,” of anyone being infected, that's not necessarily a safe assumption. Analgesics like ibuprofen can keep a fever from occurring.

Anybody not feeling well on a flight from those nations would do everything in their power to not let on how they were feeling. They know the health care in a wealthy nation is going to be endlessly better than what they could expect in those nations. Even people who ordinarily do not lie, would be willing to stretch the truth, in oder to make the flight out of the country.

The truth is, a person might simply be feeling a bit tired, but if they told an airline screener that, they might not only miss their flight, but be placed in a ward with patients suffering from full blown Ebola. They might not even have had Ebola on the plane, but end up becoming infected in the ward.

And, if a person did have Ebola, their hope for survival is largely dependent on being able to fool the screeners. The incentive to appear in the best of health on such flights can not be overstated. It's also possible that someone could feel OK when they were checking in, but 12 hours later, be showing symptoms. It is ridiculous for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be making statements that there is, “zero chance,” of becoming infected on flights from those nations.

Indeed, a number of the basic tenets of how Ebola is said to work is based as much upon belief as it is actual knowledge – or even more belief than knowledge. Michael Osterholm, who is currently working at the University of Minnesota as a public health scientist, and who has served on the U.S. National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity, told the L.A. Times that there is no absolutely proof that asymptomatically infected individuals (people who have Ebola but are not showing signs yet) are unable to spread it.

Dr. Philip K. Russell agrees with Osterholm. Russell is a virologist who headed the Ebola research for the United States Army, Medical Research & Development Command. He states that data (that allegedly indicates that it's impossible for a person not showing overt symptoms to spread the virus) is both, “unconvincing,” and “premature.”

Furthermore, a number of researchers, including Charles L. Bailey, who, in 1989, supervised a study of “several dozen” rhesus monkeys for the government in a suburb of Washington DC do not buy the bit about Ebola not being airborne in any way, shape or form. That study was terminated when the monkeys started giving each other the virus, even though they were in separate cages. They ended up killing and incinerating all of the monkeys, including many who were almost certainly not infected. They, unlike the current leadership, understood the importance of erring on the side of caution.

Ebola being airborne, at least in aerosol form, allowing for small spaced transmissions, would help explain why so many health care workers, including Western relief workers have become infected, with many of them having died. Coughing and sneezing is likely to be one way to spread to spread this killer disease.

Beware The False Flag


The term, false flag is starting to become at least somewhat known. However, many people are under the false impression that it means that all false flag events are entirely hoaxed. It is true that every false flag has a hoax element to it, but the actual event itself, may be real, while the hoax is in regard to the individuals, organizations or governments who are blamed for the event.

If a ship at sea flies the flag of another nation, and then goes on to attack another ship, the country that gets blamed is the one whose flag is flying, even though they are not the culprits. So, the attack, in such a case, is real, and people could be killed, but the hoax pertains to who actually committed the crime verses who gets blamed for it.

Some false flags are complete hoaxes, like the Gulf of Tonkin alleged incident that was used to start the Vietnam war.43) The government announced that US ships were fired upon by North Vietnam, when in fact no ship came under fire. That was a false flag, but the event itself never happened.

Some people are considering the possibility that this Ebola outbreak is a false flag event. With an understanding that what we are presented with on the TV is rarely true, we should not rule out the possibility that the Ebola outbreak is no where near the level we are being told it is. Perhaps it's all a massive fraud.

If the globalist forces who largely run the show on planet earth are wishing for an excuse to tighten the control grid much further than they've done heretofore they could use an Ebola hoax just as easily as an actual Ebola outbreak.

As long as everybody thinks that Ebola is getting out of control and the government is needed, there is very little likelihood of Americans exercising their second amendments right getting in the way if troops are sent door to door to make sure everyone is following orders.

On the other hand, they could choose to get some hands on experience with an actual massive outbreak that they could have been responsible for. It's no secret the government has been experimenting with weaponizing viruses and other pathogens, and we've already seen that the government of the US has a patent on Ebola.

Anyone who doesn't think the government would do something like that, is choosing to stick her head in the sand. If you think back to the political assassination attempts via the anthrax attacks on the heels of 911, you may recall that it was traced to a US government lab.44)

Beware The Vaccination


In the past several years there have been a number of pandemic scares (like the swine flu of 2009) that were, in actuality, much ado about nothing. They were manufactured events whose goals seemed to be about selling vaccinations for big pharma, adding several billion more dollars into their coffers.

Of course, there is always another element to vaccines beyond making a profit. They cause more problems than they prevent, and they even lead to illnesses worse than the ones people are trying to get protection from. Even the polio vaccine which proponents cling to as the ultimate proof of their efficacy, had cancer viruses in the formula, and is considered to be a major reason for the surge in cancer in the 20th century.

Vaccines, these days, are well known for causing the actual illnesses they are supposed to prevent. There is no better way to set your child up for a life of sickness than to load her up with toxic shots filled with mercury and other heavy metals as an infant. This Ebola outbreak probably has a vaccine component that will be played out. If you care about your health and your life, you will want to keep away from any vaccine they announce. Vaccines not only can take decades off your life, they can take away the quality of life in the years they leave you with. Just ask the 47,000 children in India who were given the Bill and Melinda gate polio vaccine and were subsequently paralyzed.

Vaccine apologists would have us believe that it was a coincidence that they became paralyzed after taking the shots. Moreover, they are unable to find a group of children of any size, let alone, 47,000, who did not take the vaccine that also became paralyzed.

What If This Outbreak Is Organic?


As far as this writer is concerned, with each passing day, more is learned that makes the likelihood of this Ebola outbreak being natural, and not a weaponized event by the lovely globalist, increasingly unlikely. For the sake of argument, even if the outbreak itself was not planned and executed, but just happened to come up naturally, the globalists are taking a page from Rahm Emmanuel and not letting a good crises go to waste.

If You Don't Have Emergency Provisions Yet What The Hell Are You Waiting For?


When I try to share with people the importance of having emergency provisions to help them and their families get through potential45) rough spots, a common response is, “I've been hearing doom and gloom since the 1970s.”

Statements like that are meant to provide the person peace of mind. The unspoken assertion is that since they have been fine since the 70s, there is nothing to worry about for the rest of their time on the planet ( this time around.)46) It's hard to know how to respond to them.

First of all, there exists about a thousand more times the likelihood for needing to prepare for emergencies and economic collapse now than in the 70s. It makes zero sense to believe that just because you have gotten through all this time without needing preparations, that somehow gives you protection from future possibilities.

For example, it's silly to assume that since nuclear war has not happened, (except for the people of Nagasaki and Horoshima, that is) it never will possibly happen. The truth is, any number of events could cause an interruption in the system that gets food to the local stores. Why wouldn't you want to have your family (or just yourself, if you live alone) prepared, just in case?

People who are smug about not needing to prepare are missing the point. When they say they been around all these years and the shit has yet to hit the fan, they are speaking from a sophomoric and myopic point of view. It merely means the shit didn't hit the fan in their part of the world. In many other areas, it hit the fan a number of times.

In the worst areas, truly nightmarish scenes were played out; the kind that freaks you out just to think about, and millions upon millions of people perished. Perhaps prepping may not have saved them, but it's better to prepare than not to, in order to give yourself a fighting chance. At any rate, with the current Ebola scare and its 21 day quarantines, you should have at least that much food and water (or water source) ready, at the helm.

There is no room to be smug about not preparing for a coming storm. Whether it's Ebola, some other pandemic, war, martial law, civil unrest, extreme weather, economic collapse, or any other number of possibilities, you are insane if you think you have no need to get ready as best you can for what things may come.


If this Ebola crises wakes you up and snaps you out of your normalcy bias, then that is proof that good can and does come from bad. One of the best ways to prepare is to help your neighbors know they need to prepare. Forming a bond with the people in your neighborhood and community can often help you more than having all the riches in the world at your fingertips.

Best Ways To Deal With Ebola


If Ebola breaks out in your area, you will best be served by staying home. If you have no money saved to tide you over and have to go to work every day, you will be exposing yourself to potential trouble. Perhaps now is a great time to start a home based business to help you have extra money.47)

Stay away from people and buildings that have Ebola patients. May God bless the health care workers who choose to be heroic. Say prayers for them daily. Wash your hands like it's going out of style.

If you live with people and you are all having to venture out in public in an area that has Ebola outbreaks, wear surgical masks as a way to protect each other. Yes, a surgical mask could potentially provide you with protection, but mostly it's to protect other people from you.

If someone you love has Ebola, you should stay out of their room. Mathematically, at least, it's best if only one person is their designated caretaker. Why put several people on the front line when only one person needs to be in that kind of immediate risk? The patient and their caretakers should all be wearing surgical masks. Caretakers should be wearing rubber gloves, and truth be told, hazmat suits.

If someone you love dies from Ebola, you need to get out of the room and pay your respects from a distance. When people die, they are much more contagious than when they are living. As much as you may want to get in a last hug or kiss, you should realize that their spirit no longer resides in their body.

There is no need to identify with their body. Just thinking of hugging them will give you that experience a lot better than actually touching the physical shell they have left behind. Remember, the last thing they would want to happen is to spread Ebola to you.

Keep in mind, if you were close to someone in this life, there is not only a great chance they will be waiting for you when you cross over.48) Beyond that, there is a good chance you will incarnate with them again, as long as you both need to come back to another lifetime of schooling on earth. 49)

Boost Your Immune System


In The Homeostasis Protocol: The Key To Divine Health,50) by Blake Sawyer, the concept is introduced that you can create a bodily environment that makes it impossible to become ill. When your immune system is at 100%, Sawyer insists, you don't have to worry about catching any disease. I've heard him say on his webio51) show that if it rained for weeks or months, the environment would make it impossible for the kinds of fires to start that occur when there has been no rain, and the brush is brittle and some clown throws down her cigarette butt in the woods.

That is how he describes what you can do to your body that makes it impossible for sickness to get in and take hold. Your entire bodily environment is the equivalent of a water saturated forest that makes fire impossible. As long as it keeps raining regularly that forest is not going to catch fire, and as long as you keep taking certain actions, sickness will not take hold in your body, Sawyer says.

What Are The Actions?


Here is how he says to boost your immune system and create that environment that is unconducive to pesky things like Ebola:

  • Drink ionized water (which, by definition means you'll also be drinking alkalized water, but it doesn't work the other way around. That is to say, ionization of your water will also alkalize it, but alkalization will not ionize it. Your water must have both qualities.
  • Change the way you eat. He says you can do it in gradients. For people like me, that's great news. It doesn't have to be cold turkey, suddenly letting go of everything you currently enjoy,52) but the goal is to eventually say buh bye to junk/processed/genetically modified foods by going organic, transitioning to a mostly raw, fruit and vegetable based diet. For today, simply stop the soda and fried food, then start phasing in the real (whole) foods. If you don't ever see yourself completely giving up meat, there is organic meat, that is free range, hormone/chemical free. Just don't make it the staple of every meal once you are fully transitioned.
  • Take some great supplements. (See below)
  • Bounce up on down on a rebounder (mini trampoline) for 30 minutes (or more) daily. (See below for rebounder recommendations.) You can not substitute other exercise for rebounding, no matter how superior you may believe they are. The truth is, no exercise is superior for your overall health, no matter how great they may be for cardio, core strength, body sculpting, calorie burning, fat burning, etc., nothing can hold a candle to the health effect that you get from rebounding on a proper rebounder. And no other exercise is part of the Homeostasis Protocol.

—- Feel free to do other forms of exercise, but don't skip out on rebounding. Even if you have a day that is unusually hectic and you are thrown off your schedule and can't find 30 minutes, hop on for a few minutes here and a few minutes there. Actually, if you could break up your 30 minutes into cycles of 3 minutes, you would get the best results in terms of healing. People have made their cancer go into remission by rebounding 2 or 3 minutes per hour during waking hours.53)


Three main things happen when you rebound that you don't get from any other form of exercise
  • 1) Your lymph fluid circulates through your entire body in 3 minutes. No other exercise can touch this. The effect that has on your health (and thus, healing) can not be overstated. It sends nourishment to every cell in your body, while also taking away toxins from every cell. NOTE: The ionized water is crucial for ensuring lymph circulation, because it is common for lymph (fluid) to be thicker than it should be. Ionized water has electrical properties that make lymph less viscous, as the Creator intended. You need both the ionized water and the daily rebounding.
  • 2) It makes your white blood cells come out from hiding in your bone marrow and do their magic, fighting pesky and/or deadly pathogens throughout your body. It also helps your body to create more white blood cells. Two minutes of rebounding will do the trick, and it keeps the white blood cells out and about for an hour, which is why people who are fighting cancer should rebound every hour for 2 to 3 minutes. (Two minutes gets the white blood cells out for an hour, while 3 minutes gives your lymphatic fluid a complete trip through your body. Two minutes is fine. Three is better.) NOTE: You could rebound for many hours without stopping. While that would keep your white blood cells circulating for the duration, as soon as you would stop, they would still be out and about for just an hour, so if you didn't rebound any more that day, the bulk of those cells would go back in hiding in your bone marrow. People who are fighting for their lives will do themselves the biggest favor by getting a decent rebounder (see below) and using it briefly, every hour they are home and awake.
  • 3) The act of rebounding, individually exercises and energizes each of the trillions of cells that comprise your physical self. It is due to the flux force of jumping up and down. You can't have the same affect, just jumping up on down on the ground, although that is better than nothing. Most people would never keep jumping from the ground for 30 minutes, though, and the effect is fairly dismal, compared to what you get from the flux force provided by a trampoline. By the way, most inexpensive rebounders are too tight. They don't really provide much more in the way of flux than the ground. You want to have the springy, bouncy feeling when you stand on your rebounder If it doesn't really give way when you stand and jump on it, you are not truly rebounding. It's better to spend $400 on a good rebounder and get the benefits, than less than $100 on a cheap one and not get the benefits. Plus, you will probably quit using a mini trampoline that is so tight, because it doesn't provide the fun that a genuine, springy rebounder provides. (See below for a trampoline that has that quality while also being affordable.)

NOTE: I wrote more about rebounding in The Only Exercise You Need To Do. Keep in mind, you do not even have to lift off the mat when you bounce, in order to get awesome health benefits. This can be the most gentle yet most helpful exercise you will ever do. And it's fun.

The supplements that Sawyer recommends for the Homeostasis Formula are:

  • Royal Velvet, which is liquified deer antler velvet. Don't worry, no deer are killed or harmed in its production.54) Bucks grow these huge antlers that you would think took a lifetime to achieve, when in fact, they are no more than a year's worth of work. They shed those behemoths annually. I wrote more about Royal Velvet in The Supplement That Has Me Looking And Feeling Younger In Two Weeks.

—- The velvet on the outside of the antlers has been shown to have incredible health effects when consumed. This article could easily be double the length if I were to go into those effects. Sawyer says he sells the brand of deer velvet that is head and shoulders above every other brand. His website can be found here.

—- The water ionizer products that Sawyer recommends come from Alka Viva. You can spend four figures (multiple four figures, even) getting a water ionizer system for your home. Or you can get their gravity fed pitcher filtration here. It will probably run you about $150 with shipping and then the replacement filter is about $50 with shipping every six weeks. Good for 60 gallons. You should read The Homeostasis Protocol to learn about all the many and incredible things that water ionization does. They don't go into on their website, the way Sawyer breaks it down. When you go to buy from them, they will ask who referred you. I am not presently a distributor so my name won't help you. I buy using the name, Sawyer, but I believe there is a system where you can be placed under a random distributor. You may need to call them if you want someone other than Blake Sawyer to make a few dollars in commissions from your pitcher purchase.

— NOTE: Shockingly, Sawyer is adamant that reverse osmosis filtered water is about the worst water you could possibly drink. He goes so far as to say that drinking tap water (which means chlorine and fluoridated) water is better than water that has been through the reverse osmosis process. (Yeah! I know. Right?) He also says the same holds true with distilled water. I have heard to stay away from distilled water, for years, but a warning about R.O. water was brand new to my world. And to go so far as to choose tap water over RO water, still has me reeling. If you get your water from one of those machines often located in or outside grocery stores, you are probably drinking RO water. They have multiple filtration systems in place and RO is usually one of them.

If you are in utter disbelief, all I can say is to read his booklet THP and decide for yourself if you think he knows what he is talking about. As soon as my pitcher filter system arrived, I had the last RO water I intend to drink, but I'm still not sure I would drink straight tap water over RO water. I have come across an inexpensive water purification method (see below) that I will use if I don't have access to a replacement filter for my Alka Viva pitcher.

NOTE: In terms of importance, he places ionized water above his Royal Velvet product, which is really saying something, because he extensively goes into why his deer velvet is incredibly beneficial for your body. He also provides a lot of impressive testimonials.

  • Royal Chlorella is his brand of chlorella, which he says is the best way to constantly be detoxing your body, while providing it with great nutrition. His booklet says that most supplements and vitamins are pretty much worthless, because they are not natural, but are synthetically produced. He guarantees the supplements he sells are among the tiny percentage of supplements on the market that are completely natural. He says that this product will even clear away the hard crud that lines the insides of most individual's colon, without the needed to go to a colonic irrigation specialist and have her shoot a high powered hose up your nether region. (It will take longer, of course, but this is part of the lifetime protocol you should be on to stay healthy and boost your immune system so that no metaphorical fires can start anywhere in your body if a metaphorical cigarette butt gets tossed inside your system.55) The point being, you don't have to try to do an overnight detox of your entire body. Even if it were possible, it's not only not needed, but would likely be too much for your body to handle without having some rather unpleasant times for you. Detoxing is a way of life. Even if you go organic and with a macrobiotic diet, there are toxins that will continue to reach your body. THP is a detox lifestyle (among other things.)
  • The rebounder that Sawyer recommends, but does not make money on 56) is Rebound Air. He recommends the half fold model, which makes it so much easier to move about. The price is listed at $350. When I went to find the shipping costs, it said I qualified for free shipping. I'm guessing that anyone in the continental US would have qualified.

—- Even though you can search online and find mini trampolines for a little as $30 plus shipping, the Rebound Air deal is actually better, due to the quality of the unit and the fact that it provides the springiness that almost all cheap units do not have. That spring is what makes rebounding so incredibly beneficial. It's better to pay for what you need than to waste your money on something that isn't going to help you. If you just don't have that $350 in your budget, keep reading for an alternative that isn't as good a product, but that has the spring you need at a price you are likely able to afford. (It is what I opted for, after I wasted my money on eBay for a cheap unit costing $70 including delivery.)

The above recommendations, along with changing your eating, starting immediately by letting go of soda and fried food, and then phasing in the healthy stuff while phasing out the processed stuff, comprises 80% of the benefits of the Homeostasis Protocol. In another conversation, I will go into more detail of these steps as well as discuss several other smaller steps that comprise the other 20%. They include things like doing a breathing exercise to help oxygenate your blood.

On a recent Sawyer webio show, he said he could be in the midst of an Ebola outbreak and not have any danger of getting infected because he has been on THP for so long. Whether that is true, I can't say with 100% certainly, but I can tell he believes it, and frankly, my money would be on that being a true statement. However, as for me, I would follow THP to prevent Ebola infection, but also take other precautions like not going out in public more than I needed to, during an Ebola outbreak in my area.

Other Products

I drink the ionized water and take the deer velvet and the chlorella and I rebound. I also get a product that Sawyer is a distributor for, called, ZeoLife. It's a combination of liquid zeolites, which is an incredible detoxifier, and it is mixed with powerful pro-biotics when places good bacteria in my gut.

If you have ever had antibiotics at any point in your life, your good bacteria has been overrun with candida and it is getting in the way of your continued good health. A good pro-biotic product is crucial, in my fairly informed, layman's opinion.

I also try to take a couple or few tablespoons of virgin coconut oil a daily. It mixes great with all kinds of food and is perfect for cooking. The benefits could fill a book. Among dozen of benefits, it's great to protect your brain from dementia and Alzheimer's. In fact, many people report coming back from those diseases as a result of a loved one giving them coconut oil every day.

I am currently taking a drop of oil of oregano under my tongue, daily. It's like rocket fuel in terms of what I imagine the taste and hot sensation would be like, so I don't necessarily recommend anyone to take it that way. Many people just rub a drop into their skin, or put a few drops on a saucer and take it in via by breathing the air. It's a natural antibiotic.

I'm also taking 5 milligrams of astaxanthin daily, which I don't always remember to keep a supply of. This is another one that could take a book to really go into detail about. This red microalgae that comes in a tiny capsule, provides the best natural antioxidants which makes it effective for staving off disease and boosting the immune system.

It also provides athletes with improved strength, stamina and conditioning. It has benefits for your heart, brain, skin, eyes, joints and helps fight inflammation. It's also an internal sun screen, so to speak. More of the public is starting to understand that slathering poisons on your skin that often have been proven to be carcinogenic, in an effort to prevent skin cancer is self defeating (Furthermore, not getting enough sunlight can actually lead to cancer, including skin cancer. Go figure.)

The Mother Of All Health Minerals


I have recently started taking MMS which I first heard about in the late 90s. Even though I have always been open to alternative health information, a part of me felt that the claims being made about this chemical/mineral were just too, out there, for me to really spend time on.

Through the years, I'd hear more about it, and finally, about 17 years after I first heard of it, I finally got around to trying it. It is a subject for a separate conversation, but for now, I will say that, after reading hundreds of pages and watching a lot of video documentation, I'm convinced that there is nothing else in the same ball park as MMS when it comes to quickly helping people become healthy.

Millions of people are said to have tried it, and hundreds of thousands of lives are said to have been saved. If you are of the mindset that if it was that good, we would all know about it, you have been sheltered from how life works.

My guess is, you have taken an active role in the sheltering from years of choosing to watch television. At any rate, the simple (and logical) truth is that the medical industry is never going to show you how to stay healthy, because their fortune and their power relies on your perpetual illness.

It is actually naive to think the medical industry would promote anything that would threaten the goose that lays the golden eggs. If this is indeed news to you, don't feel bad. Virtually everybody, including this writer, initially came from the perspective that the medical system is about healing. Live and learn, as they say.

MMS is an acronym, not a scientific name. It stands for Master Mineral Solution. Originally, the chief discoverer, Jim Humble, 57) called it, Miracle Mineral Supplement, but it's not a nutritional supplement… and governments don't like to see the miracle word, so the name was changed.

Opponents say that it's harmful because it's chemically related to chlorine, but those same people have no problem with actual chlorine being in their tap water. The active chemical is called sodium chlorite. Table salt's chemical name is sodium chloride. Salt and MMS are similarly related to chlorine.

Too much MMS could likely kill you, just as too much salt (4 cups) could kill you too, Too much water has killed a number of people. (Cause of death on their death certificates is, “water toxicity.” It doesn't mean that they drank a batch of poisonous water. It indicates they drank so much water, it became fatally toxic to their body.)

MMS is used for water purification as well as for sterilizing equipment in hospitals. It has a chlorine smell to it. Taken as the MMS protocols call for, it has never been shown to be harmful. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken it to get over all manner of illness, including many who were on their death beds, after modern medicine had given up on them.

Of course, opponents will say it's never been proven. That's a lie. It's been proven hundreds of thousands of time. They just don't count them, but it's certainly been proven in the lives of countless individuals. It's never been through the process that the establishment requires as proof, because it costs scores of millions of dollars, and the people with that kind of money don't want everyone to know what it can do, because billions upon billions of dollars would be lost if everyone started using this.

MMS kills pathogens, viruses, harmful bacteria, germs, etc., and in so doing, frees up the body's immune system to be able to ward off illness. Nothing is a cure all, and nothing stops us each from dying, but that's no reason not to use MMS.

MMS has not be used on Ebola patients that we currently know of. That is because Ebola has always been quite rare. Before this current outbreak, less than 2,000 people were ever known to have become infected with it. Seeing as how most other issues respond to MMS, I'd be surprised if it did not help a good percentage of Ebola patients to fully recover, but that's speculation on my part.

The way I'm using it is to boost my immune system by taking a maintenance dose. I believe that, along with the Homeostasis Protocol and limiting my exposure to Ebola if it does break out in my community, I will remain safe.

Jim Humble does not sell MMS, but it's a common water purification product and is not difficult to find, even by doing an online search for MMS. It comes with citric acid that you mix it with, to make it active. The combined liquid becomes chlorine dioxide. It smells like chlorine, but at the levels you consume, it is only helpful and never harmful. If you say you would never drink anything that has chlorine in it, what do you think you are drinking when you drink tap water? If you think you don't consume tap water, what do you think you are consuming when you go out to eat? Even if you don't drink the water in the glasses that they serve you, what about the iced tea and the lemonade?

Even when restaurants say that filter their water, you don't know that their filtration system gets the chlorine out. You could be drinking chlorine in any number of their products, like soda, tea, lemonade, for instance. Those filters certainly don't take the fluoride out.

Products you buy at the store have tap water in them, including various brands of tomato sauce. When you order a pizza, their sauce is almost always made with tap water. Trust me, you are consuming chlorinated water unless you specifically have a filtration that gets out the chlorine and you only drink your own liquid products and you only eat organic food.

MMS isn't straight chlorine, any way, although, like table salt, it is in the chlorine family. It's just funny that the same sources who try to make us believe MMS is dangerous due to chlorine, are almost always the first people to defend the public water supply having chlorine in it.

Some people have the attitude that they would only try MMS if they were incredibly sick and nothing was helping. That, at least, is a bit more enlightened than swearing you would never try it. Everyone should keep MMS on hand, even if they would only consider using it if they were sick, or if they were hoping to boost their immune system to protect themselves from Ebola or some other pathogen wreaking havoc in their community.

Affordable Rebounder Worth Buying

Rebounding is a huge part in the Homeostasis Protocol which may be what is going to protect you from succumbing to all kinds of pathogens, Ebola, being merely one of them. What can you do if you don't have the $350 to spend on the brand Blake Sawyer recommends?

What I did was order an urban rebounder for one third the price of the other one mentioned above. There seems to be some good news and bad news regarding the price. The good news is, as I write this, they are giving free shipping, which will save you the $20 I had to pay. The bad news is that it looks as if they are not offering the 3 payment option, that I was able to get.58)

Full disclosure: When I got it, I weighed in at about 300 pounds which is the maximum. It seems so sturdy, and they have a part in the infomercial where they show an SUV on four of their rebounders, one holding each wheel, I always presumed someone, even 500 pounds fluffy could use the product, as long as they had the stabilizing bar attached to make sure they didn't lose their balance. 59) However, I no longer feel that way. I have broken 3 springs in several months. Even at 285 pounds I broke a spring. 60) As long as I am closer to 300 than 200, I've decided to quit getting so much air (lifting off as much off the mat), and to limit my sessions to 10 or 15 minutes, so the springs don't heat up or otherwise have as much stress from prolonged use. They do provide replacement springs parts for the first year, though, so hopefully I'll lose more weight and not have to buy new springs once the warranty is no longer in effect.))

If you have the money for the Rebound Air, (and especially if you weigh in at what I'm currently tipping the scales at) you may want to avoid Urban Rebounder. If you can't spare the cash, but don't want to waste money on a cheap, tight rebounder that is not going to provide the flux force that comes from the springiness of a good trampoline, then Urban Rebounder may still be the best choice for you.

The truth is, I have no proof that any other spring based rebounder, regardless of price, would not have the same issues with my weight and style of workout. Eventually I intend to get a Bellicose rebounder from Germany. It is one of the brands that use bungee cords, instead of springs.

The downside is you have to buy new bungees ever year or two, and the rebounders are very expensive, several hundred dollars. I think their top model is almost $1000. You catch so much air though, it's not only a tremendously lot more fun, it gives you a lot more of the health benefits compared to any other model. The more flex in the landing/jumping, and the more force in the change of directions, the more energized your cells become and the more your lymph circulates through your body.

I can say that even with the spring problems, I'm glad I got my Urban Rebounder. I had a cheap model that was too tight before. It not only did not give me the health benefits, it just wasn't fun and I wasn't motivated to keep using it. When something is fun, it doesn't even seem like exercise.

I get on and listen to Alex Jones on my phone app, or plug headphones into my laptop and watch a movie. (That's the secret to 2 or 3 hour sessions, by the way.)


While this Ebola breakout could be devastating in terms of scale, inside and outside or Africa, we do not know that this will be one of the extinction level events that a number of experts have been warning about. It is certainly a reminder for every thinking person that now is the time to take stock of our lives and our reasons for being here.

It is a great time to pursue spiritual pursuits and, “get right with God,” as the saying goes. It's a reminder that our time here is temporary, and what seems important to us on any given day is usually not what is important to us on our death beds.

If we have things unsaid, that we would like to say to loved ones, let this crises be an inspiration to finally getting around and having those conversations. If we have nebulous plans to, one day, let go of old grudges, perhaps we should make it happen this day, instead.

As far as Ebola goes, the global government response to Ebola is as big a part as Ebola itself plays, in terms of what we need to be wary of. We should have provisions stocked, so that if orders came down that we were quarantined, we would not have to rely on the competence of government to supply us with our basic needs. We need to boost our immune system to be able to ward off Ebola and everything else that is out there.

We do not know if a nurse allowed him to pick out a lollypop or other candy prizes before leaving, just as long as he promised to refrain from consuming it less than 15 minutes before a meal so that his appetite doesn't get spoiled, but considering the level of negligence shown by the staff, it would not be surprising if that was the extent of their health advice. Yes, that's a bit of humor there, that hopefully drives home the level of incompetence shown by hospital personnel. It would have been bad enough if nobody asked him where he had recently been lately, considering that is what they were supposed to have been trained to ask for all patients coming in with a high fever. Being that he is a black man and speaks with an accent, it might have even helped to jog the hospital staff's memory. To learn that he actually voluntarily provided the information that would have put him in quarantine and start the process of tracking down as many people as possible that he had been in contact with so that they could be monitored and quarantined, as needed – yet nobody did that, it's difficult to fathom. Did the staff that treated him break for lunch and allow the janitorial staff to fill in until they got back? Hey, just askin'.
Or perhaps the better question is, will the US be the only country not to ban such incoming flights? We've seen the USA be the only country in the world to do things before, and we're not talking about good things. For instance, the USA is often the only country to vote against censuring Israel for human rights abuses against the Palestinians.
That is, short of deliberate sabotage, of which may in fact be what we are experiencing.
No relation to Olympic figure skating silver medalist Sasha Cohen, or Olympic gold medal level funny man, Sacha Baron Cohen
It's it not utter insanity, it's utter sabotage, a deliberate attempt to spread Ebola in Dallas.
http://www.naturalnews.com/047118_Ebola_pandemic_US_government_American_cities.html) Plus, a lot of doctors who may not be ready to come out and say the CDC and other official sources are lying, are questioning their stated confidence and the constant mantra that officials are putting out, along the lines of, there's nothing to worry about, nothing to see here, and just keep moving. Some of the areas that critics are either dubious about, if not downright accusing officials of lying about, have to do with how they say the disease can spread. - For instance, officials continue to deny that Ebola can be airborne at all, even for short distances. However, a 2012 study by the Canadian government, tell how they infected pigs and put them in an enclosure with a wire mesh separator that had monkeys on the other side. The monkeys became infected. The study concluded that some level of airborne ability is strongly suspected. A few days ago, however, they edited the conclusion, to say that the airborne spread of Ebola has never been proven.((It's important to understand, they didn't just add the statement that it has yet to be proven. They totally took out the sentence that it is strongly suggested. By making those two edits, in tandem, it completely skews the conclusion of the study from what it used to be, less than a week ago. It is highly suspect, to say the least.
  • snicker*)) a number of the infected health workers were volunteering from the United States and European nations. The latest victim, as of the moment, is a cameraman for NBC who took great pains to not have any physical contact with anybody. The CDC is still clinging to the notion that only the direct contact of bodily fluids is required. The facts are simply not supporting that.
I can't help but think to the drivel that was put out to explain why President Bush stayed in a class of second graders, reading, My Pet Goat, when he knew the nation was under attack after the second plane had hit the tower. People actually buy the notion that if he left before the end of the book, it would have scared the 20 kids, so it was better to leave the commander and chief in a photo op, than having him deal with the worst terrorist attack in the nation's history. It's mind numbing what people will believe, as long as it is delivered on the TV. Never mind the fact that it put the President, and subsequently the children, in jeopardy, since it was public knowledge where he was, and for all anybody knew (allegedly), there could have been jets heading for the school to crash into the classroom. Actually, the only realistic explanation for why the secret service would have allowed him to stay there, was 911 was an inside job. Everybody knew Bush was safe because they knew the details of the attacks. Otherwise, every secret service agent there and the department heads would be fired.
Actually, Obola opened the southern border at the beginning of the year. He gave the stand down orders then and it took a few months for word to get out, not just in Mexico, Central America and South America, but all around the world. People started showing up at the border, fully aware that they would not be turned away. The government acted like it was some kind of crises where life was suddenly unbearable for all these people and we had no choice but to exercise compassion and let them in, when in fact it was a ruse and a trojan horse. The border patrol had been on stand-down orders for all of 2014. Of course, third world immigrants were going to show up in droves. It was no sudden crises. I never thought I would say this after Bush left the White House, but Obama is even more harmful than the guy who preceded him.
Technically, Mexico has changed their policy. As long as someone comes in without authorization, for the express purpose of going into the United States, without staying in Mexico, they do not consider that illegal. If they stay, then they are criminals and face long sentences in hell hole Mexican prisons.
Zaire was renamed, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in 1997. That, of course, is often confused with another African nation that goes by the name of, the Republic of the Congo. This writer has suggested that one of the country's should officially add the word, “Line” at the end of their name to avoid confusion. They would not have to throw out their letterhead, or anything else that bears its name. They'd just need to be a rubber stamp made up that says, Line. Brilliant, right? As it stands today, people tend to say, “I'm going to Congo,” regardless of which Congo they are going to. If my idea were adopted, people would simply say, “I”m going to Congo Line,“ or, “I'm going to Congo.” No more confusion. I can't believe I offered that solution for free. Even more shocking is the fact that neither nation has demonstrated the acuity, the insight, or the vision to accept my gift.
http://www.lshtm.ac.uk/ It never ceases to boggle the mind how many learned people are still on board with the global warming / climate change hoax. Piot's post graduate school, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is evidently one of them. On the school's home page is a story about the U.N. announcement that climate change will bring about new health risks due to the projection that the number of extremely hot days will triple by the middle of the century. The great thing about projections that are 35 years away is a good portion of the people citing them, will not be alive to deal with the fact that they never happened. The ones who are alive will go by the now infamous, global warming scientist excuse, that the data was 100% correct, but the time frame was simply off. This U.N. projection of the tripling of extremely hot days would mean that the cooling trend that has been underway for quite a few years would have to totally reverse its course, although, you can guess that this story contains no mention of the cooling trend, or the various lies and deceits the climate scientists have been caught in; or for that matter, the fact that one would could not find a single projected, dire claim from the global warming scientists, that has actually come to fruition, even though many of them were made decades ago, and the time period for such claims have come and gone. Indeed, the reason the term, “climate change,” was created was because, the passage of time proved these people so wrong, so often, a new twist had to be created, so that no matter whatever could possibly happen in terms of climate and weather, they could cite it as proof that carbon – human created carbon, no less – was the culprit. Thus, record snowstorms suddenly are proof of global warming. The lack of global warming, and the existence of record breaking snow storms, however, in the minds of these people, can never be used as, well, proof of the lack of global warming. When a group of these so-called climate scientists charters a ship to go to Antarctica in the southern hemisphere summer, for the express purpose of documenting the dwindling ice, and the ship gets stuck in the frozen ocean, these intellectually dishonest folks have the chutzpah to say that is further proof of global warming. The mind boggles. If they are able to figure out how getting stuck in ice that they were sure was not there, is proof of global warming, one would think they would have known that the ice would have been there, in the first place. These folks simply take whatever data there is and try to come up with an interpretation to make it mean what they want it to, regardless of how foolish it makes them look. But, I digress.
When Piot's team was coming up with a name for the deadly virus, they ruled out using the country or city name, because it would stigmatize the area, for as long as the name stay the same. Their team leader suggested to check a map and name it after a river. They found Ebola river on the map, thinking it was the river closest to them. The map wasn't accurate, since there were other rivers, closer, but it was in the region, nonetheless. One more aside on the name. Be careful that you enunciate properly when you tell your waitress you want a bow of soup. Otherwise, she could, ostensibly, serve you a hot round of Ebola soup.
The implications for medical ethics is fairly profound. If it became evident that medical science was coming up with ways to prolong life, but that the mortality rate was not decreasing, and that the prolonging of life was increasing the rate of the spread of the deadly virus, a judgement call would have to be made, whether to quit prolonging life, in order to reduce the spread, or to go on doing what they are doing, in the hopes that the treatment that will bring patients back to health would be forthcoming within the time frame of the extra weeks with which their lives were being extended. My bet is that the call would be to quit giving the life prolonging treatment. Indeed, if it were something simple that could be done by the public, for instance, giving massive doses of vitamin C, I would not be surprised if governments enacted a legal proscription of the vitamin. I also would expect that most people would ignore such a proscription for their infected family members and there would be a hoarding movement of vitamin C supplements as well as all food that contained the vitamin.
At this point, I'm looking for confirmation of that, though.
And, in case you're wondering; I do understand that it's considered a sign of chutzpah to refer to people from the United States, as, Americans, because, after all, there are dozens of countries that make up the Americas, and furthermore, there are multiple countries in North America alone, so what gives us the right to think of ourselves as, Americans, to the exclusion of all the other nations in the Americas? So, I get it, but not enough to change, yet. Similar to my understanding that eating meat is morally wrong, yet the only difference that realization has made for me is that I now eat meat and feel guilty for doing so. I'd like to think I'm a work in progress.
The cover story was an agent gone rogue who committed suicide when the authorities were closing in on him, but the more obvious and likely scenario is, a whistle blower who came close to exposing the government as the anthrax culprit, and by default, 911, who was suicided (executed to look like suicide), and blamed for the treason, by the same people who brought us 911.
Actually, you might as well take the, “potential” out of that statement. I put it in there, because it's a mental block to so many people, to admit that a storm is on the horizon. They can better deal with statements to the effect of, “In case a storm is on the horizon, doesn't it makes sense to have provisions for your family?”
I believe it's web based radio only, but I could be wrong. I'm using, “webio,” to mean, web radio.
…Including cold turkey (or warm turkey, for that matter
There is no need to set your clock and get up each hour you sleep to rebound for three minutes.
It always is interesting when meat eaters (of which, I, unfortunately, am still one of at the time of this writing), cringe at the thought of killing deer for health, but think nothing of going to Mickey D's for a Big Mac.
Here, I am calling back to Sawyer's metaphor, of how the Homeostasis protocol creates an internal bodily environment that will be totally unconducive to any pathogens you may comes across, just as a totally rain soaked forest is unconducive to a lit cigarette starting a fire.
For those who are interested in such things. I understand the principle of wanting to know if someone is making money on their recommendations, but so often, people accuse those who are promoting alternative health concepts and products as being shady by having profit be a part of what they do, yet these same people never have a problem with the jaw dropping profits the traditional medical care industry makes. That some individuals profit, in and of itself, should not be an issue. If harmful things are being recommended for profit, that's another story. The fact is, that happens much more with traditional medicine than with alternative health care. In fact, more times than not, it's what doctors do.
Or as I like to call him, humble Jim Humble
At least the 3 payment option is no longer listed on the sales page. Perhaps when you put in your payment data a page will come up offering you payments possibilities, but I'm guessing that is not the case.
I enjoy the stabilizing bar, very much. It helps give an upper body work out.
I have generally caught more air than the guy in the training DVD recommends, so that has something to do with it, along with my weight, but it is a hassle having to contact customer service to have them mail me a new spring. I have gone for 2 to 3 hours at a time, by the way, but in none of those marathon sessions did a spring break.((Did someone say, Spring Break?