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There is a Cryptocurrency out there called Unobtanium. Personally I have a few of these and believe that they might become pretty “unobtainable” in the not so distant future. The harder these coins are to obtain the higher their price will become. About half of these coins have already been mined and the mining is getting increasingly difficult and as a result less worth the time and effort. This will of course change a bit as the price rises, but the bottom line is only 250,000 will ever be mined. That makes them over 100x as rare as Bitcoin.

Below are some details on Unobtanium:

  • There will only ever be 250,000 Unobtanium coins mined
  • Difficulty adjusts on Unobtanium blocks every 1 block. So the difficulty is progressively adjusted.
  • The block reward is only .50 coins at present which is really low. This makes coins hard to mine quickly.
  • The block time is 3 minutes instead of the 10 for Bitcoin which makes this coin a lot faster to transact.

When you take these things into consideration when looking at UNO (Unobtanium coin) you can quickly see that should people ever start transacting this coin seriously it will have a dramatic increase in price as people scramble to get their hands on the limited number of coins. I see this coin as a hit or miss. If it hits they will be worth a ton of money and if they miss they will be worth next to nothing. The good news is, they are already at a market cap of well over half a million dollars, so clearly someone is feeling that they are a worthwhile gamble!

I love the name too, “Unobtanium” is just makes you so furious if you don't have any because the name is self is a taunt in a way. It makes you want to obtain them even more.

Here are a few more details on the coin:

  • Unobtanium is currently in the top 40 of all cryptocurrencies according to market cap (see for details)
  • The total market cap for all Unobtanium coins as the present time is $640,000. This fluctuates rapidly due to the low trade volume and the low number of total coins out there.
  • Unobtanium's block reward is cut in half every 102,000 blocks and after the next cut it will be extremely hard to mine these profitably unless the price rises dramatically.
  • Unobtanium was over $12 a coin just a few weeks ago and now is sitting around $5 per coin.

UNO (Unobtanium) has fallen out of popularity recently and now is a great time to get in cheap. The easiest way to trade in these coins is to go on At Cryptsy you can trade all sorts of cryptocurrencies with people from all over the world. There are some transaction fees, but these are small compared to the service provided in my opinion at about .2% of the transaction. If you don't have Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency already you will need to get some first because cryptsy does not work directly for fiat currency such as the American Dollar or the Euro.

One thing is for sure, whether or not Unobtanium becomes the next “bitcoin” it and all of the other cryptocurrencies are definitely something to keep a close eye on. Better to make informed decisions than walk around blind, even if your decision is to stay away from Bitcoin or cryptocurrency all together. Personally, I am giving them all a chance and learning as much about the top 100 of these as I can hoping to spot the next popular coin + have a few Bitcoin for good measure. I would hate for the world to shift to a new currency and be late to the party. I would rather have one foot in both doors, so I do!

I also will be writing more about a bunch of other cryptocurrencies soon, so be on the lookout for that. I currently have dabbled in over 12 currencies including Devcoins which I also think has a lot of potential. Heck, this article was written on a Devcoin sponsored website, so you know they have potential if you just stumbled here… Others will too.

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