Toodle Fucking-Oo Season 2 Episode 3

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This episode is part of the second season of The Sopranos TV show. It is a basic episode that follows the usual type of story line, but also manages to introduce a brand new show character that fans can see will likely cause some major issues in the organization in the future. It is full of suspense and intrigue and brings the following situations to bear such as Richie Aprile getting out of prison after 10 years and other occurrences.

Episode Recap


Soprano Parenting Skills Questioned

In this episode Carmela and Tony attempt to find a way to punish daughter Meadow for trashing Livia's empty house during a drunken and drug filled wild party. Neither parent is seemingly able to control the girl even though Tony manages to control and boss a big crime family! Instead, they fear that social services could intervene and end up letting Meadow set her own punishment, which of course is pretty worthless. Janice also gets involved in the Meadow issue but even though she is angry and upset, she gets mad at Tony for punishing Meadow, which is strange. This strange behavior just shows that Janice is very much like her mom and can act one way in one situation and then suddenly act a whole different way in a few seconds. However, at least Meadow had to clean up the mess at the house because it’s obvious she is a kid who knows how to manipulate Carmela and Tony even though that is not good at all.

Interesting Showing of Dr. Melfi

One interesting thing was that Dr. Melfi shows up in this episode and she meets Tony at a restaurant. The doctor acts friendly to Tony, but strangely ends the meeting by using the episode title phrase of “toodleoo,” which seems odd and embarrassing. It appears that Dr. Melfi is beginning to regret the fact that she refused to provide Tony any treatment earlier. Due to that, she is having bad dreams that he is going to die due to her neglect. So, it makes fans wonder if this is the show’s way of saying that the doctor may agree to treat Tony in future episodes, which could make for some interesting content in future episodes.

Trouble at the Pizza Shop with Beansie and Richie

Beansie Gaeta, owner of the pizza shop sees Richie, who is just out of prison after 10 years. He acknowledges Richie as a Mafia member by kissing him twice on the cheeks. Richie tells Beansi that he had plenty of time to think about a lot of stuff while he was locked away for 10 years. Beansi thinks that is crazy and Richie yells at him and tells him he isn’t crazy, but he could still be mad enough to take his eye out. This causes Beansi to ask what is bothering Richie. Richtie tells him that no one visited him or anything the whole 10 years in prison. Beansi swears he asked about Richie. Then, the conversation turns to how Beansi’s stores are doing and the answer is: alright. Beansi claims he respects Richie and others like Jackie Sr but that he won’t be a victim.

Richie figures out that Beansi has gotten tougher in 10 years, but still tells him he wants what he is owed since he helped Beansi start his business in the first place. He demands money and Beansi gets mad, which turns into a big fight between the two men complete with thrown coffee pots, chairs and getting punched.

Special Occurrences

In this episode Tony is facing a brand new problem because Jackie Aprile, a Capo, has a brother named Richie Aprile that is being released from jail after spending 10 years in prison. As soon as he is out, he immediately sets forth to muscle in on Tony’s turf, plus Richie and Junior show signs of hooking up with each other, and could even be making plans to kill Tony in the future. Since Richie also is a hot headed individual with a bad attitude, he is a force to be reckoned with that isn’t going to be easy to handle in the future by Tony or anyone else.

Things to Look For in the Future

All in all, this episode was not one of the very best of the season, but it does give some insight into where the rest of the season could be heading. For instance, now Tony has a possible enemy to look out for in the person of Richie Aprile. Perhaps the show will feature ways that Richie will cause the crime family problems and how Tony is going to try to stop that from happening.


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