The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti Season 1 Episode 8

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The Legend of Tennessee Moltinsanti is the 8th episode of the HBO series, The Sopranos. This episode occurs right in the midst of a sea of unfolding drama both with Tony's family being investigated by the FBI as well as some mental issues with Christopher. The episode covers all the difficulties within Tony's family as well as his business and concludes with a sharp turn of events and a major mood change from Christopher.

Episode Recap

the-sopranos-s01.jpg The Wedding

This episode begins at the wedding of Larry Boy Barese's daughter. During the wedding party, it is brought up that the FBI will begin handing out indictments to associates in New Jersey that are involved with mob activity. This sparks a conversation among the capos regarding whether they should take a break from business until the potential investigations blow over. Junior refuses the notion. When Tony is asked his opinion on the matter, he agrees with Junior that a break is necessary. The capos end up leaving with their families in the middle of the wedding dinner to take care of any incriminating evidence in their homes.

Incriminating Evidence

Tony and Carmela arrive home and immediately begin raiding the hiding places where they kept their cash and guns. Tony asks for Carmela's jewelry as he has no receipts which causes Carmela to become upset. However he allows his wife to keep her engagement ring after she is stunned that he would ask for it. Meadow and A.J. realize what is going on and Meadow advises A.J. to remove any porn from his computer to avoid the police finding it and alerting their parents. Meanwhile, the capos and their families take precautions as well. Pussy and his wife proceed to burn incriminating papers on a barbeque grill, and Silvio recruits Christopher and Georgie to find out if there are wire taps in the Bada Bing! restroom. The cleansing of evidence continues when Tony requests that Carmela distract Livia with brunch so he can hide money and guns in Livia's assisted living space at Green Grove. Tony completes the task quickly and is gone without a trace before his wife and mother return from brunch.

Tony's Therapy Session

Fast forward to Tony's therapy session with Dr. Melfi. Tony advises Melfi that he may be going on a long “vacation” and will not be attending their next therapy session. Melfi understands having prior seen the news story that the DiMeo family, more notably Junior, is expected to be indicted. At home, Dr. Melfi frequently brings up her “Italian patient” to her family and discusses his secret “business”. Her husband goes on to complain about the few Italian Americans involved with mobs that have given the rest of them a bad name. The family agrees that mobsters are a burden to the Italian American reputation.

The FBI Investigation

Tony does end up missing his next therapy session due to being detained by the FBI who had showed up at his home equipped with a search warrant. Dwight Harris knows that Tony has children in the home and avoids upsetting them by barging in the house. Tony calmly agrees to a search and the police begin to search the home. One of the agents, Grasso, accidentally knocks over a glass bowl and it shatters on the kitchen floor. Carmela becomes upset and makes the agent clean it up. Later at the family dinner, Tony complains that Italians are targeted by the police unfairly and goes on a rant about the good things that Italians have contributed throughout history. At Tony's next appointment, Dr. Melfi informs him that he will have to pay for his missed appointment. Tony becomes upset and storms out.

Christopher's Mental Struggles

Christopher's mental stress builds as he struggles with demons after killing Emil Kolar. Christopher begins having dreams about the ordeal. With this mental burden on his mind, Christopher next sees deceased Brendan Filone in the news. Christopher becomes upset that a deceased DiMeo member is receiving more recognition that Christopher himself is as a living one. Christopher becomes increasingly frustrated and ends up taking his anger out on a bakery employee by shooting him in the foot when his order is not ready quick enough. Realizing that Tony is in a fragile mental state, Tony attempts to calm him down. By the end of the episode Christopher is in high spirits after he learns that his name has been featured in a newspaper article.

Special Occurrences

The family is targeted with an FBI investigation in this episode. Christopher suffers severe mental trauma and shoots a bakery employee in the foot.


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