Knight In White Satin Armor Season 2 Episode 12

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This is the twelfth episode of the second season of The Sopranos, which is also the first half of the season's grand finale. During Knight in White Satin Armor, relationships end, relationships begin, and the allegiance of trust is tested resulting in disastrous consequences.

Episode Recap


Tony's Farewell to His Mistress

In this episode Tony tries to break things off with his Russian mistress, Irina, after Janice tells him that she knows that he has a girlfriend on the side. He tries to convince Irina that she deserves much better than him, but she is so infatuated with him that she threatens to kill herself if he breaks up with her. She then attempts to make good on the threat by consuming vodka with sleeping pills. Tony goes to the hospital to visit her and tells her that she needs to get help. When he goes to his therapy session with Dr. Melfi, he tells her about his situation with Irina and her attempt at suicide then asks her about finding Irina a therapist. Dr. Melfi refuses because she doesn't want to involve herself in Tony's personal life. He also confesses his extramarital affair to his wife, Carmela. For the love of money, Irina is finally willing to cut ties with Tony when he sends Silvio Dante over with a $75,000 parting gift.

Wedding Bells Ring for Richie

Richie Aprile is still set on putting a hit on Tony so he can take over the Soprano family. But for a moment, he sets this aside while he engages in nuptial festivities with his bride-to-be. Carmela doesn't want Janice to marry Richie because she will suffer the same infidelity plight, but Janice ensures her that no mistress can match the naughty and potentially dangerous sexual adventures that she participates in to satiate Richie's sexual appetite. Tony, who is fully against the union, hosts the engagement party. When Carmela sees how affectionate Richie is to Janice, she has an emotional breakdown in the kitchen.

Big Pussy Going Over & Beyond His Call of Duty

Big Pussy, an FBI informant, wears a wire to the engagement party and finds out about stolen airline tickets as well as the illegalities that Tony has going on with Dave Scatino. Pussy begins to go over and beyond his call of duty as an informant and ends up injured in a car accident when he tries to keep an eye on a hijacking heist of Pokémon cards conducted by Christopher Moltisanti. Skip Lipari visits him in the hospital and reprimands him for his actions, reminding him that his sole responsibility is to get the scoop on Tony.

Richie Puts out a Hit

His resentment ever building against Tony, Richie finally reaches his breaking point after Tony orders for him to shut down selling cocaine on his garbage routes. He convinces a reluctant Junior Soprano to kill Tony by assuring him that they will have support of other crew members, especially the Bareses. When Richie fails to convince Albert Barese to support the hit on Tony, Junior begins seeing Richie as a hothead liability, especially if he's in the position of power. So he tips off Tony on the hit and Silvio suggests that they do away with Richie and begin planning his demise.

An Interesting Twist

Over dinner, Richie discusses how much he hates the fact that his son Richie, Jr. is set on pursuing such an effeminate career as a ballroom dancer. When Janice shows no concern for him possibly being gay and even defends his sexuality, Richie punches her in the mouth. She leaves the table, gets a gun, and shoots him twice in the chest. Panicked, she calls Tony to dispose of the body. Christopher Moltisanti, Furio Giunta and he dismember Tony's body with meat cutting tools. Tony sends Janice to Seattle on a bus.

Carmela's Trip

While discussing Janice and Richie's mysterious disappearance, Tony informs Carmela that Richie won't be coming back. Shocked, Carmela smoothly changes the conversation to a trip to Rome with Rosalie Aprile. She jokingly throws in that if he doesn't let her go, she just might commit suicide.

Special Occurrences

Richie Aprile is killed by his fiancée who is acting as Richie, Jr.'s “savior.” Janice is seen wearing white satin in the episode and she acts as Richie, Jr.'s knight in shining armor. In a previous episode, Irina had referred to Sveltana's upstanding and lovable husband as a knight in white satin armor. The end credits song is Eurhythmics’ “I Saved the World Today.” Albert Barese and Sveltana Kirilenko, Irina's cousin, make first appearances in this episode.


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