The Houses in Astrology

For many people, astrology equals fortune telling or/and fatalism. The daily horoscopes in magazines are only for fun, they can’t predict the future, at least not accurately. Astrology too, can’t predict the future. This ancient science is just a tool to help you understand and see how the cosmic laws of the universe work and what energies they are sending to the earth. Carl Jung explained the aim of this practice most accurately. He said that with astrology you can see the qualities of the season and the year in which you were born. You can’t predict the future because it is yet to be unfolded. But as the moon affects the earth’s atmosphere by causing tides, it affects our human aspect as well. The same energies are sent from all other planets and parts of the universe. Maybe we just can’t feel them because they are not all physically evident, like the sun’s and moon’s energies. To understand better how the planets send energy on your human perspective, you have to have a draft of your natal chart. The natal chart is a circle divided 12 times, sections that represent your houses. The “houses” are the 12 areas of your life, the Zodiac sign that represents the house represents the qualities you possess from that sign and your attitude. The planet in the house says with what kind of energy you express those qualities. In the middle of the circle is you, facing south, with your left hand on the ascendant and your right hand in the 7th house.

The Houses

For better interpretation, the chart is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant has three houses, which may not be all equal in size, depending on the type of technique used. The wider houses are where the individual pays more attention in real life, where they strive to achieve and where most of the action is happening. Keep in mind that your natal chart can illustrate only the sky energies when you were born, but what you do with them, how you use them and how your future unfolds is not up to your chart. Unless the chart suggests otherwise, the angular houses are the most important areas of one’s life. Each angular house introduces one of the four quadrants. They are followed by the succedent houses and every quadrant ends up with a cadent house, which means that every quadrant is made out of one angular, one succedent and one cadent house.

Angular Houses – 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th

The angular houses are the very beginning. It is where you take action and start things, and even if there are no planets in these houses, they are still considered in the interpretation. They display our appearance, our family situation, our married and couple's style and our career.

The first house shows the constellation that was ascending in the sky on the minute you were born, which is why your Ascendant is also called a Rising Sign. The first house is the beginning. When you meet new people, you project your Ascendant traits. Your appearance depends largely on your Ascendant, and sometimes, when this sign is too strong it can even shadow the Sun sign. Astrologers say that this house represents your personality, but it actually shows the personality you choose to project to other people, the way you react to surprises, your immediate response to situations and so forth. It is the first You people get to see and the place from where you get your ideas, your motivations and drives. The sign found in this house, says what kind of outer personality you display in front of other people, how they perceive you and what kind of impressions you make. This house is called the house of the Self. It is where you show your attitude, your approach to life and your personal style or individuality. When you were a child, the sign ruling this house represented your behavior, your defense mechanisms and your relationship with your immediate surroundings more clearly. It is the window to our souls, our potentials and goals. The ruling planet of the sign representing your Ascendant has very powerful energy and a potent influence over the house it is placed on the natal chart. If it is placed in the house of the ascendant or its original sign or house, it holds a special significance and it is said to rule the entire birth chart. The original rulers of the first house are the planet Mars and the sign Aries.

The fourth house is called Imum Coeli, which you might see it as IC on the chart wheel and the name comes from the Latin words that mean the “bottom of the sky”. It is the root, the family atmosphere and the early childhood of the individual. It represents the home you had and your feelings towards family traditions. It doesn’t say what your actual house made of bricks is going to be like, but the emotions you have developed around the word “home”. If Sagittarius is in your fourth house, you may be able to call each place you land on – home, but if you are a Capricorn, you may place importance on building a firm family structure where you were born. Traditional astrologers say that this is the house that represents your parents, what you’ve learnt in your childhood, how you were set to behave and your family values. It is also the house that shows the type of family you are going to create, the family values your family will have one day and your parenting skills. As an addition, this house also includes the respect you’ve learnt to pay to traditional values in your society. Whether that will be religious, social, economic or political standards. How you feel about your ancestors, heritage, your roots and your country also depend on the sign and action in the fourth house. As it is the house found in the lower cusp on the natal wheel, this house can also indicate your old age. It will show you how you will behave in your later years, and which qualities will draw up in your family circle. The initial ruler of this house is the Moon and the sign Cancer.

The seventh house is what astrologers call: the house of partnership. If all houses until now were important for your development and role, this house indicates how you handle partnerships. This is where you shift the power away from yourself and onto other people. By leaving our Self alone, we create a link to another person, which will further help our development and achievements. When we say “partnerships”, we mean all one on one encounters, where the power is divided between two individuals or entities, or any setting where you consider yourself to be an equal. Therefore, this house represents your 1st spouse, your business associates and your notorious enemies. The astrologer Bob Marks said that “It may seem contradictory for marriage and open enemies to be shown by the same area of the horoscope, but if that’s what you think, you probably have never been married.” However, this house also reflects the relationship between you and the outer world, as a whole. As an exact opposite of the Ascendant or the Self, the Descendant is where the Self learns to be a couple. Here you will understand how you perceive other people, how you fit in in partnership and how you alter ego looks like. Some astrologers suggest that this house characterizes our “type” in love. It tells us what our perfect mate looks like, what we are looking for in the significant other and the energies surrounding our first marriage. Strong placements in the seventh house can point to an individual with colorful love affairs, many friends (and enemies) and a rich social life. From this house on, we learn how the world and the forces from the outside are operating. It is an angular house, because for the first time we learn how to see beyond our self, in the world and other people. It is where we acknowledge how much we need to give and invest, and how much we expect in return. The rulers of the house of partnerships are the planet Venus and Libra.

The tenth house is the house that shows your social status and it is called a Midheaven or MC. Symbolically, it can be found on the top of the wheel, signifying your goals, achievements and general destiny. It shows what you strive to, what you build yourself up to and where you search for your role in society. Most astrologers refer to this house as the house of career, where the sign can tell you which professions can collect royalties for the individual, while the planets or aspects they are making to the Midheaven will tell you what kind of energy is present when you aim towards your ambitions. This is also the house of our more influential parent, authority figures and our attitude about them. With the interpretation of this house, you can find out how someone wants to be remembered, how he will leave a mark on the society with his life and achievements. Here, our higher goals and purposes are gathered, it is where we are headed to and what we wish to realize. What we leave behind is marked by this house: our reputation, status, position and influence in society. If a planet is currently crossing over your fourth house, as an exact opposite of the 10th house, you will feel the energy both in your home, family or traditional values, as well as on your career or life purpose. Strong planetary placement in this house suggests that the person will be popular if not famous, whether that will be for the greater good or not. Hitler had a strong placement in the 10th house, with Saturn settled making aspects to the Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Neptune and the Midheaven. Gandhi too had powerful 10th house placement, the Moon as the nurturing mother crossing over his 10th house, and Uranus in conjunction with his Midheaven. This house is in analogy with the great teacher Saturn and the horoscope sign of Capricorn.

Succedent Houses – 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th

In astrology, you have to connect every dot to make the picture whole. The succedent houses are the houses where you finish what you started in the first, angular houses.

The second house is the house of our possessions. It is where we express our assertiveness gained through the personal findings of our first house. With the help of the sign placed in this house, you can learn someone’s standards and principles toward money. You can find out if there are any hidden talents or special gifts, and how the person is most likely to earn his income. The attitude one displays towards material possessions also originates from this house and its significance. If this house is small, with none important planets and aspects, you can say that the person is not concerned about earthly pleasures. The sign in this house can indicate how the person makes money, whether or not he appreciates the material gains and how he manages them. The main ambience in this house is our values. Not only the way we value the money we make, but also the way we value ourselves and the things we got. With the interpretation of this house you can find out how someone is standing up for himself, how he protects his possessions, viewpoints, needs and abilities. This house will also tell you how and to which extent someone is using their abilities and talents. If you believe that money will set you free, then your second house must have seen a lot of action at the time of your birth. Harsh planetary placements in this house can indicate a greedy individual, with unreasonable selfish approach, whether towards money or other sensory pleasures. Originally, the second house is ruled by the materialistic Taurus and the planet Venus.

If the fourth house is the house of the family, the fifth house is the house of children. You can’t find out the actual number of offspring one might have, but you can inspect his connection with children, whether he is playful or serious when it comes to parenting. This house indicates the style in dealing with children, but also, we can gather here all artistic creations one has the ability to craft, as one’s “children”. All forms of self-expression can be found in this house, including hobbies, favorite form of play, games, even gambling. It also shows the attitude you have towards fun and games in general. Painters, musicians and all other artists, have strong 5th house placement. The Zodiac sign found in this house can point out to your creative side, your romantic style and the outlook you have on love. All romantic encounters and their selection can be studied in this house. If Capricorn is the sign ruling this house in your natal chart, you will probably build your friendships to a romantic relationship, while if the fiery Sagittarius is galloping through this house, you will find love in everything and everyone. In this house we learn the easiest way for us to express our emotions. It is the house where your awareness is transformed into energy and emotions and where you learn ways to express and receive love and affection. Everything that you love or you find pleasure in can be linked back to your fifth house, the planets found there or their aspects. That is why this house represents both children and artistic creations; because they include areas of your life where from your own potentials you can create new things, like children, novels, paintings, statues and etc. This house is the home of the courageous Leo and the Sun.

You have learnt about your partner in the 7th house, but in the 8th house, you will learn how to value your partner’s possessions. It is on the opposite side of the second house or the money we earn, signifying other people’s money, loans, inheritances, taxes, alimony or any other type of external support. With the help of this house, you can find out how much you are willing to share your possessions, or how much you are ready to do to acquire other people’s material, spiritual and emotional support. Modern astrologists call this house the House of Sex, because it shows your capacities in the bedroom. Following the erotic traits the sign in this house has, you can find out what your partners turn on’s and sexual triggers are. You can find out is he is selfish or generous in the bedroom, whether or not he has fetishes and what kind of lingerie he likes. This house has more doors than the one leading to sex and sexual potentials. It also leads to death and rebirth. Not actual death and rebirth, but the things we let fall behind in order to move forth and grow. With the analysis of the placements of this house and its rulers, you can find out how someone recovers from loss and failures. It is the house where our ability to be metamorphosed is shown. The place where we can find out what type of attitude we have towards crisis and the power we exude to transform them into solutions. It may also indicate whether or not you tend to cover and forget your mistakes, instead of acknowledging them and making them right. This is the house where we are realizing as fully grown and aware adults, where we leave our baggage behind and learn to depend solely on our own aptitudes. The ruler planet of the eight house is the ferocious Pluto, together with Mars and the original sign that represents this house is Scorpio.

The eleventh house is the home of your wishes and aspirations. It is where the work you have applied in the tenth house is rewarded and where you seek public recognition. In the tenth house, you make things happen, and in the eleventh house, the group of individuals recognizes your achievements. The group of individuals represents your personal social circle, like your closest friends and acquaintances, but also your professional encounters, your networking groups and any other social gathering that you are a part of. The sign and planets in this house indicate the way your projects are perceived by the larger masses, whether you are cheered or booed. Strong placements in this house might suggest a famous person, whose name will go down in history. Otherwise, with the study of this house you can see what your social circle looks like, how you focus on the group’s growth and your role in your friends team. If this house is the home of Leo, the king of the jungle, you are probably the leader in your group. If Pisces are swimming back and forth through your eleventh house, you are probably either: very sensitive and emotional when it comes to your friends or you are the groups’ nominated comedian. The sigh in this house shows your style when you are presenting yourself and your projects to the crowds, as well as how you make a difference in the mass. As a house that integrates a large mass of people with your hopes, purpose and personal goals, it is highlighting your sense of humanity, or the lack of it, depending on the house placement. This house is under the original rulership of the planets Uranus and Saturn, and the sign Aquarius.

Cadent Houses – 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th

So if in the first, angular houses we took action and started things and in the second, succedent houses we finished what we started, that leave us in the third, cadent houses. These are the houses of the mind, how we think and whether we think before, after and during our actions. They show our intellect and reasoning capacities.

The third house is the house of communications. Astrologers explain that this house is addressed to all of your relationships with close siblings, short trips and everyday quick encounters. The way you react to your immediate environment is also described through this house and your personal communication style. On a deeper level, this house rules your mind. Its significators, planet and sign, can tell you how quickly your mind finds solutions, how you respond to questions and how you analyze your environment and life setting. It mostly represents the style you have in your everyday communications, whether written or spoken and your primary education. It shows your practical skills, your ability to acquire information and process the information to produce a certain outcome. How we learn and retain information depend largely on the placement of this house, and if there are planets in this part of the natal chart, then it’s important just as much as any angular house. Generally, planets in this house suggest that the person will enjoy extraordinary high levels of communication, especially when Mercury, its original ruling planet is found there, but also the Sun, Jupiter and Venus can point out to an articulate speaker or inspirational leader. Uranus on the other hand, will make your correspondence candid and direct, whether written or spoken. A very bad planetary placement in this house may suggest to an ignorant character, or one who doesn’t tend to use his mental capacities to their full potential. Every mental journey from seeking new experiences and collecting information, to making a picture of the data assembled and expressing it out in the world may be represented by the third house. Its natural ruler is the planet Mercury and the sign representing this house are the twins Gemini.

The sixth house is the house of health. It opens a door to another realm of the human perspective, which is work and working tasks. But not necessarily the careers we pursue, but the methods we apply in our day to day jobs, our attitude with our coworkers and how we are as team players. It shows whether you are a reliable wage earner or the lazy and irresponsible one who’s always late. Your style and performing powers are represented by the traits of this house ruling sign, and the kind of effort you accept and provide. Here, also you can see if the person is excited about learning new skills and advancement to promote his mental abilities. This house governs all of your relationships in the office, from higher ups, to your colleagues, to the people serving under you. The quality of your work depends a lot on your physical condition, hence the name for the house of Health. The effort we apply in our day to day working responsibilities should reflect the effort we apply to maintain our health. If Scorpio is in this house of your natal chart, you are probably very healthy and even when you get sick, you recover very fast (since Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth). This is not just the area where our healing abilities are given away, but our entire attitude toward health, nutrition, exercising and all other aspects of healthy living. In this house, we’ve already learned to spoil ourselves with pleasures and affection from the 5th house, the house of love, and children. In this house, we know which things are good for our overall health, and all of its dimensions. And when our lessons are learned we are ready to enter the world of the grownups, in the 7th house. The energies ruling over this house belong to Mercury and the sign of Virgo.

The ninth house is the house of philosophy. In this house you can see which personal belief systems are important to the individual. His religious and spiritual philosophies are found here, regardless of their origin and number of deities. Ideology, morals, life principles and mottos are shaped in this house. You can also discover here if the person likes discussing about the age old questions, like “Why are we here”, or is more comfortable dealing with the tangible things in life. The person’s ethics are formed in the ninth house, the house of everything you have learned and you are ready to analyze it until you find the ultimate truth. Because of its persistent quality to learn the truth, this house is also the area in your life where you tend to be enthusiastic or resistant about discovering new things. This may come in the form of a higher educational certificate, search for spiritual enlightenment, or the lack of these undertakings. In this house, your ideals hide, your true motivation behind your endeavors is shown and the karma you leave behind. The ninth house is the house where your affinity towards long distance journeys can be analyzed, including both, in your mind and traveling the world. For instance, if Pluto, the planet of constant transformation, is found in this house, you may have a habit of moving from place to place in order to start over. Or you may change your religion or religious views to find one suitable for your beliefs. All personal standards are represented by this house, whether you communicate with your environment with respect or you strive to get ahead voraciously. If the third house was the house that showed your affinity to think, the sixth was where you acknowledged what nurtures you and what sabotages you, here you will know how to apply that knowledge, to become a more evolved soul. This house is in analogy with the sign of philosophy, Sagittarius and the planet of expansion, Jupiter.

As it is found at the end of the circle, the twelfth house holds a profounder meaning. It represents the realm of our lives we are not yet awake enough to perceive. Here the hidden strengths and abilities are buried. You have used them many times, but you were not sure where their source is and how you attained them. In this house, your soul, all of your past actions, emotions, memories and goals come to contemplate your next action. Here you will discover what is really important, for you and the world around you, and discard everything else, consciously or not. Your ability to handle and recognize the multidimensional messages from this realm depends on the overall planetary placements of your chart, the planets and their aspects within this chart and the sign that represents this house. Generally, this house is where our ideals clash with our reality. It is the faith we have in our beliefs, the higher power or a deity that is characterized by this house, or how we manage to carry our personal message in the world through adversity. This house is closest to the higher dimension, which is why is sometimes linked to psychopaths, sorcerers, mentally ill or intellectually challenged. If you have good placements in this house, you can be a good psychiatrist, spiritual leader, dream interpreter or start practicing the occult. Some astrologers say that through this house our past karma is presented in our current lives. The small self-undoing’s and sacrifices we make, make sense in the 12th house, because it’s the house where all of our behavior and actions become rational and only serve us well. This house is originally governed by Neptune with the help of Jupiter and the sign of Pisces.

As you can see, every house represents a different area of your life. There aren't more important and less important houses in the chart, but there might be an area where you are placing most of your attention and energy. The houses won't tell you much about your life events, unless you examine your entire birth chart as a whole. Keep in mind that the birth chart is just a chart that shows your talents, your likes and dislikes, which can always change and develop. Your birth chart is only a basis, the foundation on which you build, act and create your existence.


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