The Existence Of Near Death Experiences Makes Listening To Alex Jones Not So Scary

Written by Devtome wiki contributor: Bomac


I don't know if many people other than this writer would make this connection, at least on a conscious basis, but this is how my mind works.

I figured I might as well share this publicly since I tend to subscribe to the theory that there are so many people in the world that if one person feels or thinks something, there is a good chance that there are a lot of other people out there who can relate. To that end, this is dedicated to anyone who happened to stumble upon this, to whom this material resonates.

NOTE: In the title, I could have just as easily substituted the phrase, “massive evidence of reincarnation,” in place of, “near death experiences.” Either way, this article deals with two central ideas.

1) There is extremely credible evidence that we don't really die – as in, cease to exist.

2) Alex Jones radio show tends to broach the topic of death quite a bit, but when you understand that you are immortal, it's really no biggie.

Not Exactly Polite Conversation

Death, in general, is a rather universally scary topic. People tend to not particularly enjoy contemplating the possibility that at any second they could simply cease to exist, or perhaps, end up in a situation much worse than the predicament of ceasing to exist.

Jones is a history buff and political analyst who documents the global (and globalist) conspiracy. He is always reminding his listeners how, historically, the ruling class gets off on killing their minions.

The Basic Thesis

The disconcerting evidence his radio show provides, doesn't just suggest, but overwhelmingly demonstrates that a small group of people have gotten into positions of power to set up a worldwide system that has them fairly close to their goal of total, despotic domination. They are publicly on record postulating the need to reduce the population of earth by 90%.

Their plan is for them to all live as long as possible, but to kill off almost everybody else. Sure, there would be hundreds of millions of survivors, but let's face it: 90% is almost everybody. If this plan comes to fruition, mathematically speaking, you and I would be right to assume we will be included in the 90%.

To say that this statistic is mentioned on average, once per day on Jones' show would be drastically underestimating it. I'm not saying there is never a day that it's not brought up, but if that happens, those days are few and far between.

Somebody Needs To Say It


Jones should bring it up as much as he does. So should we. People need to be aware what we are dealing with, and the eugenics and population reduction issue is one of the best ways to help individuals understand the gravity of our situation. Frankly, there are people running the show on earth with the power to kill off almost everyone, and they have the goal to do exactly that.

It's important to know what we are up against. Yet, it may be a valid question to ask if we need to hear it several times a day. As long as you are aware of it, you may not need to hear it, but new listeners, by the thousands, tune into the show daily, so they need to hear it, even if you don't.

Besides, there is no reason for you not to be reminded of it daily. You should remind yourself, even if someone else isn't doing it for you. It places a completely different perspective on life. It really helps you line up your priorities and make better decisions as to how you spend your precious time.


When you operate from this perspective, things that used to be important, begin to take a back seat. Sporting events, TV shows or movies & other “bread and circus” time fillers don't carry anywhere near the same weight they used to. You begin to understand the value of how you spend your time.

For instance, if you are always concerning yourself with making money, in the hopes of one day being able to get to spend all the time you want with your family, this knowledge of what humanity is up against, has a way of pointing out the folly of what you are doing. You realize that the only time is now, and you shouldn't put off the important things.

Of course you need to be able to provide the basics for your family. However, you don't need to be so consumed by your quest as a provider that virtually the only time you can be found at home is to watch some TV before passing out to sleep.

Find A Better Way

This elite cabal of multi billionaires have rigged the system to constantly keep you separated from your family. One of the first things you need, is to find a way to stop them from doing that. The mindset we all need to take is that we realize what these people are all about, and to commit to their ultimate failure by refusing to go along with their game.

We need to keep our morals and values. We shouldn't trade dreams of a happy retirement for having other people rear our children. If our careers are preventing us from being families, then we need to change jobs or vocations; possibly start a home based income lifestyle.

Public schools should be recognized as the globalist brainwashing centers they have become. Private school or home schooling is extremely important.

If we disentangle ourselves from their matrix as much as humanly possibly, humanity will survive and thrive. It's crucial to refuse to live as slaves. If your life is filled with involuntarily doing things you don't want to do, you are a slave.

Even if atheists were right and there is nothing after death, it's still better to die free and cease to exist, than to live in the kind of slavery these people are already guiding us into.


However Atheists Aren't Right

Near death experiences of millions of people, and verified past life recall of countless thousands upon thousands of individuals, is evidence of the fact that atheists are wrong. Life long atheists have near death experiences and suddenly disavow their belief in “nothing.” It's probably rare for an atheist to have past life recall, though.

Atheist Near Death Experiences Versus Atheist Past Life Recall

Why is it not rare for atheists to have near death experiences, yet it is rare for them to experience past life recall? It comes down to spontaneity. Near death experiences are totally spontaneous. They just happen to the person.

In adults, past life recall is almost always something that must be consciously explored. The person is interested in discovering if they have past life memories, and they undergo hypnotic regression with a past life regressionist specialist.

You may not have noticed this, but atheists, generally speaking, are among the most closed minded people you will ever come across. Don't take that as a totally sweeping generalization. After all, I did qualify it with the word, among. Obviously, there are always exceptions. However, percentage wise, in this case, it is miniscule.

In other words, it is extremely unlikely that an atheist would be willing to be subjected to hypnotic regression. They are sure they right, so, in their world, there is no more need to go to a past life regressionist to see if they lived before, than there is to make an expedition to the north pole to see if Santa's workshop is really there.

Also, it's important to suspend your beliefs and relax, when undergoing hypnosis. That is a rare event in the life of a hard core atheist. For most atheists, it's nothing short of anathema to expect (or even ask) them to suspend their belief in atheism.

What About Bribery


I have no doubt that if you looked hard enough you could find a lot of atheists who are willing to be bribed to the point of booking an appointment with a past life regressionist. After all, atheists cover the spectrum of demographics. It's not like they are all rich. You could offer cold cash to get plenty of poor atheists to try it.

The problem with that is that they just wouldn't be in the proper state of mind. They would go through the motions superficially, but they wouldn't allow themselves to let go of their focus on the here and now. It would be an exercise in futility and a waste of money.

No Bribery Required


However, near death experiences require no bribery. They just happen without warning It doesn't matter if you believe in them or not. There is nothing to do on your part, other than to basically clinically die, that is.1)

There is nothing you can do to guarantee you will experience one, so don't get any ideas like the characters in the early Julia Roberts movie, Flatliners.2) It's about a group of medical students who use anesthesia to bring each other to the cusp of death in order to experience NDEs.

Many people go through bouts of clinical death and report they have no experiences at all. For them, it's just like sleep without dreaming. On the other hand, researchers say that everyone dreams every night, even if they don't remember it, so I suppose it can be argued that everybody who goes through clinical death has some type of experience but not everybody has conscious recall of it.

I'm not sure how that could be proven, even if it is true. One of the ways researchers come to the conclusion that everybody dreams every night even if they almost never recall any dream experience is they wake test subjects up throughout the night and ask them to recall if they were just dreaming.

Sleep Research


They also use electrodes connecting the subject's head to an EEG (electroencephalograph) which monitors brainwave activity. Researchers discovered that dreams mostly occur in the last stage of sleep.

Sleep researchers clinically divide sleep into four stages. Originally, they framed it as five stages during the pioneering years of sleep research, in the 1950s. In recent years they combined two of the stages (formerly 3 and 4) into a single stage.

Curiously, they speak about the beginnings of sleep that seems like it could be called the first stage of sleep, but they don't frame it that way. They just consider it the beginning of sleep, a transitional period.

Stage Zero?

In this non official transitional non stage of sleep, your brain goes from wakeful beta (short) brainwave patterns into producing somewhat slower, alpha brainwaves. You may be consciously controlling your thoughts, when visions, sensations (like falling), or sounds, start blending in with your conscious thoughts.

If someone were to disturb your tranquility and ask you if you are sleeping, at this point, you would probably tell them, no, you had not yet gotten to sleep. Left undisturbed, you would begin producing slower brainwave patterns, known as theta waves.

Stage 1

This is where researchers say stage 1 of sleep occurs. They consider theta brainwave activity the transition into sleep. It may be limited to just five or ten minutes.

Stage 2

In stage two, the brainwave activity transitions into what is known as sleep spindles. They are rhythmic, rapid bursts, accompanied by the lowering of body temperature as well as heart rate. On average, it lasts about 20 minutes.

Stage 3

Stage 3 is a transitional period between light & deep sleep. Deep and slow brainwave patterns, known as delta waves are produced in stage 3. External noises are largely blocked from your awareness. People who wet the bed or sleep walk, are almost always in this stage of sleep, toward the end, just before stage 4.

Stage 4

Speaking of stage 4, this is where dream activity occurs. The heart and breath rates increase in this stage. Your eyes start moving back and forth, in short, side to side fashion. This is known as REM (rapid eye movement… and yes; that's where the name of the band came from.)

It generally takes about 90 minutes to get to this stage. The first time you experience it each night (or day, in the case of day sleepers), it may be for just a few minutes. As you go through the sleep cycle, that tends to get longer, progressively, throughout the night, lasting up to an hour or so, toward the end of your nightly sleep.

Progression Of The Sleep Cycle (1-2-3-2-4)

Research has shown that people tend to experience the stages of sleep in the following cycle. One goes into two which turns into three, but instead of going into four, we go back to two and then into four. With the exception of stage one, it repeats the pattern (2, 3, 2, 4) four or five times per night. If you are not awakened by external stimuli, you usually go from 2 to 1 on the final cycle.

Leaving The Body


Metaphysical researchers tell us that when we dream, our consciousness actually leaves our body. (The autonomic nervous system is localized, and remains with the body to keep it functioning.) Traditional sleep researchers and scientists scoff at the notion of dreams being gateways for consciousness to go out of body.

However, to many people, this writer included, it seems silly to scoff at the concept of one's consciousness leaving one's body, once you become aware of the massive amount of evidence regarding near death (and other types of out of body) experiences.3)

Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever been dreaming and realized, within the dream, that you were dreaming? If so, what did you do? What happened?

A lot of people report having that happen during nightmares, and then simply waking up. It ends the unpleasantness instantly. It is said to be a powerful state of mind.

When it happens to you next time, see if you can change the dreamscape. Don't open your physical eyes, but stay dreaming and write a new scene, create a new setting. There are books on lucid dreaming that are about overall self development. It's said you can use your dreaming life to help sculpt your waking life.

The evolution of humanity, according to a number of 'metaphysicians' is a combining of the conscious and unconscious aspects of our psyches.

Turn Lucid Dreams To Flying Dreams


Another thing many people do is to fly as soon as they realize that are aware they are in a dream. A lot of books on dreaming and consciousness say that when we are having flying dreams, we really are out of body, flying around. That is why you can feel the butterflies in your stomach when you are going fast or doing tricks.

Turn Lucid Dreams To Conscious Out Of Body Experiences

A number of authors have written about how they turn lucid dreaming into the classic out of body experience. That means, you are in the room with your body and you generally hover over it and look down and see yourself.

You are out of body when you dream, but in a dream dimension. If you gain conscious control in a lucid moment, you may be able, with practice, to leave the dreamscape dimension and go to the earth plane to where your body is

By making suggestions before you fall off to sleep, you can increase the likelihood of having a lucid dream.

Sleep Paralysis

If you ever wake up and realize you can't move, don't sweat it. It's no big deal. You are half way out of your body, on the brink of dreaming. Relax. Go back to sleep. Everything is alright.

If you focus on one arm or hand, you may be able to muscle your way out it. If you want to try that as a challenge, it can be fun. If you've experienced sleep paralysis, leading to a night time panic attack, you might think I'm crazy for saying it can be a fun challenge.

You just have to realize, you're half in and half out of your body. It's no big deal. You leave your body several times a night, every day of your life. Sometimes you catch yourself either coming or going, and you get stuck.

If you just relax and let your mind go where it wants to, you're going to forget your stuck, and then you won't be stuck any more. You'll be dreaming, most likely.


Some people have the ability to leave their body, virtually at will. They can then travel wherever they want to in their astral body, simply by thinking about where they want to be. Some of these people visit family or friends and then at a later time, when they are back in their body, they will tell the person what they witnessed during their visit.

If this is a first experience for the person who was visited, there is often a bit of what is officially termed, freaking out. It's a rather mind boggling experience when a friend or family member tells you they were in your home while invisible, and then they go on to tell you exactly what you were doing.

Privacy Issues

It certainly shakes up your sense of privacy. However, Alex Jones has been on record for at least 15 years, telling us that the state surveils everyone constantly and keeps real time files on the most private aspects of our lives.

Most people laughed at that, but then Edward Snowden4) leaks have proven that he was right. The bottom line is that we probably rarely have our privacy invaded by people who are on astral escapades, but we have a constant invasion of privacy from the government, and whatever corporations they choose to share our data with.

NDE & OBE Common Ground

People who can leave their bodies are basically experiencing the first stage of the classic near death experience. That is when the person is clinically dead and they find themselves outside their body, looking at it.

They usually have no idea what is happening. They think about someone near and dear to them, because it's natural to do so in times of need, and the next thing they know, they are either flying, rapidly toward where the person is, or they simply find themselves right next to the person, wherever they may be.

They try to talk to the person but they get no reply. Sometimes they realize that the person can't see them. Other times they presume the person is ignoring them, which tends to infuriate them. Except for the fact that it's their first time having this time of experience, it is very similar to what a person who is adept at leaving their body on a conscious basis, experiences. If they want to go somewhere or be with someone, it's just a matter of picturing their desire.

In the near death experience, that stage usually doesn't last too long. At some point they are drawn to another realm. The transition usually is done with a process that is like going through a tunnel at a very high rate of speed. At some point, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and they enter into the light.

It is usually described at the brightest light they have ever seen, yet it does not hurt their eyes in any way. A lot of times they will see family members or loved ones who have died. They are excited to see them. The initial reunion tends to be rather quick since there is other business to attend to.

Many times the near death experiencer tells of having a being of light appear next to them. Sometimes it is identified by the person as being the central figure to her religious belief system. Other times, it's simply view as a light being, and no recognized figure from their religion.

The Howard Storm Anomaly


The vast majority of time that the being is perceived as Jesus, the person is of the Christian faith, but I have recently come across the Near Death account of Howard Storm, who says that his light being was Jesus. It's the fact that Howard was a died in the wool atheist that makes it unique.

Perhaps it's happened before, but this is the first time I've come across an atheist who recognized the being as Jesus. Atheists report the figure as simply a being of light. They don't perceive any religious figure to it.

Light Being Gender

Most people speak of this being in the masculine; he rather than she, even when it's not perceived as a known, male historical religious figure. In fact, as I write this, trying to recall all the books I've read on the topic and on the online stories and videos, I don't remember anyone ever saying their light being was a female.

It seems like I may recall some people say it was neither gender. Some might have said it encompassed both genders in it's beingness.

My feeling is there is some projection going on. For instance, if people are extremely steeped in a belief of a particular religion, they may not be receptive to the message if it's not from, for example, Mohammed.

Are The Beings Of Light, Liars?

I wouldn't say the light beings are liars I can believe, though, that if a person projects a deity or prophet onto the light being, they will let that happen if it will facilitate the lessons the person is in need of.

It is not as if you are going to have everything explained to you if you have a near death experience. You may even be given some clues, and not really understand them. I think that is true in the case of Mr. Storm.

He spoke of having the memories of a young girl in a concentration camp in world war 2, as if they were his memories. In the next breath, he goes on to say that he would never suggest the it was a past life.

Millions Of Near Death Experiences

By extrapolating from the results of polls, it is believe that millions of people have had a near death experience. Some have had more than one. Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved By The Light, has had three.

Most of them share so much in common it is difficult to comprehend the way nonbelievers like to dismiss them as some kind of fantasy or hallucination caused by some trick of the brain or lack of oxygen, etc. If that were the case, how could they all (or at least, the vast majority of them), be so alike?

Moreover, the people who have these experiences almost always come back, changed in a profound way. People like Brinkley, who say they used to be among the most miserably dispositioned people on the planet, become suddenly loving and speaking about the need to live a life of service to others.

Even people who were considered kind and gracious individuals before the experience, come back more motivated than ever to make a difference in the lives of the people whose paths they cross. Life is never the same again.

They lose all fear of dying. Threatening to kill them means nothing to them. That is because they know that nobody dies, the way society thinks of death. Nobody ever ceases to exist. To these people, it's not just a deep belief. It goes way beyond belief.

Atheists Become Believers

The belief systems of even the most hard core atheists are no match for the classic near death experience. I've yet to come across the story of a single atheist or agnostic who goes through a typical near death experience and is not instantly converted to being a believer in the spiritual realm and the continued existence of consciousness after death.

Freddie Ayer


Sir Alfred Jules “Freddie” Ayer5) was famous (or in some circles, infamous) atheist in the UK. He was, among other things, Wykeham Professor of Logic at the University of Oxford. He held nationally televised debates defending the atheist point of view, although many people would say he was more interested in offending the believer's point of view than defending the atheist's.

He had some sort of near death experience toward the end of his life. He never went into much detail, but from what he did say, it didn't seem to be the classic experience. What I'm referring to as the classic NDE, starts with the out of body experience, leading to going through a tunnel, into the light, meeting departed loved ones and family members, then meeting up with a being of light and having a life review in the presence of the light being; and finally, being told it's not her time to be there and she must return to the earth realm.

Ayer spoke only about seeing a red light and feeling the presence of something or someone. Even though it may have been what could be cal;ed, an NDE Lite, it was enough to shake up his smugness and former certainty that death is the end of existence.

He shocked many people in the United Kingdom in 1988 when he publicly stated that his experience in the hospital, “slightly weakened my conviction that my genuine death … will be the end of me, though I continue to hope that it will be.” However, years after his 1989 death, his attending physician who spoke to him immediately after his experience, said Ayer had a lot more to say than that.

The year was 2001. Dr. Jeremy George went public with his claim that among the things Ayer confided to him was the following statement. “I saw a Divine Being. I'm afraid I'm going to have to revise all my books and opinions.”

Antony Flew


Interestingly, Ayer had a counterpart who, in a number of ways, mirrored his experience. Professor Antony Flew,6) who also taught at Oxford, among a number of universities, was also very outspoken and, in your face, when it came to arguing his assertion that there is no God, no spiritual realm, and no life after death.

Like Ayer, he also had enjoyed official, public debates on the topic, which were sometimes televised. While he never had a near death experience, it was by studying near death experience research that led him to change his mind. It's a tribute to his open mindedness, a rarity among hard core atheists, that he actually was willing to study the research in a genuine, search for truth.

He ended up writing the book, There is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind. As he explained to his shocked supporters (or, perhaps better described as former supporters), “In keeping my lifelong commitment to go where the evidence leads, I now believe in the existence of a god.”

There is a link in this footnote7) where you can find the stories of many more atheists who converted after their near death experiences. You can also simply do a search for, “atheists + NDE.”

Police Work Proves The Reality Of Reincarnation


Robert Snow was the captain of the homicide division of the Indianapolis police department when he started a personal investigation into reincarnation. His main goal was to prove that it does not exist, but by the time he was finished, he uncovered a past life of his own, as a little known portrait artist.

He wrote a book about his journey. It's called, Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Stories of a Detective's Search for His Past Life.8) Earlier I spoke of the problems of getting an atheist to undergo past life hypnotic regression.

Problems would include everything from they would not do it, unless you paid some that needed the money, but even then they wouldn't be honest enough to mentally let go so they could be hypnotized. Robert Snow, however, is the exception, and he didn't need to be paid.

At a dinner party he made a commitment to undergo regression. His motivation was to prove it's all totally ridiculous. However, he was intellectually honest enough to go in with the same open mindedness that he uses to solve murder cases.

Detectives can't afford to go in to their investigations with preconceived notions that could get in the way of their work. They have to go after every lead and consider all the facts. They can't have the outcome in mind at the start, and then work to just find evidence that supports that outcome, while throwing away evidence that doesn't support it.9)

So when he had the one and only regression session, he thought he would not be hypnotized, because he was too mentally strong. Yet, he did not refuse to follow the therapist's instructions to a tee. That's a huge distinction between trying not to be hypnotized.

For the first 30 minutes it seemed like no past life data would be forthcoming, but since his appointment was for an hour, he stayed committed to the process. Commencing in the second half hour he started getting memories.

He was stunned, to say the least. Yet he did not chicken out and shut down the process. Many people think that the hypnotist is in control, but that's in stage shows where the people agree to allow the hypnotist to have a certain amount of control. Even then, the hypnotist doesn't actually have total control. For instance, if participants were willing to think they are chickens, they wouldn't be strutting around like that for a second.

In a therapeutic setting, professional therapists stress in the conversation before the regression and in the actual hypnotic induction as well, that the subject always has control. So Snow could have easily lied and said he didn't get any memories. Or even once they started, he could have, at any point, told the regressionist that the memories just stopped, etc.

He also could simply say he had enough, and stop the session. However, he had made the commitment to study the process and to follow it through to come up with an answer on the reality of past lives. He assumed he would be showing that it's not real, but his commitment was to the truth, as opposed to reinforcing his own world view.

In that final half hour, he got a lot of incredibly detailed images, memories, information and feelings. He could not come up with his name, but he knew he was an artist. There was one painting, in particular, that was etched into Snow's memory. It was a portrait of a hunched back woman.


By the time he left the therapist's office, he was a bit shaken. His paradigm had taken a huge hit all at once. That is probably somewhat rare. Many people change their belief systems, but it's usually done incrementally over the course of years; not in a half hour.

His was not totally changed at that point, but it was definitely not the same as an hour before. Whereas before he was certain that past lives don't exist, or even any form of survival after death, he suddenly was not so sure.

At this point, his investigation was just getting started. He searched art books for the portrait but it was to no avail. After 3 months he felt the case was unbreakable. He needed to find the portrait, so he could discover the artist and then do research on him.

As so often happens in metaphysical research, an amazing coincidence led him to a photo of the portrait, with the artist's signature clearly viable. He had taken a trip to New Orleans, and just on chance, started window shopping, when he came upon an artist's studio. He wasn't even thinking about Beckwith at the time. When he went in, staring him in the face was a photo of the painting the hunchback woman, exactly as he had remembered it in his regression session. The name of the artist was James Carroll Beckwith. Armed with this knowledge he could not believe what he eventually tracked down.

There were a series of diaries that Beckwith had kept from the age of 19 to his death at the age of 65. There were 1700 pages in all. Snow made copies of every page. Numerous times, Beckwith wrote of the strange compulsion to keep such a detailed diary.

He felt that he wasn't a great artist, and that history would never have a need for his voluminous notes, but he was compelled, nonetheless. That compulsion played a huge role in convincing Snow that he really had been Beckwith.

The reason is that it led to the confirmation of 28 verifiable facts that Snow had stated in his regression. As Snow painstakingly went through every hard to read page, he would check off each fact that was verified in the diaries.

There were some general things, like he drank wine. A lot of people drink wine, so that didn't prove anything to Snow. Yet, it still was rather interesting that the fact that Beckwith drank wine made it to the diary. Surely he didn't provide a list of everything he ever consumed.

Other facts were incredibly specific, like his mom dying from a blood clot. The odds of Snow's imagination conjuring up 28 facts from the life of an obscure painter, and then finding that painter's diaries that verified each one of those facts, are nothing less than astronomical. Snow was certain it was not just some sort of incredible coincidence.

The fact that he didn't even know the painter's name, but just happen to stumble upon the image of a portrait, is also significant.

Snow also ruled out the possibility that he had heard of this artist, so his mind created a story about him. He couldn't have ever seen the portrait because it was a private painting that was extremely obscure.

The massive coincidence of finding the painting while window shopping, out of state, on vacation is also very telling that this story is indicative of things that are not taught to us in mainstream society. There is some force that creates meaningful coincidences, what Carl Jung termed, synchroncities, that defies current scientific understanding. Altogether, it was just too much for Snow to deny. He had gone from being a man who believed that people came up with the belief in past lives because they couldn't handle the truth that death is the end – to being a person who now tells anybody willing to listen that he found proof that reincarnation is simply undeniable.

Looking For Robert Snow


Robert Snow may have been looking for Carroll Beckwith, but I've been looking for Robert Snow. I wanted to speak with him for a separate article devoted to his journey, but I've yet to find him, or to learn of his departure from the earth realm.

I called the Indianapolis police department, but he is now retired. I see he published a book on the crimes of cult members in 2003. That's the last I can find of him.

So How Does All This Relate To Alex Jones Again?



Alex Jones reminds us of the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. He often says it's like the most incredible science fiction movie. A small group of people are in control of the top technology, militaries, police, politicians, etc., around the world.

They brazenly and publicly discuss plans of creating a single world government and “reducing” (aka killing off) 90% of the human inhabitants on earth. They are making strides at disarming the citizens of the handful of countries that still allow the right to bear arms. He reminds us how, historically, governments disarm their people before slaughtering them.

He talks about the distinct possibility that a significant percentage of humanity will be wiped out by these sociopaths. It's no wonder that when I try to get friends to listen, they tell me they tried it and they don't want to listen any more.

Some are in denial. They call him crazy, despite the fact that hundreds of things he's warned us about in the past two decades have come true. Others believe him, but feel helpless and choose to do nothing, other than not think about such things.

The information that provides proof for anyone open minded enough to look at the evidence that life does not end when we die, is extremely empowering. It is so empowering, it gives me the strength to listen to Alex Jones on a daily basis.

I don't believe they are going to reach their goal of 90% kill off. I don't believe they are going to be able to keep their control grid. I do believe their time is finally coming to an end. It's extremely exciting.

Moreover, even if they are successful, and I die as part of the 90%, decades earlier than I otherwise should, I know that there is a realm I will immediately go to, where those people are not in control.

There is no fear in dying. The only fear is in willingly accepting slave status.

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Actually, you don't even have to do that. Some people have had them during surgeries that went well. There was never an issue with heart stoppage, etc. I've even read of them being brought on by extremely powerful orgasms. Detractors say since a small percentage don't happen to people who were clinically dead, that detracts from their validity. I don't agree. If the experience is like the classic NDE, and the person is affected in the normal manner, there life will change and they will have all kinds of insight and never be afraid of death again. That is hardly less than valid. Also, if it starts off as a typical out of body experience, they may witness events in other locations that they later confirm actually occurred, it would be silly to call it less than valid.
Unfortunately, that happens all too often, but it's not the way good detectives go about their vocation.

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