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 + The corporation is a psychopath, and while not all individuals within it are going to be psychopaths,​ there will always be some within any institution who are and corporations which have psychopaths at the top will be corrupt, will not care about human beings, families or anything other than maximizing profits for shareholders because that is all the law requires.
 +I love Apple, hate alchemy, and believe that religion, Freud, and the pharmaceutical industry are the root of all psychopathy. But I agree with your point. :)  The idea that ''​hubris''​ is a "fatal flaw", although a favorite lesson of all of my English teachers and professors, is just one of a great many absurdities,​ heavily garnished by Shakespeare,​ invented by Greek epic poetry, and designed to please the spiteful ancient Gods.
 +Incidentally,​ modern psychopathy is based on theories of ''​social emotion''​ and ''​moral reasoning'',​ two things which are demonstrably irrational.

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