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One of the currencies in Star Trek Online is called Dilithium. This is sort of like an end game currency, to a point, in that you can buy some awesome things with it. It does not quite match up to getting the same gear you could get if you did the hard missions, but farming Dilithium is a lot easier and you pick and choose your rewards, rather than being hopeful for a specific drop.

What makes this currency pretty interesting is the way it works. Unlike the normal credits system (which is what you earn from kills, selling items, etc.) Dilithium is a form of its own. Through this article we are going to be looking at what it is, how to get it, and anything else related to it. So let us begin!

Earning Dilithium

Earning Dilithium is actually pretty easy, although it is somewhat time consuming. The main way these are earned is through taking part in different types of group missions, where you will earn a little bit of them at once. An alternative method (or you can use this in conjunction with the group missions) is to knock out the repeatable PvP quests. The only down side to these is that they take a while to complete and you have to do multiple of them before you can earn your rewards. Regardless, this opens up the ability for you to pick and choose how you wish to earn them, and allows players of all types to farm, regardless as to what aspects of Star Trek Online they are interested in.

If you do not want to actually earn the Dilithium but still want some of it, you can also trade Cryptic points for them through an exchange. This lets you turn cash in to the Dilithium, although it can be pretty expensive to purchase the items you want by doing this. It is much more recommended to either farm them, or at least mix the two methods of obtaining them together to get them. This will cut down on the cost of them significantly.

Buying and Trading Dilithium

There is a Dilithium exchange built in to the game, and this allows for trading between Dilithium and Cryptic points. The trick to this is that the Cryptic points, while they can be used in Star Trek Online, are not able to be used in any other Cryptic game. As a result they are like a watered down version of the true credits you can purchase from the store, but that is fine since you are trading an in game currency for it anyways.

To trade between the Dilithium and Cryptic points, first open up the exchange window (click the down arrow below the mini map and choose to enter the Dilithium Exchange). From here, you will be able to see all of the buy and sell orders that are set up. If you wish to buy, you will need to set up a buy order. If you want to sell, you will want to set up a sell order. Now, pricing can be a big problem, as it is all based on supply and demand (and for all intents and purposes, the supply of Cryptic points is theoretically limitless, whereas the Dilithium can only be farmed at a specific rate). This keeps the prices of both fluctuating quite a bit, although it may only be a little bit of a change at a time.

When you decide whether you want to buy or sell, you need to then decide how quick you want to make the trade. If you are expecting to purchase something soon with the points, you may want to lend yourself closer to the opposite side's offer. For example, if there are tons of buy orders at 108 and tons of sell orders at 130 and you are looking to sell instantly, you will want to set up your sell order at 108. This, of course, leads to you earning a lot less, but it also takes less time, so really it is up to you to evaluate when you want to get the trade completed.

The best plan of action for doing this trading is to set up the offers prior to needing the other currency. If you know at some point you may want the Cryptic points, go ahead and start setting up some Dilithium sale listings now. This way, even if it takes days or a week or two, you got the best possible price. Waiting until the last minute is how you end up losing a lot of your money, and that is not preferable at all.


Dilithium within Star Trek Online is a lot like the cash shop currencies that most games use. The only difference is that Dilithium is more of a second step there (where you use cash to buy the cash shop currency, and then trade that currency for the Dilithium). It can lead to a bit of a hassle with its process, but it allows players to buy the items they want in the game using cash, and allows those who have extra time to go out and farm the credits to sell them for cash (though indirectly, through Cryptic points that can be used in Star Trek Online in the cash shop). This is an awesome function and opportunity of the game, and it lets players on both sides of the fence get what they are going for and opens the doors for players to pay for it in any way they wish.


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