Spring Cleaning Life Hacks

Spring will be here before we know it. Pollen will be pouring down like rain blanketing everything in its outrageous yellowness. The rains are coming also, which means added mud and grime to your carpets. And let us not forget our pets shedding their winter coats for a sleeker beachwear look. All this leads to an immense amount of work just to keep up. This article is going to give you some shortcuts that only a few grandmas may know about.

First let’s get organized before we get down to the nitty gritty of cleaning. Spring brings warmer weather and with it a need to thin out the closet to make room for new spring fashion arrivals. One way to increase space in the closet is to take down your sweaters and winter wear and utilize shrink bags to be able to store those extra clothes in tighter spaces such as under the bed or in attic crawl spaces. Another space saving tip to generate more space under your sink or in your cabinets designated for cleaning products by putting a tension rod (like for curtains) towards the top of the cabinet and then hanging your cleaning supplies in spray bottles on the rod. This creates a “second story” for your cabinets and DOUBLES your cabinet space. You can also store cleaning supplies in soft sided plastic shoe keepers that hang on doors. This not only frees up cabinet space, but also keeps dangerous chemicals out of the reach of your little ones and pets.

Ok we have put it off as long as we can, time to get to the cleaning. Nobody likes scrubbing a stubborn toilet. To cut down on the scrubbing time, allow soda or two Alka seltzers to soak in your toilet for about fifteen minutes before scrubbing. The results will surprise you I promise. For clogged up shower heads fill a zip lock bag with half water and half vinegar and place it over your shower head. Secure it with zip ties and let it sit. This will clear out any build up and return your water flow to full force. If you have built up calcium stains in the bathroom, cut a lemon or lime in half and use it like a scrub brush to make those areas shine like new. If you love your pets as much as I do, then they live in the house just like any other member of the family, they just leave more hair. To help clean pet hair off of carpets and fabric furniture, use a bathroom squeegee to pile the hair up and then it can be removed with ease. Another way to do this is to wrap duct tape or other type of tape sticky side out around your hand and then pat the hair away. One final tip that is a little out of the realm of cleaning is when you are wearing those tried and true jeans from several seasons ago and they have little fabric balls or frays on them you can remove them by shaving the area with a safety razor. At least the pants won’t have a five o’clock shadow.

I hope these tips and tricks passed down to me will make the chores of spring cleaning go a little faster so you can get out there and hit all the places that make Spring so magical.

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