Spreading And Defending The Cause Of Women

Teodora (a social ministry for the empowerment of women ) has started to conduct its Teodora Basic Seminar (TBS) both in and outside of Metro Manila. The talks are aimed at raising the consciousness of both men and women about issues concerning women and the family, in the hope to gain support for the mission of Teodora by either joining the group or by simply being a “Friend of Teodora “. The latter is a pledge to support the group by sharing one's services or resources from time to time.

The first TBS took place last February 21 at the San Carlos Seminary, Lay Formation Center in Guadalupe, Makati. Each of the seven talks were given by the Teodora Board of Trustees. A twenty-minute video on Teodora's mission and vision was shown after the talks.

For the first time, the TBS was given outside Metro Manila last February 28 in Cebu. The participants were not only CFC (Couples For Christ) women but also CFC men as well as the members of the family ministries. Other Teodora Basic Seminars followed in Batangas City (March 28) and Lucena, Quezon (April 25).

The seminar paved the way for the establishment of Teodora in the different CFC areas. It also awakened the men on the real and disturbing issues facing women and the Church at large and thus encouraged them to support the women in their areas to protect the institution of motherhood as well as women's role in the holistic development of society.

Likewise, the TBS also allowed the CFC women working in the provincial and town health centers to see the truth surrounding the government's population management programs. This realization prompted them to inform co-workers about it for their action and vigilance. With the invitation of CFC and non-CFC members, Teodora Basic Seminars were also be given in the following areas: Cagayan de Oro City (May 17), Baguio City (May 30), Naga, Camarines Sur (May 13-15), General Santos (June 26), Davao (June 27) and Laguna (July 12).

Whenever it is deemed necessary, the talks are sometimes further simplified and condensed to fit a half-day affair. The Teodora Basic Seminar is open to non-CFC members since membership in the organization is likewise open to non-CFC members.

Teodora Basic Seminar Description

Authentic Womanhood - Presents the purpose of God for men and women and to highlight the uniqueness and differences of each, thereby disproving that gender is a product of culture and that there are more than 2 sexes created by God.

The Gender Agenda - Presents a summary of the UN Agenda on Women and how it is being promoted in the Philippines thereby proving the need to care for, protect, promote and uphold the authentic woman.

The Beijing Experience - Shares on the two major international events on women held in Beijing: the UN Fourth World Conference on Women and the NGO Forum on Women. This talk shows the reality and urgency of women issues.

The Monstrosity of Planned Parenthood - Presents the medical and social damages brought by contraception and the contraceptive mentality as well as exposes the proponents of these evils.

Nature of Motherhood - Shows how nature molds a woman to be a mother thereby disproving that woman's maternal instinct is merely a product of cultural conditioning.

Woman as Key to the Integrated Development of Society - Shows why and how a woman is able to contribute to the holistic development of society.

What Really Matters - Recaps the key points in all the talks and introduces Teodora as a very good means of promoting and defending the cause of women against all these ungodly elements.

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