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Thumb-Sucking Habit Gone, Phone Repaired, Headache Cured

I find mind techniques very practical and truly a life-time investment. I found MOM technique very effective in changing bad habits. It helped me a lot with my 3-year old daughter. She used to suck her thumb all day. When I went to my level I pictured the problem in the blue mirror sucking her thumb continuously , and in white mirror, her stopping it. Frankly saying I doubted in the beginning about my programming her that she might stop completely, because she started sucking when she was one day old! It was as if she was born with it. To my surprise she has stopped sucking during the day, and only doing it during sleeping time. Again I used MOM to program her eliminating this habit altogether, picturing her yaya elated, too, over the development. Well, mind technique really works. She has completely stopped … even in the night.

One thing I would like to add is that I discovered through my experience the technique won't work effectively if you have doubt or disbelief in the bottom of your heart. So when I expected that my little girl would stop sucking and with strong positive feeling the more it worked with me.

When Telephone Fails ...

My next success is with telephones. Our telephone used to stop working regularly. One day I decided to fix it with my own resources. So I used MOM technique. In the blue mirror I pictured the telephone problem and how it didn't work and very hard to dial any number. On the white Mirror I pictured the telephone working no problem at all, and myself ringing up my husband in his office to break to him the good news of the telephone working.

Believe me it took only 3 minutes and when I said, “As I count from 1 to 5 open my eyes, then I can use the telephone immediately.” I was shocked as to how fast it worked. I was too excited that I called my husband and told him, “hey, I have fixed our telephone!” Being left-brained, my husband became so sarcastic at my achievement saying “oh really, but how come you did not get rid of its distraction sounds.” Though the telephone was working but still not totally cleared of the static noise, I went to my level using the same technique and I pictured the telephone noise eradicated. No sooner did I finish the program I checked the telephone. The noise was gone. I called him again to prove to him that I also managed to get rid of the irritating sound. But still he did not believe me! He thought something was wrong with me! I did not blame him because he has not heard of the power of the mind. But I am not giving up that it will come a day and he is going to believe in me. The second time phone line was out of service, I did it again. This time my husband believed and said he would no longer call the telephone company for repair!

Healing Self

I also used MOM technique to heal myself. Because of my pregnancy, I suffered from vaginal discharges. The medication helped temporarily. I programmed 3 tunes a day till the discharges completely ceased. I was proud of my achievement that I was able to cure myself and be my own doctor instead of wasting my time going to clinics.

Curing Friend’s Headache

Another technique I found very, very effective is the laboratory. I was able to cure a friend of severe headache she felt she was born with. Even the best physician in Kuwait failed to treat it, she claimed. Using the lab and the case-working techniques, I found out that her head was full of dirt, like sands, stones, and shells. I let her vomit several times till I cleaned her stomach then I applied ice to her head to stop its bleeding. Each time I went to my mental lab I discovered something new, till I made a shield, a protector, to protect her head from any dirt, illness and negative forces. Each time I did the programming, I developed a headache!

One day when I finished my healing and I did not have any headache, I knew that her crisis had ended! To be sure I went to the lab where I pictured her saying to me “Reem, my head now becomes normal I feel myself reborn again with a new head!” To my excitement she told me exactly the same words! I felt flattered, happy and more confident of my own personal resources that I can compete with biological doctor who is limited to only his 5 senses, while I can use my unlimited powerful mental senses. I discovered a spiritual healer inside me.

Restoring Relationship

A final accomplishment was my helping this friend reconcile with her boyfriend. I used again the lab technique where I pictured him angry at her, feeling as if spirit taken away from him. I checked his heart it was so black, then I cleaned his heart till it became white again. Then I imaged telling him that she loves him from vein to vein, and pity and a loss to both if they let the beautiful things they shared together burnt foolishly without doing something about it. After I repeated this exercise daily intensively, he at last called her, and this time he was full of love and peace, and asked her to marry him!

So I assure you, you can expand your new horizon with mind techniques and will discover the other side of you. Each time I discover new dimension of me I thank God that through my learnings in mind techniques I have come to tap my inner potentials not only to help myself but others as well.

I Was Saved From Death

Through a mind technique control course, I was saved from death. I was more physically and spiritually aware that there is God who really answers our prayer, and more specially the technique I learned through the mind technique control. When I was half unconscious and the hemoglobin count was already 5, I prayed hard to prolong my life. I went to my mental laboratory and asked for my two counselors to help me and ask for the best Physician to give me the best medicine. Yes, I was brought to the hospital and doctors were waiting for me in the emergency room to prepare four bags of blood for blood transfusion. Thank God I was able to welcome the new blood and I survived. Thanks to the mind technique control. Sr. Ricarda Raganas

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