Spelunky Guide – Usable Item List

In the following two articles (including this one) will be a comprehensive list of all items in the game of Spelunky, detailing their damage, how they are found, their uses, their prices, and their journal entries. There is an inflation system in Spelunky, and so as each level passes, the items found in the shops gradually increase in price. The rate in which they increase will be listed per item. This incremental cost is added to the item’s base cost.

This is part one of the item list for Spelunky, categorized as usable in that they are one of the following: equipment, weaponry, and tools.

Usable Item List


  • Base cost: unable to be purchased.
    • Journal entry: The person who wields the staff of Anubis has control over life and death.

The golden scepter is a ranged weapon exclusively dropped from the anubis found in the very first level of the temple. You must kill anubis to be able to acquire this weapon. This scepter grants the Spelunker the same psychic powers as anubis. These purple circles drift towards anything that can be harmed, monster or humanoid, even damsel. Everything that comes into contact with the purple circles is killed in one shot, but the body – if that entity leaves behind a stunned or cadaver – will continue to be juggled. These psychic emanations can also harm the Spelunker if your Spelunker steps too close into one. Eventually, just like the anubis’ powers, these psychic circles disappear.

The scepter is an incredibly powerful weapon, but since you can only find it in the last or second to last zone of the game, lessens its usefulness. Additionally, the scepter is a necessary item to open the city of gold, and later access the secret zone of hell. It cannot be used if you did not fulfill the requirements earlier on the play through, such as if you used a shortcut to reach the temple instead of starting from the beginning of the game at the mines.


  • Base cost: ten thousand eight hundred (10,800).
  • Incremental cost: one thousand two hundred (1,200).
    • Journal entry: It looks dashing and also lets you float in the air.

The yellow cape is a mixture between a usable and passive item, which by the game’s standards it is considered an accessory item. The cape is equipped like a passive item, but is manually triggered by you. When your Spelunker falls as normal, if you press the jump key this will activate the cape. The cape causes your Spelunker’s descent to slow drastically into a glide, preventing falling damage while in use and negating any accumulated momentum that would go towards receiving falling damage in general.

The slow descent that the cape causes grants you greater control over where your Spelunker falls to and goes to as he or she is in midair. The cape also lengthens the horizontal distance your Spelunker can go from a single jump. And unlike the jetpack, the cape never randomly gives out. You can safely descend onto spikes while the cape is active, and your Spelunker will not be impaled by them. The cape is slow enough that you can unfurl a rope, and climb onto it, without touching any surface as your Spelunker is moving.

The only issue with the cape, aside from its cost, is that it is incompatible with the jetpack, in that only one or the other can be equipped at a time. So, if you ever encounter a choice between the two, the jetpack is considered to be better than the cape. There is not a reason why you should choose the cape over the jetpack, as the jetpack allows you to ascend and descend per your desires without being limited by ropes or jumps. The only reason might be if the jetpack is blocked by the alien lord, for example. Then that is a calculation of risk versus reward.


  • Base cost: unable to be purchased.
    • Journal entry: The ultimate power in protective armor! Even a cannonball couldn’t get through this.

The shield is found exclusively in the haunted castle, dropped by the black knight boss who uses this item while he is alive. You can stun him and pick up the shield, so it is not absolutely necessary that you kill him. This black, kite shield is carried just like a normal weapon would be, and so it does not replace the whip. It protects the Spelunker from any frontal damage, including explosions, except those with psychic properties, such as those that come from the alien lord, the alien queen, and anubis. Any damage that comes from behind, below, or above the Spelunker will not be warded off by the shield.

The shield can be used offensively as well, in the same way that the black knight did. Just like a crush trap, if you force an object or entity against another solid tile then you will crush and destroy that object or entity. This is a powerful one shoting attack that unfortunately affects more than just aggressive monsters. This can be done to damsels, items, and even treasure. So if your Spelunker is carrying this shield, keep this in mind.

At the same time, if you are attempting to get a low treasure score, such as for that achievement, the shield can help you avoid picking up treasure – just so long as you do not land on top of the treasure, as the shield will not prevent your Spelunker from picking up that. There also is not a way to manually drop treasure your Spelunker has accumulated. You could willingly be attacked by a monkey, but that would take a while, and be dangerous besides due to their ability to pry free bombs from your Spelunker.

Most monsters can be pushed with the shield, but those that are larger than the Spelunker cannot, such as the mummy. The shield is particularly useful against mummies, since it can block the belched flies, but it cannot crush a mummy due to the inability to push it.

The shield neither can prevent your Spelunker from being thrown, like from a yeti or a shopkeeper.


  • Base cost: eighteen thousand (18,000).
  • Incremental cost: two thousand (2,000).
    • Journal entry: The coolest way to travel. The fuel replenishes while you’re on the ground.

Another item equipped like a passive item, but triggered by your jump key, the jetpack is one of the most useful and coveted items in the game due to its ability of controllable flight. Pressing the jump bound key while airborne, or pressing it again after jumping, will trigger the jetpack’s thrusters, propelling your Spelunker into the desired direction. Generally the jetpack will direct your Spelunker upwards, but by turning the jetpack on and off, you can also control and navigate the descent of your Spelunker without freefalling.

The jetpack massively improves the survivability and mobility of your Spelunker, while all but removing any need for ropes. With the jetpack equipped, falling damage and becoming trapped are things of the past. Even approaching and dealing with monsters turns into a much more controlled environment. The downside to the jetpack is that its fuel is limited. No, it is not limited in the way that a mattock is, or else the value of the jetpack would not be so supreme. The jetpack’s fuel is limited per charge. Each charge lasts for the duration that your Spelunker is airborne. That means as soon as your Spelunker’s feet touch the ground, the jetpack’s fuel reserves recharge. Grabbing onto a ledge, or clinging to a wall with the climbing gloves, does not recharge the jetpack.

To make proper use of the jetpack, you should not continuously flare the jets. Trigger it on and off in bursts, so that the fuel lasts longer per airborne charge. Keeping the jetpack active will also propel your Spelunker upwards very quickly, diminishing the control over where he or she goes. Additionally, if there ends up nothing for your Spelunker to grab onto, the jetpack can lift your Spelunker so high that he or she can receive falling damage from the height, if the fall is not interrupted at all by another flare of the jets.

Like the shield, the jetpack does not turn your Spelunker invulnerable, but greatly increases your Spelunker’s ability to make it out alive, and to succeed at greater challenges. And avoid crushing the jetpack in any way, as that will result in a large explosion like a bomb.


  • Base cost: two thousand seven hundred (2,700).
  • Incremental cost: three hundred (300).
    • Journal entry: A popular weapon of tiki men. It (almost) always comes back!

The boomerang is a common, ranged weapon, with a great utility especially for how little it costs. It is a crooked tool, with a green painted middle and white stripes bordering the green. You might not even want to purchase the boomerang if you come across one in the mines or the jungle in a shop, because of how often you can pilfer them from tiki men in the jungle zone. Just stun a tiki man once, and you can pick up his boomerang. He might nearly kill you with just one toss of his boomerang though, if you get within frontal sight of him.

When a boomerang is thrown, it flies in a flat trajectory and at a moderate pace. Presuming nothing impedes the boomerang’s path, the boomerang will always return back to the Spelunker. If something does block its return path, then the boomerang will make an attempt at returning, but quickly enough its impetus will run out and it will fall to the ground, inert and harmless.

Each strike from a boomerang deals one damage, but a boomerang is capable of hitting multiple times. This trait more often racks up higher on the Spelunker than monsters unfortunately however. And unlike most ranged weapons, the boomerang has no kickback, making it a little safer for the Spelunker to use. One less variable to manage and concern yourself with.

A boomerang is better than nothing to have obviously, but it does not have as high priority as a shotgun. If you find a damsel, you should be willing to give up the boomerang if you have to. That is only if you have to though. You can carry, or lead the damsel to the exit, and then backtrack to pick up your boomerang and bring it through the exit.


  • Base cost: nine thousand (9,000).
  • Incremental cost: one thousand (1,000).
    • Journal entry: A piece of futuristic technology! But it hasn’t been perfected yet…

The teleporter is a tiny blue box, with a large white button and a white topped antenna. It is a held item, and so while carrying the teleporter, the Spelunker cannot hold anything else. The teleporter transports the Spelunker instantly from one spot to another, which nothing impeding the arrival destination in correlation to where the Spelunker initiated the teleport. You can control the distance in which your Spelunker teleports by the direction your Spelunker is facing, and the direction you are pressing with your movement keys. For each teleport, your Spelunker travels a moderately variable distance, of a few to as many as several tiles. The teleporter is not reliant on a limited resource either, so you can teleport as many times as you like – until you die that is.

With a teleporter in hand, you could potentially traverse a level in but several seconds, but there is a great danger in using a teleporter, and without cautious. The teleporter has the possibility of teleporting your Spelunker into a solid block. This will not remove the solid block in favor of your Spelunker, but instead will immediately kill your Spelunker. This only occurs when you initiate a teleport, and in the prospected teleportation destination, there is no empty space within three tiles. Without that nearby empty space, your Spelunker will just teleport inside of a solid tile and perish.

Defeating your own Spelunker with the teleporter is considered telefraging yourself, where as it is also possible to telefrag other entities in the same way the Spelunker can telefrag himself. Unlike a solid block, if your Spelunker teleports in the same exact tile as another entity, then that entity will be defeated, no matter the type of entity it is. You could telefrag anubis, a giant spider, a damsel, and so forth. There are only a limited number of entities that you cannot telefrag, which are: Olmec, croc men, and the ghost. You can actually telefrag king yama, the final boss of hell, so long as you teleport inside of his head.

A teleporter is very effective in facilitating speeding through a play through, but a teleporter can easily just kill your Spelunker. Since the teleporter and the jetpack can be found in the same shop, it is better to purchase the jetpack instead of the teleporter, as that cannot kill you instantly and grants you greater control over your Spelunker. You do not have to carry a jetpack either. If you are trying for a speed run, then you might as well take the teleporter, but hopefully it won’t randomly kill your Spelunker.


  • Base cost: four thousand five hundred (4,500).
  • Incremental cost: five hundred (500).
    • Journal entry: The most expensive camera on the market. Say cheese!

The camera is a more niche ranged weapon. Triggering it, like you would with a normal ranged weapon, will cause it to take a flashing snapshot in front of the Spelunker. This is a few tiles wide, and a couple tiles tall. Any monster caught in the snapshot radius will be briefly stunned, for a duration less than if they were harmed.

Some monsters will actually die from the camera’s snapshot, such as anything considered undead. Certain monsters that become active in the Spelunker’s presence will do so, even if the Spelunker did not near them enough for them to be galvanized. For example the spider will drop from the ceiling. The bat will also seem to fly, but is actually killed by the camera’s snapshot. The reasoning behind that is more nebulous, but they are closely related to vampires in behavior and appearance. Fire frogs will also detonate after a pause. Do not use the camera on the shopkeeper, as he will become just as angry as if you vandalized his store or attacked him directly.

None of these effects really seem worthwhile to warrant purchasing and carrying around the camera, but the camera is actually most effective on the ghost. When you take a snapshot of the ghost, the ghost will pause in its slow, relentless chase after your Spelunker, and pose for the picture with bright red lipstick and a bow. This gives your Spelunker more breathing room to guide the ghost around, transmuting the gemstones into diamonds, or else allowing your Spelunker to get ahead of the ghost.

If you intend to accrue as much treasure as possible by utilizing the special properties of the ghost upon gemstones, then the combination of the camera and the jetpack is very effective. Your Spelunker would no longer be limited to areas he or she can run across, climb up, and similar. The camera is enough to slow and stun the ghost, but the jetpack would make for greater flexibility, and diminish the possibility of inadvertent death.

The flash of the camera, as well, has a side effect of giving off light briefly.


  • Base cost: thirteen thousand five hundred (13,500).
  • Incremental cost: one thousand five hundred (1,500).
    • Journal entry: Your typical 12-gauge shotgun.

The shotgun is the only standard firearm available in Spelunky, unlike the game’s previous incarnation that had pistols. The shotgun is a worthwhile weapon to carry around, due to the high damage it dishes out and the infinite ammunition it retains. The shotgun, as the weapon type’s nature is to be, fires off six pellets that each do one damage, but spread in a moderate spray. The pellets travel far, and spread out the farther they go. The shotgun does have a strong kickback when fired though, sliding your Spelunker back a couple tiles. This is something to keep in mind every single time you fire the shotgun, as you might inadvertently fall onto some spikes, trigger some trap, or fall off an edge.

Possessing a weapon like the shotgun entirely changes the plain of your play through, as you no longer need to carefully approach, or maybe even wait for enemies to be close enough to attack them with a whip. Each time you strike that whip, you conspicuously know you risk your Spelunker to damage. But with the shotgun, your Spelunker just stands at a distance, and shoots. Your Spelunker misses? Oh well, just shoot again. And again.

Really the only downside to the shotgun is the inability to aim it anywhere but in the direction your Spelunker is facing. Which, means you basically cannot aim the shotgun. The sound emitted would be a concern, but Spelunky is not a stealth or zombie game. Obviously you have to carry the shotgun, just like any ranged weapon, forcing you to juggle the shotgun, a damsel, and/or a golden idol if you come across those. But you can toss a damsel towards the entrance, or bring them there, and just backtrack for the shotgun.

The shotgun is moderately common to be found, so long as a shop spawns of the weapon type. Earlier on in the game, the fifteen thousand treasure price tag might be too steep. Depends how assiduous you were in gathering treasure. If you are not above, or adverse to attacking a shopkeeper, you can pillage one from the shopkeeper. The shotgun is a very alluring weapon to have, but that does not mean it is worth gaining the ire of the shopkeeper’s just to have one.

The knockback to the shotgun can be of use as well. You can turn midair, and shoot, to nudge your Spelunker a couple tiles further.

For a serious play through, the combination of the shotgun and jetpack is very efficient. The two items are more feasible to acquire than some of the more specialized, deadly items; but a jetpack is harder to acquire, in terms of price and rarity, than the shotgun is.

Like the camera, light is produced from the muzzle of the shotgun when fired.

Other than the potential danger of the shotgun’s knockback, it is also possible to accidently hit friendlies off screen. And unfortunately, the shotgun requires more restraint against the black knight when he is armed with his shield. The shield normally blocks anything entirely, but the shield will actually reflect bullets back at the Spelunker. Your natural reaction at that point, especially if you become surprised by the black knight randomly charging around, is to fire. If you do that, and he has his shield, say goodbye to that play through.

Freeze Ray

  • Base cost: nine thousand (9,000).
  • Incremental cost: one thousand (1,000).
    • Journal entry: A blast from this will freeze anything completely solid.

The freeze ray is a yellow painted, slightly futuristic gun with a grey metal muzzle. It is a short ranged weapon that blasts a sparkling blue gout of energy that freezes entities in a solid block. Past five tiles and the ray’s energy will dissipate. The blast that comes from the freeze ray is continuous, and the freeze ray itself does not possess rapid fire, so it has a one by one firing rate with a similar ‘reload’ delay as the shotgun.

The solid block of blue ice that encases an entity is incredibly fragile. Any damage done to it, including falling (even if it is not of sufficient height to cause falling damage) will shatter the block of ice, along with whatever or whoever is inside. However, blasting the block of ice again with the freeze ray will do nothing, as the Spelunker must find another way of damaging the block of ice if you wish to defeat the monster inside. This might involve the inconvenience of putting down the freeze ray, or pushing the block off an edge. The method with the least amount of hassle is to jump on top of the block of ice, which will count as a damaging source, and one shot whatever is inside the block of ice.

There is little that differentiates the freeze ray from the mammoth’s – the monster from the ice caverns – freezing breath.

It is easy to underestimate the power of the freeze ray, as the lack of direct damage can distract from its full utility. It ends up briefly immobilizing enemies, making it so they cannot harm you while they are encased, and turns them into easy, immobile targets. It does have some form of direct damage though to specific enemies. Striking any flying monsters with the blast of ice will cause them to plummet from the air and shatter onto the ground when they meet it. Large monsters are susceptible as well to the freezing effect of the ray, such as giant spiders, mummies, and even anubis. Even if the freeze ray is a means to an end to acquiring the scepter very simply, this would make hauling around the freeze ray worthwhile.

If you are not aiming for score, and perhaps just success, then you need not defeat the monsters inside of the ice blocks. The freeze ray, proceeding in this method, then becomes a weapon that entirely immobilizes the monsters, like an incredibly upgraded camera. However, the length of time in which the monster is frozen lasts for barely a few seconds.

But aside from understanding the freeze ray properly, it still has the downside of having a very short range, and a mild knockback. Because of this, the shotgun should be used instead of the freeze ray if the opportunity presents itself, and therefore anything else considered of higher priority than the shotgun. The freeze ray will not harm the damsel though, so long as the damsel’s encasement of ice is not damaged while it is there briefly.

Web Gun

  • Base cost: one thousand eight hundred (1,800).
  • Incremental cost: two hundred (200).
    • Journal entry: A gun that shoots sticky spider webs.

The web gun is styled similar to the teleporter, in that it is painted over with blue, with a white and bulbous nozzle, and a white fin at the back. The web gun, as you might have guessed, shoots out clumps of webbing. It can fire three clumps of webbing in quick succession, and then requires a brief ‘reloading’ period until it can resume firing.

The webbing from it behaves similar to the webbing the giant spider shoots out, and any webbing that is found already spawned in a level. Webbing slows down your Spelunker, but usually if any monster touches the webbing – including a damsel – then the monster will become stuck and immobile once inside. This includes even bats, but does not include spiders, as it would be in their characteristics to be immune to it.

Though the web gun is the second cheapest item purchasable in the game, it has its uses, which are primarily supplementary or complementary. The web gun, as mentioned, is capable of snaring monsters susceptible to webbing. This stops them from pursuing you, while also making them a very easy target. Granted, to harm them, you would have to temporarily drop your web gun. The webbing can also be used as a cushion for your Spelunker to fall into, or as an impromptu ledge to grab onto. This can be used to get to places that would otherwise require a rope, or used else to prevent falling damage. Webbing can also be combined with bombs to create a makeshift bomb paste. Launch the webbing at the desired area, and then toss a bomb at it. The bomb will catch inside the webbing, and then explode at that precise spot without you needing to neither have the accessory item of bomb paste nor time your bomb to explode midair.

The web gun can provide an avenue of relief seen little elsewhere in the game, so much so that you typically resort to bombs if you have to blast your way out of a gauntlet of traps. Said gauntlet would be a formation of traps in a cluster that give little space to get around them, and is altogether dangerous to walk over; so much so you doubt you will not get past unharmed, or even alive. Using the web gun in such a scenario would place convenient cushions in midair, above those traps, so that your Spelunker can leap into them, and then leap forward, entirely circumventing the traps without having to waste any precious resources of bombs. An oddity is that while you can trigger arrow traps with the webbing from the gun, the arrows will not be caught in the webbing.


  • Base cost: seven thousand two hundred (7,200).
  • Incremental cost: eight hundred (800).
    • Journal entry: A sharp tool that’s great for digging, but the craftsmanship is shoddy.

The mattock is Spelunky’s digging tool – the only way other than the use of detonations to destroy tiles, and thus harvest the treasures within. Your Spelunker holds the mattock just like any weapon, and while the direct tile in front of the Spelunker is susceptible to being damaged, the mattock destroys tiles that are in front of the Spelunker and one tile below. The priority is any tile that is directly in front of the Spelunker, and then the tile that is below that empty spot. This behavior makes the mattock unwieldy at first, as you are incapable of digging directly downwards. It can remain a little unwieldy even still when your Spelunker is digging through the terrain, making a narrow path for himself, as you will be forced to dig either back and forth repeatedly or in a horizontal line to make progress downwards. So that dug out area creates a couple tiles wide of a shaft, or stairs.

Unfortunately, the mattock is a limited use item, in that after a roughly random out of tiles dug with it the mattock will break apart. The journal cites this as ‘shoddy craftsmanship’. What will be left behind is the mattock head. Though the mattock head does have a unique model, its properties are fairly standard and ordinary in terms of any heavy throwable item. Unfortunately, damaging anything with the mattock will also lower its durability, so it is better to place the mattock down and attack whatever with the whip. It can damage monsters that are stunned though, so if you are in a tight situation, you could do that. Better to use one swing of the mattock than receive a heart of damage.

Coming into the possession of a mattock dramatically changes the levels your Spelunker comes across for the duration of the mattock’s durability. Your Spelunker now becomes free to explore anywhere he wishes, and to break free the treasure that glitters in the tiles. Often times there are small sections of levels that are sealed off. Before, you had to assess whether what lied within was worth enough to expend a bomb. With the mattock, it is hardly costly to dig your way through. You should still be pragmatic with the digging swings of your mattock though, so as to maximize how much treasure you can unearth with it.

Combining the spectacles or the udjat eye with the mattock greatly increases its benefit to your play through, as you can now see the hidden gemstones and items in the terrain tiles. These buried gemstones are more valuable than even the high concentration gold vein tiles.

Mostly because of this item, the mattock, encountering the random level event ‘I hate snakes!’ in the mines becomes a boon to your play through, as the mattock is located at the bottom of the shaft, beneath the snakes and rubies. There is no risk of a bomb destroying the mattock either, when you are trying to unearth it.


  • Base cost: six thousand three hundred (6,300).
  • Incremental cost: seven hundred (700).
    • Journal entry: It slices, it dices, it cuts through monsters like stale bread!

The machete is a held, melee weapon that makes a click when picked up. It may not look useful at a glance, but the machete deals twice the damage of the Spelunker’s standard whip – two damage at once. It swipes in about the same distance as the whip reaches, but does not reach in a curve backwards like the whip does. Because of its increased damage, the machete is more suitable of dealing with stronger monsters than the whip is, and has the added effect of being able to harm stunned enemies. An example would be the golden scorpion, as it curls up after being hurt once, but since the machete deals two damage, the machete will defeat the golden scorpion in one swipe.

The machete is fairly common to find in shops and crates, but because it does not replace the whip, its use is cumbersome for its benefit. It can cut through webbing, but still. The machete’s priority is low, so much so you should be willing to abandon it if you have to leave it behind for a golden idol or a damsel.

If possible, you can backtrack for it. The initial worth of a golden idol is only five thousand, and the initial cost of a machete is seven thousand, but a golden idol would still be worth more to cash in than keeping a machete. This is because that five thousand treasure can go towards an item more useful to the Spelunker, like a shotgun, a cape, and similar. If you have ample wealth, to the point five thousand would not make a dent, then no, you would be better off at that point in keeping the machete. Regardless, you should expect to change out the machete in a couple levels, and at highest a zone, as you will inevitably come across another item to replace it, or else end up in a situation where it necessitates you leaving it behind.

It really is that cumbersome carrying a weapon that has no ranged attack on it.

Plasma Cannon

  • Base cost: unable to be purchased.
    • Journal entry: The height of alien weapon design. This thing packs a punch!

The plasma cannon is located primarily in one place in the game – the mother ship. It rests at the foot of, or rather at the multiple tentacles of the alien queen. Do not mistake the alien queen for the alien lord, whom was first seen in the crashed spacecraft random level event. The alien queen is located past the alien lord. The plasma cannon is a bulky gun, purple and grey. You need not kill the alien queen to snatch the plasma cannon, but you may want to due to how dangerous the area is.

The plasma cannon is a massively damaging ranged weapon. It does not have bullets, but energy blasts of plasma that destroys an area of tiles with a radius larger than a bomb’s blast. Anything within that radius is destroyed. And from every blast of the plasma cannon, your Spelunker is knocked back a severe few tiles. You can kill your Spelunker with a blast from the plasma cannon, but you need to be nearly point blank with anything solid to actually kill your Spelunker.

This weapon is entirely game changing. So long as you can manage to keep your Spelunker alive throughout the rest of that play through, you have essentially won the game. Anything you point that gun at and shoot will die. The sheer power of the weapon could influence you to be careless, so try not to be, or else your Spelunker’s death will be grief ridden.

You can find a plasma cannon in a crate, but it is incredibly rare to find, possibly the rarest item to find in the crates. The plasma cannon will be in the mother ship one hundred percent of the time, so it’s a matter of making it to the fourth level of the ice caverns, reaching the entrance of the mother ship, and then surviving the barrage of rays and bombs in the mother ship. The alien queen, alien lord, and the mother ship are dangerous enough to decide against pursuing the plasma cannon, especially on play throughs that do not use shortcuts.

If you are fortunate enough to come into the possession of a plasma cannon, there is really nothing at all that you should prioritize over for the plasma cannon, unless for some reason you going through the requirements for entering the city of gold. Then you would be forced to relinquish the plasma cannon for the scepter in order to unlock the door to the city of gold. That would sting.

There is a warning to heed for the plasma cannon. This weapon can give you the feeling of being invincible, as everything and anything is obliterated at your every whim. However this is purely destructive power. Your Spelunker is still just as susceptible and vulnerable to damage and death as he or she always was and is. The massive destructive force of the plasma cannon does act defensively, as little can get close to you if you try. But a monster can still slip through, along with the other hazards present in the game. Additionally, the destructive force of the plasma cannon can kill your Spelunker. Regardless, be careful of what you destroy, as you can possibly destroy any way of getting to the exit with this weapon – but this is more an issue in the ice caverns than anywhere else.


  • Base cost: unable to be purchased.
    • Journal entry: A razor-sharp blade fashioned from the tooth of a worm. It replaces your whip.

The crysknife is located in the secret level of the worm, in a large vat of acid on the lower area of the level. This vat of acid is usually deep enough that if your Spelunker leaps in, he or she cannot escape without the aid of a bomb or a rope. In the deep green of the acid, the crysknife can be difficult to see, but its unique model of a jagged blade with a wrapped hilt is perceptible. If you opt to just destroy the vat of acid with a bomb placed at the bottom, the crysknife is very easily discoverable.

The crysknife, unlike most items to be acquired in Spelunky, replaces the whip. In fact, it may be the only weapon to replace the whip. You certainly will not woe the loss of the whip. Just a swipe of the crysknife will kill anything in the game in one hit – aside from those monsters that are specially immune to those kinds of attacks. The crysknife does not even leave behind corpses of entities that usually do, like cavemen.

The model of the crysknife is like a smaller, leaner machete, and as such the swing of the blade comes swifter. There is no hierarchy of priority when it comes to the crysknife, as it is not carriable. It comes down to the choice of venturing into the worm and finding the crysknife, while making it out alive. If you do pick up another item though, that item will take precedence over the crysknife, just like it normally would be the case as the crysknife acts like the Spelunker’s whip when you have it. So, for that play through, it is not possible to lose the crysknife, but then there comes the reasoning to not choose certain items just because you have the crysknife.

This weapon comes with the downside of being close range, which is always disadvantageous to the Spelunker versus attacking at a range. There are some monsters that deal high damage that make this issue worse, like the giant spider. But usually, this is more a concern for mini bosses.

And yet for once you have the option of flexibility between two weapons – the crysknife, and the other weapon you pick up. Yes, you will have to put down that weapon to use the crysknife, but at least then you have the choice. You can stay back at a range with a shotgun normally, as there is little reason to use the incredibly strong crysknife on normal monsters when a shotgun will do without risking your Spelunker at a close range, and then put down the shotgun to deal with stronger, specific enemies with the crysknife. The secret level of the worm is not as hazardous as the mother ship, but not by much. The crysknife thus is a similar optional and bonus weapon like the plasma cannon. Risk your play through by going in a very dangerous level to acquire something very powerful, or just not.

Vlad’s Cape

  • Base cost: unable to be purchased.
    • Journal entry: The bloody cape of Vlad the Impaler. It’s even more dashing than regular capes.

The vlad’s cape is a scarlet pair of bat styled wings, their size suited for a vampire such as vlad. Vlad’s cape is found only from the unique mini boss named vlad, a scarlet garbed and white haired vampire styled after Dracula. Vlad is always and only located in hell, in a unique structure like a tower. The vlad’s cape replaces the normal yellow cape, as well as the jetpack. It has more differences than just cosmetic. While it does retain the gliding ability the normal yellow cape possesses, if slightly altered, the vlad’s cape gives the Spelunker the ability to double jump. To clarify, the Spelunker after already jumping from the ground can then jump again midair, increasing the literal height the Spelunker can climb from jumps. From there, activating the jump bound key will initiate the gliding function of a cape. However, if you press the jump bound key again – to accelerate your fall to its natural speed – you will be unable to unfurl the cape once more, despite that being a dynamic function of the yellow cape. Sadly, this inability to freely use the cape midair devalues the vlad’s cape greatly.

Being so far in the game, and in such a difficult to reach zone, you are likely to already have in your Spelunker’s possession either a cape or a jetpack. If you have neither, then there is no reason to not pick up an item that will blatantly improve the survivability of your Spelunker. Be prepared to be vigilantly conscious of the vlad’s cape’s incapability of fluctuating flight and free fall. A mistake so far and deep in the game cannot be made. At worst, if you are already in possession of the cape or the jetpack, picking up the vlad’s cape will add the item to your journal, feeling like something of an achievement considering the difficulty of reaching hell alone.

Vlad’s cape is more of a last resort item out of the three. You’re likely just to pass over it if you already have a cape or a jetpack. At the same time, you might be forced to defeat vlad inside his tower to be able to obtain a different, yet important accessory item. The choice would be presented to you, but should be disregarded if you have anything else in that slot.


  • Base cost: unable to be purchased.

The purple, small eggplant is not really a weapon, and definitely not a passive item either. You can find this strange object by sacrificing a mystery box onto an altar of kali. The music of the level will change, to something more whimsical. The point of the eggplant is not to eat it. And do not frivolously throw it, or strike it with the whip, as that will destroy the eggplant as if it was as fragile as a pot.

The eggplant has a lone purpose in the entire game of Spelunky. This is to transform the king of hell, yama, into an eggplant monster. This eggplant monster has only one health, turning the hardest boss of the game to a creature incredibly weak. No, this is not game breaking, as it is very difficult to manage to get the eggplant all the way into hell and to the boss. You would have to make it to the city of gold, and then make it to hell, and survive all the way to the boss, just to do it, all while not smashing the eggplant. Using the eggplant for its intended, once mysterious purpose is an endeavor of a challenge. So if you are looking for one, the eggplant is one.


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