Spelunky Guide – The Temple

The fourth zone of Spelunky is detailed here in this article. The Egyptian styled monsters, bosses, and traps are perilous things to overcome. The boss, Olmec, waits dormant at the end for your Spelunker. He stands between you and the giant idol – an artifact worth thousands of gold.

The Temple

  • Journal entry: These ruins have probably been here for thousands of years. Who built them?

The fourth and final unhidden zone of Spelunky, the Temple is a cramped and claustrophobic Egyptian style ruin littered with monsters like cavemen, jackal headed dwarves, belching mummies and floating ancient Egyptian gods. Nearly all of these monsters are intent on taking the Spelunker’s life. The temple is made of grey brick by brick, with hieroglyphs prominent on murals on the background walls. Some of these murals are found depicting jackal masked men, or perhaps Anubis himself. There is sparse and rare greenery, with stunted trees. There is no reprieve of water to be found here, and instead orange and red molten rock flows freely from statues set into the wall into basins of barely contained lava.

There is less choice as to where the Spelunker can go, as if your Spelunker’s fate is narrowing to a dead end. It is naggingly tempting to continually detonate holes in the temple’s bricks to break free of the predetermined path. This becomes quickly costly, as the area you can get your Spelunker into may just as well be a pit, begetting another detonation of a bomb or a regret of your choice and the toss of a rope to climb out of the hole you trapped your Spelunker into.

It is only in the Temple can the Spelunker finally find freedom from this endless maze of caves, as this is what has happened to your Spelunker the whole time – they cannot find a way out, and the walls around them shift and change.


In the temple zone there is a high density of monsters, along with monsters that are of a higher degree in strength. Their difficulty is escalated by the limited space available constrained by the generated terrain of the temple levels. The scorpion and magma man make a return here, with magma men and scorpions being much more common than they were in the jungle.

  • Mummy: Ten (10) HP
    • Journal entry: Cursed tomb lords with a very old grudge to bear.

Mummies are strong enough to be considered a mini boss, but so common they are not really. Mummies are hunched, slowly shuffling and gigantic humanoids wrapped from head to toe in ancient bandages, with a golden circlet ringing their skull. With outstretched arms, they belch several tiny locust-like flies when the Spelunker is caught in their sight. Each of these miniscule sized flies deal a two hearts full of damage to the Spelunker, and stun the Spelunker at the same time. If your misfortune is so advanced that you manage to touch a mummy without being barfed on by their vomit flies, then the Spelunker will receive the same damage of two hearts.

Like most of the tougher echelon of monsters the mummy cannot be damaged by jump attacks, unless the Spelunker has the spike boots equipped. The mummy is just a tile wide, and two tiles tall. Like most grounded monsters, the mummy can only move on the horizontal terrain it is on, which applies as well to their ranged attack of vomit flies. But since the vomit flies are more spread out, they can reach a little higher than the two tiles equivalent to the mummy’s height.

With such high HP, the mummy is too difficult to be worth the two large rubies it drops when defeated. Even if the mummy obstructs the Spelunker’s way forward, which can often be the case in the cramped and narrow environment rife with traps, if possible it is better to wait for them to pass far enough to get around them. With their aggressive nature towards the Spelunker, you can also lure them out of the way and then rush by. If you are especially quick, and properly time your Spelunker’s charge forward before the mummy can begin his perpetual belching, your Spelunker can leap and bounce across the top of the mummy’s head. Beneath your Spelunker’s feet will be a blue mist. Doing this, you can get past the mummy even though there is not any clearance above the mummy.

Generally when you are fighting with a mummy, it is important to maintain a higher elevation than the mummy’s head, so as to not be in range of their vomited flies. A mummy is very easily dispatched with just a bomb, due to their inability to scale any sort of incline and their sluggish shuffling. Yet being so far in the game, you either have a copious supply of bombs at your deposal, or you have precious few. If you have precious few, you cannot just toss out a bomb whenever a mummy impedes your path.

Whip attacks will of course damage the mummy, but the mummy is quick to turn towards the Spelunker. Unlike the mammoth, the mummy does actively seek out the Spelunker, and the mummy’s projectile attack is just about fatal to be touched by. Yes, a single fly will not one shot the Spelunker if he or she is over two hearts in health; but the stun effect will render the Spelunker hapless to save himself or herself from just one more of those other very near vomited flies.

Beside the careless or lavish usage of a bomb, if your Spelunker has access to ranged weaponry, that will as nearly always be superior to deal with the mummy. Be especially patient when attacking the mummy with your ranged weapon, as your ranged weapon will destroy the vomited flies in its wake. Try to keep an escape route to higher elevation if you need to jump in and out on the same level as the mummy itself.

The best way to kill a mummy though is by its secret weakness. This is better than using a bomb even. If your Spelunker has his or her hands on a camera, taking a picture of the mummy will instantaneously defeat him in the flash. Usually that just stuns monsters, or briefly paralyzes them, but the camera’s flash one shots the mummy.

  • Hawk Man: Three (3) HP
    • Journal entry: A dangerous leader of the Olmec cult. He’s always looking for people to sacrifice.

The hawk man is a humanoid monster with a similar model just like the caveman or the tiki man. The difference is the hawk man’s clothing. He wears a scarlet mask of a hawk, with a large and prominent beak, and below his comically large belly button he has legless shorts of more scarlet. He stands around, idly moving at random, until he notices the Spelunker. When he does, he will charge after the Spelunker in similar behavior to the caveman. The way the hawk man attacks is more familiar to the shopkeeper’s enraged behavior, without the shotgun at least. The hawk man jumps around wildly, throwing the Spelunker when he crashes into him or her, leaving the Spelunker reeling stunned.

If caught just once by the hawk man, despite how regular of a monster the hawk man is, the Spelunker might perish as is the usual case when stunned. Although the hawk man seems to strain with concentration on the Spelunker and easily forgets about him, reverting back to his passive behavior of standing around, idly moving at random. So it is more a chance the Spelunker will meet his or her demise at the hands of the hawk man if caught by him, rather than an absolute death sentence.

Watch the hawk man carefully, and if he is already charging at your Spelunker, time your whip strike to catch him before he rams into your Spelunker. You could also try to jump attack onto him, but that can have more variable and thus unreliable outcomes. You do not need to defeat the hawk man to be free of his danger, unless you happen to backtrack for whatever reason. And there is no benefit to defeating a hawk man in terms of direct value. Striking the hawk man once will cause him to fall down, stunned, like many monsters you have encountered before. Continue on ahead, and by the time you have the hawk man gets up, you will be so far out of range he will not be able to notice you anymore, and will have long since forgotten about you. Generally the hawk man’s aggressive pursuit is dependent on a limited horizontal sight.

  • Scorpion Fly: Two (2) HP
    • Journal entry: It’s as dangerous on the ground as it is in the air.

Scorpion flies are of a similar species to the scorpion. Scorpion flies are distinguishable from the yellow scorpions by their carapace color of reddish orange, their large red eyes, and their membranous wings. You could consider them an analogous enemy to the bat, but they do not clutch to the ceilings. Scorpion flies, when passive, drift around the air idly, aimless as to where they go and turn. When a scorpion fly notices a Spelunker, he will fly after him with the most direct path possible.

They do not have any special immunities, and even though they should have venom in their stingers, they do not poison the Spelunker. They deal a single heart of damage like normal monsters. Harming the scorpion fly just once will cause him to fall to the ground, curl up while it is stunned, and lose its wings. Once it shakes off the stunned effect, it will get up and pursue the Spelunker just like its brethren yellow scorpion.

  • Croc Man
    • Journal entry: This elite temple guard has magical powers that make him very tough to kill.

The croc man has a humanoid with a similar model to the caveman, hawk man, and tiki man. He wears a mask that looks like the head of a crocodile with yellow, narrow pupil eyes, and an Egyptian hood with a white and blue bar pattern. On his wrists are golden bands, and at his waist is a white cloth over a navy blue bikini. It’s possible he is wearing pants, but the model just is not enlarged enough for you to be able to tell.

The croc man’s behavior is unique amongst the monsters found in the game. Yes, he will leap around wildly just like the hawk man when agitated. But no, you cannot harm the croc man. He is as immune to damage as close as he could be without possessing the supernatural ability of invulnerability. The croc man has the frequent capability to teleport in the same functionality and properties as the teleporter spelunker item. The croc man will reflexively teleport – which will create a glowing afterimage of him, at where he was – when any form of harm is attempted on the croc man.

The croc man’s power to teleport makes him more than super elusive, as teleporting in Spelunky has the potential byproduct of telefraging. Telefraging occurs when the teleporter, in this instance the croc man, teleports into the same occupied space as another entity. When this happens, the entity that was previously occupying that space is instantaneously killed, and the teleporter now presently occupies that space, safe and undisturbed.

Just one teleport from the croc man has a severe risk of telefraging the Spelunker, if the croc man was facing or charging at the Spelunker at the point in which the croc man teleported. This is because the croc man teleports forwards, in the direction he faces. It is not a horizontal teleport either, the destination that the croc man teleports into is variable in height and distance.

The sheer infeasibility in defeating a croc man, and his highly variable and sudden instant kill ability makes him a high priority to avoid, to even give a wide berth to just in case anything else in the level inadvertently brings a potential source of harm upon the croc man, giving him cause to teleport.

Because of the croc man’s capability to telefrag, he can actually kill monsters far stronger than him – stronger in the traditional sense. This means he can potentially kill a mummy, or even anubis. Chances may be a little less with anubis, due to how anubis floats in the air.

If you really must kill the croc man, or you are very curious to do so, there are a few ways to do it that circumvent or take advantage of his teleporting ability. There is a danger inherent in teleporting in Spelunky that even the croc man is not immune to, merely unlikely to. This is telefraging yourself, the teleporter. The croc man can teleport into a space that is not occupied by an entity, but is instead occupied by a terrain tile, such as the brick tiles of the temple. If the croc man teleports into that, he will simply die and the tile he teleported into will suffer no change whatsoever. As unlikely as it is for the croc man to accidently do this, this is the easiest form of death to the croc man if he continually jumps around, teleporting. It is best to maintain as much of a distance as you can, while making sure that the croc man is still teleporting, or else repeatedly triggering him to do it.

There is then freezing the croc man from the freeze ray, most commonly picked up from a mammoth’s chance drop. The act of becoming frozen does not result in actual damage, so this does not initiate the croc man’s teleporting reaction. You can then shatter the croc man just as you would anything else that is frozen.

Another way is by anubis’ scepter. It is very unlikely anubis himself will kill the croc man, as the croc man will teleport away from any swirling circles that inadvertently come into contact with him. But if the spelunker is wielding the scepter, then the swirling circles will pursue the croc man. The croc man will teleport away initially, but there is a small cool down on his ability to teleport once again, so it is not possible for the croc man to become a blur of glowing afterimages across the game screen – perpetually and ceaselessly teleporting if there would be theoretically enough prompts of potential damage to the croc man. Eventually, the swirling psychic circles will catch up to the croc man, provided enough are emitted. If you do manage to kill a croc man by this method, then the croc man will leave a corpse behind that can be sacrificed to one of the frequently appearing altars of kali in the temple.

Another, but more niche way to kill the croc man is by the golden idol’s trap, so long as he does not see the Spelunker while the trap is descending.

  • Anubis: Twenty (20) HP
    • Journal entry: A jackal-headed god who rules over the world of the dead.

Anubis is the jackal headed, Egyptian hooded god who has symbolism with ruling over the dead. He is the bane of the first level in the temple, as that is the only place this type of anubis appears and is an especially devastating mini boss. Anubis, as most mini bosses are, has a larger model stretching two tiles high. He is a mini boss possessing the supernatural ability of levitation, although he cannot pass through solid tiles so there is some detriment to that drastic ability of flight. Anubis’ strength lies in that perpetual floating and his psychic scepter, that wields psychic swirling purple circles just like the lord alien found in the crashed spaceship random level event.

These swirling circles will pass through any solid matter, while somewhat doing the same to living entities. The swirling circles will juggle what they ‘attack’, such as the Spelunker, continually damaging what humanoid or monster they have ensnared. In most cases, this will instantaneously kill what the psychic circle has ensnared. This psychic attack from anubis differs from the alien lord’s in that the speed in which the circles travel is slower, but anubis dishes out the psychic circles at a quicker rate.

Anubis is a highly aggressive mini boss, but the way he goes about engaging and chasing the Spelunker is markedly different than most monsters you have encountered thus far in the game. Anubis continually flies around, often hovering a few to nearly several tiles high in the air while he unleashes these psychic circles.

His attacks will seek out the Spelunker through any and all terrain before they dissipate, while anubis keeps the Spelunker in range while keeping a distance. As the Spelunker pursues the anubis, trying to get closer and closer, anubis attempts to keep that large distance between them. Anubis even actively dodges incoming attacks, albeit he is not swift moving as he hovers. He will not directly dodge a whip attack, but as per his normal behavior of continually maintaining a distance to the Spelunker he will move away as your Spelunker strikes at him.

Due to the cramped and narrow level generation of the temple, anubis tends to wedge himself into corners of the ceiling, commonly with his back to the upper wall. He will slide around from there, but generally as anubis moves around, he will always gravitate to the upper areas of that area of the temple. And while anubis does try to maintain a distance from the Spelunker while attacking the Spelunker, anubis will follow after the Spelunker if he or she moves too far. This allows you to lead anubis into areas, which can be useful to lure him into a trap or to maneuver anubis away from a well defended and difficult to attack position.

Furthermore, anubis’ psychic ranged attacks also double as a defense to anubis, because he is repeatedly and continually casting these psychic circles as they dissipate. All of these behaviors and abilities of anubis make anubis very difficult to successfully engage without a prompt, often frustrating death. Out of the majority of the mini bosses, anubis is one of the more important ones for your Spelunker to have equipped with some accessory items or have in his or her possession a ranged weapon. Since anubis is rarely located near the ground, and reacts to the presence of thrown bombs by moving away from them, it is excessively difficult to land a bomb detonation on anubis. And if you do manage to, anubis has so much hit points that he will survive that bomb detonation. Two bombs that hit anubis will defeat him though.

A shotgun will work well on anubis, provided your Spelunker can reach an equivalent elevation to anubis as the bullets travel horizontally with a gradual spray. So would a boomerang. But even with these weapons anubis is still dangerous because of his behavior and lethal force. Possessing the accessory item of sticky bombs will cause bombs to actually stick to anubis if you are accurate enough in your throw.

But if your Spelunker has no weapons or anything else of similar use you can lure anubis into the tiki traps and crush traps scattered in the level, as these will damage anubis just the same as they would damage the Spelunker. His psychic attacks do not harm traps either. It would take more effort and luck to get a crush trap to kill the anubis, as the crush trap only activates in a line of sight to the Spelunker. So, you might end up accidently killing your Spelunker as you also kill anubis. As well, the item anubis drops may be destroyed in the process. In order to defeat anubis with tiki trap damage alone, the spikes will need to impale anubis a quantity of five total times. It is possible that both sets of spikes on one side of the tiki trap can stab into anubis at once, but this is less likely.

The reward for defeating anubis is high, and also necessary for reaching a certain secret zone of the game. Anubis actually drops his scepter, which if taken, will grant your Spelunker the same psychic attacks as anubis and the alien lord. Yes, while wielding this scepter your Spelunker will have the ability to instant kill any monster or humanoid you deem. No, the scepter does not break after any number of uses. The only drawback, aside from the fact that it is a carriable weapon, is the projectile psychic attack has the possibility of killing the Spelunker. The scepter works by seeking after any available targetable entities, including friendly ones like the damsels. The scepter’s psychic attack will not seek after the Spelunker, but if the Spelunker happens to touch one of the psychic circles, he will die.

If you do manage to get anubis’ scepter, it is strongly recommended that you keep this weapon throughout the remainder of your play through. And while the scepter’s psychic waves can kill the majority of monsters upon contact, this is no defense in any way against traps. The scepter will neither defend against a trap, nor damage a trap. It’s unlikely that the presence of the psychic circles of the scepter will trigger a trap either, even if they happen to cross through the trap’s triggering proximity.


The traps encountered in the Temple complement the cramped room to room generation of the Temple, increasing their effectiveness at being what they are – fatal traps. There is little maneuverability available to the Spelunker in such small space, encumbering efforts to dodge and circumvent the hazard of the trap entirely. Traps, as well, tend to be wedged in corners, exits, and entryways of the generated rooms, exacerbating the difficulty in dealing with them. And if a trap is not located around one of those, then it is likely the trap can be triggered by entering that zone. Regardless, the entry and exit of each individual room is of high priority to the Spelunker, as there is a higher level of haste to be taken to more realistically survive the temple.

You do not have the luxury as you did in the mines or in the jungle, to more carefully plot your route around or through traps, and to pause and look for hazards below or ahead. You might be tempted to, at an excessive degree, if your play through has lasted all the way from the first level of the mines to here. You certainly can, but due to how the traps are placed, and the prevalence of vicious monsters, remaining idle might just be the avenue to your Spelunker’s own death, instead of propelling forward, even if you could happen upon an unforeseen trap.

The arrow trap and the tiki trap make a formidable return in the temple, as explained. With the hazard these two types of traps now present, they were like nuisances in the mines and jungle. Grab what you can to trigger arrow traps from afar. If you are fortunate enough to get ahold of a damsel, use the damsel as a shield only when you have no other option to resort to. If you do not, then that situation might happen later on, and you will have to sacrifice your damsel, relinquishing the heart of health gained at the end of the level. Keep in mind a damsel only has three health, and so can only soak up that equivalent amount of damage before it is transferred to the Spelunker. For example, if the damsel has been dealt two damage previously, and then gets struck by an arrow launched by an arrow trap while being carried by the Spelunker, the damsel will die and the Spelunker will get harmed for one heart of damage. Yes, this is better than taking the full brunt of the damage, and is also equivalent to taking two hearts of damage for the Spelunker and getting a kiss from the damsel after rescuing the damsel.

For tiki traps, it is best to spend as little time as necessary within the range of its spikes. If you can avoid grabbing onto the top of a tiki trap, to climb up, do so, as that just opens your Spelunker to more risk of being harmed. There is so much going on already in the temple, and so much out to get your Spelunker that you can try to limit this hazard by minimizing its time window of danger to as little as possible.

On the other side, the tiki trap is very useful for harming monsters that are pursuing the Spelunker, as previously mentioned. In particular this applies to the mummy, and as well to anubis. This does require your Spelunker to get closer to the tiki trap, usually to pass over it or to lure the aggressive monster up to the tiki trap, so be mindful of the tiki trap’s danger and not just the monster pursuing your Spelunker, less you inadvertently die to the tiki trap that you were not concerned with at that point.

  • Crush Trap
    • Journal entry: This heavy stone block is imbued with the spirit of the pharaoh’s palace guard.

It is vital to notice and recognize a dormant crush trap in the temple, as they move very swiftly and will instantly kill the Spelunker no matter how much health the Spelunker has. The crush trap is a block the size of a tile, with a single opened eye surrounded by gold, which is then surrounded by silvery gray. Crush traps move only in straight, direct lines – horizontally or vertically. It is not capable of moving in angles, or pausing midway in the air and changing its course. The crush trap will always, once activated, meet with another solid tile, such as the side of a tiki trap or a stone wall tile of the temple.

While the crush trap can harm monsters, it is only activated when it has detected the Spelunker. And it is only activates when the Spelunker meets its movement requirement, of being in a vertical or horizontal pathway. This may seem simple to avoid, and perhaps it would be to some degree in another zone, but not in the temple. The crush trap is made more fatal by the presence of other traps as well, which often is the case, such as with a tiki trap or two in the same room as the crush trap.

The crush trap, when activated, will attempt to trap the Spelunker between itself and another solid tile, and completely crush him. Your Spelunker cannot outrun the crush trap, as the crush trap slides quicker than the Spelunker can sprint; although it is possible to fall faster than the crush trap, you would not want to do that as your Spelunker would be very likely to just incur falling damage, lay there stunned, and then get smashed by the crush trap anyway. The temple does not tend to generate steep falls either. And if your Spelunker is too close to the crush trap, around two tiles, your Spelunker cannot jump over the crush trap fast enough before it smashes him or her.

It is difficult, once your Spelunker is in the same room as a crush trap, to not trigger the crush trap due to the strictly adhered angular formations of the rooms and the small size of the rooms. The key to dealing with a crush trap is to not be caught by surprise by the trap. If you are caught by surprise, you will be relying on your own reflexives to react quickly enough while also dealing with the fleeting shock. You would be less likely to successfully dodge the incoming crush trap this way, considering how quickly this trap flies. And say you do dodge the crush trap in this instance, and it slams against whatever wall. Your Spelunker is still in view and range of the crush trap. You will now have to hastily make an exit, or find somewhere that will not be within the triggering range of the crush trap. The point is the danger quickly escalates, as your Spelunker can become trapped by the possible target areas of the crush trap. When maintaining priorities, as to what is dangerous and what you should deal with foremost, place the crush trap amongst the highest, just alongside anubis. There is not a way to destroy a crush trap either, but with a well timed bomb. It is better to try to avoid them entirely.

Another thing to note is that sometimes a crush trap will be waiting in a corridor that is only two tiles high, tempting you to sprint over the top of it to get past. But you cannot, or at least, it is very unlikely your Spelunker can make it. If you try to sprint across the top of the crush trap, it will raise and crush your Spelunker before he or she can get two thirds the way across the crush trap’s surface.

  • Lava
    • Journal entry: Molten rock that flows deep underground. The heat can melt almost anything!

There is no water generated in the Temple, but there are basins and fountains like there are in the other previous zones. Instead there is glowing red hot lava. If your Spelunker comes into contact with this lava, rather than burning or anything similar, he or she will instantaneously perish. Compared to the other zones, the falls are not as steep in the temple, so you will not have to be as concerned about falling damage, but more so about falling into lava. The presence of the lava, due to this, will be more readily detectable.

Endeavor to not land on a side of a lava pool that has no exit, usually this is adjacent to the level’s wall. Lava pools can commonly be too broad to cross with a sprint fueled leap, sometimes by just a tile as well. Tossing up a rope can be infeasible, because if any part of the rope touches the lava, the whole length of the rope will burn up. If you do get stuck on one side of a lava pool, try tossing a bomb at the other side of the lava pool, so that the pool’s wall is at least partly destroyed, lowering the liquid level of the pool. Unless you destroy a bottom portion of the lava pool, there will still be remnants of lava in the unaffected basin walls.

As mentioned, magma men spawn from lava, and so while it is important to be mindful around a lava pool – as one misplaced step can incinerate your Spelunker – do not linger around a lava pool unnecessarily. What would be worse is if a magma man spawned while your Spelunker was trapped on one side of the lava pool. You cannot even jump onto a magma man, and the resulted damage might just fling your Spelunker into the lava pool.

Intermittently, embers will float out of a lava pool, dealing only one heart of damage.

And if something like an item drops into a pool, it will sink away until it disappears, destroying the item. It is possible, albeit hardly, to retrieve such an item hastily, so long as the sinking item is close enough to the pool’s edge. If it is not near an edge, and you destroy a portion of the lava pool’s wall, then the item might end up floating midair, unable to be grabbed from the air. You could try throwing something at it, and it might be knocked free. Obviously, just do not drop anything into the pool that you want. And no, you cannot retrieve a living damsel if a damsel falls into lava.

Dropping a bomb directly into the lava will have the added effect of instantly setting off the bomb. Despite that the bomb hits the surface of the lava, and does not sink in, it can still destroy parts of the lava pool’s walls due to the radius of the bomb’s blast.

Mostly everything can be harmed by lava, aside from anubis, whom will float around unharmed in the lava. Quite the irritating sight.

Random Level Events

There are not any unique level events in the Temple but one. Furthermore, only one other level event makes a return. Which is the darkness engulfed level, with the accompanying message,

I can’t see a thing!

Lava will give off light in this level, and so will the arrow traps, the tiki traps, and crush traps. The golden scarabs will return as well, giving off their own source of light from their carapace. If this random level event occurs in your play through of the Temple, it is suggested that your primary goal becomes a swift exit above anything else. Do not charge through at breakneck speed, and always keep your torch. Be wary of mummies blocking your path, as they do not give off any light to warn you off their presence.

I can hear prayers to Kali!

This random level event can occur in any level of the temple but the last one. The prominent feature of this random level event is a sacrificial pit, lined with small ledges all the way down to the bubbling lava. On those small ledges can be arrow traps, piles of gold, and gemstones. There will be a damsel and golden idol, guaranteed to always spawn like this on this random level event, on a platform made out of stone tiles with grinning skulls and cross bones. Picking up the damsel will not trigger the trap, so you should carry the damsel to safety before taking the golden idol. Picking up the golden idol will trigger the trap though, where the platform the damsel and the golden idol were on will disintegrate.

The platform disappears so quickly that unless you place a rope at the platform – capable of being grabbed while standing on it – your Spelunker will fall in. From there, your Spelunker will either need a few ropes to climb his or her way out, if you can manage to grab onto a ledge before plunging into the deadly lava, or some accessory items. Those accessory items would be the jetpack, making a very simple way of getting out, or the climbing gloves to scale up the side of the pit.

Hidden in the tiles beneath the lava basin at the bottom of the sacrificial pit are rubies.

Depending where the pit spawns though, you might be able to blast a hole open in the side of the pit, to open a path into the rest of the level, instead of exhausting a few ropes and dealing with the difficulty of climbing out without accidently falling into the lava anyway.

You would think there would be multiple shrines to kali here, but there is not. There might be a higher predilection for the level to spawn shrines to kali though.

Golden Idol

Golden Idols are less common to be found in the temple zone, while they are clearly worth almost the most here. When there is not the random level event featuring the sacrificial pit, the golden idol can be found within a small, innocuous seeming room. Usually with two openings on either side. Picking up the golden idol will cause the trap to be sprung. Walls will slide down, closing off the exits, and a spiked ceiling will descend. Do not bother looking for a switch to open up the exits, as the only way to get out of this trap is to blast your way through, or else just break the wall with a mattock. Unlikely you would have a mattock at this point in the game as well.

You do not need to exit this trap via the slid down walls either. You can break open a hole beneath the Spelunker’s feet. You cannot hide in a freed up tile though, as the descending ceiling of spikes is not one solid object. The descending ceiling of spikes is each its own tile, and so if there is a tile space open below the natural floor of this trap, that tile of spikes will descend inside. So, to survive this trap, your Spelunker must literally escape. At least the ceiling spikes never travel anywhere but down.

Like the crush traps, if there is an item where the ceiling spikes are descending, it will be destroyed. You could kill anubis via this trap, if he is within the room once the trap is triggered, and while he is a couple tiles tall, the descending ceiling spikes will destroy the dropped scepter after a very brief pause.

If you do not want to put anything to chance, you can place a bomb down where the wall will slide down when the trap is triggered, and then pick up the golden idol. Doing this will cause the wall to slide down and come into contact with the bomb, which will detonate it prematurely. The wall will be blasted apart just the same, and your Spelunker will be free to walk out without having to wait.

Boss Level: Olmec’s Lair

This boss level, Olmec’s Lair, always occur at the fourth level of the temple, and thus the last one. This level is a wide and open space, suitable for a boss battle. Far above there are floating platforms, filled with chests and treasure. Useful for raising your score. You can get up here, and be safe while up there, by using a rope or something that will let you ascend like a jetpack.

Located at the end of this large chamber is Olmec. He is a giant, golden head donning a helmet with a faceted ruby inserted at the forehead. His size is enormous, as he is four tiles tall and four tiles wide, making him the second largest monster in the whole game. Olmec himself is invulnerable to any form of damage that could possibly come from the Spelunker, even that of bombs. So how do you defeat the main boss of Spelunky then? Lava. Layers beneath the flooring of Olmec’s Lair is a chamber completely filled and flooded with lava. If you can get Olmec to sink into the lava, then you can defeat him.

Olmec will remain stationary until your Spelunker approaches him. Olmec will then make arcing jumps towards your Spelunker. If your Spelunker comes into contact with Olmec’s lower portion of his body (which is really just a head) then Olmec will one hit kill your Spelunker. But if Olmec’s jump raises him above the Spelunker, he will pause midair for a brief period and then rush down, hitting the ground so hard that he can destroy around four tiles below him. From the tiles Olmec destroys, sparks can emit and spawn enemies when they touch the ground, in the form of frogs from the jungle and hawk men from the temple.

When Olmec is normally following after the Spelunker with his jumps, he will not destroy tiles, and will only when he does that pause in the air when the Spelunker is positioned correctly. Your Spelunker can also safely climb on top of Olmec, and stand to either side on top of his head, which will cause Olmec to jump in that correlated direction. Although Olmec will be jumping, as if pursuing the Spelunker, this will cause no harm whatsoever to the Spelunker. You can use this to guide Olmec to a desired area in the level, or to help your Spelunker get to the floating platforms above, as Olmec rises enough tiles in the air to get your Spelunker up there with a timed jump.

So all you need to do, to defeat Olmec, is to get him to sink into the lava below. There are a few ways this can be accomplished. If you sprint back and forth beneath Olmec, making sure to get out from under him before he slams down, Olmec will gradually destroy the tiles downwards until he sinks into the lava. It can help to have a couple ropes tossed up, so that you can more easily dodge any monsters Olmec spawns as he is repeatedly destroying the tiles. This method is dangerous though, being as one mistake or failure results in complete death.

Another way is to use the expense of five total bombs to blast a hole four tiles wide right to the lava. The hole needs to be four tiles wide, as anything smaller than that Olmec will not fall through. Breaking open that hole is quick, and safe, but costly. It also requires some precision as to where you place the bombs. Because of how the blast radius works for a bomb, you will need to place a bomb at the edge of a tile, or just between two tiles, so that the bomb will blow up four tiles instead of the more typical three.

From there, you will have to lure Olmec to the hole you made, and have your Spelunker teeter over the edge. Olmec will jump towards your Spelunker, and then pause midair. Get out of the way and Olmec will slam all the way down into the lava, defeating himself.

If you are trying to very swiftly defeat Olmec, you can use a combination of the first strategy and the second. As your Spelunker runs back and forth beneath Olmec, you can place a bomb down at about the center. When Olmec slams down, this bomb will detonate, causing even more tiles to be destroyed in every jump of Olmec.

When you have defeated Olmec, you will be given the Giant Idol. Which is just a super sized version of the golden idol, with the worth of fifty thousand treasure. So, congratulations, you have beaten the game! Sort of. Not really. While Olmec is the main boss of the game, there is actually another zone past the temple and Olmec that has the final boss of Spelunky that has specific and high requirements for entering. Still, by the game’s perspective, by defeating Olmec, your Spelunker has found his or her way out of the caves.


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