Spelunky Guide – The Jungle

This article features what you will find in the Jungle zone of the game Spelunky. From the monsters to the golden idol traps strategies are given.

The Jungle

  • Journal entry: The trees here have found a way to grow without any sunlight.

You will notice the transition to the Jungle zone before you step foot into the level, as the loading screen for the last level of the Mines will shift into a forested environment partway through, the door at the other end being overgrown with green vines.

The Jungle is a stark difference in environment, visually and audibly, symbolizing a milestone of progress where the game becomes more hazardous and less forgiving. Not that the Mines could be considered forgiving, but that the trait in the Jungle is worse. In a place without sunlight verdant vegetation has flourished, crawling across the tannish dirt and spreading across the rock walls, sprawling out as hanging vines and rising high as bushy trees. Exotic frogs and vicious mantraps roam the place, while tribalistic and territorial men call the Jungle home. Wooden structures remain, honed as if from the Jungle’s residents with signs of habitation from hanging voodoo dolls and dead fish, and stone structure are erected like a thing once made for worship, and forgotten - barely not overgrown by the Jungle. Passages are both grand and narrow in size, forcing trees and pools into odd shapes, while shafts are more common, particularly those that are overhead with climbing vines and jutting shelves.

Any trees you find in the Jungle are climbable, behaving as if the whole of their trunks are ledges, or as if the Spelunker has the climbing glove equipped. Treasure chests and boxes are common to be shoved into nooks, especially beside trees, of which spike traps also tend to spawn beneath their branches. Gemstones and gold have a pernicious predilection to spawn in a tile covered above by terrain, with a Tiki trapped positioned beside it, making this a veritable death trap. Strange spheres of flesh sometimes appear on the walls, pulsating and sweating, that can stop the fall of the Spelunker and nearly any other entity. This is a feeler left behind by a giant worm, leading to a secret level if the worm is lured correctly.


Several new monsters are encountered in the Jungle, but some already discovered in the Mines also are found here. These are the bats, the skeletons, and the cavemen. Bats can be more pernicious in the Jungle, as they have more areas to cling to, such as the underside of trees. Skeletons are less common, and cavemen are far more numerous. Snakes are still found in pots though.

  • Tiki Man: Three (3) HP
    • Journal entry: Just your average masked cannibal wielding a giant boomerang.

The Tiki Man shares the same look and build as the cavemen, with a couple distinguishing features. The Tiki Man dons a colorful tribalistic mask, with a menacing sneer, and he tends to wield a boomerang half as large as he is. The Tiki Man monster has a considerable amount more intelligence than the caveman, in that the Tiki Man does not blindly and wildly charge at the mere sight of the Spelunker. Instead, he very swiftly tosses his boomerang if the Spelunker enters his line of sight, which is nearly as far as the boomerang can reach when thrown. This boomerang deals a damage of one heart of health while also stunning the Spelunker, making it possible for the Spelunker to get hit multiple times if the Spelunker does not get up fast enough. Chances are high that when the boomerang begins it returning glide that it will hit the Spelunker again, hurting and stunning him or her again. This is more how the Spelunker becomes susceptible to continual damage until death.

It is best to jump attack onto a Tiki Man, or else approach him from behind during his patrol, as the Tiki Man idly moves back and forth a bit like a snake. If you manage to disarm the Tiki Man, he will resort to behavior just like the caveman, by charging and trying to ram into the Spelunker. If he happens to pass by, or is close enough to, a boomerang, he will pick it up and begin to wield it just like before. It does not matter whether this was his original boomerang, or another Tiki Man’s fallen boomerang.

Being humanoid, the Tiki Man has the capability to trigger the Tiki Trap, giving the Tiki Man a tendency to be found dead nearby one of the traps.

Tiki Men also spawn in greater and denser frequency around wooden structures that have the appearance of dwellings, with hanging fish and sometimes small fires. They can be interspersed with cavemen here. Be wary when entering such a section of a level, as the Spelunker would be particularly susceptible to damage, as stunning can be a fatal status effect.

If the level in the Jungle is swallowed in darkness, the Tiki Man will be carrying a lit torch instead of his boomerang. Strangely, he will throw his torch at the Spelunker as if he were wielding a boomerang, and then proceed to charge him, as he has nothing left to throw. This can be useful if your Spelunker has lost his torch, or else had it doused by falling into a pool of water.

  • Mantrap: Three (3) HP
    • Journal entry: Carnivorous plants with a taste for human flesh.

The Mantrap is an ambulatory and carnivorous plant, with a curled green vine for a body and a reddish, almost tulip-like head. This monster is styled after venus fly traps, in that the plant actually opens and eats whatever lands inside of its maw. The Mantrap is a considerably deadly monster in that coming in any form of contact, be it a jump attack or touching, will swallow the Spelunker hole, killing him or her instantaneously. The only entity that may be possible to survive from the Mantrap’s maw is the Shopkeeper, who – when swallowed – causes the Mantrap to violently shake, and then appears to burst out of the Mantrap, killing it. The Shopkeeper does not even become aggressive from that. He just stands there, like nothing happened – at all.

Any humanoid, or similarly sized monster, that reaches the Mantrap’s biting range will be eaten, even if it is a corpse; aside from another Mantrap.

Mantraps, like most monsters in the game, patrol in a pacing pattern. Its pacing does differ in that the mantrap moves slowly and does not react aggressively, as in the mantrap will not pursue the Spelunker if considered within range, it just continues its slow pace. Regardless, a mantrap should be avoided if possible. While the mantrap is eating something, he becomes incapacitated for a small period of time – though this status effect does not harm the mantrap. You can discern this status effect when the mantrap is crouched low, as if sleeping. During this status effect the mantrap cannot eat anything else, so it is safe to pass through or around the mantrap during this period. This window of time is very brief.

If you need to defeat a mantrap, such as because it is impeding a deathless passage or a damsel is in risk of being eaten, it should be done with a bomb or a boomerang, anything ranged. It is possible to whip the mantrap, causing it to tumble and fall, stunned, but this should only be done if the mantrap is walking towards the Spelunker, with the Spelunker stationary.

  • Monkey: One (1) HP
    • Journal entry: Its pranks are the leading cause of injury to unwary jungle explorers.

A monkey is amongst the most irritating monsters in the game, because of four obnoxious reasons. One is how they spawn. Monkeys are almost always found holding onto a vine, a couple tiles at least high in the air. This makes them difficult to reach and attack from multiple methods of offensive, be it whip, bomb, even shotgun. The second reason is how they attack the Spelunker. The monkey, when the Spelunker gets close enough, leaps through the air at the Spelunker and latches on, making wild noises as it gnaws on you audibly. After a couple seconds, the monkey will leap free and so will an item of the Spelunker’s. The item the monkey shook free from the Spelunker could be a coil of rope, lying in a heap, easily retrievable. Or this could be a bomb, tumbling down as if dropped, with its fuse burning. Get away quickly, if this happens. The item could be anything the Spelunker has equipped, and also accumulated treasure, so a few gold nuggets could fall to the ground, literally deducting from your Spelunker’s gold amount unless retrieved.

And the third reason is that when a monkey is gnawing on the Spelunker, there is no feasible way to shake or throw him off. It does not matter how much your Spelunker struggles, cracks his whip, flails about, the monkey will not be dislodged until he’s done gnawing off that item. The only thing the Spelunker can do, is either be primed to quickly dispatch the monkey after he’s leapt free, or else toss up a rope. Oddly, throwing up a rope will instant gib the monkey, although this consumes a valuable resource. If you’ve no recourse but to do that, in order to save your Spelunker, then obviously do so. Better to consume a resource, than to lose an entire play through.

It is highly advisable to dispatch a monkey as soon as it is seen, and from a distance, or else avoid the monkey entirely. If you can lure the monkey into a more controlled environment, where there is no lingering hazards such as a spike trap for the Spelunker, that is a more manageable way to dispatch a monkey, as after your Spelunker is done being stunned, he can attack the monkey in a small window where the monkey won’t immediately latch back onto him or her.

Often monkeys will spawn in a collection of vines that hang above a pit of spikes – that is, a row of spikes that span several tiles, with upraised terrain on either side, preventing your Spelunker from simply walking through or climbing down without impaling himself or herself. If the monkey is far enough inside the pit of spikes, clinging to a vine, then the monkey has a high chance, when he leaps towards the Spelunker, to inadvertently impale himself on the spikes, as the leap would just be too far for the monkey. If the monkey doesn’t though, and the Spelunker is holding onto a vine, then when the monkey is finished gnawing off an item will most likely impale himself on the spikes below, provided a ledge is not close enough. Any item that falls to the spikes is lost as well, unless the Spelunker breaks the terrain enough to be able to walk directly on the spikes’ tiles.

There is a single inhibiting factor in the ability of monkeys to spawn in a level of the Jungle, which is if there are no climbable vines, then no monkeys will spawn in that level.

  • Frog and Fire Frog: One HP
    • Journal entry (frog): A large cave frog… or is it a toad? Whatever.

**Journal entry (fire frog): A rare species of frog that’s filled with explosive swamp gas.

There are two types of exotic frogs found in the Jungle, distinguishable between the colors of their skin. The light blue one is the normal frog, and the light orange one is the fire frog. Frogs hop around periodically, often staring forward and then leaping a great distance, while they are also capable of scaling a few tiles in height at a time. Being more amphibious creatures, they leap farther and higher when submerged in a pool of water. This is an uncommon occurrence though. Be prepared for a frog to leap directly at the Spelunker from a surprising distance. It is simplest to jump attack onto the frog, instead of any other method, due to the swiftness and preciseness of the strike.

The light orange fire frog behaves the same as the normal, light blue frog, except that when the Spelunker hurts the fire frog, the fire frog flips upside down and begins to flash subtly. The fire frog then explodes with the same potency as a bomb blast. This makes fire frogs both dangerous and useful, as bombs are a limited resource. When the frog is lying on its back, its ‘fuse’ burning away, the Spelunker is able to pick up the frog as if it were a normal bomb and toss or place it.

Do not place the fire frog onto Kali’s altar, as despite appearing to be stunned, the fire frog will still explode and thus anger Kali. Furthermore, if a fire frog falls into any kind of water, it will change into a normal frog, thus the fire frog’s name. This happens even if the fire frog is primed to explode.

  • Giant Frog: Eight (8) HP
    • Journal entry: This extra-large amphibian carries its children inside of its mouth.

The giant frog is light blue, with an engorged belly and trailing eyebrows as if elderly. This giant frog moves very little, especially compared to its brethren, and instead its primary method of attack is spitting out frogs from its mouth. It spits out these frogs at a pace that can overwhelm the Spelunker. The giant frog itself is of little danger, but a jump attack will not harm the giant frog, unless the Spelunker has the accessory item spike boots.

Deal with any frogs the giant frog has already spit out, and then quickly dispatch the giant frog with several whips, stepping back every few whips as the giant frog will make a small jump towards the Spelunker. The most efficient way of defeating a giant frog is to just drop a bomb on it, which will kill the giant frog and any other frogs it has spawned. The giant frog is considered a mini boss, like the giant spider, and therefore it can drop a few gemstones and has the chance to drop the accessory item: spring shoes.

  • Piranha: One (1) HP
    • Journal entry: A group of these can skeletonize a cow in two minutes.

These aggressive fish lurk beneath the surface of the waters found in the Jungle. Their size is decent, so do not mistake the tiny, harmless fish for them. Within the pool of water the piranha swims back and forth, behaving like a normal fish until something humanoid enters the water. The Piranha then immediately swims to the humanoid and attacks. The piranha can be troublesome to see as their scales are a slate grey that happens to camouflage a little with the water. Pools have a fairly high chance of a piranha spawning inside, and it can also occur for there to be multiple piranhas in a pool of water.

Anything submerged in water cannot be jump attacked, and with the seeking behavior of the piranha, makes them formidable enough to be purposefully avoided instead of engaging on any whim. There are cases when there is treasure within the pool of water the Piranha happens to be home to, usually a box or a treasure chest though. Drop into the water swiftly, on the far end of the pool of the piranha, so the Spelunker is on a horizontal level with the piranha to be able to whip attack it, or attack it with whatever item the Spelunker is carrying. If the piranha gets an attack in, then it is likely it will a few more attacks in. Because when the piranha hurts the Spelunker, being underwater, he floats upwards at an angle, making it difficult to get on the same horizontal level as the piranha again. This then creates the cycle of the same thing happening, until the Spelunker manages to break free somehow, escapes the pool of water, or dies.

Another option for submerged engagement with the piranha is using a throwable item, preferably a pebble, but pebbles are scarce in the Jungle. Just one throw in the small, confined area of the pool is enough to take out the piranha, provided your Spelunker does not horribly miss and there is only one piranha in the pool. Versus engaging with the piranha up close in the water, the more ideal option is to destroy the pool of water itself. This can be done easily by destroying any terrain the pool of water is touching. Doing this will cause the entirety of the water to drain, as if forced through a drain even if there was not a terrain tile beneath the pool destroyed, nor anywhere for the water to go. Without water, the piranha will instantaneously perish, changing into a fish skeleton. Of course this method requires a bomb, a mattock, or preferably a fire frog – though a fire frog will have to be detonated outside of the water, which involves a degree of more fortune and effort.

Damsels can also spawn underneath water, although they do not run out of breath, so it is not dangerous to them, and neither is the piranha as the piranha ignores the presence of the damsel. If there are multiple piranhas in a pool, it is too deadly to engage them within their home territory within the water. Either drain the pool of water, or avoid this school of piranha entirely.

  • Snail: One (1) HP
    • Journal entry: A slimy mollusk that blows acidic spit bubbles when it’s agitated.

Snails found in Spelunky are nervous looking, large mollusk, with a light orange, swirled shell, and pale yellow coloring. The snail has an abnormal type of patrolling pattern, in that the snail slides a short distance, then blowing some slimy and gooey bubbles, pausing briefly as if in contemplation, and then sliding a short distance again. The snail continually repeats this, and so its primary attack is the bubbles, which are acidic. You can hear the bubbles popping before the snail is on screen, usually when the Spelunker is nearby.

The snail’s acidic bubbles float upwards gradually, drifting back and forth unevenly, making the snail dangerous when it is on any sort of lower level. If the Spelunker is caught in one of these bubbles, he will be stunned and damaged, which can be deadly as the Spelunker can be hit by multiple of these bubbles while he is stunned.

These bubbles are actually dangerous to any other entity in the level, strangely including the snail itself. And so if the snail slithers too near a wall and unleashes its barrage of bubbles, it can defeat itself.

The snail is best dealt with by entirely avoiding the bubbles, such as waiting for the snail to finish blowing its bubbles, and then attacking it. Patience is of more use when dealing with the snail than typical monsters. The Spelunker can stand a few tiles in front of it, and because of how the bubbles float upwards, will not be harmed by the bubbles. A ranged weapon is most efficient with dealing with the snail. But if your Spelunker has none, a lash of the whip is enough to defeat it, as it has little health; but as usual, it is safer to engage it from behind if your Spelunker can manage it. Although the Spelunker can jump attack it, because of how the bubbles float upwards, it should not be done.

  • Killer Bee: One (1) HP and Queen Bee: Ten (1) HP
    • Journal entry (killer bee): A bee with a harpoon-sized stinger. It’s very protective of its hive.

**Journal entry (queen bee): Bee royalty. She might have some delicious royal jelly stuck to her abdomen.

The Killer Bee and Queen Bee appear in a more specific and unique environment, to the point that the presence of these monsters could be considered a special random event, except there is the absence of any message vocalizing what the Spelunker is feeling or seeing. Pale yellow, honey comb tiles make a chamber formation of a hive for the bees, usually generated with staggering formations (like tall stairs) within the broad and wide space. The nest can form compartments, of one chamber being broad, and the other being deep like a shaft.

Dotting the hive walls are dollops of honey. Their appearance is misleading, as they have a panacea use like the royalty jelly. This dollop of honey can cushion the fall of the Spelunker, giving them an important exploratory use as the giant bee’s hive can have dangerous, even deadly falls. Treasure in the form of chests, boxes, gemstones, and gold has a tendency to spawn in the giant bee hive as well, usually in tile large nooks in the walls of the hive, similar to the rest of the Jungle.

The killer bees always spawn from inside the nest, in a cluster of several, or at least that is what the game tries to do. Rarely the killer bees can spawn outside of the nest, and be trapped outside of it. This might be because another unique structure spawned, cutting off where the hive would otherwise extend to. For example this would be a golden idol trap.

These bees are flying enemies, following a twitchy path. Their lower torso is curled forward, projecting their silvery stinger primed outwards. As much as you would think the killer bees would give off a high pitched buzzing, warning you of their presence, they do not. They are completely silent. These killer bees are very aggressive and will dart out of the hive upon sensing or seeing the Spelunker, and will chase the Spelunker down relentlessly so long as the Spelunker remains within their detecting range. A lone killer bee is not very dangerous, but multiple killer bees, even a few, most definitely are. As you can, try to deal with the killer bees one at a time, while also avoiding the Queen Bee until the killer bees are either all dispatched, or nearly all of them are. Having little health the killer bee is easily defeated by a single jump attack; and since their stinger is unmovable, as they ascend up towards the Spelunker, the Spelunker’s boots will slam down onto the killer bee, defeating him without harming the Spelunker. Be keen to not have the angle of the Spelunker’s jump fall too short, else the Spelunker will just land on the stinger, harming the Spelunker, and doing nothing to the bee.

There is always a single Queen Bee per giant hive, distinguishable by her size that is twice as large as the killer bees’ and her angry red eyes. Her stinger damages two whole hearts of health, and she possesses ten hearts of health as well, categorizing her as a mini boss. Furthermore she is immune to damage received from jump attacks, unless the Spelunker has the spike boots equipped.

The queen bee’s aggressive flying, twitchy pursuit, her immunity to jump attack damage, and her stinger capable of dolling out two hearts of damage at a time, make her a precarious struggle to defeat. If you are not confident to defeat her, then avoid the hive entirely, despite all the rewards it has to give. Your Spelunker may only have a paltry health of two, or the position of the hive with accompanying spawned traps may just make a successful encounter too unfeasible.

Yet because of the queen bee’s seeking, aggressive flight behavior, she will often not move around objects impeding her, unless the Spelunker moves in such a way that she will naturally pass over them. Use this to your advantage, without remorse, as the queen bee is that dangerous and the traps are that dangerous besides. This can be used to position her for a bomb blast to one shot the queen, as the bomb deals enough damage to do so, or this may position her against a Tiki Trap, which will defeat her after enough impales. Such specific positioning might not be needed, as the queen bee is two tiles large. This prevents the queen bee from being able to pass through gaps only a tile in height, which the Spelunker can pass through. The Spelunker could stand nearby the opening of the gap, while the queen bee would be continually trying to move towards the Spelunker, incapable of harming the Spelunker. From that distance, the Spelunker can carefully whip at the queen bee until she is defeated.

The queen bee is worth it to defeat as she will drop a royal jelly, which gives the Spelunker an additional four hearts of health – just as much as what the Spelunker starts with. And with the queen bee defeated, the whole hive is available to be harvested of any treasure, so long as you actually defeated the killer bees, which compared to the queen bee, are far easier to defeat.

An interesting, but rare occurrence is that the queen bee can become trapped in the worm’s pulsating sphere. Really any killer bee could. If this occurs, the best thing to do would be to toss a bomb at the worm’s sphere, as the bomb will become lodged in the worm’s sphere and explode right beside the queen bee, ensuring her defeat. The least costly way would to toss a rope up, and continually jump back and forth, cracking a whip at the queen bee at every pass, until she is defeated.

  • Magma Man
    • Journal entry: An elemental of fire that has fashioned a body out of lava.

The magma man is a rare monster to encounter in the Jungle, and more a thing to be wary of and avoid. In the Jungle, the magma man can be found from the cooking pots that accompany the strung together, wooden and tribalistic dwellings of the tiki men and cavemen. Usually there is just one cooking pot. If you near the cooking pot enough, the magma man will jump out of the flames of the cooking pot, causing the pot to disappear in his wake.

There is no way to harm the magma man, so avoid him as best as you can. So long as your Spelunker is not trapped, the magma man should be easily escapable as the magma man moves at the pace of walking. After a short while, the magma man’s flame will die out and he will disappear, as there is nothing fueling his fire. Most other monsters the magna man touches will be harmed just like the Spelunker. Any damage done by the magma man is one heart of health worth.


Spikes are encountered in the Jungle as well, and fortunately are not commonly found beside Tiki Traps.

  • Tiki Trap
    • Journal entry: Sharp spikes on either side skewer anything that gets too close.

The tiki trap is the most prevalent hazard in the Jungle. It is a broad, dark wooden totem, carved with a tribalistic face with large tusks extending upwards from its clenched teeth. The tiki trap is two tiles tall, with each tile of its body capable of extending a set of two steel spikes, which deal a total of four hearts of damage. Distinct from the main body of the tiki trap by color, these spikes inch out at first, harmlessly for a second, and then fully extend, capable of dealing damage only then. The spikes do not repeatedly and continually extend out like this on their own. They only do so in the presence of something targetable, monster or humanoid. Small critters, the tiny frogs found in the Jungle, do not initiate the spikes. The range of detection for the tiki trap is about four tiles in distance, while anything present on the tile directly adjacent to the tiki trap can be harmed by the spikes.

Because the tiki trap is two tiles large, the Spelunker cannot leap directly on top of the tiki trap when on the same level as the tiki trap – a two tile high jump. The Spelunker, in order to cross over the tiki trap, must grab onto the edge of the tiki trap. This will cause the spikes to begin to inch out, and though the Spelunker is physically touching the spikes at this point, they do not harm the Spelunker. Quickly climb up the tiki trap, as lingering more than necessary will cause the spikes to impale the Spelunker. As you become more experienced with this trap, you will be able to more reliably estimate when the spikes will fully extend, and thus have that window of time to consider when dealing with tiki traps.

The terrain in the Jungle forms especially uneven, creating a surface of varying elevations, to the point there can seem to be a gauntlet made out of multiple tiki traps amongst rubble. Ropes can be exceptionally useful in circumventing the necessity of risking the Spelunker to the spikes, as from the climbed height of the rope the Spelunker can leap directly atop the tiki trap. Bombs, as always, can destroy this trap, but if only upper one tile of the tiki trap is destroyed, the bottom part will remain operational.

Approach tiki traps cautiously, and when within range, get across them or scale them as quickly as possible. The tiki trap cannot be baited like the arrow trap can, with pebbles and similar, but it also cannot differentiate between any living or dead monsters and humanoids. So the tiki trap can be commonly found continually impaling a fallen caveman. As seen, anything considered defeated or dead, will no longer have the blood spurt animation.

Though the presence of the tiki trap is markedly dangerous to the Spelunker, its impartial triggering behavior towards nearly any monster or humanoid is advantageous. A monster can be lured towards the tiki trap, and the tiki trap will react, defeating the monster for the Spelunker. This is most efficacious on monsters or humanoids that are as tall as two tiles, slow moving, and/or aggressively pursue the Spelunker. Less optimal, but still useful, is the technique of picking up a stunned or unconscious monster and placing them, or throwing them, within the tiki trap’s spike range. For example, it is not as simple luring a tiki man into a tiki trap’s spike range because of the tiki man’s attack behavior, in that he engages the Spelunker when he has a clear view of the Spelunker and he only attacks from afar if he is armed. Jump attacking onto a tiki man will cause him to fall to the ground and drop his boomerang, reverting him to the caveman’s attack behavior, of charging wildly. But at that point the tiki man is already on the ground, so it would be simpler to pick up the tiki man and throw him at the tiki trap, rather than lure him.

It is commonplace for a tiki trap to spawn right beside the exit door of the level. The hazard of this is more deceptive. This is because, provided you are prompt, when the Spelunker is passing into the door and the spikes extrude, they do not harm the Spelunker.

Random Level Event

The dead are restless!

The first unique random level event to the Jungle is when the message ‘The dead are restless!’ is displayed. Immediately you will notice a difference, as a light and diffusive gray fog covers the level and the tone of the music turns spooky. There are stone graves spread across the level, and bent and short metal fencing, lined with tiny spears. The piles of bones are much more common here than any other level in the Jungle, and more often than not actually rise up to be skeletons. The fish in the pools are turned to skeletons, yet just as vicious as their counterparts. The trees are spindly and barren, with haunted faces grinning.

Amongst the gravestones, there are two that are unique. Most gravestones are labeled ‘R.I.P’. The one labeled ‘ASH’ has a shotgun buried beneath it. You can dig this out by using a bomb or a mattock. The other gravestone is one that has the symbol of a royal crown on it. This royal crown gravestone appears with some stone terrain and a skull lying in an open tile underneath the gravestone’s tile of dirt. This skull has a golden royal crown on it. If you break open a hole and get to the skeleton, your Spelunker will automatically pick it up, giving him the value of a few thousand gold. This is similar to the golden idol, but without needing to carry it to a shop or the exit door of the level.

The golden idol is also changed in this random level event. Instead of the golden idol found on a stone bridge over a deep shaft with water at the bottom, the golden idol is altered into a crystal skull. The crystal skull is named that, but it has the appearance of bone more so. The crystal skull is found on a few tiles of stone, just like the Mines, surrounded by a catacomb of stone. A block of stone is within the accessing corridors on either side of the catacomb. Usually there is treasure within each of the corners, while also sometimes skeletons. Damsels also have a higher chance being found here.

This crystal skull is worth fifteen thousand gold when brought to the exiting door of the level. The trap triggered from picking up the crystal skull is that the ghost will immediately spawn at the nearest edge of the level. Obviously this is not the sort of trap you can easily leap out of, like the typical one in the Jungle. It is best to pick up the crystal skull when you have little time left on the level before the ghost will naturally spawn, or else there is little left of value in the level. And if you happen to be already rushing ahead of a ghost, picking up the crystal skull will spawn yet another ghost.

A mildly interesting thing is if the crystal skull is sacrificed to kali’s altar, the golden monkey NPC that spawns instead will be silver. The value of what it defecates has no difference with the normal golden monkey spawned from a gold idol, making any profit gain infeasible because of the following ghost. The ghost will neither change anything the silver monkey defecates into diamonds, or anything of higher worth.

What else has changed in the graveyard random level event is the types of monsters that spawn. There are no longer any frogs, tiki men, cavemen, snails, or mantraps.

  • Vampire: Six (6) HP
    • Journal entry: An undead bloodsucker with superhuman strength. He can change into a bat.

Vampires are pointy eared, befanged, and red eyed monsters with skin so pale it is without any complexion and hair as black as the caped suit it wears. A vampire is a more powerful monster due to their speed, high health, and their ability to shape shift into a bat. Each time a vampire is injured, he falls down stunned, but for a very brief period. They are both difficult to run away from and difficult to fight, making a vampire almost like a mini boss. The vampire does not deal more than one damage at a time to the Spelunker though. If you do defeat a vampire, he has a guaranteed drop of a cape.

With a weapon, a vampire is easily dispatched, as the Spelunker can just send a volley into him. Without a weapon, the Spelunker could stun him and toss him towards a tiki trap to be impaled, with this having a small window to work. Though that will only take off five of his health in total, leaving one more attack to be done to defeat the vampire, as it is not likely he will get struck by the spikes of the tiki trap again. The Spelunker could also stun him and place a bomb down, with this also having a brief window to work. The third option, if the terrain placement is fortunate enough, is to manipulate the vampire into a hole, or anything that just has an empty space above it with two tiles on either side. Continually jump attack onto the vampire’s head whenever he gets up and starts to fly. This is considerably safe to do, but you must be prompt in your rebuttals of forcing the vampire back down the hole.

The cape is a very useful item, so it is well worth it to defeat a vampire.

  • Jiang Shi: One (1) HP
    • Journal entry: This restless zombie attacks humans to absorb their life essence.

Jiang Shi are cyan colored, purple robed zombies, with their arms extended out as they gaze blankly. A jiang shi pursues the Spelunker in slow hops, with sporadic large leaps. They only deal a damage of one, making them a fodder-like monster. Their movement pattern is more random than monsters, so keep an eye out for their sudden leaps and they will not catch you off guard. If there are multiple enemies about, deal with the jiang shi first, as they are quickly crumpled but can do surprising harm if left unchecked. The jiang shi is almost an opposite of the vampire, as the vampire is swift and the jiang shi is not.

I hear rushing water!

The second unique random level event occurs when the message, ‘I hear rushing water!’ appears across the screen. This, like the restless dead random level event, alters the generated landscape of the level, causing it to produce a greater abundance of pools, piranha, while the entire underside of the level is flooded with a lake as vast as the level itself is wide. This lake is filled with schools of piranha, with a mini boss lurking in its depths.

  • Old Bitey
    • Journal entry: This legendary fish has claimed the lives of many adventurers.

Old Bitey is a gigantic piranha, with a blood red underside and an open, toothed maw. He is three tiles wide, and two tiles tall, with an incredibly large health pool and attacks that deal two hearts of health a hit. You cannot stun old bitey, and you cannot also jump attack him, as he is submerged (naturally) in water. What makes this mini boss even worse is that the schools of piranha swimming in the waters flock to him, making him even more difficult to fight.

There is no feasible way of defeating old bitey unarmed, as it would take an excessive forty whip cracks into his hide to defeat him. Every single one of those forty whip cracks would be endangering and opening your Spelunker up to damage, enough to half kill your Spelunker if you still have the four hearts of health you begin a play through with. And those forty whip cracks would take a tremendous amount of time, that likely the ghost would just appear before you could defeat him, let alone reap any of the rewards from besting old bitey. There are two manageable strategies to defeat old bitey. One would be luring old bitey to the surface, with your Spelunker standing on land. Entering the water at any point with old bitey around is just about asking for death. The Spelunker is not much of a swimmer, and is neither swift to be able to leap out of the water once within. Not fast enough to be reliable. Place bombs near old bitey, so that the blast radius touches him, even just slightly as that will be enough to deal the ten damage. You could also time the detonation of the bomb, by holding the bomb and then throwing it, as there is only so much terrain just above the lake. This will take four bombs though, exhausting your total supply if you never purchased or found any supplementary reserves.

The other, second strategy would be to repeatedly shoot him with a shotgun. The shotgun is capable of dealing up to six damage a shot. Since the aiming trajectory is only forward, you should continually dip out of the water, retreat to a distance away from old bitey on land, dip into the water, shoot, and repeat. This will keep old bitey at bay, while utilizing the power of the shotgun. This has the added benefit of decimating any piranha chasing after the Spelunker or surrounding old bitey close enough. In theory, that should deduct from some damage of the volley.

Upon old bitey’s demise, a golden idol will drop and several gemstones as well. A reward large enough to cover the expenses of bombs.

I can’t see a thing!

The darkness random level event returns in the Jungle, occurring when the message ‘I can’t see a thing’ displays on the screen. Just like the Mines, your Spelunker will start out with a lit torch in hand. However, this random level event is more precariously hazardous due to the numerous pools of water that spawn and the greatly sporadic formation of terrain, in the form of steeply rising and falling terrain along with sudden drops.

The pools of water are a danger to the Spelunker, not because of the piranha inside, but that the water will douse the light of the torch, leaving the Spelunker engulfed in darkness and without a way to relight the torch. Unlike the monsters lurking in the level, the water does give a warning to its presence though. The surface of the water glows blue, like it has a high concentration of phosphorescent algae. Tiki traps, like the arrow traps in the Mines, become sources of light, so you will not be impaled completely at random in the dark. Each of the tiki trap’s carved eyes light up with flames. And the tiki men encountered in this random level event instead carry torches, much to the benefit of the Spelunker. The tiki men will actually throw their torch at the Spelunker, and then charge as per the normal when they are disarmed. This could have the unfortunate result of their torch plunging into a pool of water, but tiki men are somewhat common to find.

Golden scarabs spawn here as well, their value increased to eight thousand gold in the Jungle. Do not intentionally harm the scarab, or else you will destroy them, leaving you with none of their treasure. Unlit torches also spawn, becoming sources of light when lit with the Spelunker’s torch, and dropping a few gemstones in the process.

If you are particularly desperate for a light source, certain things do generate light, like the blast from a shotgun and the explosion of a bomb. A ghost will also give off light, as at least then you know where it is, and maybe that would be enough for you to be able to see.

Golden Idol

In each zone the type of trap changes for the golden idol. Within the Jungle, the golden idol is found on a multiple tile long platform of stone, stretched like a hazardous bridge over a low and deep pool of water. When the Spelunker picks up the golden idol, this time the bridge quickly disappears, tile by tile as if it is falling away into the pool. Quickly sprint across what remains of the bridge, and leap onto the ledge. If you do not, then your Spelunker will fall into the pool, unable to get out without the aid of a bomb to blast open a hole or a rope to scale the height, as the ledge above is too high for the Spelunker to neither jump to nor grab onto.

It can be more a nuisance than an obstacle or hazard, as there is no real danger in it so long as the pool is empty of any fish, as a piranha spawns in the pool about fifty percent of the time. If there is a piranha in the pool of water though, it will be quick to attack the Spelunker in the confusion. The golden idol is a heavy item, and so it is better suited to be used as a thrown weapon against the piranha, because it will be more likely to strike the piranha due to its low arc.

Tunnel Man

At adjoining corridor from the fourth level of the Jungle, to the first level of the next zone, the Tunnel Man will request of the Spelunker another few sets of items, so that he can dig the tunnel shortcut. The first time you encounter the Tunnel Man at this point, he will request for two bombs. The second time, he will request for two coils of rope. And the third time he will ask for a shotgun.


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