Spelunky Guide - Spelunkers

The playable character Spelunkers are thematically colored, each with their own unique hue. Some characters are available at the beginning, but most are unlocked by fulfilling special conditions in various areas in the game. The Spelunkers most of the time do not have deviating animations from each other, and have no advantages whatsoever over each other. The unique Spelunkers are purely cosmetic. However unlocking one and unlocking them all are forms of accomplishments.

There are a total of twenty Spelunker characters, and a possible sixteen Spelunker characters to unlock. This article lists all the available Spelunkers in a concise format, to be easily referenced, providing descriptions and information as to where and how they are unlocked. The information of some of these unlockable characters may be available under their respective zones, but precise and further details can be located here.

Note: Most of the Spelunker characters have no mentioned name in game, which causes these characters to be named by their respective hues, as that is their notable features.

Orange - 1st

The Orange Spelunker, dubbed the Spelunky Guy is, storywise, the protagonist of the game who discovers the strangely changing caverns and becomes lost in them. His appearance seems to be based on indiana jones, the adventuring archaeologist, except in the style of Spelunky. He has a wide brimmed hat, with a light attached in the center; a bright red nose; brown slacks over grey shoes; an orange, open jacket with a white shirt beneath; brown hair, with browner eyes.

The only understanding we have of this character, as to who he is and what he is like, comes from the dialog that appears when the game is starting up. This introduction also helps to explain the world of Spelunky better.From it, we can discern that he has belief in fate, destiny, multiple gods, and possibly had a woman he once loved.

Blue - 2nd

The second Spelunker is garbed in complete blue, a suit a lot like Spelunky Guy’s, except he looks like a safari hunter with that large pith helmet and that mutton chop beard. The only hair you see on him is that blonde beard. The Blue Spelunker is one of the four Spelunkers available in the beginning of the game.

Red – 3rd

The third Spelunker wears a suit of bright red, matching the general style of Spelunkers. He has a shadow for facial hair, and a thick black mustache, beneath a red, cloth wrapped turban. Red is also one of the four Spelunkers available in the beginning of the game, and is selectable as the third.

Green - 4th

The fourth Spelunker is the first female Spelunker, who wears a green suit in a similar style to the fashion of Spelunkers. She is a brunette, with straight bangs and hair that ends in bouncy curls. A lone, green bowtie sits in her hair. She is the last of the four Spelunkers that are available in the beginning of the game, and is selected as the fourth.

Yellow – 5th

The fifth Spelunker is another female character, dressed in the general style of the Spelunkers in bright, sunny yellow. She is a brunette as well, with her hair falling straight and neat out of her miner’s helmet. Her facial expression is considerably happier than the rest, as her eyes are shut like smiles.

To unlock the Yellow Spelunker, you must find a randomly appearing shaking coffin in any of the four main zones of the game. The traps or blockades surrounding the coffin will be in the style of the zone the coffin appears in. All you need to do is break open the coffin with the strike of a whip, and the Yellow Spelunker will be unlocked. Your Spelunker can die a few seconds later and she will still be unlocked, as it is unnecessary to bring her to the exit of the level.

Lime – 6th

The sixth Spelunker is a mustached man dressed similarly to the fashion of the Spelunkers, but styled like mariachi clothing, as he wears an upturned, wide brimmed hat. His nose is large, and his chin is prominent. You can unlock the Lime Spelunker by breaking open a coffin found in any of the four main zones. This coffin will spawn randomly, and infrequently. Generally, there will only be one of these types of coffins per zone, and the order of unlocking the Spelunkers that are freed this way starts from the first in order to last. So, the Yellow Spelunker would be unlocked before the Lime Spelunker is.

Purple - 7th

The seventh Spelunker is an olive skinned woman dressed in complete purple. Her suit is in line with the Spelunker’s fashion, but is made to look more like she is a pirate, as she wears a purple bandana with an anchor stamped out in white paint and a leather eye patch covering her left eye. She has a subtle smirk as well, with gold loop earrings and long corn row hair completing the assemble.

Like the Yellow and Lime Spelunkers, you can unlock the Purple Spelunker by finding her inside of a shaking coffin in any of the four main zones. This coffin is uncommonly occurring, and you will likely only find the Purple Spelunker, after already rescuing the Yellow and Lime Spelunkers.

Cyan – 8th

The eighth Spelunker is a pale, raised eye browed man, with a faint shadow of facial hair. His Spelunker-like slacks are neon green, and his jacket is a bright violet. He takes on the cyan color because he wears a hood that covers his head completely, with rounded bear-like ears and a fuzzy texture like fur. Just like the Yellow, Lime, and Purple Spelunkers, the Cyan Spelunker can only be unlocked by breaking open a coffin found in any of the four main zones. You can only find the Cyan Spelunker after unlocking the three aforementioned Spelunkers first.

Black - 9th

The black Spelunker has the appearance of Van Helsing, with a clean black suit, grey shoes, and a black top hat with a greyish purple band around it. He has thick, bushy eyebrows, and mutton chops that are greying. Clearly he is older than the rest of the Spelunkers.

You can unlock the Black Spelunker by breaking open the shaking coffin found at the top of the haunted castle, which is guarded by the mini boss the black knight. The black knight is very aggressive, as he chases after your Spelunker sprinting while hefting a giant, impervious shield. If you are just after the Black Spelunker, then you can try to sneak past the black knight.

Brown - 10th

This tribal warrior is dressed in just a loincloth, which might as well be a thong for its coverage. Atop his head, he wears a hood like a cheetah’s head, with its fanged maw opening to show his face. The cheetah hood distracts from his lack of eyebrows, while his reddish nose is similar to a triangle.

You can unlock the Brown Spelunker by defeating Olmec, the main boss of Spelunky, found in the last level of the Temple. There is no shaking coffin to break open for the Brown Spelunker, as you can only unlock the Brown Spelunker by passing through the exit after you have defeated Olmec. Do not mistake the other shaking coffin in Olmec’s lair to be the Brown Spelunker’s coffin.

Pink - 11th

The Pink Spelunker is homage to the indie game “Super Meat Boy”, as the Pink Spelunker is a Spelunky styled meat boy. This character does not seem to translate too well, as he shares similarities to the Red Skull from the Captain America comics. The Pink Spelunker, meat boy, is muscled with a patch of white bandages on his skull, and a purple swollen eye, with a tooth or two missing from his big grin. He wears just a red loincloth, which camouflages well with his pink red skin.

You can unlock the Pink Spelunker in the secret level, the Worm. Somewhere at the bottom of the level is a membranous green pod that the Pink Spelunker is trapped inside of. Break this open with your Spelunker’s whip, and you will unlock this character.

White - 12th

The White Spelunker, named as Yang from the game’s tutorial, is dressed in the style of a monk, while keeping the widespread fashion of the Spelunkers. His suit is white, and his cap is white as well, but with a bright red rope surrounding the brim.

Yang is like the reward for truly beating the game, as you can only unlock him by defeating King Yama, the final boss in the secret zone of hell. There is no coffin or pod to break in king yama’s lair, as you will only unlock Yang by passing through the exit of the level after you have defeated king yama. The door can only open when you have beaten king yama, that is.

Magenta - 13th

The Magenta Spelunker is dressed a lot like an Eskimo, with a flair for bright colors. He has blush over his shadowy facial hair, with a big pink nose and contently closed eyes.

You can unlock the Magenta Spelunker by finding a shaking coffin in the random event level with the yeti king. This random event can occur in any of the levels of the ice caves but the first and last. Usually there will be some spikes beneath a bridge that melts from continued pressure.

Violet - 14th

The Violet Spelunker is shaped like a globe, like she hails from Willy Wonka, with deep purple pants and a violet shirt, with a matching violet hairband. She has big, round glasses over a lightly pink nose, with a neutral smile.

You can unlock the Violet Spelunker by finding a shaking coffin that appears only in the mines, under the random level event of ‘My skin is crawling!’ when spiders and giant spiders are prevalent. There tends to be a giant spider guarding her coffin. You can rush past, or take it out easily with a bomb lobbed at its webbing.

Dark Green - 15th

The Dark Green Spelunker is dressed like a ninja, with some kind of spiritual belief in ying and yang. His head and face is masked, with only his chestnut eyes visible. A brighter green bandana wraps around his forehead, with a ying and yang symbol at the center.

You can unlock this Dark Green ninja Spelunker by breaking open a shaking coffin found only in Olmec’s lair. Since most of the arena is just one large, flat plain, his shaking coffin is found in the upper reaches of the level. Toss up a rope and ascend, to find floating platforms and ledges, full of chests, crates, and treasure. On one of those floating platforms is the Dark Green ninja Spelunker’s shaking coffin. Just break it open, and you will unlock him. You do not need to even defeat Olmec.

Mint Green - 16th

The Mint Green Spelunker is another character shaped like a globe, with lighter olive skin and dark fuzzy hair. His smile is so large that his eyes are shut. He wears a mint green cap, like he works at a gas station.

You can unlock the Mint Green Spelunker by breaking open a coffin found in the jungle zone, in a specially generating structure that is home to the tiki men and cavemen. Often times there will be a flaming cauldron there, as well, that can spawn magma men.

Dark Orange - 17th

The Dark Orange Spelunker is dressed in just a loincloth. This Spelunker is far from human, as he is a Cyclops with a single, bulbous eye. He has tiny horns protruding from his head, on both sides below of his patch of dark orange hair. His skin looks like an aged lemon, and he really seems too happy to be lost in the caverns of Spelunky.

You can unlock the Dark Orange Cyclops Spelunker in the black market. There is a mercenary type of shop found here that sells this Cyclops, instead of the usual hired hand. So, you must pay ten thousand in treasure to unlock this character, or else you can pick up the Cyclops Spelunker and carry him out. Of course, your Spelunker will – or most likely will – shortly die, due to the horde of enraged shopkeepers denizen to the black market.

Once you have unlocked this Spelunker, when you next visit the black market, in the cyclops’ place will be the usual bald and muscled hired hand.

Light Grey – 18th

The Light Grey Spelunker is a Viking of Nordic heritage, owing to his blonde, long mustache, short hair, and his pale grey metal helmet with horns curling out of it. He is dressed in but a pale grey loincloth, making him appear macho with his bare muscled chest.

You can only unlock the Light Grey Viking Spelunker by finding a shaking coffin in a random level event of the jungle, where the message ‘I hear rushing water!’ occurs. Usually his coffin is down by the water, so be careful to not be eaten alive by piranhas – literally.

Dark Grey -19th

The Dark Grey Spelunker is a veritable, old fashioned robot, with a block shaped head, a rectangular outlined, toothed mouth, a white button-like nose, pits of grey eyes, and knobs for noses. His thematic color is the hue of his hull. He lacks hands, in the human sense, and instead has grabbers. He lacks legs as well, and instead has treads, which are just as wide as his too big head. You can only unlock the Dark Grey robot Spelunker by breaking open a capsule found in the secret level, the mother ship. You can get to the mother ship secret level by entering inside a vertical spacecraft found in the last level of the ice caves, when the message ‘It feels like the fourth of July in here!’ plays.

Gold - 20th

The Gold Spelunker is a Buddhist monk, dressed in just a cardboard colored loincloth. He has a depression of a circle on his forehead, and is entirely bald. He looks like a man made out of gold, as his skin is as gold as the treasure ingots found in the game. Twinkling sparkles surround and follow the Gold monk Spelunker. The Gold monk Spelunker is the second hardest character in the game to unlock, next to the White Spelunker, Yang. You can only unlock the Gold monk Spelunker in the city of gold; hence you must fulfill the arduous requirements for entering this secret level. Somewhere in the level, usually on the periphery, is the Gold monk Spelunker’s shaking coffin. It is advisable to unlock the Gold monk Spelunker first, before proceeding onto anything else your Spelunker was doing, like retrieving the book of the dead.


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